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Buried In The Sand
Date Started: July 17rd, 2020

Date Finished: August 8th, 2020

Setting: Alabasta; Grand line. Paradise

Characters Involved:

Synopsis:In an attempted joint effort between the Marines, the current King of Alabasta and a group of bounty hunters, a massive scavenger hunt all over the island was held. It attracted plenty of pirates, namely a few rookie pirates; Elio Leonardo,Thăng Long D. Yang,Crack R. Jack and Fedora C. John. Despite plenty of arrests and kills, these four and their crews made a massive mess and plenty of trouble, avoiding capture all together and managed to successfully bring down a powerful swordsman. a prate wedding also takes place to celebrate both love and victory!


Invitation To the Land of Sand

The blinding light of the sun was reflecting off the surrounding ocean as a big red pirate ship can be sailing through. The majority of the crew aboard can be seen simply hanging around the ship as you can see Leo taking a nap on the top deck, or Tesla up in the crows nest, and everyone else is around as well. A news coo slowly descends and lands on the ship directly in front of Mari and Merlin.

"Here you go, thank you." Mari says as she slides the news coo it's money and accepted the newspaper. She then cracks it open, splitting some of the newspaper with Merlin and starts to read some articles. After a few minutes she turned over and looked at the blonde swordsman, "Merlin, check this out."

"Hey Leo!" Merlin called out, "Didn't you say that one island Alabasta is on your list of islands to see?"

"Yeah, i remember reading a lot it and wanted to check it out. It's supposed to be like an island sized desert!" Leo excitedly replies. "I wanna check that out."

"Well I feel like we have a reason to go check the place out." Merlin responded, "Come check this out."

The news article displayed said "Kingdom of Alabasta holding an island wide scavenger hunt! Devil Fruit prize! 50,000 beli buy in!"

Leo takes a look at the newspaper and just as quickly cracked a large smile. "Alright! Everyone ready!? We're headed to Alabasta! Imma go grab the log pose and map from my room!" Leo then quickly ran towards the lower deck with a large grin on his face.

"He's seriously like a child when he wants to go somewhere huh?" Shinku Tsuki asked as she suddenly appears next to Mari.

"Good god" Mari was thrown off by Tsuki's sudden appearance. "Would you stop sneaking up on people?" Mari then regains her composure, "But yeah you should have seen him when we were arriving to Water Seven. Every time he makes me wonder why I follow him."

"...Well that doesn't bode well." Tsuki replies.

"To be fair..." Mari then slowly turns her head to look at Merlin, "Some of us can be no better when we visit an island they also want to visit."

"..." Merlin remained silent and did his absolute best to not recognize the insult being thrown at him.

"I know you hear me." Mari coldly whispered.

"I'm back!" Leo announces! "Everyone get set! Merlin handle the helm!" He then opens up the map and took a look a the log pose.

The child like excitement Leo exudes just made everyone smile with a sigh or laugh, as it lifts their spirits. They all then run to their positions getting set to head to the sand island of Alabasta, A large ocean breeze hit just as a wave does, sending fresh ocean watery mist into their smiling, determined faces.


In another part of the ocean. There was another ship sailing along the calm ocean blue. It was a crew that got kicked out of the New World so they can better prepare themselves for that treacherous part of the Grand Line.

The crew there is made up of not your so normal people. For one,the Captain,First Mate, and the Swordsman have the looks of clowns. While there is a couple there that impregnate each other and play with their genes. While there are two scientists that try to work on experiments of their own.

The Captain,Crack R. Jack is sleeping on a hammock among the beautiful and calm day. Jack thought it was a great day to rest until the first mate,Synn Davida yelled at him saying,"YO JACK,THERE'S SOMETHING AWESOME ON THIS NEWSPAPER TODAY!!!!"

"Is is as awesome as my sleep schedule?" Jack then asks.

"Very funny," Davida then says as she throws the newspaper at him,"Just read it anyway."

Jack then opens up the newspaper,Jack then read the words on the cover of the newspaper,"Kingdom of Alabasta holding an island wide scavenger hunt! Devil Fruit prize! 50,000 beli buy in!"

"Yeah isn't it exciting?!?! This is our chance to get better like your cousin Bill told us to before he kicked us out of the New World." Davida then says to Jack.

"Yeah,Not interested." Jack says as he gets up off of the floor trying to get back on his hammock.

"You Idiot!!" Davida yells at him,"We have a chance to get better as pirates and you just want to sleep the day off?!!"

"Yes." Jack says as he gets back on his hammock.

At this point,Synn Harley,the swordsman and is Davida's younger brother,walked up deck to check out what was going on above while he was sleeping himself."What's going on sis?"

"Our captain ain't interested in this." Davida says as she hands Harley the newspaper."Don't you think he should be interested in it?"

"Well," Harley says,"We are running out of supplies due to the crash in with Bill. I say this could help us out with repairs maybe."

"Why not we get a shipwright to fix it?" Davida asks,"Or maybe a reliable navigator unlike having Vlad lead us somewhere."

"I told you guys,I'm not interested." Jack then says trying to go back to sleep.

"But Captain,unless we find a random ship to raid around here I say we should head here and at least cause trouble for others looking for it." Harley then says to Jack.

"And Vinnie's rubber gel ain't gonna hold up for long." Davida then says,"We could end up sinking here for all we know,so best we get on land soon as possible."

Jack leaves a long sigh before he says,"Fine,grab my log pose in my room and let's go."

"What are you going to do sir?" Harley then asks.

"Sleep till we get there." Jack says closing his eyes once again.

Davida runs to Jack's room in glee to get the log pose. While Harley steers the ship to where the log pose tells him where Alabasta is.


As the Ying-Yang Pirates and the other closely about to head toward the islands around Alabasta, they were soon caught on the wind about the scavenger hunt thanks to Devi flying to a messanger bird and taking the newspaper.


Steel facepalms before speaking. "Why are you so excited? It's not like you can eat it. Hell, most of us are already Devil Fruit users except for Finn here." he said.

"And trust me, the last thing ya'll need me to do is eat a DF that will take away my swimming. I always said it's foolish for a fishman to eat a Devil Fruit no matter how strong it is. Our swimming and Fishman Karate skills always gives us an edge over Devil Fruit users anyway." said Finn.

"I know right?! Even if we can't eat it, we can at least keep it for a future member or something! Or even sell it for mones!." said Deva.

Crescent and Hooke look at each other a bit cautious about this.

"You will never know what will happen dumbasses. This could be a trap for all we know." said Crescent.

"It is an event hosted by the Kingdom of Alabasta itself. Even if it seems safe on the surface, we should all proceed with caution." said Hooke.

"Besides, we're supposed to be stocking up on supplies anyway. Why even worry about this scavenger hunt in the first place?" said Keyes.

"Keeh...I have no need for a Devil Fruit! I shall scout their stores for any types of exotic potions to use for my needs!" said Hearts as he tilts his glasses in an evil tone.

"Well, I bet John will be excited for this as well! Right?" Yang said to John.


John walks over to Yang and takes a look at the newspaper."A devil fruit eh? Sounds pretty interesting."

"What type of devil fruit can it be?" Alice then asks,"Devi told me a devil fruit can have any type of power."

"I kinda know that Alice," John says,"But I don't think you know till you eat it." John keeps reading the newspaper,"How long till we reach Alabasta,Yang?"


"Umm....let me see! HEY STEELIE HOW LONG IS IT TILL WE GET THERE?!" shouted Yang toward Steel but in a more playful manner.

"YOU DON'T NEED TO SHOUT YOU MORON!!!" Steel snapped back at him. After he clears his through, he speaks back up. "Looks like we're not that long to reaching one of the islands around Alabasta. I'd say 10 minutes." He said.

"Looks like it's 10 minutes away! Not too far now!" said Yang to John.


"Good Good," John says,"I'll tell the others on my ship that we're nearly there."

John then pulls out a den den mushi and calls Tim about that they are close to Alabasta.

"Told the crew we're nearly there." John says,"I also told Hak to get the vials ready for me and Steel to sell. I wonder where we should sell them."

"Maybe at the city square or somewhere where everyone will get your attention." Alice says.

"Good Idea Alice." John then says. He looks at Yang also,"I'm surprised you haven't taken any of your vials yet Yang."


Yang suddenly pouts. "I could only take one and Steelie is being stingy with letting me have the others..." said Yang.

"Because you wanted to bring the whole damn case with you and the last thing we need is for you to go nuts with them! Besides, that one is all you need and you can use it AFTER we are done with our stuff!" said Steel.

"But I'm the captain and I say bring them all!" said Yang.

"And as the guy that supposed to keep you in check, I say one and that's it!" Steel said back.


John and Alice laugh while Steel and Yang were arguing,"Well,I'm going to make more tea and cakes while we're waiting." John says as he heads back to the kitchen.

"I'll help you with that." Alice says as she follows John to the kitchen to make some tea,coffee,and cakes for a little tea party.


"Attention, we are about a couple of minutes away from shore! Prepare for landing soon!" said Steel.

"ALLLLLLLRIIIIIGHT!!! Time to find that fruit!" said Yang who was still focused on getting that Devil Fruit.

"I guess we better decide who goes for who because we do still need the supplies. Of course I'm on the supply team. I could see if I could find whatever type of wood they have there." said Finn.

"Supply duty as well. I think my powers will make finding the fruit way too boring." said Keyes.

"I'm definitely for the hunt!" Deva said excitingly.

"You fools could hunt for some df for all I care, I on the other hand will be searching the island for it's rare types of plants..." said Hearts who is acting evily again.

"So that's 2 for the Devil Fruit hunt and 3 for the supply run. Who is going with them as well." said Crescent.

"I'm going with the DF party because I need to make sure a certain someone doesn't need to turn into a woman so fast..." said Steel talking about Yang.

"Well, that's either me or you Hooke that will either be one of the supply run or the Devil Fruit hunting party." Crescent said as he turned to Hooke.

"In a situation like this, it'll be best if I went with the supply team as well. Considering this could be a trap, the others will need your powers. Besides, I could be able to find some rare books to could help us on our adventure." said Hooke.

"Alright, that's the plan then." said Crescent.


John and Alice got out of the ship when they landed. The rest of the Mad Pirates walked to them. They talked about who would do what.

"I mostly plan to do things in the morning." John says,"I'm taking Steel tomorrow to sell the rest of my potions. While we also need to find a navigator and a cook here. But I also want to know who is interested in finding a devil fruit with me?"

"I can help you with the scavenger hunt." Tim says,"While also resupplying for today."

"Same here." Violet says,"Could be something worth checking out myself."

"I already have a devil fruit,but It's worth helping out my crew." Kokoro says.

"I want to come with you John." Alice says.

"Ok," John says,"You can be helpful to us if you use my potions maybe."

"The rest of you guys then help out resupplying the ship. Tomorrow we'll look for new crew members and we'll have some fun together." John then says to the group."Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum,I want you two to protect this ship with your life. And if anything or anyone comes and attacks this ship,defend the ship like you depend on it." John says to the twin hedgehog minks.

"Yes sir!" the twins salute to their captain.

"You really going to trust two dummies to protect our ship?" Tim then asks John after the group dispersed to do their own thing.

"The only way they can get better is if we trust them." John says,"If anything drastic happens while we're gone,hopefully we can catch the ones that had hurt them if they were to be injured or killed."

"Yes sir." Tim says to John.

"Good then," John says,"Till then,let's resupply ourselves and wait till morning to do any other business. I'm going to look for a good place to sell my potions awhile." John says as he walks away to the nearest city.


It had taken a day's worth of sailing for the Inferno Pirates as they finally arrived to the city of Nanohana.

"I...I don't see why i have to wear this." Leo muffled as he had a large white cloak over his body and even around his face, just leaving enough revealed so Leo could see where he was going.

"Because you have a bounty and we need to keep your identity hidden. We are in one of the World Government's large and original islands." Merlin responded as he wore a similar attire but without a face cover. His sword and scabbard were seen as clear as day.

"You want to see the island correct? Well better to be safe than sorry." Tsuki explains. She wore he same outsit as Merlin, including making sure her sword and scabbard were visible to those around her.

"So why is it that you both get to walk around with covering your faces?" Leo asked.

"Well that's simple. We don't have bounties yet! Maybe this should teach you to stop blowing up buildings every chance you get." Merlin rebutted. "The news paper said that there was somewhere in Nanohana that this was all supposed to kick off at." The trio the proceeds to walk further into the city, noticing how many people were around as they walked by a rather full pub.

The city of Nanohana was large ad famous for being one of the largest port towns in all of Alabasta. Typically when travelers first arrive to the island they visit here. The city itself is rather large and always busy because of all the locals and travelers, but this scavenger hunt made it even busier than usual. Pirates, bounty hunters, merchants of all kinds filled up the streets. Because of that Merlin and Tsuki stood at Leo's left and right side, acting like a set of bodyguards of sorts.


"Alright guys! See you when our objectives are completed!" said Yang as he, Crescent and Deva head toward the site of the scavenger hunt.

"Aye, I'll be going ahead to get our supplies." said Finn as he walked off on his own.

"PRECIOUS SUPPLIES!!! COME TO ME!!!" said Hearts gleefully as he runs off. Screaming can be heard in the distance.

"Damn that Psycho Doctor...I guess I have to keep a leash on that guy..." said Keyes after running off toward him.

"Looks like it's just me and you John. I guess we better get to selling those potions before things get out of hand." Steel said to John.


"Indeed." John says as he puts on his top hat."Come on Alice." He says as he brings out his hand and Alice holds his hand as they walk to Nanohana ahead of them.

They walk to where a lot of people were around in the city of Nanohana. There seemed to be large areas where crowds of people were walking around. It was nearly hard to get around people.

"There's so much people around here." Alice says in amazement."The buildings too look very nice."

"Yeah,but I can't tell a good place to start selling these potions." John says."Do you see a nice area where we can sell these?" John asks Steel.


Steel looks around a bit to find some places that look like pawn shops.

"I'm not much of a selling stuff guy but I do know what a pawn shop is where I can see it. Maybe try it there?"

He then remembers that John was selling a bunch of genderswap potions.

"Or...probably a bar with a bunch of dudes...dunno they may try to rob us or something...I'd definitely say the pawn shop or one of these random vendors." Steel said.


"Pawn shop would seem too strange to sell to." John says,"Perhaps selling it in a bar couldn't be a bad idea."

"But John,that is selling stuff to drunk men who probably don't know they're buying something while drunk." Alice then says to John."Let's at least have some code of honor."

"Ok ok." John said,"Maybe we can set up our own vendor. I see some empty space there where we can sell it. Come on let's get there before it fills up quickly."

Steel,John and Alice go to the empty space in the street of Nanohana. They setted up their own little vendor on that square.

After setting it up,John then gives Steel and Alice a vial,"These vials will be demonstrations of what our potion can do. Don't worry,they aren't actual genderswap potions,but Steel,your vial can give ya some extra muscles for about 5 minutes. And Alice,yours increases the size of your curves for about 5 minutes also. I'm going to give you guys a signal when I tell you to drink them."

John then stands on a box so he can be seen by the people a bit better,though he is taller than most humans. And it was easier to see Alice than John,since Alice has her 9 foot height. Anyways,John spoke up to the crowd that keeps walking around them.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! Have you ever thought of becoming a more attractive person. Have you man ever thought of looking better as a man. Have you Women,ever thought of having larger bosoms than most have. Well,look no further than my tonics. My tonics can make a man more masculine that what masculinity can give. And my potions can women more feminine than their femininity can give. Let me show you my two great friends that will demonstrate the cause of my great tonics. My boy Iron Charlie will show you masculinity, while my dear Alyssa here will show you femininity." John then signals Steel to drink his vial.


"W-well, as long it doesn't genderswap me. The ocean gods forbid that Yang sees me like that. Also, the extra muscles for a short time shouldn't be that bad." said Steel as he drank the vial.


It wasn't major,but some muscles were forming around Steel. Steel became a more fit man than any other man in the island. The people were astonished by Steel growing extra muscle.

"Amazing isn't it?" John then asks,"But now I show you the feminicity of the feminine potion." John then signals Alice to drink her vial. Alice drank her vial and developed wider hips and a larger chest. Some men in the crowd blew of nosebleeds when they witnessed it. The ladies were even amazed by it.John then finishes his speech,"You see,you too can become more masculine or feminine just by drinking this potion. But be wary,there are only 321 vials left. And each are selling for only Bsymbol.gif 100,000 berries. So be quick my good friends."

Everyone that was watching suddenly ran at Steel,Alice,and John and were trying to buy the vials. A large crowd was forming at the place.

As the crowd began to form, the three Inferno Pirates had also arrived.

"I wonder what all the fuss is about." Leo says, observing what he could through the mask like clothe he wore. "let's check it out."

"Leo we should be gathering whatever intl we can about the hunt before it all kicks off." Merlin argued.

"Aw come on Merlin! We just spent like ten days at sea. Let's stretch our legs as much as we can." Leo then pauses before he began to drool, "Plus what if it's some local dish we've never tried! Come on!"

Both Merlin and Tsuki simply went along with it and continued to guard Leo, The three make their way through the crowd to see what was going on, what could make such a large crowd form so quickly. Merlin shoved anyone in their way to the side as they make it to the front of the crowd.

John was quickly counting the money while Steel was distributing the vials to people."We already have 30 vials sold guys,that's Bsymbol.gif 3,000,000!" John said as he continued counting the money. The money kept coming in and soon,they have over 200 bottles sold in about 5 minutes.

Suddenly,people started drinking the vials. People were becoming genderswapped all over the place. People started to realise they were swindled of their money soon."That man's a fraud!!" said a woman that was a man."We want our money back!" people in the crowd said."Let's get them guys!" another person said.

"Hey guys,I recommend we pack up,because I think we're outstaying our welcome." John says.

"What do we do?" Alice says.

"I got an idea." John says,"RUN!!!!" John says as he runs off while Steel and Alice follow him with a whole mob of people running after them.


"DAMMIT!!! I SHOULD'VE HAVE WENT WITH THE OTHERS!!!" said Steel who was running away fast. He suddenly shift into his full wolf form and started to run on all fours even faster. "SCREW THIS!!! I'M GOING AHEAD!!!" he said running forward more.

Meanwhile, a girl could be seen being left behind from the crowd and notices Steel transforming into a wolf. She put down her hood before saying. "So, he's one too..."


A burst of fire were fired from Leo's hands as he pointed them backward! He propelled himself and quickly caught up and passed the chasing crowd. He was now over head of the running con artists.

Leo clapped his hands and opened them up to create a large ring of flames, "anello di fuoco! He yelled for the name of his attack before throwing it around the angry mob to stop them in their tracks! He then landed directly in front of the swindlers. ' "Ha! You guys sure got them!" He says with a boyish smile. "Sadly you also got my attention, I;d like those 'potions' you just sold. Sadly I don't have enough to pay..." A flame then ignited on his forehead. "So maybe handing them over would be nice."

Meanwhile both Merlin and Tsuki were processing what had just happened.

"Did, did that idiot really just spring into trouble?" Merlin asked Tsuki outloud.

"...Looks like it." She then looks over at a pub. "I'm going in for a drink, see if anyone else knows about the hunt going on. You coming?"

"Meh." Merlin shrugged his shoulders.


Steel looks back at the flames noticing the crowd has been stopped. He then turns back to his normal form.

"Damn...that was a lot of fire he just produced. He must be a Devil Fruit user as well... Also, HEY! Watch where you aim those flames!" said Steel to Leo.

Leo smiled as he heard Steel's order, "Why don't you come over here and try to make me you damn flea bag!" Leo responded as he lifted his right arm and ignited a fire in his palm. "He's a devil fruit user as well. He was that wold that was running just a moment ago. I need to focus and not mention how cool his devil fruit is!" Leo thought to himself trying to hold back his excitement.


"Hmph! Cocky aren't you?" said Steel as he takes out his sword that glows in the sunlight.

"You remind me a lot of him, I know that for sure... even to shooting fire to an extend!" said Steel of course as he was talking about Yang.


"Ohh? Well doggy here has some fight. Is your bite as bad as your bark, or will i be disappointed?" Leo responded as a fire began to surround his body.


"We'll see! "Ibuningusuraisu!" shouted Steel as he sends a vertical sword slice toward Leo with the slide big enough to carve the ground as it flies toward him.


The attack simply passes through Leo's body, he then places his palm in front of Steel's face, "I'm Leonardo, Elio Leonardo. I ate the Mera Mera no Mi a Logia type devil fruit." The flame on his forehead grew brighter and larger. "So consider your options again."


"Logia huh? You think I'm not prepared for someone like you?" said Steel has he smiles and he suddenly converts his sword into a bow arming it with an arrow. "Trust me, I've dealt with people with powers that are a pain to deal with. My solution? Seastone tipped arrows! I was just checking to make sure you were a Logia. Don't want to waste these rather rare arrows on something else right?" said Steel.


Leo smiled as the surrounding flames grew and he could feel his heart race. "And you think those arrows give you an edge? All it does is give you a fighting chance and a weak one at th-"

"Will you", a voice interrupted LEo, "Stop getting into trouble!" A fist was the followed up right behind it as Merlin jumps from a roof above Leo! the Fist connects and sends Leo to the floor! "Idiot!"

"Ah! Merlin! what the-" Leo is then cut off again by another one of Merlin's punches!

"You are not the victim here! We said to keep a low profile!"

"Hey! I'm the captain here aren't I!?"

"Then Start acting like one damn it!'

The two continued to argue in front of Steel, completely ignoring him.


Steel, deadpanned, simply puts up his weapon and watches the two argue. He then remembers an argument from when he is arguing with Yang.

"Dammit Yang! I told you not to breath fire in the ship!" Steel yelled.

"H-Hey! I can b-breathe fire if I-want! C-Captain's orders!" said a drunk Yang as he falls asleep.

"And you stupid accidental drinking problem needs to stop!" he finished.

Steel then goes back to the two arguing and has a realization.

"WHAT THE HELL THIS GUY IS LIKE YANG!" he shouted suddenly.


Both Leo and Merlin turned their heads and looked at Steel in confusion. "Who the hell is Yang?" The two ask in sync with each other.

"Yang is his captain in his crew." John says speaking up,"A good dear friend to me he is. The name is Fedora C. John,Captain of the Mad Pirates. This here is my dear Alice. And that is one of Yang's crew members,Steel." John says as he walks towards the group now with Alice,"To answer your question Leonardo,you can have some,but not all of them. Sharing is caring as they say." He then says with a chuckle. How many bottles are left Steel? And how is having some extra muscle in you for a little while?"


Steel looks around in his pockets knowing there isn't any left.

"Well, not sure if they just took them all or they fell out but I have none left. Also, extra muscle means nothing when I had a giant crowd on my case the entire time!" said Steel yelling out the words.

Suddenly Steel looks over in a random direction before looking back at the others.

"Strange. I thought I was being watched for a second..." said Steel as he scratches his head.

Meanwhile the girl from earlier can be seen watching him from high above a nearby tall building.

"Good... he appears to be an archer..." said the girl as a couple of flintlocks can be seen from the sides of her gear.

"Well,if you don't have any." John then checks through his pockets,"Ah,I have 2 of them."

"I have 3." Alice said pulling them out of her pocket,"I had these while giving them out."

"Ahh,selled 316 bottles out of the 321 we had. Not a bad day for sale shall we say." John then says."That's Bsymbol.gif 32,100,000

"Ehh!? I don't think I was asking you!" Both Leo and Merlin blurt out like children.

Merlin then looked over at Leo before striking him on the head again! "Seriously I need to stop being around you so much, you're making me just as childish as you Leo." Merlin pokes fun of Leo.

"Doesn't mean you need to hit me you dumb blonde!"

"Ehh!? Wanna Say that again! you burnt chestnut dumbass!"

The two of then slam their foreheads against each others in rage!

Alice and John watch Merlin and Leo bash their heads at each other. They both have confused looks on their faces.

"Uhh,you two okay there?" Alice asks.

"Yeah,you two might have something loose on your head if you're not careful." said John.

"Stay out of this!" The two yell without looking at the other two.

"Make my day, give me a reason to kick your ass you idiot captain!" Merlin yelled at Leo

"Say that again slowly, I'm "Your" Captain! Don't forget it!" Leo argued back!

"Not after I cut your stupid head off!"

"AHHHH!!!!" The two yell loudly as a fire emerges around Leo and Merlin drew his sword! Both of them looking just about ready to take one another out.

"Will the both of you..." A soft whisper is heard approaching the two arguing crew mates, "STOP ACTING LIKE CHILDREN!!" A sudden appearance of the young and petite Mari was followed with two swift and strong chops on both of the crew meat's heads.

"Alice," John then directs himself toward Alice,"Lift these two boys from their hairs like you would do sometimes to your siblings." Alice then walks over to the two and grabs both of them by their hairs and lifts them up off the ground. Alice usually pulls her siblings hair if they're getting annoying,and this was definitely the case.

"Ahh,Now you two can stop acting like children." John says looking at the two being held by their hair in the air,"I would have a mind to give you two back to your parents if I knew who they were." John says to the two troublesome kids.

"You just hit parent button...god damn it..." Mari groaned as she looked up and saw both of her crew mates divert their attention to Alice and John. "Ya shouldn't have done that."

Leo's right fist then released a huge blast of fire directly at Alice's mouth! Merlin fought his way out and drew his sword! Quickly closing the distance between himself and John with the tip of his blade on two centimetres away from john's throat!

"Fuck you!" The two yelled after completing their actions!


"W-What the hell? These guys are insane! Like they're really going all out here!" said Steel before he waits silently to himself for a couple of seconds before saying.


"You don't say?" John then says."Why don't all of us decide to calm for a little....and drop your weapons." John says that last part with a hypnotic voice aimed at both Leo and Merlin. After John said 'You don't say',the place was quiet for a few moments,enough for John to have his hand on his pocket watch and have his hypnotic voice aimed at Leo and Merlin."Now apologize to my dear Alice." John then says to them with a grin on his face.

"I'm sorry..." Both Leo and Merlin apologized for what had just happened

"Red Moon Sword Style: Single Crescent Swipe." A weak and silent voice was whispered as a single swipe up by the sword sent out a slice of tremendous air pressure. The attack was aimed and crushed the watch and attacked John's hand. Tsuki then places her sword tip at the back of his neck.

Leo and Merlin the shake their heads and compose themselves, snapping out of the hypnotism. They both then look at John with eyes filled with rage.


Steel jumps backwards a bit from the attack feeling it's effects.

"J-Jeez! What the hell is going on here?! Hell is breaking loose for some reason! First an angry mob now pissed off pirates!" shouted Steel.

Suddenly, Finn walks over to Steel wanting to know what's going on as well. "Got yourself into trouble aye Dog boy?" said Finn who was carrying a large plank.


Finn simply looks at the commotion and shrugs. "Sounds like our crew on a normal day." he simply said.

Suddenly,clapping is heard in a building. The clapping gets louder and louder and eventually,the man who is clapping is outside right where the battle is. The man clapping is a clown,who is with two clowns behind him.

"Bravo,bravo." the clown says,"I love the performance you guys made,it should be rewarded as one of the best."

"Who the hell are you?" John then asks.

"Well,that depends who you ask." the clown says,"The name is Crack R. Jack. Some call me Captain Jack,others call me Captain Crack. Others call me Crackerjack." "Now I recommend we all stop fighting or." Jack then opens his jacket,which is filled with bombs, and has a plug on his finger,"This place can blow up on us."

"You're sick,aren't you?" John then says.

"Well,like I said,depends who you ask." Jack then says to John.


"S-Seriously, bombs?!" said Steel.

"So? We dealt with plenty of mad bombers throughout our journey. If you're not going to help out if you're too scared Fido, then sit down and let the big boys take care of this!" said Finn who grinned and cracked his knuckles.

"LIKE HELL YOU'RE GOING TO DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT!!!" shouted Steel as he took back out his Bow Sword. ---

"EHH!?" Leo and Merlin responded together as they looked at the pirates. "Painted face freaks! You wanna go?" They ask while Merlin grips his sword and Leo cracks his neck.

"...I'm going to go stand by Mari." Tsuki adds while she walks over to Mari.

"Now who said I want to fight?" Jack asks Leo and Marlin.

"Hey Jack," Davida behind Jack saying,"Can me and brother get in this action?"

"Now Now,I said we will be the neutral party." Jack said,"We'll threaten both sides."

"We will." said Davida,"I'll take on that cute blonde boy over there while Harley can take on the young kids." She said that as she gets her bat and runs towards Steel.

Harley is quick on his feet and is behind the two kids ready to strike both.

"New rule." Jack says,"If someone touches my crew,we blow up."

John leaves out a sigh then says,"I don't got time for this." John then quickly throws a cookie at Alice."Eat it Alice!" John would then yell.

Alice would eat it and grow taller than the buildings around her. Her two feet nearly fully occupying the wide street.

"Well." Jack said,"That wasn't expected. But I came to expect the unexpected so it doesn't matter."


"You'd better get ready! She's-a coming for ya!" said Finn to Steel.

"Yeah! I got two eyes! I know how to use them!" Steel said arming his bow with a couple of arrows. "Get a load of my Dual Ravens!" said Steel as he fired two Haki-imbued arrows toward Davida.

"Now, I can see how he fairs in action." said Reddi to herself as she is still on top of the large building.

Davida as she is running saw the arrows. She quickly gets herself into a position where she can swing her bat at the arrows. The arrows hit her wooden bat."Haki-imbued arrows?" Davida said,"Impressive,but not as impressive as I swing your head out of your body!" She says that as she runs and leaps at him then swings the bat towards his face.


Steel suddenly ducks and blocks the attack by holding out his shield and parries her attack back.

"Heh...I wonder why swordsman these days don't learn to carry shields with them into combat? They come in real handy in situation like these." said Steel with a smirk on his face. He then takes out a much larger arrow.

"Time for me to get a little serious!" said Steel as he turned into his bigger hybrid wolf form and prepares to fire off his larger arrow at Davida. "Wolf's Nail!" he said after firing the arrow at a great speed thanks to his enhanced power.

"I knew it. He's a werewolf too." said Reddi to herself.


Merlin quickly intercepted Harley's attack! When both of their swords clashed with one another the many flying petals coming from Merlin's blade attacked and sent cuts all over Harley's from side.

Leo turned his attention that is Alice before smiling greatly and his arm turned into fire, "...Boom..." He then extended his arm before releasing a blast of fire just as large as Alice aimed at her!

"Seriously...You two need to stop." Mari thought to herself.

"...They're idiots aren't they?" Tsuki asked Mari.

"Yeah..." Mari replied with a sigh, "But you get used to it honestly."

Alice was covered up by the flames that leo fired at her. Her screams of pain destroyed windows and made sand clouds all over the town.

John sees Alice get attacked by the fire that Leo fired at her. That pissed off John,"ALRIGHT THEN KID,TIME TO FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!" John then has his gloves on and draws his steel pole from his back and turns the pole on fire,"An upgrade on my pole I've been wanting to test." John said. He then charged straight at Leo and swung the pole at Leo with great speeds.

Meanwhile Harley got cut by Merlin."Your swordsmanship is good,but mine is better."He says that and then in a flash,Harley slices a large cut on Merlin's side.

And Davida got hit by the arrow and the arrow's speed forced her stuck on the ground as it went right through her shoulder and onto the ground,making her immovable."Damn it," Davida said,"Maybe I should listen to your advice,wolfie."

"Both of my dudes both have wounds." Jack said,"I would explode myself but this battle just keeps getting more entertaining." He says this as he is on a chair eating popcorn and watching the battle.


Steel walks over to her looking down at her.

"You're lucky me and my crew are the more merciful types. I just wonder why the hell you started to suddenly attack us? Who are you guys anyway? Your attire is pretty weird." said Steel to Davida.

"Answer to #1:I was just itching for a battle,Jack-a-boy doesn't really care if we fight people,it's as long we entertain ourselves." Davida answers,"Answer to #2:I am Synn Davida,the first mate of the Crackerjack Pirates. My captain is the one eating popcorn and sitting on a chair that LAZYASS!!!" Davida says and yells at Jack.

"What?" Jack questions,"It's more entertaining to watch than join the battle."

"Answer to your comment:Our skin is white cuz of one of our crew members that has the horu horu no mi. That's the same reason why my captain's skin is white and so is my brothers."

A sudden gust of violent wind passed by everyone along with a shadow as it appeared and slammed a sword scabbard into Leo's ribs and sent him flying through multiple buildings. As the dust clouds that were kicked up by the figures appearance cleared it revealed a tall, muscular man with shabby black hair. He was muscular and tanned skinned. He then slowly drew his sword before taking a drag off his cigarette.

"All you idiot rookies, haaah." He says while sighing and observing everyone around him. "I had to take out what looked like the big dog around here. Of course it would be some Logia." He then noticed everyone looking back at him. "Fine..." He whispered as he then suddenly let his demonic, blood dripping aura rush out of him! A blood lust of a true beast. "If you want to fight, then come at me..." This man was Miyamoto.

Mari observed the man who appeared but the moment he released his murderous intent she couldn't help but feel as though she were facing some city ending monster. A battle hardened beast more than capable of killing everyone around him.


"Who the hell is that guy? He just decked that Fire Man!" said Steel who was shocked at what he saw.

"This guy... I feel like I've seen him before..." said Finn who was trying to remember.

"Be careful. This man is nothing like the opponents we have faced before." said Hooke who suddenly appeared in a cloud of dust.

"Hooke?! The hell are you doing here?" said Steel.

"I've been observing the area and I couldn't help but sense such hostility around. I knew it was a battle but I never expected to sense such a strong opponent here." said Hooke informationally.

Reddi was still at the top of the building a bit shaken at this sight. "T-This guy is dangerous..." she said to herself.

Jack looked at the dude that was facing them,"Another one has joined the battle. This should be more interesting. I've heard of this man,but always have been curious to see him in person."

John is astonished by the man that threw a sword scabbard at leo's ribs. It was at least he could focus on Alice."ALICE?? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?!"

Alice was covered in charcoal and was hurt from all of the burns on her."I'm fine John." she said that while trying to hold on to the pain.

John then stared at the man who was walking toward them. John then walks toward Steel,"Have a battle plan? If only those two didn't break my watch."


"B-Battle plan. Y-Yeah...I'll let you know when I come up with one..." said Steel nervously. "Damn, how is this guy able to freak me out like this?" he thought to himself.

"Calm down everyone. I don't think this person's objective is to kill us." said Hooke to everyone. Hooke retained a stoic look but in the inside, he was nervous as well. However, he is real good in putting up a face to make sure no one else knows when he is nervous.

"You sure about that? It did looked like he was going to kill that fire guy." said Finn.

"He has the sufficient strength to do so to the Fire Devil Fruit user. If he wanted to kill him, he would have done so." said Hooke.

"You see that captain?" Harley says that to Jack,"That man is very powerful." Harley saying that while sensing the dude's power through his observation haki.

"I know Harley." Jack said,still sitting on the chair,"The man seems to not want to fight though."

"ISN'T ANYONE NOTICING ME?!?!" Davida saying,still stuck on the ground with an arrow on her shoulder.

"BAASSSSATAARRRDDD!" Leo yelled as he charged directly at Miyamoto ignoring how scared everyone looked! His entire body covered with flames as he charged in like a coket and releasing a huge blast of fire, looking as though it could set the whole city street a blaze.

"Ittoryu: Tora no tsume (虎の爪)!" Miyomoto appeared behind Leo as he sliced through the entire blast of flames and left a huge gash from chest down to his lower abdomen as blood began to spill! As he placed his sword away, the moment it clicked and fully sheathed the power and wind pressure behind the attack split and dispersed Leo's attack before it reached anyone or anything else.


"What a reckless kid. He just rush into situations without a formal plan. His life will be short if he doesn't control himself." said Hooke.

"We were supposed to just search for supplies then the devil fruit dammit! We have no time to be dealing with someone this strong!" said Steel before looking over at Davida. "Also, YOU are annoying with your shouting!" said Steel as he took back his arrow from her.

"Hypocritical humor much?" said Finn knowing that Steel is the biggest loudmouth of the crew.

"We got most of our supplies. Our best course of action is to leave here and rendezvous with our other crewmates. It could take awhile however." said Hooke.

"We'll do the same." John says as he stabs a syringe of his counteraction to the growth potion at Alice. Alice then shrinks back to her normal height. John then hugs Alice tightly. He then stares at Miyomoto,"HEY,DO YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE SCAVENGER HUNT?"

Davida gotten up with the help of Harley lifting her up. Her shoulder has a huge hole in it.

"We would have to go back to our ship Jack." Davida says,"I got to tend my wounds before I do anything else."

"Harley,take her back to the ship,I'm curious what this dude is going to say." Jack then says to Harley.

"Tch!" Miyamoto clicked his tongue as he put his looked over, "I figured that's what brought you people over." He then exhaled some smoke and grinned, "Tomorrow, five miles North into the desert! Dawn! Though I say this so you idiots know I'll be there!"

"Thank you." John says to the man. He then stares at Alice,she is naked and is need of clothes. John pulls another dress out of his hat."Here." John says and gives it to her. He then says to Steel,"Let's go guys,let's meet Yang back at our ships. Our businesses are done here."

"What about that poor kid?" asks Alice.

"What about him,he nearly burned you to death." John says to Alice.

"But he's just a kid!" Alice says.

"He has his own crew,he'll be fine." John then says.


"Alas, regrouping is the best option." said Hooke who started to walk off.

"Aye. Catch you guys back at the ship." said Finn as he also follow suits.

Steel looks back at Leo knowing he did took a lot of damage. He shows concern but purely because Leo does remind him a lot of Yang, he then shakes his head before reply. "Yeah. Meeting Yang back at the ship. Right." Steel said. As he was about to walk off, suddenly Reddit appears in front of him.

"You're a weak fool. You bring shame on us werewolves." said Reddit bluntly to Steel.


"It doesn't matter now. You said you're heading for your ship. Lets go then, you'll be slowing us down." said the girl as she suddenly walks in front of him behing Finn.

"W-What...H-How...HEY!!! WHO SAID YOU COULD FOLLOW US?!? And what the hell you meant by "us werewolves?!" WHY AM I SUCH A WEIRDNESS MAGNET TODAY?!?!" said Steel who was simply just defeated at this point and slumply follows behind.

--- Mari ran over to Leo and grabbed her cloak doing her best to cover and put pressure on Leo's massive wound. "Don't you die on me you idiot!" Mari yelled as she felt his blood trying to escape from his body. "Merlin!" She screamed for her comrade!

Both Merlin and Tsuki stood their ground and drew their swords, pointing them at Miyamoto!

"Hmm? You two know you can't win right?" Miyomoto asks.

"I don't care!" Merlin responded loudly almost immediately. "This guy may be an idiot, but he's our captain! So bring it!"

Both Merlin and Tsuki displayed their total loyalty to Leo and didn't let their fear overwhelm them even as Miyamoto slowly walked towards them.

"Uou rookies are so eager to..." Miyamoto then pauses and takes a moment to take a much closer and better look at Leo. "There's no way...he looks...he looks like..."

A Looney Dinner

John and Steel and the rest of the people that went with them left. John took Alice to her sister,Violet,who is the medic of the crew. John sat with Alice for some time while Violet took care of her burns. Violet then said to John,"She'll be fine now,she will just need some rest before she's fully recovered. So I recommend you go now."

"Ok." John says. He then leaves Alice's room and walks out onto the top deck. There was Violet's older brother,Fitzroy S. Johnny there waiting for him.

"How is older sister?" Johnny asks.

"She'll be fine." John said,"Thankfully,they haven't done much damage to her besides those burns."

"You seem pretty shook about that." Johnny said.

"It only proves how much Alice needs to learn to fight." John says,"Anyways,What are you up to?"

"Not much,I was waiting for someone to check on how Alice was doing." Johnny said.

"Hey Johnny," John said,"How about we go to Yang's ship and see if they want dinner with us?"

"Sure." Johnny said,"Though I haven't really gotten to talk to them yet."

"You'll love them trust me." John then says as he leads Johnny to Yang's ship.


Reddit is seen walking directly in front of Steel on purpose. It is unclear her intentions at this point but it is clearly upsetting Steel.

"Um, can you stop walking in front of me the entire time? You don't even know where our ship is!" Steel said to Reddi.

"I do. I've been watching you and your crew anchor on this island since you first got here. And besides, you're walking behind me." she sternly said.

Steel can only face palm with Finn seemingly trying to comfort him.

"Well, at least you're the biggest chick magnet of our crew besides Yang with other Minks!" said Finn with a grin.

"Shut it...too worn out to argue with you now." said Steel with a sigh.

"Hey Steel and Finn." John says while walking toward them."What are you guys up to?"


"We're going back to our ship. Best to regroup there." Steel said and looks as his arrow supply. "Damn that freaky girl made me use up one of my best arrows. I don't have that much of that kind."

"Plus, I'm sure the others would've want to know what we have been up to." said Finn.

"And why this girl is following us there..." said Steel snarkly.

"You're following me. Remember that wolfie." Reddi said in a stern tone toward him.

"Heh, I like this girl already!" said Finn.

"Death. Death will befall the both of you one day." Steel said angrily.

John gives out a chuckle and then says,"Yes,death is inevitable,but I sure do plan a long life my friend."

"I pray that is true." Johnny then says.

"Let's not worry about the girl,she's interested in you for a reason." John would say,"So let's go see Captain Yang."

Everyone makes it to Yang's ship. Yang was there standing on the top deck. John was the first to enter Yang's ship. John then says,"Hey Yang,how have you been doing?"


"Hey there Johnny! I've been doing great today! I found out that cactus are spiky today!" Yang told John.

"Because he thought it was a good idea to "hand hands" with something that wasn't even a person to begin with." said Crescent who was polishing his sword nearby.

John laughs at that funny story."Speaking of Johnny,I've got my blacksmith here whose name is Johnny."

"Pleasure to meet you." Johnny would say then.

"It seems your crew is growing everyday." John then says,"Especially because of your chick magnet Steel over there. Come over Steel and show who you brought today."

"Dammit don't say it like that!" said Steel.

Reddi heads over to Yang and bows toward him. "So you're this fool's captain huh? You definitely seem more capable than him that's for sure. My name is Reddi and I'm a professional sniper." she said.

"Ah! Glad to see Steelie made a new friend! Yep my name is Yang! Nice to meet ya!" he said while smiling.


"For starters, he isn't a loudmouth like you." Reddit sternly said.

Steel could only steam in anger with the normally stoic Crescent chuckling a bit.

"I like her. She isn't afraid to say the truth." Crescent said.

"SHADDUP! NOT YOU TOO!!!" Steel shouted toward Crescent.

"You know what?" John says,"My mom would tell me that food calms the weary spirit down. Why not we as the captains and take my boy Johnny,and you take Steel,so we all can have a nice chat-along. Maybe even bring Miss Reddi here." John says as he tips off his hat at the woman.

"See? Anyone can be polite except for you apparently." said Reddi toward Steel.

"I-Is she seriously bullying me now? Like really?" said Steel in disbelief.

"Johnny! Er...Johnnie as in "i-e" is right! I am getting real hungry from pulling cactus spikes out of my paws! Let's go!" Yang said excitingly.

"Grrrr...fine I can go for something but does SHE have to go?!" said Steel looking at Reddi with a glare.

Reddi could only glare back at him saying. "It's everyone vs. you and you lose every time." she said toward him.

"Damn, this girl doesn't hold back! What did you do to her Steel?" said Crescent toward him.

"I...DON'T....KNOW!!!" Steel shouted.

"Well that settles it." John says,"We'll go together and have a jolly time. Follow me ladies and gents." John says as he leads the group of him,Johnny,Yang,Steel,and Reddi to the nearest dining area.

After some walking,they come across a diner that also serves as a carpentry shop. John reads the sign of the building that says,"P&J's Carpentry Shop and Diner"

"A diner that also serves as a carpentry shop?" John says.

"Let's hope their food is better than your cooking." Johnny says.

"Very funny." John said."You guys interested in this place? Do you know this place madam?" John asks the group then asks Reddi specifically.


"Of course, this place is pretty popular regular citizen and pirates alike. It's also a hotspot for carpenters." Reddi said.

"Well." John says,"Let's enter this popular diner then." John and the group then enter P&J's.

The place inside is a huge diner room that looks like a saloon. It has a bartending table to it and a bunch of tables around it. The place even has an upstairs for renting rooms if you need it.

Jack was there sitting on one of the bar seats. He saw them enter and he pulled out his gun."Stick em up,this is a robbery." John then quickly raises his hands,but Jack pulls the trigger,revealing a red flag saying "BANG!". Jack laughed at his own joke.

"You again seriously?" John said,"Where are we that you aren't at?"

"Not at your ship." Jack says.


"Huh? Who is that guy with the funny gun?" said Yang to John.

"Ah great it's that guy again..." said Steel who is even more depressed.

"The name is Crack R. Jack." Jack said."I can't believe you don't remember. I don't think we had a proper handshake." He says as he gets off his chair and walking toward John. He then has his hand held toward John.

John grabs Jack's hand and is quickly electrocuted by Jack's hand. John let's go of Jack's hand,and Jack reveals an electric buzzer on his hand. Jack leaves out a loud laugh,"I love fools like you guys. Come on,food and drinks are on me."


Yang is seen laughing hard. "Oh the ol' electric joy buzzer...I remember i used to annoy Yinny with that all the time!" Yang said.

"Oh, I bet you did. I bet you did." said Steel in a snarky manner.

All six of them sit down at the bar seats. John was in between Yang and Jack. While Reddi was in between Steel and Johnny,and Steel was right next to Yang.

A tall woman comes at the six that was behind the bar table."Welcome to P&J's,You here for Cooking or Carpentry?"

"We're here for cooking." John says,"Us six will like your best meal you have here."

"Well don't worry,We have the best Barbeque in Alabasta." the lady said. She quickly yells at her partner and told him what they ordered.

"This place doesn't seem half bad." Jack says,"Of course it could use a little more red to it."

"Shut it,you creepy clown." John says,"Let's be kind to the people here."

"Captain," Johnny says to get John's attention,"We do need a cook here,maybe we can get someone who works her."

"You're probably right." John says.

"There are two people that are running this diner. The other is working in the back always." said Reddi.

"Can I have your BBQ when it gets here Steelie?" Yang asked Steel.

"N-No you idiot! I have to eat too especially how much this day has been kicking my ass!" said Steel.

The woman then comes back with six plates of BBQ on her large serving plate."Here you guys are. Six large plates of our signature BBQ." The woman notices Reddi as she was serving the six,"Hey Reddi,what are you doing here? Isn't it usually late for you to be here?" the woman asks.

"I had...different plans to say the least tonight Jamie." said Reddi to her knowing who she is.

"Oh, so you're familiar with this woman?" said Steel.

"I live in this town so of course I know who she is. Why wouldn't I?" said Reddit harshly toward Steel.

"You literally treat everyone else better than me don't you?" said Steel with a glare.

"Well it's good to know we have relations to people." John says,"Maybe that at least cuts our price right?"

"Nice try sugar." Jamie says,"It will still fully cost you."

"Don't worry," Jack said,"I said it's on me." Jack pays Jamie with the amount that it costed.

Jamie then walks over to Johnny,"Who's the cutie over here?" she asks.

"My name is Johnny." Johnny says.

"You looking very cute today Johnny." Jamie says,"You also have a look of a hard worker."

"I am a blacksmith if that's what you're asking." Johnny replies.

"I like a man who gets his hands dirty." Jamie replies,"Besides my boss inside there. He either has splinters or bbq sauce on his hands."

"Ahh." Johnny replies with a chuckle after that,"Well,I hope I get to see some of your work then."

"Same here Johnny." Jamie says,"We can talk later,I have other customers to attend to. Bye Johnny." She says that as she walks to the other customers who have been waiting.

Jack whistled as they noticed her leave their scene."Looks like you had her attention."

"I only assumed she does that to everyone." Johnny said.

"Nonsense," Jack said,"She was definitely for you."

"Man are all the girls fliterous in this town?" said Steel as he looks toward Reddi.

"Why are you looking at me for? Stop it, your stare is upsetting me." said Reddi snapping at him.

"Exactly. See, whenever a girl or guy most times a girl picks on a guy as often you do as me, that means you like me and I find that pretty daunting since I just met you." said Steel.

"You're stupid. That's not why. I just thought you were a strong werewolf but I was mistaken." she said.

"I'm not a werewolf! I have DF powers that's all!" Steel shouted.

"Wait, Yinny picks on me all the time. Does that mean she likes me?! Oh no! I CAN'T LOVE MY OWN SISTER!!! THAT'S JUST WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!" Yang said started to freak out.

Steel's face simply slams down onto the table.

"Relax Steelie boy,if that's your name." Jack says to Steel,"We can say that both you,the food,and the girl are all having a hot time!" Jack says and laughs at his own joke.

"You really have to do that?" John asks Jack looking at him with a dumb look.

Suddenly,Harley enters the building. He walks towards Jack,"Hey captain,I was wondering where you were."

"I'm here chatting with my new friends." Jack said,"These people are very funny." Jack says to Harley.

Harley then sits next to Jack,"Davida is resting right now,her wound was a bit worse than she thought. But she was able to handle it." Harley says this then notices Steel,"Sorry if my sister was a bit annoying,she's a more interactive type with men."

"My goodness there is someone else with their head on straight!" said Steel before he clears his throat to speak again. "That's alright. Sorry I had to shoot one of my larger arrows at her. She was trying to attack me though heh..."

"But I thought you said you were saving those kind of arrows for Sea Kings Steelie? Wasn't that a bit overkill?" Yang said.

"It was a lot going on! My mind wasn't clear at the time!" Steel said defending himself.

"Your mind is an endless sea of fog." said Reddi snickering to herself. Steel instantly glares back at her.

Harley laughs a little before he says,"The name is Synn Harley,I'm Davida's younger brother. I'm usually the one with common sense around here and maybe the calmest of the crew."

"Yeah,if you want a boring tactic,ask this dude." Jack says about Harley,"I prefer my tactics have more color."

"Tactics that have color usually end us up either lost or in trouble real quick." Harley says.

Suddenly behind the seven,there was a fight going on between two drunk men. The fight was getting pretty ugly pretty quickly.

"Someone stop this fight!" One person will say,"This fight is getting out of hand."

Suddenly out of the back of the kitchen/shop comes a walrus mink. The mink was about the same size about Jamie."What's going on?" the mink asks calmly.

"There's a fight going on! Can you please stop it." Another civilian would say this while the two drunkards were beating each other up.

The mink sighs and then a red aura comes from his hands. The mink then yells out


BBQ meat flew out of the mink's hands and flew at the drunkards and hitted them till they were knocked outside of the diner. The two fell unconscious as they both hit the ground from the shower of BBQ meat.

"Now my hands are dirty again." the walrus mink says,"I'll go wash my hands now."

The seven just saw all what has happened and were amazed by what that mink did.

"That was incredible!" Jack said.

"I think we found our cook." John said,thinking about the need of a cook for the crew at the moment.

"Who was that?" Johnny asks Reddi.

"Oh, that's Patrick. He's the other guy that runs this place. Looks like he just got done serving those guys by ordering them take out if you catch my drift." Reddi calmly said.

"Oooh! He is a Mink like me!" said Yang who was still amazed at what he saw.

"Did...that guy seriously decked those two dudes with meat?" said Steel who was more shocked than surprised.

"Yeah he did." Jamie said hearing Steel,"So you best be good boys around his diner."

"Don't worry madam," Jack said,"We are angels sent from Kami himself."

John just rolls his eyes from Jack's humor.

"I can sense a bunch of freshly cooked BBQ meat flying Steel's way soon." said Reddi.

"S-SERIOUSLY!!! STOP PICKING ON ME!!!" shouted Steel.

"I wonder if that guy uses Electro to cook his food..." Yang said to himself.

"Who knows," John says,"But that dude should be our crews cook."

"But how would we convince him to come with us?" Johnny says,"And if we ask him wrongly,he might shower us with bbq."

John then calls for Jamie to come back over toward them.

"What do you guys want?" She asks.

"Do you think your partner wants to join my pirate crew?" John asks.

Jamie just laughs when she heard the question,"Maybe if you give him a good reason to join,but he prefers to keep his business more important than travelling around the world."

"He can keep his business and work for me." John then says.

"Maybe,I'll talk to father to see if he's interested. Here have some beers,it's on me" Jamie says as she goes back to other customers.

"Did she just call that tall mink her dad?" Jack says.

"Ooh beer!" said Yang when he was about to pick it up but it's immediately smack out of his hands by Steel.

"HELL NO!!!" shouted Steel.

"OW!!! HEY!!! WHY DID THAT STEELIE?!?" shouted Yang back at him.

"You really are stupid disobeying your much stronger captain." said Reddi.

"SHUT UP!! You do NOT know how dangerous this guy gets when he drinks even one small can of beer! He cannot hold his beer at all and if he drunk, then this whole place will go down! You can't do much against a drunk rampaging dragon!" said Steel who remembers the other times this happened.

"Oh yeah! I forgot! I don't really remember when that happens to me before but when it happened back at home, father told me they had to rebuild the castle from scratch!" said Yang.

"Well," Jack said,"Maybe you can drink one of those potions Mr.Tall Hat here has." Jack says this referring to John and Steel selling those genderswap potions."I am even curious enough to drink it myself."

"Why do you think I'll give it to you." John asks.

"Cuz,I'm your friend." Jack says.

"We just met in the morning." John says.

"I consider you my friend already,and your tiger friend here is my friend also." Jack then says,"I have an idea,how many vials do you have left on you?"

"Five" John answers.

"Give one to Tiger and Me,and you take one. And we drink these potions as captains." Jack says.

"Why do I want to do that?" John says.

"Have you ever tested your own work on yourself?" Jack asks.

"Well No." John answers.

"Precisely," Jack says,"You should taste your own work before handing it out to others."

"Have you ever become a female before?" John then asks.

"Plenty of times,One of my crewmates has the horu horu no mi and likes to change my gender as a trick. That's how I have this white skin and green hair." Jack then says.

"I see." John says.

"But can we please try it. Since I saw all those people turn into their opposite gender,I've been wanting to try it." Jack then says.

John leaves out a sigh and then answers,"Fine,you got me in your crazy ideas." John says this then pulls out three vials. He then pulls out a flower,he squeezes the juice from the flower evenly between the three vials. He then gives it to Yang and Jack.

"What was the flower for?" Jack asks.

"To make it last longer." John replies,"You got me in your madness and I thought might as well be like it for the rest of the evening. We'll be normal in the morning."

"Ahh,I'm starting to like you more and more." Jack says."To our health." Jack says toasting the vial.


Yang also takes his vial. "Here here!"

"Oh dammit no not again!" said Steel in a frantic manner.

"Ah yes, the potion that turns males into females." said Reddi who was still looking at Steel sternly.

All three of them drink the vials in front of them. They all become gender-swapped into females. The three of them look at each other.

"Look at you." John says looking at Jack.

"I know,I'm was told im sexy enough to pass as a lady before. But look at you John,you here looking like rapunzel." Jack says looking at John. John's long black hair just went even longer going down to her hips now."I think we can call you Joanne now." Jack says laughing.

"How about you,Jacqueline." Joanne now says laughing with Jack.

"Yang still there looking might cute as a tiger." Jacqueline is looking at Yang now.

Johnny notices Harley,who hasn't even paid attention to the captains,"Are you used to this?" Johnny asks Harley.

"I've seen and been weirder shit than this." Harley said,"My crew is pretty messed up if you know what I'm saying."

"Heh heh I get that a lot as this! My hair is so long now though!" said Yang whipping the hair from her face.

"Well, this is certainly interesting. Not more weird than a weak werewolf that's for certain." said Reddi.

"One, this IS weird! My captain has freaking breasts now! And two, I AM NOT WEAK NOR A WEREWOLF!!!" said Steel loudly.

Jamie comes back and looking at the three captains now."My my,what happened to you guys,or girls?" She says with a giggle.

"We drank this scientist's genderswap potions." Jacqueline says patting Joanne on the back.

"Oh,I didn't know you were a scientist." Jamie said,"That makes Johnny there even more special." Jamie says winking at Johnny. Johnny just blushes shyly from her winking at him.

"I'm a captain and a chemist." Joanne says,"I have made this and sold some of them earlier."

"Oh so you guys were the ones that caused the commotion I heard earlier." Jamie said.

"You probably shouldn't have mentioned that Joanne." Jacqueline,"Or maybe you should've now that your drunk." She says it laughing now with Joanne.

"I'm not drunk,just slightly insane." Joanne then says.

"Whatever that was,it was impressive,I'll have to admit." Jamie says.

The mink walrus comes back and looks at his watch. It was closing time for the carpentry shop/diner."ALRIGHT EVERYONE, CLOSING TIME.GET OUT OF HERE OR ELSE I'll SLICE Y'ALL WITH SALAMI!"

"Looks like we'll have to get going." Jacqueline says.

"Yeah. Let's head out." Joanne says.

All of them leave the diner and made it outside. It was dark and the moon had just came out. The moon was uncovered by clouds which revealed a full moon.

When they got out. Jacqueline would get a slight headache of sorts. Joanne noticed Jacqueline in pain a little.

"Having a hangover already?" Joanne asks.

"No,I'm feeling a slight power increase from someone. Don't you Harley?" Jacqueline says.

"I'm feeling two power surges." Harley says,"And it looks like it's coming from those two." Harley says as he points at Yang and Reddi.

"Oh no.... No no no no no! Not a full moon now! Craaaaap...." said Steel as he looks over at Yang who was staring at the moon. He also notices Reddi looking at it as well. "The hell is with you though?" he asked her.

"It's finally time...to show you why I'm superior." Reddi said to Steel.

"I-I feel like just destroying stuff all of a sudden..." said Yang still in an excited tone.

Suddenly, both Yang and Reddi start to undergo their transformations. Yang's hair grows even more larger and flowing as is his tail which becomes large and bushy. Finally her eyes become a deep red as her entire body flows in Electro. As for Reddi, she soon shifts into her full werewolf form as she appears much taller than most of the others only coming about the same height as the over 10 feet tall Yang.

"Ah, so this is a Mink's Sulong form? I never seen this up close heh heh..." said Reddi whose personality is dramatically different.


"W-WHAT?!? Reddi is a freaking WEREWOLF!?! That would explain why she kept assuming I was one but JEEZ! WE GOT A SITUATION!!!"

"I'll say. Your slender body isn't in my paws now. Just come this way Wolfie Boy..." Reddi said in a flirtatious tone toward Steel.

"Oh HELL no! NOW you're suddenly acting nice to me?! This could be a damn trap but you're being direct now!" said Steel who was backing away a bit.

"This night just gotten better and better." Jacqueline said.

"WOW!" Joanne says,"Reddi looks even sexier as a werewolf,not gonna lie."

"I'm feeling another surge of power." Harley says,"But it's not from one of us." He then stares at the darkness at the alley.

Out of the alley,enters two men. One man has a scythe while another one has an axe and pistol on him.

"Look at who we found here,my little slave." the taller one says. The man was tall with pale white skin."A werewolf. Boss will be happy today." the man says as he reveals vampiric teeth toward them.

"I see. I thought I smelled bloodsuckers hanging around these parts. My sense of smell is top notch after all." said Reddi with a smirk on her face.

"FOR REAL!??! THOSE ARE VAMPIRES?!? THAT'S SO COOOOOL!!!" said Yang still surging with her power.

Steel looks completely dumbfounded. "Vampires now!? Are you kidding me?! Is this town like a tourist attraction for weirdos and freaks all around!? Next thing I know it I'll see Frankenstein and his wife on their honeymoon close by!" shouted Steel.

Just when he said that. A tall man and and a tall lady walk by the meeting of the vampire and the group.

"Hey guys,how's it going on this fine evening." the tall man says to the vampire.

"Pretty good Frank,How's the wife?" the vampire replies.

"We are a happy couple here on this honeymoon." Frank says,"Liz here wanted to try the country's moonshine."

"Well,I won't busy you guys. I got business of my own." the vampire then says,"See ya Frank."

"See ya." Frank says and him and Liz leave the area in the darkness.

"I would recommend you watch what you say there Steel." Jacqueline says.

Steel falls face first into the ground. "I forgot. I'm Mr. Tempting Fate. I should've seen that coming I really should..." he said in a defeated tone.

Yang is seen walking up to the vampire despite her surging with power. She simply asks him. "Hey if you bit me now would I be a vampire as well? That'd be COOL!!!" she said trying to hold back her power to ask the question.

"DON'T ASK HIM THAT YOU IDIOT!!!" shouted Steel.

"My my, your captain is certainly the interesting type. Of course, this vampire is indeed dangerous and he does want me after all." Reddit said taking back out her flintlocks.

"Why would he want you?" Joanne asks.

"Cuz she's a werewolf." Harley says,"Werewolves and Vampires are known to battle each other for years."

The vampire looks at Yang who is surging with power."Yes,I can suck your blood and you can be one. But I personally don't appetize on the blood of animals."

"Who you calling an animal?" Joanne says.

"Go on my human slave,take on that elf and that clown. I'll take on Reddi." The Vampire says as he charges straight onto Reddi.

The vampire was quick,but Harley was able to protect Reddi by blocking the scythe with his cutlass. The speed of the vampire forced Harley to be sliding right into the diner and carpentry shop,breaking through the wall. Harley and the Vampire were still standing after that slide into the building.

"Wow." Jacqueline said,"Never seen Harley that fast."

"Looks like we got a battle in our hands." Joanne says as he gets out his pole and then he presses a button on the pole which makes it go on fire.

The human slave charged right at Steel with a cold stare at his face. He swung his Axe at Steel,aiming for the top of Steel's head.

"Oh! That guy is a strong one as well. I could've easily handled that bloodsucker." said Reddi.

Steel blocks the slave's axe with his harder-than-steel shield and takes out his sword.

"Jeez, this guy seems emotionless. Sorry buddy but have to slash at you now!" said Steel as he swings his sword sending a sword beam at the slave.

"Awwwwww....I really wanted to be a vampire too!" said Yang with a pout on her face.


The beam made the man rose to the sky,wounding him pretty good. But the wound didn't seem to affect the emotionless man. He just then pulls out his pistols and blasts the guns at Steel and Reddi.

Harley and the vampire battled in the dining shop. Their sword and scythe clashing every time.

"Your swordsmanship is pretty good." The Vampire said.

"Same with yours." Harley says.

The two couldn't make another move since each other's strength is equal. Suddenly Joanne comes in and smacks the vampire in the head with his fire pole. The vampire screamed in pain as he was being burned by the fire. The fire seemed to nearly melted the vampire until the vampire dunked its face in the sink of the kitchen.

"Phew,that was close." the vampire said. It was notable that he was getting angrier after that attack.

"So vampires don't like fire huh." said Joanne,"I got an idea."

"Crap!" said Steel as he dodged out of the way. Reddi also dodges but much more easily and gracefully.

"You still have ways to go Wolfie!" said Reddit as she fires two rounds at the man.

Yang is seen just watching the fights from a distance knowing the potion is starting to wear off.

"Awwww....going back to normal soon. Wonder if I can recruit that vampire instead?" said Yang.

"YOU ARE NOT!!! HELP US!!!" said Steel.

Joanne and Harley work together by fighting the vampire inside the carpentry shop and diner. But neither of them could get a hit on the Vampire.

"Ha! Seems you can't touch me. I am invincible and eternal." As he said that,a giant hole in his chest was made.

It was Jamie,with a very big gun.

"Found the disturbance dad!" Jamie says."Looks like a vampire."

Patrick was pretty upset that the vampire messed up his kitchen. The battle was damaging his building. The next thing that happens is that Patrick yells:


A slice of salami flies out of Patrick's hands. The salami was thin,yet so sharp that it sliced the head of the vampire clean off.

"Just what the hell happened here?" Patrick asked Harley and Joanne.

"Uhh,a vampire charged us into the kitchen here and we had to fight it here." Joanne replies.

"Aren't you that one that wanted us to join your crew?" Jamie asks.

"Yes." Joanne replies.

"Well,we just might have to take up on that request." Patrick says.

"Let's go see how our friends were handling the slave." Harley says.

"Good Idea." Joanne says.

"We'll follow you." Patrick says.

"But I thought you can't be around the full moon?" Jamie said.

"I can,I just prefer not to mostly." Patrick replies.

"Well let's go!" Harley says as he runs outside to check on the battle outside.

The man dodged both rounds that came from Reddi. The man quickly then got his axe again and made a gigantic sword beam at them. The sword beam then splitted and hitted the building and the ground where Yang,Steel,Reddi,Jacqueline,and Johnny were at.

"What are we to do?" Johnny asks."This man is crazy powerful."

"I want him to join my crew!" Jacqueline says,"He's crazy enough to fit in."

"DAMN!!! That guy is strong" said Steel as he dodges backwards from the attack with Reddi following suit.

"He certainly does make that vampire look like a plush toy." Reddi said.

"HEY STEELIE!!! HEADS UP!!!" shouted Yang as he gets into a stance similar to a tiger preparing to launch as his sulong form surges with his Electro.

"Heh, so now you're going to fight huh?" said Steel as he moves backwards.

Yang has his sights set on the man with the axe. "If you can stand up to this, then you're strong! Now, Electro: Sājikyanon!" shouted Yang as he charged at the man very quickly with a punch full of Electro which even leaves a trail behind shattering nearby windows in the process.

The man flew when Yang connected him with that punch,leaving a trail of him flying. But when he fellen. He just got straight back up.

"He can get up from an attack like that?" Johnny says,"That is amazing. It's like he's undead."

"WE KILLED THE VAMPIRE!" Harley says,"Here's his head."

"How were you guys able to do that?" Jacqueline asks.

"Patrick here sliced him with a slice of Salami." Jaimie said,"I also putted a silver bullet right through the dude's heart too." Jamie showing off her massive pistol.

"How's the battle going on here?" Joanne asks.

Yang could only smirk after seeing this guy get back to his feet.

"Wow! You are pretty strong aren't you? Looks like I'll have to get a little more serious!" Yang shouted before shifting into her hybrid dragon form as she is now floating in the air and putting her hands toward her mouth in an open/cone motion.

"Heh..I can't go too all out because sulong plus dragon = the destruction of this town but I'll give ya a taste of this cool move! Wonder if ya can take this! Electro: Kaminari roketto!" shouted Yang before breathing out a stream of fire with Electro combined onto it forming a spiral which is heading toward the man.

The man just walks right into the electric fire spiral and walks out of it. He did walk out of it,but the man was seemed tired and weak,plus the man was on fire.

"Well,that answers our question." Joanne says.

"Yeah,that dude has been able to tank our shots at him completely." Johnny says."But it looks like we just made him weak with that shot from Yang."

"He destroyed my building." Patrick said."HE DESTROYED MY DINER!!!" Patrick undergoes Sulong transformation by staring at the moon. He is now super tall and muscular and had red eyes with very sharp walrus teeth.


The walrus summons a giant bone that has a giant ham on the end. Using electro,the hammer became electric. And with a large swing,Patrick squashed the man with the hammer.

The man stayed in the ground after that.

"That took long enough." Jacqueline said,"I was thinking about using my grenades at him."

"Let me take a look at the dude." Jamie said,"He could be a very powerful vampire."

"Whoo hoo! That was pretty fun! I still want to be a vampire though but that'll be for later! Steelie! Make a not to track down more of them later!" said Yang.

"HELL NO!!! How about YOU fly over there yourself if you're that damn eagar to be one!" shouted Steel.

Reddi walks over to the two and uses Steel's head as an armrest before speaking with Yang.

"My my Tiger Boy, you certainly live up to your title as captain. I'm impressed as well." Reddi said.

"Oh! You're that girl from earlier right? You have the same scent as her but that's cool you're a werewolf! Steelie there is sorta kinda one himself!" Yang said.

"No, Devil Fruit user is different from a werewolf as I can use my powers anytime and WOLF YOU GET YOUR ARM OFF OF MY HEAD?!?" Steel shouted toward her.

Reddi simply pats his head. "You guys are funny especially Wolfie here. I think I'll like to journey around with you guys to see how far you'll get in the Grand Line. Plus, I am an effect sniper." Reddi said.

"Sure! We could use a definite sniper! Welcome aboard!" said Yang with a smile on his face.

"Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt..... Now I'm going to get bullied in the morning and flirted with at night. My life is certainly complete now..." said Steel in a completely sarcastic tone.

"Well,at least you'll have a fun time at night." Jacqueline says."Just make sure you do what she says at night if you want to sleep well."

"YO PATRICK!!" Joanne says yelling to get Patrick's attention,"Want to work for me now?"

"Sure.Now that my diner and carpentry shop is destroyed." Patrick says.

"YAY!!!" Joanne says,"You hear that Johnny,we got ourselves a cook." Joanne says that as she hugs Johnny. Her breasts covering Johnny's face.

"Never thought that my captain would hug me ever as a female." Johnny says.

Jamie looked at the man on the ground. She notice bite marks on the dude's neck.

"Yup,he was a human that just turned into a vampire." Jamie said.

"Someone give me a lapis lazuli." the man said with his face on the ground still

"Excuse me?" Jamie asks.

"Someone give me a LAPIS LAZULI!!!" the man said revealing his teeth,"So I don't thirst for blood."

"What the hell is a lapis lazuli?" Jacqueline asks.

"A GEMSTONE!" the man says,"If the gemstone is on a vampire's neck. The weaknesses like burning in the sun and having an urge to drink one's blood is gone."

"Well where the hell are we going to find one?" Joanne asks.

"You think we should get Finny to fix that diner for them? It's a shame it was destroyed like that." said Yang to Steel.

"If they want to. Finn could easily have that repaired in, what, less than a day?" said Steel.

"You must mean that Fishman that's part of the crew. He certainty must be skilled in carpentry if he can rebuild a whole building in less than a day by himself." Reddi said.

"Nah,that won't be necessary." Patrick said,"Unless you can build it on their crew's ship."

"Our ship is in need of rebuilt." Johnny says,"Tim might be able to do it,but I think Finn's experience could help us better."

"True." Joanne says."We'll do that once after the treasure hunt."

"DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A LAPIS LAZULI!!!" The man asks,"I can only keep my thirst in check for so long. Quick before I eat one of you guys alive."

"Reddi," Harley says,"You're a werewolf,you should know the weaknesses of a vampire. Wouldn't you have this gemstone that he is speaking of?" Harley asks.

"Lapis Lazuli? Of course, I always keep that and some other gems nearby just in case." Reddi said as she pulls one out of her pocket and gives it to Harley. "You can give it to him yourself. Vampires...and I don't sit right as you can see." she said.

"Jeez, I never knew Alabasta with a vampire problem. You think it be all about the hot ass sun and the stupid cacti." Steel said.

Harley goes to the man and hands the gemstone to the man. The man just yanks the gem off of Harley's hands and puts the necklace around him."Thanks." the man said.

"And to answer your question elf,it ain't really a vampire problem. It's a global vampiric assassins problem. That vampire was part of a vampiric assassin's guild called Order of the Dead. The guild is usually after werewolves of power or ones that stand in their way." the man says,"She there is one of the werewolves she is after."

"What do you mean?" Joanne asks,"And how do we know you're not after her now."

"I am a vampire hunter,or a monster hunter for that matter. It just happened recently that I got trapped by that vampire and was bitten by him. He then hypnotised me to be his slave." the man would explain.

"So after we killed him,we released his hypnosis on you." Harley says.

"Yes,and I thank you for that. But unfortunately,I am one of them now." the man said.

"What's your name?" Jacqueline asks.

"I have no name." the man says,"Or I at least don't remember having one for some reason."

"Well,it's night time,and your teeth look like one's from a viper. I dub you Nite Viper." Jacqueline says,"You're going to join my crew as a gunner. If you can show that same amount of strength."

"Don't worry,I should. But having two attacks from minks in their sulong form are sure to stop me." Viper replies,"And I shall be grateful to help you as you have saved my life."

"Heh heh looks like this town is popular for gunners huh?" said Yang looking at Reddi.

"It does appear so, right Wolfie?" she said still using him as an armrest.

"One, stop calling me Wolfie. Two, GET OFF OF MY HEAD!!!" Steel said.

"Well,I gotten myself looks like a cook and his daughter." Joanne says.

"His adopted daughter." Jamie says.

"Jack got himself a gunner,and so did Yang." Joanne says.

Suddenly they hear a crash nearby. It was a stagecoach that crashed into a lamppost. A man walks out of the incident,rubbing his head.

"Oh Damn you,you dumb mules." the man says as he kicks the horses. The horses then run off,away from the man and the accident.

"Excuse me sir,but are you ok?" Joanne asks.

"Never been better." the man says,"I better make sure my alcohol is safe in the back of the stagecoach." the man mutters as he walks to the back of the stagecoach.

"What's your name sir?" Joanne asks.

"Oh,the name is Wolfgang Billy. The world's most famous salesman." Billy says while bowing at them."I travel far and wide around the world,selling my medicine to the poor and needy ones,for a good price."

"Why are your prices so expensive?" Jack then says,looking at a broken sign that was from the stagecoach."I mean,Bsymbol.gif 1,000,000 for some medicine,like come on."

"Uh,uh,that is my prices for the rich pigs." Billy then says.

"And why is there alcohol stored in the back." Jack says looking at the back,"There's every type of alcohol in here from sake to hard whiskey."

"Uh,oh,those are my personal collection of bottles." Billy then says.

"We know you're lying to us dodo-brain." Joanne says,"You're a swindler!"

"Please don't call me a dodo-brain," says Billy,"I have ate the dodo dodo no mi." Billy says this and reveals his zoan form.

"Serves you right." Joanne replies,"Say,do you really travel around the world?"

"That is one thing that is true of." Billy says,"I can't stay and swindle in one island. I have many log poses and maps of places. I read them myself too."

"How would you like to be my crew's navigator?" Joanne asks,"Consider us as your travelling agents."

Billy thinks about it for a second,"That could be useful. Sure,I'll join."

"YAY!!! WE GOT A COOK AND A NAVIGATOR!!!" Joanne says this and hugs Johnny again,"Isn't that great Johnny?"

"Yeah,If you didn't suffocated me with your breasts captain." Johnny answers.

"All of you guys are a bunch of weirdos..." said Steel with a deadpan look.

"Yeah but being weird brings us together huh?" said Yang.

"That's what I expect from out of captain heh." said Reddi with a smirk.

"Oh yeah you just joined us..." said Steel.

"I say Viper." Jacqueline says looking at Viper,"I think that pale,white skin could go with some purple hair. Would you like purple hair?"

"Sure," Viper says,"If it's how I'm accepted into your family."

"Very good." Jacqueline says,"I'll make sure Jennifer changes your hair color,but beware if she tries to make you a female,she's done that trick on me plenty of times."

Joanne then says,"It's getting late,why not we all go back to our ships and get ready for the treasure hunt tomorrow?"

"Yeah! My sulong form always wears me out! Lets go catch some z's!" said Yang as he marches on ahead.

Reddi is seen carrying Steel like a small kid.

"Awww you're cute when you're smaller than me!" said Reddi in a teasing tone.


They all walk back to their ships at the docks. Everyone made it there safe and sound. Tim could be seen meditating in his sulong form on Joanne's ship.

"Hey,you guys made it." Hak says,He was talking to Crescent and Maestro Jennifer.

"Why are our captain's females?" Jennifer asks,"I didn't even touched you with my devil fruit powers captain."

"What are you doing outside of our ship?" Jacqueline asks.

"I was bored and wanted to talk to some men besides my boyfriend." Jennifer said,"I found these two smoking hookah pipes and I decided to talk to them."

"Guys this is Jennifer,the Horu Horu user I've been talking about so much." Jacqueline says,"Speaking of your devil fruit powers,can you turn this man's hair purple. This man is our gunner for the crew."

"Sure." Jennifer says as he walks to Viper,"What's your name honey?"

"They call me Nite Viper." Viper said.

"Welcome to the Crackerjack Pirates Viper." Jennifer says as she gives a shot to Viper's arm. Which turns his brown hair into purple hair.

"Heya Cres! We're back!" said Yang to Crescent.

"I can see. But..." Crescent stops himself before seeing a werewolf carrying Steel. "What's going on there. I was going to say what Steel brought home this time but it seems to be the other way around." Crescent said.

"That's Reddi! That girl from earlier! She just joined our crew as our sniper!" said Yang.

"It's a pleasure Crescent. I got me a fine catch as you can see." Reddi said.


"A werewolf huh? I had a feeling. Anyway, you really are a weirdness magnet Steel." said Crescent.

"QUIET DAMMIT!!!" shouted Steel.

"Well,If ya guys need anything. I'll be in my ship,which isn't that far." Jacqueline says pointing to his ship nearby,"G'Night friends."

"Good night Jack." Joanne says,"Me and my crew are going to our ships now."

"Not me," Hak said,who was in his caterpillar form and is in a cocoon-like blanket,"I just made this blanket and I'm not going to destroy it now. I'll sleep here."

"Well then,anyways,have a good night Yang." Joanne says as he leads Johnny,Patrick,Jamie,and Billy to his ship to get ready for the hunt tomorrow.

"Alright guys! Time to get some shut eye! Hopefully we can find that devil fruit tomorrow!" said Yang heading to his room to sleep.

"Let's bunk together tonight! I know I don't have a room of mines yet." Reddi said carrying Steel off.

"Great I'll love to wake up to you calling me "stupid" or some form of that." said Steel.

"Hmm... We should still be careful of this..." said Crescent to himself as he heads off to his room.

Four Hours?

Leo's two eyes opened up as he gasped loudly for air, his eyes widened in a panic. The room he was in was unfamiliar and dark. The bed he was on top of was linen with paper. The walls were a dark green color and despite how ugly the room looked it smelled clean and sterile. Leo looked around trying to asses where he was and while he tried to pick himself up his entire torso and abdomen was in agonizing pain.

"Where the hell am I? Where's everyone at?" Leo thought to himself, unable to move much.

"Good, you didn't die." A deep rugged voice was heard as the door opened up, The figure walking through it turning out to be Miyamoto. "I cut you up pretty good, just a bit more effort and there would've been no way we could've saved you from moving on to the other side."

"Wh-where am I? Wh-where's my crew at?" Leo struggled to ask. "I swear to god if you h-hurt them...Fu-fuck this pain! I'll kill y-you!"

Miyamoto looked down at Leo and cracked a smile. He then took a seat nearby Leo's bed. "Yup definitely like Captain." He thought to himself. "You can barely move and yet you threatened the guy who effortlessly put you down. Tell me what's you're family name?"

"...Elio...Elio Leonardo."

"pfft! Bahaha! No way!" Miyamoto broke out in laughter when he heard Leo's answer. "Tell me does the name Francesco mean anything to you?"

"Hm? Fra-Francesco? No?" Leo responded a little thrown off by such a random question.

"So he doesn't know about the Captain huh?" He then looked again at Leo, "Well anyway, you'll need bed rest for the next few days."

"To hell with th-that, I have a s-scavenger hunt to win for my crew." Leo replied with the determination in his eyes unchanged. "We won't lose, I promise you that."

"Listen you fucking idiot! The scavenger hunt should be the last thing on your mind! You need to focus on your health and understand that if my sword was a few centimeters deeper you'd be a corpse!" Miyamoto yelled back.

"I don't care!" Leo yelled before his injury began to ache again.

"Will you stop acting like some child!? Huh?"

"Fuck off! I'll k-kill you and go th-there myself!"

"It took two of us to patch you up and to keep you from dying! Understand that!"

"And you need to understand I need to be with them!" Leo's forehead began to ignite with a fire as his eyes were sharpened with determination. He clenched his fist.

"Yup...even if the two don't know it...they're definitely brothers. That's the same indomitable will the Elio family tend to have." Miyamoto thought before getting back to his feet and walked towards the door. "We only have eight hours before the hunt, so if you're really that set on going I'll be sending someone in to help you." Miyamoto then left the room.

"Th...that...bastard..." Leo got dizzy and tired. His stutter was gone but his voice got weaker.

"Ah, please don't fall asleep!" A purple haired girl with an eye patch shrieked as she walked into the room "You'll need to be awake for what's going to happen." She quickly moved to Leo's bed side and put her hands on his cheeks. "You're running a little hot, but you should be able to take the treatment." The then grabs a small green jar before sitting next slowly taking his gown off to reveal his scar and stitches.

"Wh-who are you?" Leo asked.

"Hm? What kind of question is that? I'm your doctor silly." The girl innocently replied before opening her green jar. "Now before i apply this, I must let you know before hand. This is an extremely powerful healing paste made of hundreds of medical herbs. This baby can heal and enhance one's natural healing ability." She then smiled, "Of course you need to consider that this baby will also cause you horrendous, excruciating pain. Imagine if a knife was stabbing every last inch of your body were being stabbed repeatedly, made worse where the paste was applied to."

"I don, I don't care! If it will make me ready for tomorrow, bring it on." Leo demanded for the treatment. "If you're my doctor...give me your name...please."

"I'm your doctor, Nakahara Sofia." The purple haired girl replied with a warm smile. "We should start soon, seeing as how you only have eight hours to get ready for the hunt." She then grabs an applicator and begins to scoop up the green paste and gently apply it down the stitches.

"Thank you...Doctor..." Leo replied as he felt the cold paste touch his burning injury.

"In a few seconds the medicine will take effect. This isn't like some muscle relaxant or anything of the sort This may be one of the most painful experiences you'll go through."

"I don't care... as long as i'm ready... as long as i can get back to my crew, this will all be worth it."

Sofia looked at the passion in eo's eyes and couldn't help herself but smile fondly. "Such drive, passion, strength. He's already on his death bed but refuses to cross over or even think about resting. He's worried about his crew and wants to see them. Big Bro Moto said he was really childish..." She thought to herself as she began to see twoo seperate image next to Leo. One is of a young, tan man with silver hair, while the other is of a blonde man with amber eyes. "He definitely reminds me of both of them..."

"What ever it may be i'm rea-" LEo was then cut off as a pain similar to his skin being stabbed into and slowly being peeled covered his entire body! "AHHHHHH!!! AHHH!!! FUCK!!!!" He cried in immedoiate pain! "FUUUUUCCCCCK! FUCK!"

"This will heal you, no problem. But the question isn't if it'll heal you but more, will you survive the process. I didn't want to use this paste, The process is painful, and death is a very-real possibility as your heart and brain can only take so much stress. So you'll need to fight harder than ever." Sofia thought as she took her leave from the room.

The whole time Leo yelled in bloody pain from the paste. His temperature spiked like crazy, his lungs showed no signs of weakening as he continued to scream, and his eyes blood shot red from all the blood rushing to his head. He slammed his head to the wall beside his bed multiple times. He grits his teeth to try and have himself shut up before he began to scream again.

As she steps out Sofia saw Miyamoto was still sitting near the door. "Do you think he's going to make it?" Sofia asks. "He still seems really green, I wasn't sure he'd accept it."

"I didn't doubt he'd take the paste. He seems like the type to do whatever it takes to get the ob done." Miyamoto then took a drag and let out some smoke. "He looks just like him doesn't he? Like Francesco?" he questions with a fond voice, "But he acts so much like Dante too. Heh, I'm already feeling sorry for his crew." Miyamoto then looked up, seeing Sofia staring at a wall with a concerned look on her eye. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah..." Sofia responds, taking a pause to snap out of her zoning out.

"FUUUUCK!! YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU FOR THIS!!" LEO YELLED AS HIS HIS EYES WERE A DEEP CRIMSON BLOOD SHOT RED WITH RAGE! "FUUUUUCK!!" Before Leo could continue his cries of pain blood rushed out both his mouth and nose as he began to cough just as loudly. "No! I won't die! I won't die damn it!" Leo thought to himself when the blood came out. He lifted his arm ignoring his pain from his slash and slammed it against the wall! "I won't die! I won't die!...I WON'T DIE!"

A few hours went by and Sofia wen't into the room. "Leeeeo? Leo?" As she stepped inside she saw him there. Leo face up on the floor, covered with own blood all over his face and chest. His skin a deep red color to it. "Were you trying to get to the door? Leo?" As sofia put her hands on him, something clicked. "If he's here, that means he managed to get to his feet and make it this far. But by the look on his initial injury even with the paste he shouldn't be able to do that without the complete eight hour treatment."

"I won't die..." Leo said in a sleepy exhausted voice. "..I won't...die..."

Sofia smiled and scooped up the chestnut color haired boy and placed him on the bed. She then walks to the sing to grab a small pale with water and a sponge.

"Get you cleaned up before tomorrow morning." She thought to herself as she took off Leo's gown, revealing his muscular body, now with a massive scar on it. She then put her attention his face, which was covered in his own blood and softly started to clean it off.

Sofia continued and cleaned off all the blood from Leo. "Phew, all set." She whispered, admiring her work of being able to clean Leo up without waking him up. She notices Leo's face though asleep looked scared and he began to squirm, kick his feet, and shifting from side to side. "Seems like a side effect of the paste. You're in or a rough one Leo." She whispers looking at him rather worried before shifting herself, moving to the head of the bed, sitting next to Leo's head.

"You got this...just fight, Okay?" She then picked his head up trying to set it on a pillow before he shift himself with his face landing on her lap. "wha-, wha-" Sofia couldn't get her words out but saw his face slow grow more with ease. "ye-yeah, okay. If this helps you fight, the rest there as much as you need." Sofia then began to brush his spiky brown hair, her eyes rather warmly looked at his innocent face.

As day broke and seen light managed to enter the room, Sofia's eye cracked open realizing she had fallen asleep there with Leo still resting his head on her lap, but oddly with a blanket covering the both of them. "where did this-?"

"Oh you're awake." Miyamoto blurts out appearing with a coffee mug in his hand. "Bout time I guess. I came in just a while ago and saw you both there, figured you both could use a blanket." He then turns around walking toward the door, "The effects of the paste will wear off soon, so he should be waking up soon. Make sure to give him the clothes left for him in the other room." He then opened up the door and just before walking out "This is the first time i see you warm up to someone so easily Sofs. Guess this kid really is something, huh?"


"Nothing, nothing. Take him to the hunt today okay? I'll see you both there." Miyamoto then left without waiting for her response. This kid really wants to be stronger and help his crew? Then i fully expect to seeing him there. Show me what you're made of Leonardo, Brother of Elio Francesco." Miyamoto thought as he stepped out of the building and into a blinding light

Hide and Seek

The next day had finally come after an eventful night. The sun was set yet to be at it's peak but still hundreds of pirates, thieves, bounty hunters, etc. were already gathered around the designated area for the scavenger hunt. Some with notable bounties while others were still green and new. Separate from the group was a lone Miyamoto standing alone having a cigarette and staring off in the distance.

He takes the cigarette out along with exhaling some smoke, "I wonder if the kid woke up on time." He then turned his head over and noticed the same blonde young man from earlier who protected Leo, Merlin, was already at the site as well. "He's here waiting for him I assume. Unless he thinks he can win this alone." Slowly his hand reached down and grabbed the hilt of his sword tightly.

The site was bare and empty with no cactus or rocks, just endless sand. Everyone around had the beaming sun on them with no clouds in the clear sky.

John,Johnny and Patrick were there walking with Yang,Crescent,and Hooke to the crowd.

"So how was your morning Captain?" Johnny asks John.

"Frustrating,I had to convince Alice to not to come with us. She really wanted to come with me to this hunt,but I had to convince her this is maybe one of the most dangerous things we done yet. She ain't ready yet to fight,she doesn't even know how to fight. It felt even more like a betrayal since I even slept with her."

"You slept with older sister?" Johnny asks,as Alice is his older sister.

"I was still a girl at that form,so she asked me if I wanted to sleep with her like we were sisters." John replies.

"That has to be painful." Johnny says,"Sleeping with her one moment and then trying to convince her not to go."

"You don't know the half of it." John says. John then focuses on Patrick,"Thanks for the morning ham Patrick."

"No problem." Patrick says,"Anything to help out my new crew."

"Your new crew?" John says.

"I used to be a pirate once in my younger days,i decided to retire from it and run a carpentry and dining. I also adopted Jamie when I found her running around the alleys when she was young." Patrick explains

"Ahh,that's interesting. You should tell us more sometime." John then says.

"Maybe I will." Patrick says.

"So how was your morning Yang?" John then asks Yang,Crescent,and Hooke.

"I slept pretty well! I heard Steelie kept yelling angrily all night so I guess he didn't enjoy Reddi's company. I'm sure he'll get used to her!" said Yang.

"He informed me that he didn't get too much sleep last night because of it. This is why I am substituting for him during this hunt." Hooke said.

"It's quite funny that the three of us are the only ones that can resist the heat the best out of our crew. Me and Yang thanks to our Devil Fruit powers and Hooke here because he was raised in a desert." said Crescent.

"It was but a small desert in a remote island. The scenery here does remind me of home." said Hooke.

"Steelie hates being too hot, Finny may shriveled up being a shark man, Devi has a fear of scorpions, Key-key hates the sand in general, and Hearty may complain on not having enough materials to do his "scientisty stuff". Reddi may just want to keep Steelie company though!" said Yang.

As the six pirates ahead reached the site, from a short distance Leo can be seen walking through the sand. He was wearing a black three piece suit with a long sleeve white button down shirt under it. He had a jet black cloak over his shoulders reaching his knees. He was walking alongside Sofia.

"Do you think Miyamoto already arrived?" Leo questioned brushing some sand off his shoulders. "I wanted to thank him for the clothes he loaned me. They're pretty nice."

"He should be there waiting for it to kick off, he left real early today." Sofia replied while twirling a trident around in her hand. "Also you're more than welcome to keep the clothes, they suite you quite well."

They then caught up with the six pirates ahead of them. Leo looked closely, recognizing John from what had happened yesterday. "Hmmm, Sofia, would you mind if I talked to these guys? I need to apologize for all the trouble I caused them yesterday."

"Of course I don't mind Leo, go ahead." Sofia replied with a smile.

Leo then approached John. "Hey! You guys! You're the guy from yesterday right?" Leo asked. "Heh I'd like to apologize for everything. I kinda guess i lost my temper." He then bows forward to show his respect and apology.

John chuckles and then says,"No problem kid,I'm sorry I called you children,maybe I should give more respect to you for that." John then gets out the potion vials,"You wanted these yesterday,do you want one or both?"

"I'd like both! Thank you" Leo cheerfully replied as he took both the vials from John's hand. "Thank you Weird Hat Guy!" Leo then noticed the Humink Yang and immediately brought his attention over to him. "Hey!" He immediately says hi to Yang.

"Heyo! How are ya?" said Yang in an equally happy tone.

"Oh boy, looks like those two dumbassess are the same in personality." said Crescent.

"It does appear so. In this world, it is possible." said Hooke.

"Did he just call you Weird Hat Guy?" Johnny asks John with a smile he's having trouble to hide.

"I appears so." John says,"Though I think my hat is like every other normal top hat. If anything,your top hat is weird Johnny."

"Hello gentlemen." Jack says as he is with Harley and Viper next to him. Jack was still in his female form.

"Hey Jack,wait...what are you doing in female form?" John asks.

"Like I said,my horu horu crewmate likes to pull pranks on me and turn me female." Jack says,"So you can still call me Jacqueline."

"Well then." John says with a chuckle,"What you brings you here to the hunt?" John asks Jack.

"Cause trouble I guess,make it hard for the others,except to you guys of course." Jacqueline would say,"I also wanted our new friend viper here to prove himself. Which I ain't worried about since he was an absolute boss in that battle."

"Don't worry about me captain,as a vampire hunter,I can handle myself easily." Viper says,"With this necklace on me too,you won't have to worry about me biting you guys for blood." He shows the gemstone that is now in a shape of a cross.

"You did that last night?" John asks.

"Yeah,while the rest was sleeping." Viper said.

"Hey,is that the boy that you guys were battling yesterday?" Jacqueline says looking at Leo,"Hey kid,nice to meet you. There's no bombs on me right now at the moment." Jack would say to Leo.

Leo looks over at Jacqueline and smiles, "Wouldn't matter if you did but it's nice to meet ya too."

"Oh so you two know each other?" said Yang.

"Yeah we one of my guys broke his watch. Oh and I burnt some huge girl he fed a cookie too. and then this guy over here had some bombs and I was like 'oh hey, a clown'." Leo bluntly replied, "Hahaha was pretty fun way to pass an afternoon." Leo chuckled loudly with a child like smile. "Oh yeah, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Leonardo, Elio Leonardo. But you can just call me Leo."

"That clown guy is funny! He has this fake gun thing that makes a cool sound! Oh yeah! I'm Thăng Long D. Yang but of course just call me Yang! These are my crew mates Cres and Hookie!"

"That's Alabaster Crescent and it's a pleasure." said Crescent.

"Draycel Hooke. Of course simply Hooke is what everyone refers to me as. I am an archaeologist from a different desert island. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." said Hooke.

"My name is Fedora C. John. These are my crewmates Johnny and Patrick. Patrick is new here to the crew as we just recruited him but if you ask Yang again. He'll tell you about that guy Jack has now that we fought him." John says.

"That guy is strrrrrong! He was able to tank some of my stronger attacks while I was in my Sulong form! Granted I was sorta kinda holding back but I didn't wanna cause damage to the other builings!" said Yang.

"What's Sulong? Wait what you can damage buildings like that easily? Leo asked with a pause."Awesome! So cool! You wanna spar? We can go for a quick round right?" Leo asked excitedly with anticipation.

From a little ways away you can see Sofia giggling. "Yup, just like Dante before he became a Yonko." She thought to herself observing Leo's actions

"Oh you like to fight too? Sounds good! I'm always up for a fight secession!" said Yang very excitingly.

"Ugh...they really are alike aren't they?" said Crescent.

A powerful and fast fist slammed on the back of Leo's head and dropped him face first to the floor! "I said meet up with me before you talk to anyone else you idiot!" Merlin yelled at Leo. "You damn pyro idiot!"

"Ow! Oh hey! Merlin!" Leo replied simply smiling and rubbing his head.

"Don't you just 'oh hey. Merlin' me!" Merlin angrily yelled, "We were all worried about you and all you do is call the ship and only ask me to come and then just hand up? Who does that?"


The two stared at one another back and forth until Merlin extended his hand out to Leo. "Fine whatever. Come on Leo things are going to kick off soon."

As Leo got to his feet he saw Sofia just watching what was going on. "Of Merlin wait!" Leo exclaims as he walks over to the purple haired doctor and wrapped his arm around her waist. "This is Sofia and she's going to be our doctor on the ship!" Leo said with a cheeser on his face.

Sophia's face was covered in blush the moment she heard Leo's statement. "wha-"

Merlin looked unfazed and replied while shrugging, "Fine whatever, come on things are starting." Merlin then lead the way towards the hunt.

"Come Sophie! Lets go!" Leo said as he walked to follow Merlin.

"...right. Let's go."

Merlin looked over at the group of pirates Leo was talking to. "I apologize on behalf of my captain if he cause you any trouble." He then continued on his way.

"Hey Yang! Let's fight soon!" Leo cried as he walked with Merlin and Sofia.

"Yeah! We can definitely do so!" said Yang but is hit on the head by Crescent's sword hilt. "OW!! HEY!!!"

"Keep your priorities straight. Remember that." said Crescent heading off toward the site of the haunt.

"We must stay cautious. I do feel like this is going along too easily." said Hooke.

"Why so serious?" Jacqueline says to Hooke,"Let's all have a fun time while hunting. Hell let's even work together then discuss who gets it then."

"Would sound like a plan." John says,"As long you don't run off with the fruit like a clown,then maybe we'll trust you."

"Cross my heart." Jacqueline then says."Hey Harley and Viper,you two ready? I most certainly am." Jack says this with his pistol,knife,cards,and bombs ready.

"Most definitely." Harley says looking at his sword,"I should perhaps learn Santoryu."

"I am definitely." Viper says loading his pistol and having his axe ready.

"I'm assuming same with you two." John said to Johnny and Patrick.

"Yup,I have plenty of experience with this." Patrick says eating a pork chop he just cooked with electro.

"Yes sir." Johnny said loading his rifle and having his eye-patch looking thing that serves as a scope for his shooting.

"And I am ready." John says with his pole in hand.

"WHOO HOOOO!!! I am PUMPED!!! Let's go fight that Devil Fruit!" said Yang as he uses his powers to float in the air.

"Finally, some action. Let's see who wins this game first." said Crescent who took how his sword.

"Indeed. It has appeared to be time for the hunt." said Hooke has he takes out his staff with a small gust of dust sparking around hinting toward his powers.

"Try not to get into trouble Leo, after everything that went on yesterday." Merlin warned his captain.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen!" An announcer began to call for the attention of all the contestants there. "Seeing as we have so many of you we have the best way to thin out the herd!" He then points to an empty direction. "Where we are home but never see light, This is where he sleeps an eternal night" the announcer says in an oddly more serious tone. "That was the hint my daughter told me to give you! Makes no sense at all unless you really think about it!" He then grabs three keys he kept in his pocket. If you find the fruit you'll need these to get it out of the Seastone lock box!"

"In other words ladies and gentlemen! You need to grab one of these keys, figure out that horrible riddle and find the fruit! Of course the box will be guarded by one of Alabasta's finest sons!" He then tossed the keys at the large crow of pirates!" The announcer then took his leave oddly sinking into the sand.

"It appears that we are supposed to solve this riddle. I had a feeling it would be a catch instead of the straight forward approach." said Crescent.

"Well, the riddle did mention home and sleep! Maybe what we're looking for is a bed! Or an inn!" said Yang who was confident.

"The riddle was specific on the words 'never see light' and 'enteral rest'. Considering we are in a kingdom, I do appear that we're supposed to be looking for is a tomb." said Hooke.

"Right. A tomb it is then. How we go this since we need to find the key as well." said Crescent.

"Myself and Yang will look for the tomb as we can take flight with our powers to locate it better. You will search for the keys from the pirates thanks to your senses." said Hooke.

"Sounds good. That is a good idea." said Crescent.

"ALRIGHT GUYS!!! Let's go find us a tomb and try to bring over that key Cres!" said Yang as he and Hooke take off into the skies to search for the tomb while Crescent morphs into his hybrid form in order to search out for the key.

"As a man who loves riddles,I know that answer is a tomb. But what tomb is the question?" John says.

"Who knows." Jacqueline says,"But one thing is for sure,we should get those keys." She then throws a mini bomb at the crowd. The bomb blew up sending a handful of men flying.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" John says,"You killed those guys!!!"

"I was just thinning out the crowd." Jacqueline says."Harley and Viper can go with Yang and Hookey. I'll go with Cressy."

"I'll join those three." Patrick says,"We can find that easier with all three of us looking."

"That'll leave me with Johnny and us going with Yang,Hooke,Harley,and Viper. Come on John,let's find that tomb." John says as he and Johnny run with the others.

"The riddle seems pretty easy. The concept of an eternal night has always been related to death. Since night is usually when you sleep An eternal night would be an eternal slumber, so death..."

"Hey yang!" Leo called out! "You better be ready to go down!" He yelled with a child like smile on his smile.

"I'm talking here! Freaking idiot!" Merlin yelled before slamming his sword hilt into Leo's forehead! "Pay attention will you?!"

"I feel like i may know what we should be looking for. A few miles up ahead there's a massive temple where our kings go to rest for the after life." Sofia told Merlin.

"Alright, you two take a look and scout that place out. I'll handle the issue of us not having the key."

"But how will you find us?"

"To be honest i can find my way around places. But Leo is...a different story. So for now let's focus on the issue at hand. We need the Key." Merlin then turned around drew his sword.

"We could do that, or..." Leo adds while a fire is lit in his forehead, "we are pirates after all! Let's take what we want!"

Yang overhears what Leo said and can only smile in satisfaction. "You still owe be that fight!" Yang called out to him.

"Focus. I do spot the tomb in question approximately 30 meters ahead." said Hooke as he prepares to reach their destination.

"Whoa! This place his HUGE!" said Yang.

"It would appear that this tomb has had many expansions done over the years. We much search thoroughly." said Hooke as he taps his staff on the ground and his eyes glow a deep blue. "Scan." Hooke suddenly closes his eyes as he starts to get a good read over the tomb. "I have the layout summarized. Let us proceed." said Hooke as he heads inside.

"Allllrighty!" said Yang following him.

Crescent, who is in his hybrid form, starts to cut down the pirates but tries using the back of his sword to not cause serious harm to them. "These fools are just doing their job. No need for excessive bloodshed but we do need that key." said Crescent.

"Whatever wolf-boy,Captain Crack here doesn't follow nor make rules." Jack says,"I might as well even get out my rocket launcher but I left that back at my ship." Jack says this as he throws another mini-bomb at the pirates.

"You really are on the extreme side." Patrick says. He then yells out:


A large slice of bologna flies out and wraps a whole bunch of people in it,leaving the pirates in them stuck.

Meanwhile,John,Johnny,Harley,and Viper were helping Yang and Hooke find the devil fruit in the tomb.

"Where can we each search?" John says.

"Is splitting up a good idea?" Harley asks.

"Naturally. Splitting up is more recommended as we can cover ground." said Hooke who was hovering back toward their direction. "But be warned, there is a strong presence nearby. Most likely guarding the Devil Fruit."

"Ooh really?! I bet that person is strong! Or it can be a tough animal! Either way I'm game!" said Yang.

Leo and Sofia arrive to the tombs where yang and everyone else was and ran into the grouo.

"Hey! So we all meet again huh?" Leo announces his arrival and greets everyone with Sofia running behind him. "Any luck or did you guys just get here too?"

"Sorta kinda both! Hooky said he can sense someone strong here and may be guarding the Devil Fruit!" said Yang.

"It is a possibility. I am not certain but it must explain why there will be such a strong individual in this tomb." said Hooke.

"He's not wrong" Sofia added. "I can sense him nearby in the tomb. He's calm, very calm...like disturbingly calm."

"Really!?" Leo exclaims with excitement! "Which way! I need a good fight!" Leo cracked his knuckles with excitement!

"Hey! You! Fire Guy! I know you're excited but I get first cracks at this guy!" Yang said also cracking his knuckles which sparks with electricity.

"He appears to be somewhere near by. We will just need to follow our senses." said Hook looking over at Sofia as he deduces she has good sensory skills as well.

"Same here." Harley says,"I can sense the presence of him too,very strong indeed,it's certainly feel similar to an opponent we just fought."

"Well hopefully,It ain't that dude from yesterday." John said,"He took poor Leo here out of the count."

Back at the fight for the keys. Crescent,Jacqueline,and Patrick were almost there getting the key.

"Just a couple more bombs." Jacq says throwing some more bombs at the crowds.

"Are you just aiming randomly?" Patrick said,"They said to not kill civilians."

"Civilians shouldn't be here in the first place,and if they are,they're asking for death." Jack says.

Jacq then shoots a dude with his pistol on the dude's limbs. The key is now in the middle,still untouched by anyone,as everyone has been fighting for it.

"Crescent," Patrick says,"Grab it,We'll defend you."

Meanwhile,off in the distant sandhills. Seven people are there observing the fight for the keys and some that had ran for the tomb.

"It seems that the numbers dwindled already." says Clyde,the leader of the seven, looking through his binoculars.

"It seems to be because of a clown?" Jesse replies.

"Who is that clown?" Bonnie replies.

"Someone that we might have to deal with in the future if we don't get him now." Clyde said with a cigar in his mouth. He leaves out a huge puff of smoke then says,"We should perhaps go back to where the marines are waiting for us."

"I wonder how much money we'll get out of it." Sundance says.

"Well,considering the fact that the king is paying us in advance,plus all of the bounty money depending who showed up. I say a pretty damn good amount." Butch said.

"Doesn't matter now." Clyde said,"Let's ride back to base."

Clyde and the rest of the crew ride off on their horses back to where the marines were.

"Ehh! What do you mean you get to go first? That's gonna be me Yang!" A fire ignited on Leo's forehead. "You can have what's left of him when i'm done."

"Now, now Leo no need to get so explosive. The tomb they're in is nearby i'm sure we can find it and you both can take him on." Sofia adds trying to reason with Leo while smiling.

"Yeah we can but I get to go first! Yang can fight what's left of him."

Crescent hears the call and then tries to go after the one with the key. "You there! I believe you have what we're after!" Crescent said as he charged forward. Meanwhile, back near the tomb.

"Whats's left of him?! Hell no! I get first servings! Always! You can have the leftovers! It's like an all you can eat buffet except I get the main courses and you can have the appetizers!" said Yang.

"Fools. We are to work together on this. This foe is a dangerous one I can feel it." said Hooke.

"I'm stronger though! I'll have that guy beat faster than Leo could shoot his flames!" said Yang in a confident tone.

"You wanna prove that you walking talking fuzz ball!? Bring it on!" Leo's arms were ignited in flames and he looked at Yang in the eyes. "I could use a warm up before we fight the guy guarding he fruit anyway."

"Leo Hooke there is right. We need to think this through, the guard is very strong i'm telling you."

"Even more reason I should fight him first!"

John was just watching nearby with Hooke,Johnny,Harley,Viper,and Sofia as Yang and Leo were arguing."Why the hell am I working with idiots?" John thought to himself.

"Alright guys,while they are fighting,why don't we just sneak away from this fight and look for it ourselves?" John then whispers to everyone.

Back with Jacq,Crescent,and Patrick. Crescent just grabs the key with his tough grip.

"Nice job wolf." Jacq says,"Now ONTO THE TOMB!" Jack says as he gets on Crescent's back.

Patrick is just sweeping people away with the hammer made from a giant bone with a giant ham on it awhile.

"You're lucky we have an objective here or I'd kick you dumbassess off for doing that." said Crescent as he quickly rode off toward the tomb.

"Heh heh! I'm always up for a fight!" said Yang as his Electro sparks around him even greater. However, Hooke suddenly hits both Yang and Leo on the head with his staff.

"At least save that energy for the opponent nearby. Then you two can enguage in combat as much as you want." said Hooke.

"OW!!! Hooke's staff always hurts...but he is right! First that strong guy then each other!" said Yang to Leo.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Leo rubbed his head, "Something about this feels oddly famili...I wonder what Merlin's up too." Leo thought out loud. "Meh he's probably fine. But yeah! We'll find the guy kick his ass then we can settle things!"

John sighs in relief that the two are not fighting at the moment,"Good,Now at least we can figure this out like gentlemen."

Patrick,Jack,and Crescent make it to where the others were at at the tomb.

"Hey everyone,we got the key!" Jack says.

"With him killing nearly everyone in the process." Patrick then says.

"Hey,only a couple casualties i bet. Some might've lost a limb,permanently paralyzed,brain traumatized. No worries." Jack then says.

"Get used to that as captain." Harley says,"Whenever he gets into battle,he ain't afraid to kill them."

"Duly noted." John says,"Alright does anyone know where this guy we're sensing is at."

"I can sense someone here." Jack says through his observation haki.

"Many of us are feeling it captain." Harley says,"Just a matter of where he is and when we should attack. We should come up with a battle plan."

"He's right around here. down this hall two left turns at the tomb at the end of that hall." Sofia blurts out suddenly. "He's not too far and I feel like he's already expecting us. At least that's how his aura feels like to me."

"Indeed. We must be cautious." said Hooke.


"Dial that tone down dumbass." Crescent said.

"LET'S BURN THIS MOTHER FUCKER DOWN!!!" Leo yelled at the top of his lungs!

"Can you not go an hour with out burning something down you stupid Pyro!?" Merlin yelled appearing behind Leo before slapping the back of his head.

"OW! Oh, Hey! Merlin!"

John then calls out everyone,"OK everyone,I think I can develop a plan to the best of our abilities. So here it goes:"

"Starting with the ones going to long range. Yang,Leo,Patrick,Jack,and Johnny,you guys will be long range since your abilities could be best for long range. Crescent,Viper,and Harley can attack at mid range with their sword and guns. The rest of us,Hooke,me,Sofia,and Merlin can attack him at close range since our attacks best like that."

"Sound like a plan?" John then asks.

"Should be pretty simple." Harley says,"I dig it."

"Same here." Viper says.

"Plans,shmans,imma throw my best bombs at him." Jack says.

"Time to test my rifle." Johnny says looking through the scope of his rifle.

"I like that idea." Patrick says.

"You can all wait your damn turn! I wanna fight this guy already!" Leo yelled as he took off releasing burst of flames from his hands and flew charging down the hall. "See you guys there!"

"He's seriously getting more reckless. Haaah" Merlin sighed as he took off running toward Leo. "Sofia keep up! This is part of the job of being on the crew with this dumb ass captain!"

"HEY!!! I WANT FIRST DIBS!!!" said Yang who quickly raced off after him leaving a trail of electricity in his wake.

"They're fools. We better go after them." said Hooke to Crescent as he floated off toward them.

"Ugh. Dumbassess the both of them." said Crescent going after as well.

With Yang hot on his tracks Leo continued flying down the hall at great speed! He handled his turns with ease and quickly approached the room in question! "Mine! I'm calling it first dibs!"

Jack is running right behind Yang and Leo yelling,"You won't touch him until I get a bomb on him."

John just facepalms himself and says,"Of course they won't listen."

"At least we will captain." Johnny then says.

"That's nice. But I wish everyone else could." John replies.

"Let's get to them before we lose them." Harley says.

"Don't worry about losing them." Viper says,"If anything,now that I'm a vampire,I can feel the walls for their locations."

"That's weird." says John,"But Harley is right,let's get to them before they make an irrational decision."

They then run after the other captains that left the room they were at.

Both Leo and Yang enter the room just at the same time! "First! I'm First! I call dibs! I call dibs!"

"Hell no! I was here first! My hair is spikier and crossed the area first so that means I win this race!" Yang said.

"You dumbassess are going to get yourselves killed for being this reckless!" said Crescent angrily.

"At least they did make the journey here quicker. In a sense." said Hooke.

"About time..." A cold voice echoed in the tomb as the rest of the pirates entered. It was Miyamoto finishing up his cigarette. He gripped hew scabbard and drew out his sword. "I'll be the guard of this here fruit in the box. Beat me and claim it with the key. Or die trying."

"Miyamoto!? Sweet Rematch!" Leo yelled happily!

The rest make it there with Yang and Leo.

"Oh shit,here we go again." John says seeing Miyamoto there in front of him.

"I'll get ready now." Johnny says loading his rifle.

"Who needs to be ready?" Jack asks,"YO!!!! HAVE YOU SEEN ME YESTERDAY???? DOESN'T MATTER!!! HERE WE GOOO!!!" Jack then immediately throws multiple bombs at Miyamoto.

Miyamoto drew his sword as a violent gust soon followed sending all the bombs flying directly back at the attacking pirates! As the bombs exploded the explosion and flames from it were then quickly balled up and compressed down before it dissipated.

"Weak ass attacks like that won't do much to me ya bunch of idiots." Miyamoto announced.

"Heh." said Yang as he stepped up to Miyamoto with a smirk on his face.

"You're that guy that scared Steelie huh? What you did just now is indeed power! But I am the strongest of these guys here!" said Yang as his whole body starts to erupt with Electro.

"Easy on that Yang! Your electricity is dangerous to us too you know." said Crescent.

"This guy...I feel like I have seen his face somewhere..." said Hooke.

"Heh, looks like at like at least one of you have enough common sense to sit back and wait." Miyamoto states as he heard what Hooke said.

Leo stood next to Yang as a wave of fire began to be emitted from his body and he cracked his knuckles while staring at Miyamoto. "You ready for round two Miyamoto? Because this won't be the same as last time." He then looked over at Yang, "Yo ready Fuzzball?"

"Here we go again..." Merlin thought to himself as he watched the two captains face off Miyamoto

"Heh, I'm always ready Fireman! And I heard this guy kicked your ass the first time! I hope not to see that this time if you're strong as well!"

"Fools. They don't know who they're dealing with..." said Hooke.

"Just remember you don't actually have to take him down! Just go for what we're after!" said Crescent yelling to Yang.

"Why not we do this honorably." Viper says. He then comes towards miyamoto."I challenge you." Viper says as he gets his axe ready and coat it with haki.

"We're pirates Viper. We know nothing about honor." Jack then says.

"Some do." John says,"Some of us at least live by a code of honor."

"Is it really a time to talk about honor among thieves?" Harley then asks.

Leo pointed both hands at Miyamoto before releasing a blast of flames! Before they could land Miyamoto swatted his sword to dissipate the flames when Leo popped out behind the flames and aimed a right hook! Miyamoto quickly blocked the attack by adjusting his stance and used his sword to intercept! He then kicked Leo across the tomb!

"Whoa! Fireman got decked! Hey! Don't beat him up like that! I wanna crack at him later!" said Yang as he charged toward Miyamoto while bursting with Electro.

"If not fire, than how about electricity?! Electro: FLOW!!!" said Yang as he sends a wave of electricity toward Miyamoto.

Miyamoto's eyes began to glow red as he saw the attack coming. "Geppo Lariat" Miyamoto then vanished dodging the attack before appearing in front of Yang aiming a lariat at his throat!

"Not enough time to attack back!" said Yang quickly as he was able to block the attack but gets knocked backwards instead.

"Damn he's fast...to have caught someone like Yang off guard like that." said Crescent who was in awe.

"That was an advanced form of Observation Haki that is even greater than my own. It's no doubt, it's him." said Hooke as he actually started to look more serious.

"Interesting." Harley says,"He was really quick,perhaps even faster than the vampire from yesterday. Harley then jumps up high in the air and fires multiple sword beams.

Viper then with his Vampire speed,runs with his axe and swings his axe with great speed at Miyamoto.

"Ittoryu: Kiji (キジ)!" Miyamoto called the name of his attack as he vanished and re appeared behind both Viper and Harley and began walking towards the rest if the crew. As he did the walls nearby began to crack and sword slash marks revealed themselves. This was a display of his speed as he decided to attack everything around him but them.

"None if you will reach this fruit so long as I am here." Miyamoto coldly states while looking at Leo and Yang. "You're all still too green."

"Tch! Hey Yang, much as i hate to say this but I don't want to repeat of last time i fought this guy. So for now, let's take him on together. What do you say?"

"Hey! I'm not green! I'm mostly white! Though my eyes are green in color..." said Yang as he was dusting himself off.

"Usually I do like to take on tough guys myself but this guy seems to be as strong as Hewie from my home town! Yeah! A team up sounds good! The quicker we kick this guy's ass, the quicker we can get that DF!" said Yang.

"Ooooh,a green person would be a good idea for a crewmate,let me put that in my notes." Jack says.

"Captain,Now is not the time to note things." Harley says to Jack.

"Y'all have forgotten there's a chemist here." John says as he walks aside to where Yang and Leo are at.

"Let me in on the action too." Jack says,"I love to watch fights more but I don't want to miss this one." Jack says this as he loads up his pistols.

"Hm? So all of you are going to face me?" Miyamoto asked as he looked closer at Leo. "Too bad it won't make a difference in the long run. Alone you're no challenge, do you think working together things will change?" He then took notice of Sofia slowly made her from the side lines to just behind the rest of the captains. "So my guess was right, you ended up joining Leo huh?"

"Well yes and no..." Sofia was too embarrassed to admit that Leo pretty much just made her a member and she just went along with it.

"Heh, I guess your older brother was right to let you off the crew, shall I tell Francesco you're also leaving us?"

"...please do."

"Alright..." Miyamoto then gripped his sword tightly before vanishing and appearing behind the captains and swinging his sword down! The blade clashed with Sofia's trident who intercepted each other's attack! "It was nice serving with you Sofia."

Miyamoto then tried to kick Sofia the same matter as he did Leo until a swift fist almost hit him, forcing Miyamoto to return to where he was earlier in front of the fruit.

"I am Miyamoto. Doctor and member of the Incubo Pirates, I will be your opponent today. Try not to die, captains."

"Indeed.... that is him after all. Be careful Yang, Miyamoto is definitely someone who is of great strength." said Hooke warning Yang.

"Heh, you should try warning him of me!" said Yang as he started to activate his powers turning into his hybrid dragon form appearing a lot larger in size, more dranconic in appearance, and of course floating in the air. He then makes a sword out of Electro and charges toward Miyamoto.

"We'll be taking that Devil Fruit now Mr. Strong Guy!" said Yang as he prepared to swing his sword at Miyamoto.

Miaymoto noticed the massive opponent and just gripped his sword tighter, "Kamisori" He mumbled as he jumped up and quickly made his way both up and around Yang's sword attack! "The big you are..." Before he could finish his sentence he felt someone directly below him.

"Don't get caught slipping ass hole!" Leo yelled as he sent a giant palm made of fire at Miyamoto!

"Ittoryu:Doragon dansu (ドラゴンダンス)" Miyamoto called for the name of his technique before violently swinging his arm t the right, as he twisted his body the air pressure created a localized tornado to both block Leo's attack and Yang's!

"Heh! I flown through tornadoes stronger than this buddy!" said Yang who flew right through that attack before facing Miyamoto again.

"How about a little fire breath mixed with electricity?!!" said Yang as he breathe out fire and electricity mixed that formed a spiral heading toward Miyamoto.

"I'll help you there,fellow mink." Patrick says,"It's time I get a serving of the action." A red aura happens around his hands and he then yells:

"Meat Meat: SAUSAGE SPEAR!!!!!"

A large sausage in a shape and sharpness of a spear flies out of the hands of Patrick and is speeding towards Miyamoto very quickly.

All of the attacks thrown at him landed directly on Miyamoto at point blank range! the roof of the tomb was ruptured from the force of all the attacks landing at once! As the dust clears Miyamoto was seen a few feet away from where the attacks landed, his jacket partial ripped and bushing off dust from his shoulders.

"Heh, I guess I should really stop being so nice..." Miyamoto then removed his jacket and his entire aura changed. It was almost suffocating on how thick this murderous aura is. Leagues beyond what he gave off the day before. "Stand before me...and die."

Fight Me!

"W-Whoa....I think this guy is serious now!" said Yang who flew backwards a bit.

"Damn...fighting this guy one-on-one is just asking for a death wish." said Crescent gritting his teeth.

"Of course. Don't you remember the task at hand? We are to retrieve that Devil Fruit and nothing else." said Hooke as he starts to walk up in front of them looking serious.

"You two cannot fathom the amount of hostility this man is showing as we speak. Getting that Devil Fruit will be a difficult task, but not impossible if we work together. Miyamoto is no push over and you shouldn't take him lightly. That is why..." said Hooke as he spun his staff around and slams it on the ground. "I'll try to distract him at the least."

"Hey! I wanna fight him!" said Yang.

"You're not the fighting type normally. I don't think you can win." said Crescent.

"As I said, this is a fight we must not win by defeating our opponent. It is one we must win by outwitting him. As such, I am not afraid to die if I need to but I will not falter by this guy's presence. Anyone else that wants to help distract him feel free to step up." said Hooke motioning toward the other pirates.

"Out of the way gents." Johnny says as he fires a special bullet from his rifle at Miyamoto. Johnny was at a higher ground position than everyone else was at. The bullet was a bullet that can explode on impact.

John then turns his pole on fire and runs to behind Miyamoto."Let's surround him,so we can have the advantage."

"Ittoryu: Chimamire no kiji(血まみれのキジ)!" Miyamoto yelled as he rapidly stabbed the air making what seemed like thrusting blades of air attacking all directions, one met with the bullet aimed at him with two more aiming at Johnny, three aimed at Yang and two each at his crew mates.

Johnny dodges the first one but gets hit by the second one afterwards. He just barely held on to the ledge of where he was when he fell.

"Are you ok?" John asks.

"Tis but a scratch captain." Johnny replies with blood coming from his shoulder back.

"While you all were talking." Jack says,"I was able to fix this bad boy up." Jack then reveals a machine gun aimed for Miyamoto. The machine gun commanded by Jack was riddling the room with bullets.

"WHOA WHOA!!!" shouted Yang as he dodges the sword attacks while Crescent and Hooke does the same.

"Wow this guy is able to split up his attacks so much. Far out my league that's for sure I hate to admit." said Crescent.

"While they are going for him directly with those bullets, you know what you must do. I'll try to head for the Devil Fruit." said Hooke as he flown off toward the DF while Miyamoto was being attacked by bullets.

"Right..." said Crescent who was readying himself to charge in.

As the bullets flew being shot at him, Miyamoto tightened his grip that it shook his arm and responded by walking backward and deflecting each bullet shot at him! "Not bad thinking, going for the fruit and not me. Glad to see someone smart is here!" Miyamoto thought to himself as he steadily gained speed and end up running backward while still defending against the bullets.

The whole time Miyamoto defended himself Leo's eyes examined him, his eyes following every step, every bullet blocked, every swing of arms. Merlin looked over and saw Leo's eyes, "Been a while since I've seen him do that." Merlin thought. "So this is how serious it'd gotten then huh."

"Should we help them?" Sofia asks Leo to no real response as he didn't break his focus.

"We will, Leo just needs a minute. Then you'll see why I follow this dumbass and they'll get all the help they need."

"Hmm, he appears to be trying to go back to defending the fruit. Of course this strategy is efficient for success. I am nearly there just need for Crescent and Yang to defend when necessary." said Hooke as he gets closer to the fruit.

"Alright better keep this guy distracted!" said Crescent as he swings his sword sending a large sword beam toward Miyamoto.

"Right on!" said Yang as he breathed more electric fire toward Miyamoto.

"OH YEAH!!!!" Jack yells as he keeps holding on the trigger of the machine gun. Bullets are flying everywhere still.

John across from Crescent and Hooke is running toward the devil fruit. But then he makes a 90 degree turn and runs a little while. And while he was running,his pole was on fire and was touching the ground. Miyamoto is now boxed in by the fire behind him and by the gun firing at him.

"That just helps us even more. Keep him boxed in gentlemen." John says as he runs.

Viper and Harley then jump in the air and fire multiple sword beams from above.

Miyamoto's eyes began to glow red as he detected everyone aiming for the fruit, each bullet coming at him and quickly realizing that there was a box of fire around him! "Kamisori" Miyamoto called his technique name as he vanished! he appeared just above the wall of fire! He disappeared again and appearing in the air between the box and the wall of fire and then again vanishing before arriving on top of the box, just as everyone reached. "You shits will need to work a lot harder for this fruit."

"That's it..." Leo whispered to himself.

"Then get to it idiot!" Merlin chanted before slapping Leo on the back of the head.

"Hm. It appears that he is indeed is the cautious one. Though, I do not expect anything less from him." said Hooke who was floating just above him.

"So what now? Shall we rush him again?" said Crescent.

"Yeah! I could try my Burning Lightning move again!" said Yang.

"No. It appears there is a plan in the works." said Hooke as his eyes dart toward Leo's direction for a moment.

Leo put his hands behind him and shaped outward and released fire! This time instead of it being a wildfire it's more compressed and released with much more force! Similarly to Miyamoto's speed Leo vanished and appeared across the tomb and in front of the defending swordsman! Landing a swift and powerful kick with Miyamoto's blocking it!

"How did this dumbas..." Miyamoto thought as he grabbed the box and defended Leo's kick. Then suddenly Leo began to kick repeatedly with bursts of flames to increase the speed and strength of each attack! Miyamoto defending and blocking each attack but is being pushed backward. "Is this the same dumbass?"

Johnny was now back on his sniping position."Time to put it on semi-auto." He says as he flips a switch on his gun. He then aims at Miyamoto with gunfire.

John then gotten behind Miyamoto to take advantage of Miyamoto being distracted by Leo. John then swung his pole with great speed and swung it at Miyamoto's head. He threw it so fast that smoke was coming out of his hands while holding it.

Patrick then yells out:


As a slice of sharp salami is aimed at Miyamoto and is coming at him fast for his chest.

Miyamoto's eyes began to glow as he detected all the attacks but the constant pressure from Leo was too distracting! As the bullets and Salami approached him he dodged one of Leo's kicks and blocked the the other attacks!

"He messed up." Merlin said to himself. "He should've looked for a way to dodge or block all three..."

As Miyamoto blocked the other attacks Leo shifted his bodyweight and brought down a flaming axe kick! Landing straight down on Miyamoto's head!

"This is captains talent afterall..."

"He blocked my attack first but he is still focused on leo." John thinks to himself,"Maybe simultaneous attacks could disorient him even more." John then puts his pole on fire again. He then throws his pole around leo and miyamoto. John then jumps up and grabs his pole again like a boomerang. John then swings his pole attacks simultaneously with Leo's attacks.

Miyamoto blocked Leo's attack but the pole landed! Bashing the side of Miyamoto's head as the pole landed on the side of his head and the corner of his right eye! Miyamoto then responded by coating his sword with a deep jet black haki and swung it at John with incredible speed and force.

"Hey! I don't want Fireman to show me up!" said Yang as he charges up a lot of Electro energy to the point he starts to glow heavily as his hair and fur raises up from the sheer amount of energy.

"Looks like he is deciding to break that out now. You know it isn't perfected yet!" said Crescent.

"Heh...don't freak out Cres! I've been training myself! Now, Electro: First Stage! Surge Mode!" said Yang as he finishes up his technique and starts to rush at Miyamoto at full speed. "Surge Fist!" said Yang as he charges at Miyamoto with a powerful speedy fist of Electro.

John then jumps out of the way of the sword. He notices the sword was pitch black and wondered how Miyamoto made it pitch black,"This is definitely a hard opponent." He thinks to himself. He lands back on the floor a couple yards away in time to see Yang's attack fly at Miyamoto.

Miyamoto intercepts yang's attack but is forced to take a few steps as the force between the two clashing was too much to hold his ground! "Shit! So these rookies got some fight in them huh? First fire dumbass there is actually able to keep up with me and press me back, second we got the fuzzy dumbass actually able to match a block with my haki enfused blade. Damn this generation may not be as weak as i thought." Miyamoto thought to himself as he regained his footing.

"Alright, let's see what you shit's got against this..." Miyamoto announces as he clenches both his fist extremely tightly, with one hand having a lock-tight grip over the sword hilt. His chest, arms, legs, everything began to increase in muscle mass! His body was easily almost twice as muscular as before. "Doragon no tanjō (ドラゴンの誕生)

The flame on Leo's forehead began to grow steadily as he kept looking at Miyamoto. "Okay...wasn't expecting that...Alright I guess holding back at all isn't an option..." The flame on Leo's head turned from red into a bright yellow color. "Primo Respiro: Sole" An incredible and choking heat began to be emitted off of Leo as his body began to emit a massive fire and was compressed down into his body with both fists, feet, knee and forehead covered in flames.

"Heh you are pretty strong aren't ya?! Looks like the Fireman there is about to use a big attack! My Surge Mode doesn't last too long so I have to get more serious myself!" said Yang as he seemingly teleports into the sky which is him moving at lighting speed as he leaps into the air and puts both hands together charging up more Electro in his hands. "Electro: Surge Mode: ELECTRIC FLASH!!!" he shouted sending a large beam of Electro at Miyamoto from above.

John was watching Leo and Yang making their attacks at Miyamoto. John was then thinking to himself,"Look at my friends here fighting so toughily,here am I with no experience,and no battle prowess yet. But that won't stop me from trying to give it my best!!"

John then is running faster than normal for his speed. He was going so fast,smoke was coming off of his shoes. He then winds up his pole and swings it at Miyamoto. Without John knowing,John coated part of his pole with haki. The speed of the swing was also so fast smoke was coming off of the fingers gripping the pole.

"Damn!" Miyamoto thought to himself frustrated and blocked Yang's attack, this time standing his ground before the electron ran from the blade to his arm and shocking him painfully. But he swung his sword at John! While not fast enough to black the oncoming attack, he managed to throw his sword carrying the electro at John who was in such short distance.

"NOW HOOKE!!!" shouted Yang who was starting to weaken from the after effects of his Surge Mode.

"Indeed! This man is powerful but even someone like him has his limits. Dust Burst!" said Hooke as he boost himself forward using his powers going right for the Devil Fruit.

The sword hits John critically,sending John to the other side of the room. His body was then weak and limp."Fuck,still couldn't land him." John thinks to himself before he falls into unconsciousness.

Jack was still firing his machine gun till he ran out of bullets."Ah man,no more bullets." Jack then was watching the fight go down for awhile as so are the others just watching the other captains fight Miyamoto.

Then the moment John gets thrown. Jack then says,"Time I get in the action." Jack then looks at his hand. On his hand is his electric buzzer,it had an amplifier if he wanted to amplify his electric flows. He turns the knob on the amplifier and then walks a bit away in front from the machine gun. He then slams his palm of his hand on the stony floor."Electric Buzzer" Jack says as electricity flows around the floor,making the floor electric.

Miyamoto took the shocking floor and was again being shocked and fell to his knees, letting go of the black box. "Bastards..." he whispers as he forces himself to his feet, unaware that Hooke has the large black box now.

Hooke, with the box now in his possession, floats backwards behind the others.

"It appears that the objective has been completed." said Hooke.

"AL-riiight..." said Yang who feel down to the ground after using up his Surge Mode. "C-Can't use...Electro...for...10 minutes...must...take a breaker..."

"Finally. That guy was really tough I hate to admit. I need to get myself stronger with Yang and even Hooke preforming better than me." said Crescent.

"It's not over yet you little shits!" Miyamoto let a blood thirsty yell out! He then uses his Soru to grab and twist his sword out of john and appear in front of Yang and the rest before they even realized he left! "The fights not over yet! just because you have the box don't mean shit!"

Leo then appears in front of Miyamoto. "Too bad man." LEo began as he locked eyes with miyamoto. "Because from here on out, the only opponent you have is me." Leo then stepped forward. "Fuzz...Weird Hat Guy...everyone, thank you. I didn't do much in the grand scheme of it all. But thanks to you, I've grown tremendously and have adjusted to this guy."

Both of them disappear and then clashed! Leo's iron clad fist matched with Miyamoto's sword! It is then repreted again and again as Leo's strikes and kicks are blocked by Miyamoto! For every one good shot Leo got in, Miyamoto got three! Miyamoto's blade turned pitch black...

"Ittoryu: Tora no tsume (虎の爪)!!!" Miyomoto Then vanished but this time unlike the last Leo respnded with a powerful right hook! While Miyamoto was so fixed and enraged by Leo his observation haki was greatly hindered!

"Not agin! You hear me? Not again!" Leo yelled as Miyamoto's blade cut through Leo's iron gloves and Leo used his right hand to grab the edge of the sword despite it cutting into it as his right hand formed a hand sized balls of flames appeared in his palms. He points his left hand backward.

"Bastard!!!!" The two orbs in Leo's hands grew instantly, "Leone Ruggente!"Leo then released a blast of Fire from his right hand more than twice his size and a smaller blast from his left to help support the power of his right hand blast! The attack sent miyamoto flying and destroyed the wall behind him!

Leo dripping with blood from cuts over his arms, legs and even some on his face stood up and forced his fist in the air... "I'm sorry...He's...probably not..." Leo then fell to the floor passed out, with no energy left.

Merlin and Sofia walked over to Leo and the rest.

"Why didn't we help him?" Sofia asked nervously looking up at Merlin.

"Because, despite him really, really wanting the devil fruit. Leo's pride was hurt when he was taken out so easily by Miyamoto. That's why he agreed to fight alongside other captains. His body was pushed to a limit I personally haven't ever seen. Yet he couldn't achieve this alone, and he knows it. So even if Miyamoto doesn't get back up...Leo will still feel like he lost."

"Damn. That guy is a monster. He kept talking all of those attacks but was still going..." said Crescent.

"It is uncertain if he is indeed fully down or not. His haki is quite strange for me to sense. I do hope that is the case as it appears our main fighters are incapacitated for the time being." said Hooke as he looked over at the fallen Yang and Leo. Hooke then looks at the black box. "Although he wouldn't have gotten this thanks to their assistance.

"...You couldn't believe it'd be that easy did you?" Miyamoto asks as the dust and smoke clears out and he walks back into the tomb. His entire body covered with dirt. burns and scratches from the debris. "You bunch of idiots!" Miyamoto loudly roared at the top of his lungs. Still gripping his sword he continued walking.

Sofia stood between him and the rest and began to twirling her trident before turning a dark black color. "The fight is over, just let us leave with the fruit."

"You think you can finally beat me Sofia?"

"You took the brunt of a few powerful attacks, you can barely hold your sword."

"It doesn't matter... I'll still kick your ass. That's what happens when a superior fights a subordinate."

Sofia then stabbed the now black trident of the floor, cracking a large circle's worth of the floor. "I was trained by Kai himself. So don't you dare look down on me." Sofia's determined eye was hiding her inner thoughts, "From the way his aura feels, if i take him on that should be just enough to drop him."

"Sofia...You know why we're here...I'd tell your new 'crew' and friends the tru...truth..." Miyamoto slurred his words the more he spoke, his steps became much more wobbly.

"..." Sofia paused before turning her head around to face the others, "Please grab that hot headed captain of ours Merlin. You should grab yours as well. Then leave, and do so without turning back." Sofia softly warns everyone with an eerie kind voice. before turning her attention back to Miyamoto. "So shall we? One more round between ex crew?" mates?

"Captain,are you alright?" Patrick says checking on John. John was still unconscious,and even more losing blood after Miyamoto twisted his sword on him."Anyone a doctor here,there is a hole on the side of John!"

"We might need to wait for a doctor." Harley says,"Pick him up and let's get going like the lady said."

"The poor kids." Viper says,"All of them fell down."

"I'll have you know that John is an adult." Johnny says as he is packing up his stuff from above,"A nineteen year old to be exact."

"Still an inexperienced kid." Viper says,"I wish I could join the fight with the woman,but this seems to be her battle."

"Well,as the captain that is still standing. I propose a tactical retreat." Jack says.

"It was already planned." Johnny and Harley say to Jack with a dumb look at Jack.

Merlin walked over and picked Leo's limp and exhausted body, throwing him over his shoulders. "Seriously, as proud i am of you for standing up and pushing yourself.." Merlin then paused to hear Leo's loud and deep snoring. "Haah sometimes, your hopeless...captain."

"Wow. I certainly didn't expect this to erupt into such a fight that Yang overtaxed himself like this again." said Crescent heading over to Yang who was out cold as well. "Look at that dumbass. Just sleeping away. Though, he does deserve it in this case." said Crescent as he picked up Yang's body. "Jeez...forgot how tall he was..."

"We are indeed grateful that we are following such a strong captain. I will admit that his immaturity at times has me wary but he does always produce excellent results." said Hooke who was still holding the box with the Devil Fruit inside.

"What are we planning to do with that? I still have the key to it." said Crescent.

"I am not sure. Maybe we will talk it over once Yang regains consciousness?" said Hooke.

"Oi." Merlin adds as he walks over with a beaten Leo. "You mean talk it over when the captains wake up." He said seriously and not losing focus from the fruit while talking to crescent and Hooke.

"You mean talk it over when the captains are up and when we taken down Miyamoto there." Harley then says,"Though it seems that your crewmate there has it covered." Harley says pointing out to Merlin about Sofia facing Miyamoto.

"So uhhh where do we go for our tactical retreat?" Jack then asks trying to figure out where to go.

"I take the big ass hole up there." said Crescent who was looking up at it.

Rooke was still looking at Merlin when he said that. "Indeed. And it does appear you have your sights on this fruit. We will discuss in the meantime." said Hooke who was using his powers to float himself up toward the hole. "Do you think you have Yang covered Crescent?" said Hooke to Crescent.

"Of course. This is child's play to what I normally do back home." said Crescent who leaped upwards while still carrying Yang.

"Oh yeah,the giant hole." Jack says,"Wouldn't be able to jump that unless with my pogo feet." He then presses a button on his heels which would activate springs in his shoes to help him bounce up there. He was the first to bounce over the hole and outside in.

"That clown sure has all the fancy gadgets." Johnny says,"I have a rope the rest of us can use to pull ourselves up there." Johnny then throws a rope up at the giant hole,the hook at the end connects to the top. Johnny quickly make sures it is tight and safe to use."Injured ones go first." He then says.

Patrick grabs the rope with John over his shoulders and pulls himself up with the rope. Harley and Viper then get out after Patrick. Then Johnny was one of the last ones out. But Johnny did say to Merlin,"Get your captain up before I get out."

Merlin looked over at Johnny, "We don't need your help to get out." Merlin replied before turning his attention to Miyamoto and Sofia. The two clashed! Their weapons sending sparks in the air each time they meet! Sofia keeping the advantage but not able to seal the deal. Each time their attacks met the force sent gusts of wind flying.

"You should leave," Merlin adds, not looking away from the fight. With that, Johnny climbed up and left. The two fighting were doing so with nothing but complete aggression as Merlin kept looking on. As Miyamoto brought down his sword Sofia blocked up with her trident before pushing him back and thrusts forward trying to stab him.

"Even after fighting everyone he did, three different pirate captains, Miyamoto is still on his feet fighting with someone who only watched. Makes me you wonder, how strong is the captain that could lead such a monster. So this is the power of the New World..." Merlin then looked up ward at the hole. He then buckled his knees launched himself up through and onto the roof with everyone who were still standing there.



As everyone stood on the roof, all the pirates quickly seen that they and the tomb were surrounded by a large group of Marine and some individuals who were sitting on their horses. The desert that once seemed empty was now filled with enemies and their weapons, determination in their eyes, staring down at the pirates. a solid hundred Marines can be counted, all well equipped and steadily walking, closing in on the tomb.

"This is the Marines! We have you all outnumbered! Surrender now or be taken down by force!" A Marine in a white coat announced. "You're all under arrest!"

"...You just have to be knocked out don't you ya idiot." Merlin said looking at Leo's passed out and snoring body. "We cannot catch a break at this island..." he thought to himself realizing how bad the situation has gotten.

"Uhhh,this ain't good." Patrick says,"I'm an experienced pirate,so they might know me."

"That definitely isn't good." Johnny then says,"Our captains are out and this is happening."

"Maybe I should've asked for cuz's lucky touch." Jack then says to himself.

"Let us have a look at our pirates here." A male voice comes from one of the horses. There were four horses over in the background. The four get off their horses,and as the four walked the sound of their spurs on their boots got louder and louder as they gotten closer to the pirate group.

One man was wearing a red poncho with a light brown hat over him. He also had a robotic arm for a left arm. The second one was a woman with bright white hair,yet looked young as in her twenties. She had some type of robotic arm sleeve over her right arm. The third one was a man with robot parts all over him. He had a bright white shine from the eyes of the robotic mask. The fourth one was wearing a blue overcoat and blue cavalry hat;He also had a hole on the side of his right cheek,revealing white teeth from his side.

"Look at these kids." The one in the red poncho says.

"Some of them look really sexy." The woman says,"Though unfortunately their necks might not look like it after."

"It seems we found that clown we were talking about earlier." The man in blue said.

"Woah Woah Woah,Who the hell are you guys?" Jack then asks,"And you guys know me? How awesome? Do I have like a bounty already?"

"Yeah,a 50 million berry bounty." the one in the red poncho said,"Though your picture shows a male instead of a female."

"Oh it's cuz of one of my crewmates that..."

"Has the horu horu no mi we know." the woman says,"A nice way to disguise yourself but not too hard to track you down once someone knows who you are."

"I don't think we were properly introduced,my name is..."

"Crack R. Jack." the blue then says,"We have information on all of you guys now." the man in blue said,"Especially you Patrick."

"Uh,Hi guys." Patrick says sheepishly at the four,"How is the ranch?"

"We thought you quitted the pirate life?" the one in the red poncho said.

"Well,one of the captains here recruited me during a battle yesterday." Patrick then replies.

"That would explain the reports we gotten last night from here." The marine in the white coat says.

"Could you please introduce yourselves." Jack then pleads to the cowboys.

The man in the red poncho leaves out a puff of smoke from his cigar then replies,"My name is Gunsmoke Clyde,leader of the Magnificent Seven. We are a group of bounty hunters from the New World. Though our interest was captured here in Alabasta by the offer the king and the marines gave us when we were told about it. This here then is my wife Hickok Bonnie,the metal man is Tucker James. And the man with the hole in his cheek is Red Jesse."

"That's only four,I thought you said there were seven?" Jack then says.

The four then turn their heads to their right (the pirate's left),and off in the far was a sandy mountain. At the sandy mountain,there were 3 bodies standing,but below the three were hundreds of bodies hanged from the mountain by rope. The bodies were swaying with the wind as they were limp and dead.

"That is where the other three are at." Clyde answers,"Seems they taken cared of the ones with the least bounties already."

"Great, who are these weirdos? Pirates portraying as cowboys or something?" said Crescent.

"The Magnificent Seven. They're a group of mercenaries that are well known for their rather crude methods of killing. I'm uncertain why they are here but it seems like they have issues with the other pirates." said Hooke.

Both Hooke and Crescent quickly nod at each other stashing away the DF and the key.

"So we just came from fighting one tough guy and now apparently 4 more took their place? This is lovely isn't it?" said Crescent in a sarcastic tone.

"Even more unfortunately that our captain is still out of commission." said Hooke.

Merlin looked over at the four magnificent members, trying to think a way out of all this. "You've got to be kidding me. I remember Mari talking about these guys and made sure i remembered their names. Damn it!" He grits his teeth with a pissed off face. "Think Merlin, think!""

"Some of you guys seem to have a bounty from what we known." Clyde says,"Patrick,remember that 40 million bounty on you?,It's still on you. That kid there Elio Leonardo,is wanted for 75 million. The kid carrying him is 25 million. That tiger kid is for over 60 million. And with Jack there that's another 50 million. That's a total of 250 million. Not a bad score to keep you guys alive."

"Wait what about this poor guy here?" Jack asks about John.

"Never heard of him,he might be new. He'll have a bounty soon if he gets away." Bonnie answers the question,"He looks sexy though. Don't worry,you all will have your last glass of milk before you are hanged." Bonnie says it as her large breasts are bouncing with the wind.

"Anyone have a plan?" Jack whispers,"Or else I might just try to electrocute the ground around us again."

Yang is starting to stir a bit but is still out of it.

"Great. I thought 10 minutes would've been up already. And I don't think that electric toy will work so well again in this case." said Crescent.

Hooke suddenly looks back at the tomb and has a feeling about something.

"I do feel like we will have assistance soon. For now, I'd say the best course of action is to, how will Maxwell Steel will say it, 'try anything." Hooke said.

"We cannot win in direct combat..." Merlin thought to himself. "It took just everything out of Leo and the other two captains to beat just Miyamoto and they couldn't manage it... What the hell do we do!?" Merlin began to uncharacteristically nervous and even making him break a sweat of frustration. "Shit! Shit! Shit!"

There was a large cave in as a large portion of the tomb feel into itself and a shadowy figure emerged from the debris! Sofia lands standing next to everyone. "Miyamoto has been taken care of, he won't be troubling us anytime soon." She softly explains before taking a better look at yang, Leo and John. "have they lost a lot of blood?"

"John most likely did, Leo's cuts weren't too deep so his blood clotted already but his body seems exhausted and spent, Yang is more of exhaustion and strain on the body." Merlin replied before remembering something Leo said earlier, "You're a doctor right!? You can help us right?"

Sofia smiled, "Of course, it's my job to patch the crew up when needed. Could you please lay Leo on his back, oh Yang and John too." Sofia politely asked, "I used a lot of stamina fighting Miyamoto, so i will do what i can."

Merlin then laid Leo on his back and looked back at the rest, "Follow her orders,"

Clyde takes out the cigar in his mouth then says,"Sofia? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Who is this sofia?" the marine in the coat asks.

"You must've not been in the new world before then marine." Jesse then says,"But this girl is associated with Esposito Dante,one of the four emperors there."

"Well,she's here,they're there. Why not we just arrest her now?" the marine then asks.

"James,slap him" Bonnie says to James. The cyborg heats up his hand into an orange glow and slaps the marine in the face.

"OW OW OW MY FACE." the marine said with his face burning.

"You idiot. If we mess with someone associated with the Emperors,you'll get to meet them personally,your first and maybe only time." Clyde then says,"Command your troops to disengage."

"Or what?" the marine says on the ground.

Clyde then kicks the man in the face while the marine was on the ground. Clyde then gets out his pistol and places the barrel on the marine's head.

"Cause if you don't,we'll shoot you now,gather up all of your marines,and hang them up like we did to those pirates over there. It is a simple task for us to do so too." Clyde says with intimidation and fear in his voice.

The marine,under the pressure of the gun on his head and the threats coming from Clyde,commands to his marines,"DISENGAGE NOW! DISENGAGE NOW!!"

"Good," Clyde says,"Now GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!" Clyde says to the marines. The marines quickly ran away from the cowboys and the pirates.

Clyde then turns back towards the pirates and then says,"You guys are lucky to have her now,but next time we see you guys and we don't see her around,you will be chased by us." He then turns to the three other cowboys with him and says,"Let's ride."

"Can't wait to see you sexy boys at the new world." Bonnie says as they get on their horses. The four horses ride off in the distance then with the other three coming close by.

"Well,that was a close one." Jack says to the group,"But what were they talking about?"

"Wow for them to just up and leave when they clearly had the advantage over us. The hell that woman is associated with one of the Emperors?" said Crescent.

"Indeed. I could tell her power is on a different pedestal than the others. And it has appeared that luck has shined fortune upon us even without the interference of Keyes." said Hooke.

"And it's all because of my cousin's lucky touch." Jack says with a smile.

"Your cousin's lucky touch?" Johnny says with confusion.

"Yup,my cuz ate a devil fruit that can give and take away luck." Jack says,"He can only do it though if he touches the person,and he gave me a handshake before we left."

"Oh,well,i don't know." Johnny says,"Maybe it might've been luck."

"You're not completely wrong or right Hooke," Sofia began, "I used to be a pirate apprentice on a Yonko's crew, in fact i was trained by the first mate of the crew Elio Kai." She then lowers herself down to Leo's level and gave him a kiss. As the two locked lips Leo began to glow with a yellow light as all his wounds healed. "But that was my past. I'm the doctor of the Inferno Pirates now." She says as she pulls aways from Leo

"I see. That's why I haven't heard much of you from that crew afterwards." said Hooke.

"Some kind of healing Devil Fruit power?" said Crescent watching her power.

"Smmmmehaling... devil fruit...." said Yang as he finally started to move around again.

"And the dumbass is finally up again. Took you long enough." said Crescent.

"Glad your captains are now ok." Johnny says,"But what about our captain? Our captain has probably suffered the worst and he might've over exert himself since he doesn't have a devil fruit."

"Patience,young pirate." Patrick says,"John here might have some will to fight his own pain if he's willing to prove he is better. But he is losing a lot of blood not gonna lie."

Leo's signature flame in his forehead lit t back up as he kicked himself off the floor. "Who, What, Where!?" Leo exclaimed as he looked around. "...what happened?"

"H-Hey! What time is it? Where am I?! Did I win against that strong guy? Did we get the Devil Fruit! What happen---" said Yang before he was conked on the head by Crescent. "OW! Hey! I just got back up!"

"Quiet dumbass! You were out for 10 minutes straight and you're back to being hyperactive..." said Crescent.

"To answer your questions Yang, you are back outside with the rest of us, no but thanks to some interventions, we have escaped, and yes we have obtained the Devil Fruit." said Hooke has he held up the box containing the fruit and Crescent shows him the key that holds it."

"Awesome! Who's gonna get it..." said Yang who was still suffering aftereffects.

Leo looked over to Yang, "Yang! Hey!" He exclaims as he starts to walk over before a quick wack to the head is delivered by Merlin!

"Where the hell is the thank you for saving your life you idiot!? You could have died if it wasn't for Sofia! Thank her! NOW!!"

"Oh, right." Leo then walks over and bows to Sofia, "thank you!" He yells before immediately waling towards Yang. "Glad you didn't die fuzzball!"

"You two idiots up before me?" John says as he's groaning on the ground.

"Don't move too much captain,you lost a lot of blood,and we're still not having control of it." Johnny says.

"How bad is it?" John asks trying to feel his wound on his side where Miyamoto stabbed him at.

"I don't know,Sofia here might know." Patrick says.

"Heh heh I'd say the same back to you Fireman! You got cut up bad I thought you did die!" said Yang to Leo who then looks over at John. "H-Hey! You okay there Jonnie? Fireman here got his ass kicked worse than us but he is somehow in better shape!" said Yang to John.

"I already said it before dumbass: Healing devil fruit via direct kissing appareantly." said Crescent.

"Kissing Healing Devil Fruit? That sounds cool!" said Yang.

"Of course you will think that." said Crescent.

"It's not just done through kissing, Sofia replies, "But the stronger the physical contact, the better i can heal a person. Leo's injuries and stamina have all been healed." She then walks over to John and sheds a single tear as a ball of light manifested and landed on John's injury, slowly closing the wound as she then grabbed Johnny's hand and pressed it tighter to John's wound, "This will heal majority of the wound, I can't do much for his stamina and blood loss because of how much of my own strength i used earlier."

"No....problem....I can...be quick on...my feet." John says as he tries to stand up but is sorta fainting and going lightheaded.

"You okay captain." Johnny says trying to help John up,"You taken quite a loss there."

"Never been better." John says,"This is only a reality check of how I stand against other people. It's a more realistic way of how I am compared to fighting a giant bear." John then laughs,"Remember how we killed that bear Yang?"

"How do you not have a bounty?" Jack asks,"I thought I was with the best pirates here,and you don't even have a bounty."

"Why the hell do you care?" John asks,"I'm here who just lost a lot of blood and is standing and all you care is about me having a bounty?"

"I mean,I thought you would've been better if you were." Jack said.

"I oughtta..." John says as he tries to throw a punch but falls down tremendously.

"Be careful how much effort you put into things." Patrick says.

John then tries to get up himself without any help,"I'm tired of being the outlier here,when I saw you two fought him with all of your might and with your devil fruits. I was the one there having no devil fruit. But I gave it my absolute all,I fought till I collapsed,and that will be something I will never forget to my grave. And from now on,I will fight till i collapse,till the roof falls on me,till the light is off on me. And I won't stop TILL I COLLAPSE!!!" John says this and getting up triumphantly.

"Whoooaah! That's cool to hear Jonnie!" said Yang who was clapping for him.

"That dumbass is being too dramatic..." said Crescent with a deadpan look on his face.

"Although I do admire is tenancy." said Hooke.

"So, what's the plan Leo?" Merlin asked as he looks out to the vast open desert. "We should figure out what we're going to do with the devil fruit, right?" He then turns around to see Leo looking at the sky. "Oi! I'm talking to you!"

"I know, i know." Leo replies as he takes in a breath if air and bask in the sunlight. "Yang! John!" Leo turns back and looks at the other captains. "I'm tempted to just give you the fruit." He announced with a smile.

"That's not a fucking plan!" Merlin then slams a hard fist onto Leo's head!

"Thing is," John said trying to walk,"How do we know what devil fruit it is? Like anyone here an expert on identifying devil fruits?"

"Well don't ask me." Jack says,"I ain't even interested in it anyway,it would probably take the fun out of me using my toys." Jack says it as he is looking at his buzzer,"Hey tiger guy,wanna have an electrocute contest later?"

"Well.....my two guys do have the stuff for the df! Also sure clown guy! I'd love a shocking battle!" said Yang.

"You dumbass, we wouldn't have gotten the Devil Fruit box or the key without their help you know." said Crescent.

"Quite indeed and i have read the Devil Fruit encyclopedia quite the number of times myself." said Hooke. "Indeed.

Leo smiled and look at the rest, "i mean we helped too Yang. If you wanna fight to decide who keeps it i'm more than down."

"Now do you think that's fair?" John asks,"You guys look like you're in your prime,while I'm here still recovering. Also,hooke,open up that box and tell us if you can identify the devil fruit."

"Yeah! Lets fight!" said Yang.

"No you dumbass! You aren't fully recovered yet! See?" said Crescent as he smacks Yang on the back.

"OW!!! HEY CRES!!! THAT HURT!!!" screamed Yang as he holds his back.

"See? That was a light smack that wouldn't even sway away a fly. Your muscles are still strained dumbass. Here Hooke, you do the honors in opening it." said Crescent as he hands over the key to Hooke.

"Indeed." said Hooke as he opens the box which contains a watermelon-shaped Devil Fruit with a marble look to it. After looking over the fruit for a few seconds, Hooke was able to indentify it.

"This is the Compress Compress Fruit. A Paramecia-class fruit that allows the user to compress almost any object or person into a smaller size. This is a rather useful support Devil Fruit that can be used to transport things easier. Even fellow allies and equipment." said Hooke.

"A compression fruit huh? That does sound handy but I take it that Finn wouldn't even dare eat that." said Crescent.

"No, a Devil Fruit like that will not benefit us. The majority of us are already Devil Fruit users and two of us, Finn and Reddi, do not really need it's power considering what they already have." said Hooke.

"Finny is a Fishman who will be really weakened in water and Reddi is like a Zoan already being able to transform into a werewolf at night!" said Yang.

"That's...one way to put it at least." said Crescent.

"We don't need that fruit now that we have Sofia. Heh i feel like regardless we Inferno Pirates leave here as the winners!" Leo announced with a proud smile.

"L-Leo, you're too nice sometimes..." Sofia replies as she blushes and smiles, tucking her now red face into her jacket.

"But John, i expect to see you again. I don't want to hear excuses about this or that," Leo began in a more mature voice and demeanour, "i ate my fruit without worrying about what power i got, because you can only get stronger. So when I see you again, I will fight you like I did Miyamoto. To make sure giving up this fruit wasn't a mistake.

John leaves out a smile and says,"Don't worry leo,I won't fail you." He then looks at the devil fruit,"So.....what does a devil fruit taste like?"

"Tastes like crap almost literally." said Crescent.

"I don't remember too much about how mine tasted because I was young when I ate mine but I remember mine being like wasabi mixed with mayonnaise..." said Yang.

"Devil Fruits are quite not known for their taste. As they have described, some taste completely unnatural. Although if you're willing to stomach the taste, the rewards are quite generous." said Hooke as he handed over the Devil Fruit. "Of course, it has been decided that you will get to consume it so feel free to do so. Just remember you will lose your ability to swim."

Both Sofia and Leo looked one another, shrugged and turned back at John, "Yeah, it's horrible." They say in complete sync in a very dull tone.

Leo then looks over at Yang, "We still need a fight Fuzzball," Leo says as he lifts his fists and sparks a flame.

"Can you not!" Merlin yells before smack Leo again!

"Well then," John says,"Should I eat the whole thing or should I eat a slice of it?"

"Let me handle that." Patrick says. He then gets a knife out and cuts a slice of the watermelon. He then hands the slice to John.

John sighs then says,"Not like I liked to swim a lot,here goes nothing." John takes a bite out of the devil fruit. John immediately gags after eating the bite.

"So,what did it taste like?" Jack asks.

"Like a rock with chili and jalapenos on it." John says tasting the aftertaste,"Yup,that is godly awful."

"Well,let's see your power." Viper says.

John then walks over to the huge box. He touches the box with the touch of his hand. Suddenly,the box shrinks itself and a marble sphere surrounds it. It was a marble by the end of its transformation.

"Incredible." John says.

"Quite Impressive." Jack replies,"Wish I can do that to some of my crewmates."

"Yeah! I wanna fight him as well-OWWW!!" said Yang before getting lightly smacked by Crescent again.

"Stop it dumbass. You're still and pain and you know it."

"Indeed. It will be quite the handy Devil Fruit when trying to procure a lot of objects." said Hooke.

"You think we can have Finny build something like that for us to store a lot of treasure in?" said Yang.

"We already have the treasure vault and we often sell our treasure as soon we get a lot anyway. There is no need to overtax our already massive ship." said Crescent.

"Speaking of ships," Johnny says,"Shouldn't we get back to our ships before any other curious fol arrive?"

"We perhaps should,but I believe Finn and Tim are working on the Rabbit Hole." John says,"They're renovating the whole ship plus making a restaurant in for Patrick. Isn't that right?"

"Indeed. Knowing Finn, he may have completed the construction of that restaurant." said Hooke.

"Yeah, I'll admit, Finn really comes through when it comes to building things. It was still amazing how he completed our large-as-hell ship in like a few days." said Crescent.

"Yep yep! We should get back as well! All that fighting left me hungry..." said Yang.

"I'll make some BBQ patties when we get back." Patrick says,"I still have the energy to cook."

"That's nice." John says,"Your BBQ was good from yesterday."

"It's my signature style." Patrick says,"I make the best BBQ in the Grand Line."

"Ooh! BBQ sounds gooooood!" said Yang.

"I'll admit, i could go for something that's a lot filling like meat. Henni's a good teammate but she really needs to be more versatile than just cooking with egg products." said Crescent.

"Indeed. It will be a nice change of pace." said Hooke.

"We should have giant bear with it-" said Yang before betting cut off Crescent.

"Enough with the bears already! I won't be surprised if you married one one day!" said Crescent.

"Hmph! I was just gonna say 'giant bear claws' which is a type of dessert." said Yang.

Leo looked over and Merlin and Sofia, "what do you two want to do?"

"We should head back to the ship already," Merlin began, "We should introduce Sofia to the rest of the crew. Also i'm sure Mari and the rest are still worried about your dumbass Leo."

To which Leo looked back at Yang and the rest, "You should all consider this the birth of our rivalry. We're all headed to the New World after all. So from here on out try not to die, i hope to see you all again." Leo then turns away and begin to walk away with Merlin and Sofia

"Heh! Sure thing! I plan on heading back to the New World hoping I am stronger! Lets go guys I'mma hungry!" said Yang as he started to walk off toward his ship.

"Indeed. Let us leave." said Hooke following suit.

"I wonder how the others did when we were gone? A lot of shit has happened and I don't like telling long stories." said Crescent as he followed behind them.

"No kidding." Jack says,"I should check if Ramone hasn't done anything stupid yet. Which I have a feeling he might've."

"Who's Ramone?" John asks

"Someone that also has a weird devil fruit." Jack answers,"If he's done what I think he's done I'll show you."

"He's done some...interesting things with his devil fruit." Harley says.

"Ok then." John says,"Come on Yang and the rest of my crew. Let's head back to our ship."

"Can't wait to see what the rabbit hole will look like." Johnny says,"I bet it will be like a complete new ship."

"Let's hope they didn't get ideas to make it look like a rabbit hole in a way." John answers,"But who knows with a rabbit mink and a tiger shark fishman." John then says as they are walking.

As the group head toward the ships, Yang, Crescent, and Hooke found Steel suddenly in the middle of the path they were walking.

"S-Steelie?! What are you doing here? Sunbathing?" said Yang.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhhh...." said Steel as he was groaning and looked like he got blown up by something.

"Is he still alive?" said Crescent in a blunt tone.

"It appears so. He is still moving." said Hooke.

"Stupid.....Reddi.....and.....Psycho Doctor....explosives....send me flying....hot desert.....other crew's ship...done...." Steel said as he started to get up to his feet.

I Do

Meanwhile, back at their ship, Finn could be seen outside John's crew ship wiping himself off with a rag.

"Aye. I see you guys have returned! Did it go well?" said Finn.

"Well, we got into a fight with some guy I guess was part of an Emperor's crew and then a group of cowboy roleplaying cowboys, but other than that we managed." said Crescent.

"The hell? Glad I wasn't part of that mess I had enough crap dealing with this stuff." said Steel dusting himself off.

"Oh right! Steelie what happened to you back there?" asked Yang.

"Long story short, Reddi wanted to hang with the other crew members and thought to hang with Hearts. He had a new potion to test and Reddi basically forced me to be his geniue pig. Sure enough it exploded, send me flying, and now I'm here. Fucking bastards..." said Steel.

"Quite the tale you had there Steel. Also, Finn, as the construction of their restaurant been completed?" said Hooke.

"Aye we already finished! I was just adding some extra touches but it should be to their liking." said Finn.

"Well let see how you WOAHHHHH!!" John says as he just stares at the Rabbit Hole now. John,Johnny,and Patrick just look at sheer amazement. One can say that their eyes must've stretched when they saw it.

The Rabbit Hole was WAY bigger than it originally was. It was the size of a battleship like yang's,made of the same material as Yangs. The design of the ship was mostly green. The entrance to the inside of the ship looked like a house that is inside of a hill (one can say it looks like a halfling's hole). Trees took the place of the poles for the crow's nest. The sails definitely looked much tougher than the ones they had originally.

"Amazing." John says,"It truly is beautiful. How did you come up with it?"

"Where's my restaurant?" Patrick says,"Inside that forest?"

"DON'T INSULT THE CRAFT OF TWO SHIPWRIGHTS!!!" Tim says slapping Patrick,"Me and Finn worked long enough for it. Your restaurant is inside,but there is a door that goes straight inside it."

"How did you guys get the idea of making look like a halfling's house but for tall folk?"

"That would be Tim's idea. He showed me how one would look like and we just took it from there. Wasn't difficult I tell ya heh heh." said Finn who was proud of his work.

"It was your idea Finn that we have cannons hidden by the forestry too bo-ho-ho." Tim says as he laughs at the end.

"Wait,Cannons?" John asks.

"Yup,there are about 8 cannons on each side which make 16 cannons. All of them hidden from view by the forestry. And you can open up windows that originally look like grass overgrown it. It's a great way of camouflage for us pirates now Bohoho." Tim replies.

"What's with the swan on the front?" John asks about the crafted swan as the head of the ship.

"That was Alice's idea,she wanted that there." Tim replied."She said that it would show how graceful this ship sails."

"Wish it done that at reverse mountain." John said,"Anyways,what do you guys think of it?" He says this to Yang,Jack,Hooke,and Crescent.

"It's COOOOOOL!!!" said Yang very excitingly as his tail wagged.

"Of course. It is made by Finn after all." said Crescent.

"I expected nothing less from our shipwright." said Hooke.

"Heh, just doin' ya'll proud!" said Finn.

"That's good then." John says,"What about you Jack?"

Jack was already gone and back in his ship with the rest of his crew. Johnny and the others ran after him.

"I am home guys." Jack said with Viper and Harley right next to him.

"Hey Jack." Davida says,"Ramone's been at it again." She says this with an oversized stomach in a very curvature shape.

"Hey Jack,don't run on us like that again and WOAHHH!!!" John says as he notices Davida with the oversized stomach,"What the hell happened to her?"

"Ramone has the devil fruit that gives the person the ability to make himself or someone else pregnant by touch." Jack says,"I had that feeling he did this when we were finished with our assignment."

"Does she stay like that for 9 months?" Johnny asks Jack.

"41 hours." Jack says,"She has to be like that for 41 hours,then she gives birth."

"This ain't the first time he's done it to me." Davida says,"This is at least the fourth or fifth time."

"Cheez,you guys must have a lot of children then." John says

"No,we give them up to the SAS Storks for adoption." Jack says,"How can you be a pirate while parenting I ask. Where is he Davida?" Jack then asks Davida.

"He's probably downstairs fucking with Jennifer." Davida answers.

"Well,I'm just going to go down there and first get myself back to a male and second whoop his ass." Jack says,"Be right back."

"Welp. Leave that cookey clown to doing his cooky things. Anyway, what even was the Devil Fruit about?" asked Steel.

"It was a devil fruit that bascially allows that guy to make objects into smaller marbles and carry them around easier." said Crescent.

"I see, some kind of transporitng fruit. Sounds useful but not so much for fighting." said Steel while scratching his head.

"Which it was why we came to the decision to give it to the other crew. It served us no purpose." said Hooke.

"Yeah! And we're the ones that basically won it!" said Yang who was smacked again my Crescent. "OWWW!!! Stop doing that Cres!"

"WE as in all of us crews did it. Stop trying to have us hog all the glory dumbass." said Crescent.

"The fuck did happened when I was off being Reddi's whipping boy?" said Steel who looks exhausted.

"Heh, I bet you mean that literally Wolf Breath." said Finn.


"Oh,YOU ARE HERE!" Davida says looking at Steel,"I'll have you know how bad you hurted me," She shows him the wrapped up shoulder,"And I'm still learning how to be a doctor. So this shit takes longer!" She is saying this as she is shaking Steel up and down like a shaker.


"Jeez, that dumbass always attracts the crazy ones..." said Crescent with a deadpan look on his face.

"It is what they may call a "precarious situation" for him." said Hooke.

"Hahahahahah! I bet you're quite 'shaken' up now!" said Finn who was still laughing.


"I'm back." Jack says as he's back up as a male,"Took care of that bastard."

"I'll be back to take care of you more." Davida says,"After I...I...be right back." She says this as she runs to the other side of the ship and pukes.

"Morning sickness?" John asks.

"Yup," Jack says,"Even though she's like 9 months immediately she still has to suffer the consequences of being pregnant."

"Interesting." John says,"In a very weird kind of way."

Jennifer and Ramone then come up to the ship.

"Come on Jack,can't we both have fun without your interruption." Jennifer asks Jack,"That is like multiple times you came across us doing some bam bam."

"Does it look like I give a shit?" Jack asks with a deadpan look.

"Well,obviously not." Ramone says,"I'll go get going and cause some trouble around the city. See you guys later."

"Yeah,Fuck you." Jack says to him.

Jennifer then sees Steel over at the entrance of the ship where the group was. Jennifer then has an idea."Hey there." She says to Steel as she gets closer to him,"You look very sexy for an elf." She says this as she gets super close to Steel."I bet you would look even more sexy if I help you with this." She says as she injects female hormones into steel's body by her fingertips.

Steel then is transformed into a woman.

Jack then comes back from checking on Davida and sees Steel."Everytime I turn my backs on you two,you two cuz another problem." He says this with a facepalm.

Steel looks around for a couple of seconds before realizing what happened.

"W-WHAT THE HELL!?!? WHAT IS THIS?!?!? WHY AM I A GIRL?!?! THE HELL YOU DO TO ME?!?" yelled Steel who was talking to Jennifer.

Finn, meanwhile, was on the ground laughing like crazy. "HAHAHAHAHHAAH!!! This is TOO rich! The guy who kept ranting about not being a girl gets turned into one! Oh the irony! At least your chest is bigger now instead of that thin-ass piece of cardboard you had before!" said Finn.


"Man, it is so damn weird hearing your usual rants in a girl's voice..." said Crescent.

"IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!" said Steel.

"Hey! It's like he took that potion but that lady injected it into him!" said Yang.

"Except when used by the Horu Horu no Mi user, the effects can be permanent." said Hooke.

"P-PERMANENT!!!?? WHAT THE HELL I DON'T WANT TO STAY LIKE THIS!!! Well, Reddi may finally leave me alone but WAIT! NO! I DON"T WANNA STAY THIS WAY!!!" said Steel.

"Really?! Permanent! You can stay that way without turning back to normal!? I wanna do that! Turn me into one!" said an excited Yang to Jennifer.


Jennifer giggles at Steel's reaction,"I love your reaction. It looks like your enjoying it." she then turns to Yang,"I'll consider doing you later,but till then I'll pick on this pretty boy,or girl I mean."

Jack is still facepalming himself,"You and Ramone can't stop being trouble aren't ya?" Jack asks to Jennifer.

"Sorry captain,but trouble is our middle name." Jennifer says.

"Well,I'm planning on going back to the Rabbit Hole." John says,"I need to see if Violet can do some more on my wounds. Then I need to carry out...some plans." John says with a wink to Yang.

"Why must I be everyone's whipping boy? Or I guess in this case...girl..." said Steel with a depressed look on her face.

"At least you're pretty now Steelie! Also huh? Some plans? What you mean Jonnie?" said Yang.

"Don't ever use me and pretty in the same sentence again..." said Steel.

"You have a short memory don't you?" John says with a deadpan look.

"Yep!" said Yang with a smile.

"His mind is like dim lightbulb. It's always on but never too bright..." said Steel in snarky tone.

"Awww,don't you like being a girl?" Jennifer says as she picks on Steel.

"Well,I'm going to get back to my ship." John says as he walks back out of Jack's ship and into his ship.

"What's with captain lately?" Johnny asks,"He seems to be in some agenda."

"What plans was he talking about?" Patrick asked,"I know I just joined his crew but a captain with a plan and not telling his crew means he has something serious planned."

"SHUT UP!!! JUST TURN ME BACK ALREADY!!! My hair is too fucking long keeps getting in my mouth! Beh!" said Steel as he wipes his hair away from his face.

"He's probably hungry! I get like that sometimes too! Like now! I need some eats!" said Yang who was happily walking off toward his ship.

"I could use some rest as well. I've had enough madness for one day." said Crescent as he is heading toward the ship as well.

"Alright," Jennifer says as she uninjects the female hormones out of Steel,"But have this cup in case you liked it." She injects the hormones into a cup,the cup has a pinkish-purple liquid.

John makes it inside his ship and he went into Violet's room. Violet was there sorting out her medicines.

"Hey Violet." John says,"What are you doing?"

"Just sorting out the medicine." Violet said,"I went out and stole some from the nearest hospital." She then looks at John's side wound."What happened to you?"

"Got involved in a fight during that treasure hunt." John said,"The guy protecting the devil fruit put his sword through me."

"Well please sit on that bed there." Violet says to John,"So,was it successful?" Violet asks as she get some alcohol to sanitize the wound.

"Yeah,and I ate the devil fruit." John said.

"Really,what devil fruit is it?" Violet asks.

"A devil fruit that can shrinks things down into a marble if I touch it willingly." John said.

"Interesting,though not the type to use during battle." Violet says as she comes to John.

"Yeah,not really,but I would like to use my pole anyway." John said with a chuckle.

After Violet took cared of John,John went straight to Johnny's workshop inside. In the shop,he found Johnny and Jamie talking to each other up close.

"Hey Johnny,finished what I wanted made?" John asked Johnny.

"Uhh,yeah captain,sorry." Johnny says it as he steps away from Jamie. He then gets a pocket watch and a ring from a nearby anvil,"These the things you wanted right?"

"Yup. Let me hear my new watch though." He then puts the watch close to his ear to listen to it. It had an even better hypnotic sound to it than his old watch had. He then looks at the ring. The ring was silver with a Morganite emerald in a shape of a heart."How you get that emerald,and in that shape?"

"It was in that shape when we bought it. The ring's look was mostly Jamie's idea." Johnny said.

"No need to give me credit." Jamie says,"Just do what you got to do with that ring."

"Don't worry," John says,"I will,thank you. You two can get back to your intimate business." John then walks away with the ring and watch in his pocket.

John then walks to Alice's room. Alice was there checking on her dress. John knocks the door to Alice's room. Alice opens the door and says,"Hey John,you're finally back. And wounded."

"Yeah,long story on how I got that,but your sister did an excellent job fixing it,should only be there for a week or two. Can I come in?" John then asks.

"Sure." Alice says opening the door further for John to come in. John then enters the room and then looks around. The room now has a fireplace and nice white walls. Alice was there sitting on her bed,which now had curtains that surrounded the bed.

"Tim and Finn really did a number on our ship besides the outside." John says.

"Yeah,I told them to make my room like this." Alice says,"Reminds me of my old room at home."

"It does doesn't it." John says. There was silence between them for a few seconds. One not knowing what to say to the other. Then John breaks the silence by saying,"Look I'm sorry for what happened this morning. But I didn't know what we were heading into in this hunt,and you got badly burned yesterday. I was doing it to only protect you. I did it cuz I care for you,because I love you." John then gets out the ring in his pocket,"And since I love you so much that I ask you to marry me." John says this as he's on his knees in front of Alice.

Alice then replies to John then says,"Of course I love you too. But you got to remember that love is about having faith in the other person that they will be fine during this. But of course I'll marry you,I've even thought of that myself. Asking you to marry me,ever since we went on this journey since the last month our bond has grown tremendously. And I would too love to spend my journeys with you." She then gives a kiss to John's forehead as she kneels down too to get closer to John since the height difference is high.

"Thank you Alice." John says hugging Alice,"I promise to be a loyal husband." They hug each other for minutes. John then says,"Why not we each go to sleep for the night. We'll be together the next night I promise."

"Ok." Alice says,"But I want a proper wedding first."

"No worries." John says standing up and going to his bedroom,"We'll have one. And we'll have Yang and that kid that burned you yesterday."

"Wait I thought you didn't like that kid." Alice said.

"It's a long story,I'll explain when I have the time. Till then,good night my dear Alice." John then kisses Alice on the cheek and leaves for his bedroom.

Operation: Holy Shit

In the morning,John and Alice were skipping their way to Yang's ship holding hands in one hand. Yang and his crew noticed the two coming their way.

"Hiya you two! I see you're in a good mood today!" said Yang who appeared to be balancing on some barrels.

"You're gonna hurt yourself if you keep doing that." said Steel.

"No way! I practiced!" said Yang.

"Wolfie is too dumb to understand that our captain is in control." Reddi said in a snarky tone.

"It's already in the morning....I don't need your damn sass..." said Steel who was still looking tired in the eyes.

"Well,of course we're in a happy attitude." John said,"I proposed to Alice and now we're engaged."

"And John said you would help us get our wedding ready." Alice then said.

"Hey Steelie, they said they were engaged that means they will also fight a lot as well?" said Yang.

"No, what!? Does everything have to involve fighting with you?!" said Steel. "But yeah congrats and all that. I would be in a better mood if things have hone right for me today..."

John laughs then says,"Ahh yes,I forgotten that now you get hammered by Reddi here at night." John then laughs some more then says,"Yeah,I want Yang,you and that Leo kid to help me out. And maybe that Jack guy too maybe if he wants to."

"IT WASN'T LIKE THAT!!!" said Steel.

"Oooh! Help? What kind of help? Someone who needs an ass kicking?" said Yang.

"Get fighting out of your head for once! Anyway yeah, I'm curious what you need help with if it involves that crazy clown." said Steel.

"Well,let's get that lunatic first before I say my idea." John says.

"I'll stay here and talk to devi awhile ok." Alice says.

"Alright that's fine." John says,"Follow me then." He says to Steel and Yang.

John,Steel,and Yang then go to Jack's ship. Jack was there on his hammock asleep while everyone else is awake around him.

John then walks towards Jack and then slaps Jack across the face. Jack immediately jumps out of his hammock and pulls out his pistol at John's chest then says,"I SWEAR DAVIDA,I'LL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN!!" Jack then notices it was John due to the height difference and that the gun was at John's chest,"Oh,sorry." Jack then giggles then puts his gun away."What do you need my good friend?"

"I need you to follow me." John says.

"Ok." Jack says,"Are we still down for that electrocuting contest mr.tiger?"

"Hell yeah! Lets do it now!" said Yang before getting his ear pulled by Steel. "Owowowowow!"

"Priorities. That's all I'm going to say. Also, the crazy clown is here so what are you planning?" asked Steel.

"I did also say we are going to get that Leo kid." John said."Let's look for them and see what they are up to."

The four then walk around the area to where Leo's ship would be at. They find Leo's ship. Merlin has Tsuki watching over him while he looks around while everyone else does their chores like stocking on supplies, getting the ship ready to leave.

John enters the ship and says,"Excuse me gents,but I'm looking for your captain,can you please tell us where he is?"

"You looking to die you fruity hat fu- oh it's you John." Merlin said as he drew and sheathed his sword in realization. "He left to the market saying he wanted some food from the island before we left."

"Be aware that when he starts to eat, he can't be pulled away...unless done by force." Mari adds as she ties a knot.

"Thank you for the fair warning." John says,"I'll make sure that Leo is back in one piece. Cheerio." John says as he and the group walk towards the market.

At the market,John and the others were looking for Leo around there. The market was full as usual the other day when he,alice,and steel were there being con-artists.

"Where the hell could he be?" John asks. The group then notices leo eating at one of the tables nearby the market.

"There he is," John says,"Hello there Leo,how have you been doing?"

Leo was smashing his way through from what it looked like thirtieth chicken leg the size of his head, completely ignoring John. He then reaches over and slammed down a huge mug of water.

Tsuki walks forward to John and his group. "Captains eating, started just a few minutes ago, still waiting on the r est to be served." She then pauses noticing another five plates of food being delivered, "about half way there. Merlin called and told me you were coming."

"Jeez, and I thought Yang here has an appetite...how can one kid eat that damn much?" said Steel.

"I dunno but that makes me hungry as well!" said Yang.

"Well,I could go grab some food myself,but I don't want to because I'm afraid some people would recognize me. But maybe if someone can get me some food,I'll be grateful. Anyways,I'll wait here for Leo to finish eating."

"I'll go see if there's anything explosive around I can grab." Jack says as he leaves to find stuff.

Leo had a bowl of rice twice his size and it was gone in about a minute and then finished up the rest of the chicken legs. Then a large plate of steaks and bread were served. "I should get seconds!" Leo yelled as he dug into the steaks.

"This may take a while," Tsuki adds, "Though...we don't exactly have enough to cover the bill...so...yeah."

"WELL I WOULD SAY SO!!! THAT GUY EATS LIKE FOOD IS FREAKING MADE OUT OF GOLD OR SOMETHING!!!" said Steel who was still flabbergasted by how much Leo ate.

"Mmmmm...gold food....I wonder what gold will taste like?" said Yang thinking.

"Bad. Very bad." said Steel. "Anyway, are we going to wait till that living bottomless pit eats all of the food in the world or we gonna discuss that plan of yours?" said Steel.

"I guess I can discuss my plan right now." John says.

"Im back with some nice looking TNT." Jack says,"It's tempting to throw them at one of the markets here."

"DON'T!!!" John and Steel would yell at Jack.

"Anyways," John said,"Me and Alice are getting married,and we would like a decent wedding. Thing is, being pirates means we don't always get the best service from people. So I've decided that with the help of you guys,We should be able to kidnap a priest."

"Couldn't jack merry you two?" Tsuki asked, "Seeing as how captains of ships traditionally can merry people. How else do you think pirates get married? But if traditional is the way you want to go, I'm sure he'll agree once he's done."

"Sir?" A waiter walked forward, "Would you like anything else?"

"More chicken!" Leo demanded as he finished the last steak and now reaching over for steam potatoes.

"I'll get him, like i said, we don't have enough to pay the bill." Tsuki says as she cracked her knuckles with a plain face.

"KIDNAP A PRIEST?!? Even though we're pirates, it's a MUCH easier thing just to ask one instead of kidnapping one!" said a protesting Steel.

"That sounds like fun though! I'm in!" said Yang.

"HELL NO!!! I'm pretty sure kidnapping a priest is just asking for a lighting bolt from the heavens!" said Steel.

Then, suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes Steel down from the sky. Yang can be seen snickering.

"YOU'RE NOT FUNNY!!! I KNOW THAT WAS YOU!!!" said Steel to Yang.

"Is fate part of your name?" Jack asks,"Cuz you really like to tempt it." Jack then laughs at the joke.

"Ok,that was kinda funny not gonna lie." John says."But yeah,kidnapping a priest is something I think we can all do. We can make a name out of ourselves by kidnapping one. I wonder what my bounty will be by now?" John asks himself.

"And you say I bring bad fate upon myself! Says the guy wanting to kidnap a damn preist...." said Steel.

"Steel, we've done a lot crazier. I've sunked God knows how many Marine battleships, stole from some people, and even destroyed buildings and national monuments in my dragon rage and stealing a priest is over the line? Not to mention you cause some good damage with your reckless use of arrows sometimes." said Yang in a very serious tone.

"I...uh...I....kinda see your point there...f-fine then..." said Steel who was completely caught off guard y Yang's sudden shift in seriousness and backs off the subject.

"WHoo hoo! This gonna be fun!" said Yang back to his excited self.

"Will you just shut up and let me eat!" Leo yelled as he turned back and looked at the group with a fire on his forehead. "Or am i going to have to shut you up myse- oh hey Yang!" Leo yelled as he realized rather late who was making all the noise.

"Uhh Sir? The bill?" The waiter approached Leo.

"Hmmm? ohh nice." Leo reached over and set the paper on fire, "Sorry bud, was just looking for a quick snack." He then tossed the fire over to the waiter and walked away. "Tsuki, we're leaving." Leo cheerfully calls for the red swordswoman.

"Heyo Fireguy!" said Yang to Leo.

"YOU ARE INCREDIBLY THICKHEADED!!! ARE YOU THAT CLUELESS?!?" said Steel to Leo. He then walks over to the waiter and actually hands him the money for the bill. "I have sympathy for those that deal with numbskulls..." said Steel.

"Whoa Steelie! Where all that money came from?" asked Yang.

"While you guys were off getting your asses kicked by some strong swordsman and a mercenaries group, I decided to stock up on money using Keyes' powers just in case. Call it intuition." said Steel.

"I thought I was the clueless clown around here,but it seems someone is more clueless than I am." Jack says.

John is facepalming himself and says,"At least I can probably beat this kid by strategy," He then tells Leo,"Hey Lee,yeah listen we are conspiring to kidnap a priest today,would you be interested?"

Leo looked over at John, "You think you can beat me with strategy?" LEo asks not letting that comment just pass him by. "Where was that strategy whe-" He was then cut off by Tsuki smacking him on the head.

"Be nice." Tsuki orders staring daggers at Leo.

"Sure why! Let's kidnap a princess!" Leo announces.


"Let's kidnap a priest!"

"Heh...I should go to Keyes to make it so you guys do get struck by lightning from this..." said Steel before he gets shocked again by Yang. "OW!!! STOP DOING THAT!!!"

Yang sticks his tongue out before pointing at him. "I don't need luck to strike YOU with lightning! Plus, lightning wouldn't hurt me anyway!" said Yang.

"Well to answer your first question,I had a strategy,but it doesn't work mostly if you only just met the dude." John says.

"So when are we starting this kidnapping?" Jack asks.

"Later today,today is a holy day if I think about it for some of these people. So some townspeople will be going to their temples or churches or whatever they do. But us,we are going to a church and while they are doing their service. We come in and hold them all up till we have the priest in rope or tightly gripped. Then we run on horses or something then disappear for a while then go back to our ships. Then tomorrow we'll have a wedding which y'all are invited."


"Then we'll just kick their assess as always! Marines are fun but easy to fight with anyway!" said Yang pounding his fists together smiling.

"Dammit, you have a point of the Marines (for the most part) being easy as hell to deal with but seriously! I'm sensing bad omens all around from this!" said Steel.

"So? We're pirates! Bad omens follow us all the time Steelie! And we're invited to a wedding! This will be fun! Besides, you've done some baddie stuff as well! Just like that one time you--" said Yang but was quickly cut off by Steel.

"Okay okay okay! You made your point! I'll join in! Just don't mention THAT incident again!" said Steel who was sweating nervously.

Leo reached over to swipe a glass from a passing waiter, "Well for the most part Marines are pretty easy." Leo pauses as he remembers his fight with Salvatore Vladimir before slamming the random drink he took. "Well i'm up for some trouble!"

"...I feel like this is going to go bad so fast." Tsuki whispered to herself.

"Alright.Then let's do it." John says

Later,they were at this church that was nearby the market. People were just coming in and entering the place. Our pirates are hiding inside the sand and figuring out on how to get inside.

"Anyone have any plans?" John asks.

"We blow it up!!!" Jack says.

"NO YOU IDIOT!!! We're not here for collateral damage." John says to Jack with a slap.

"How about we rush at them? It's not like anyone could take on all of us right?" said Yang.

"Dammit don't be so reckless. There are still more of them than us..." said Steel.

"So while we talk here, Tsuki already let herself in." Leo pointed out as the silent crimson swordswoman was missing from the group of pirates. "Worst comes to worst...this church will be painted red. But that's worst case scenario." Leo said with a childish attitude. "But i'm sure it won't come down to that."


"Don't worry Steelie! He said it won't come down to it! If it does, I'm pretty sure I can kick his ass to stop him!" said Yang who had an innocent smile on his face.

"I can never tell when you're being serious or fucking around..." said Steel.

Leo looked over at Yang after hearing him, "Oh? Wanna test that Fuzzball?" Leo responded with his own pure smile on his face. "Let's see who kicks who's ass."

"We can figure that out after we kidnap this priest." John says,"Say does she have a den den mushi? If so,she can just blend in and let us know the best time to strike."

"Or we can just blow it up." Jack says.


"YES PLEASE!!!" said Steel.

Yang looks over to Leo with a fierce smile on his face. "Bring it Fireman! I'l always ready!"

"Not now dammit! We're about to do the unthinkable here!" said Steel.

"Yeah she has a mini one, here," Leo the hands over his den den mushi which was already calling Tsuki to John. A fire was lit on Leo's forehead, "Let's go then," he replies to yang as his eyes widened and his smile grew. "I'm always up to put someone in their place after all."

"Heh. You sure about that? Fine! I'm always game! Let's see what's better fire or lightning!" said Yang as his body starts to course with electricity.

"Dammit dammit! Not now! Yang! We're already in the middle of something!" said Steel.

"You guys can go! I've been wanting to fight this guy for awhile now but things kept stopping me!" said Yang.

John facepalms himself and says,"I'm here with two idiots who want to do nothing than fight and this crazy ass clown that is obsessed with explosives. I now feel your pain Steel."

"Yeah and I deal with this all the time! You're lucky not to have someone like this!" said Steel.

"True." John says,"Anyways,back on the mission. At least I have you and Tsuki." John then gets on the den den mushi and calls Tsuki."Tsuki this is John,I have your captain's den den mushi. Your captain seems to be busy right now. How is the situation looking like in there?"

"Is Leo okay? Did he have enough to drink?" Tsuki replied sounding like a concerned caretaker "But everything seems okay, only a few people really."

Then Let's do this you fuzzball!" Leo let out a battle cry as flames began to surround his body. "This is long overdue. Let's see who's stronger here."

"BRING IT!!!" said Yang as he started to charge toward Leo while bursting with Electro.

"WAIT!!! CAN'T WE AT LEAST WAIT TILL THIS IS DONE?!" said Steel who was suddenly in front of Yang who was heading toward Leo.

"Your captain seems to be busy entertaining himself by fighting Yang here." John says,"Also,thanks for the info on the inside. Think we should enter in the front or back door?"

"Can we explode the door?" Jack asks.

"SHUT UP!!!" John says.

"Let's go!" Leo yelled as he swung a right fist, sending a large ball of fire at Yang!

"Ohh,i see. Well i unlocked the backdoor and the priest is alone at the moment." Tsuki replies.

"Where is the priest?" John asks,"In front of the people preaching or in the back praying or something?"

"Electro Ball!" said Yang tossing a ball of Electro toward Leo's way a swell.

"CRAP!!!" said Steel as he gets hit by both attacks and is completely singed.


"I really should have...I don't know why I tried..." said Steel as he simply walked back over to the others still completely charred.

LEo continued his charge at Yang! "Brint! This has a long time coming!"

"He just stepped into the back while some other guy explains something about something..." Tsuki explained in usual less than specific way. "So now would be the best time."

"Probably something about being good boys and fight the good fight." Jack says in a mocking tone,"Have you gone to church before John?"

"Few Times." John says,"But enough to know how a church works. Thanks for the information." John then hangs up."Let's go Steel and Jack,Tsuki is waiting for us in the back."

"Right. I think Yang has himself covered..." said Steel who was following John.

"Hell yeah! I'm definitely going to win against you Fireman!" said Yang charging at Leo with an electrified fist.

Leo ran in and with a fist made of pure hot red flames their attacks collided with one another! Sending waves of flames and electro everywhere around them! Both of their eyes had no signs of backing down as their smiles grew all the more.

John,Steel,and Jack sneaked into the back of the church. There they found Tsuki there waiting."Where is he?" John asks.

"Jeez I feel like some sort of bank robber all of a sudden...even though I'm techically one already..." said Steel.

"Down the hall, first door on the right." Tsuki replied as she walked passed the group. "as fun as it was sneaking around places again, I need to make sure my captain is okay myself" She then leaves headed towards Leo and Yang.

"Thank you." John says,"Come on guys." John says as they sneak toward the door. There they see the priest there praying to some saintly statue. John then puts on his bandana mask and then enters with a gun and says,"Mr.Priest,we are taking you now."

"Oh,you guys finally come." The priest says,"I've been expecting you guys." He was saying this in a calm and cheerful voice.

"Uhh,how were you expecting us?" John asks.

"God was telling me through my prayers that three men would come for me today." The priest then had his arms out."You gonna rope me up like you do to your other prisoners?"

"Uhhh,One sec." John motions the other to huddle,"What the hell is this guy?"


"I say we should blow this place up if crazies live here." Jack says.

"Good,that'll mean blow you up too." John says,"Anyways,why not we just get him,we may have had a strange intro but I think we can work with him."

John then goes toward the priest,"Ok,you mind if you follow us then please. I don't really like to tie up people of religions."

"Alrighty." the priest says,"I didn't know a pirate would have such nice manners." The priest was then walking in front of the three to outside of the backdoor.

"Well,would it have been more awkward if it was a nun?" Jack asks.

"Er...yeah don't get any ideas but at least that went by easily. Glad he ended up being pretty nice." said Steel following them.

They make it outside where Leo and Yang were still fighting each other.

"Hey you two,we came what we came for,now let's get going before the cops or marines show up." John then says.

"I think we should've blown up the back get rid of evidence we were there." Jack said.

"That all you got? Here I thought I'd need to put in more effort!" Leo exclaimed as he and Yang stood apart from one another, each switch beads of sweat falling from their face. The area around them fairly damaged from their constant clashing, as each time they sent destructive flames and lightning everywhere. "Heh how about we finish this warming up bull shit Fuzz Face."

"Heh...of course! I was just testing ya and you're not half bad! But yeah no more warming up! I'm gonna kick your ass Fireman! Now, Electro! Surge Mode!" shouted Yang as he uses his Electro to powerhimself up entering Surge Mode as Electro is radiating from his body.

"Dammit! I'm swear that one of your parents is a living bomb or something." said Steel to Jack.

The flame on Leo's head turned from red into a bright yellow color. "Primo Respiro: Sole" An incredible and choking heat began to be emitted off of Leo as his body began to emit a massive fire and was compressed down into his body with both fists, feet, knee and forehead covered in flames. With a lethal look in his eyes he taunted Yang "Let's go."

Yang's unique purple Electro starts to settle down around him a bit as he smiles fiercely. "Careful what you wish for! Electro..." said Yang as he instantly disappears and reappears a lot closer to Leo. It wasn't teleportion but instead his increbile speed increase from his Surge Mode.

"...Sūpāboruto!" yelled out Yang as he send a stream of electricity toward Leo that combined together in the shape of a spear.

Leo smiled as he allowed the lightning go though his body using his logia ability to do so and raised his hand just as quickly, "artiglio di tigre rossa" he then swings his hand sending a giant sized claw of fire at Yang.

"Right forgot this guy is made of fire!" said Yang who looks at the attack coming at him. "Now, what did Axie told me how to use that haki? Just focus it on a certain body part and I can hurt this guy? Let's try it!" said Yang who was able to halfway harden up his arm with Haki.

"Damn, it's not all the way but it should still allow me to touch this guy! Now then, Electro: Burakkuboruto!" said Yang as he uses his haki armored arm powered with Electro to intercept Leo's attack being allow to touch it thanks to Haki. His lower arm does get singed a bit since only half his arm was hardened up. "It's not perfect but good enough!"

As Leo took the Electro when their attacks met but his flames surged and began to spread just as quickly as the electro did! "Ha! That really all you got!" Leo called as the flames on his elbows began to function like a rocket thruster adding more power to is attack as it released a giant burst of flames!

"Not bad Fireman but I'm not done getting serious! I'll slice through that move like it's nothing!" said Yang as he starts to form two large swords made of his on Electro and he uses them to cut a way though the fire that was headed his way.

"Electro: Leizhenzi!" said Yang as he smirks. "You're fire is tough but my Electro is a lot tougher Fireman!

"HEY YOU NUMBSKULLS!!! We got what we came for. So stop fighting like children and let's get going." John says.

"And I'm sure one of your parents was the type to prevent you from going outside so you don't get struck by lightning or say something that would summon a monster." Jack says to Steel.

"Heh, my mom probably but my dad didn't really care about that so much... Hey wait, why am I telling YOU my backstory?" said Steel.

"Awwww....but I already used my Leizhenzi and everything! I was gonna hit Fireman with my Electro swords!" said Yang.

The flames surrounding Leo shaped themselves into a ball of fire and then took the shape if a massive lion. "Hey Fuzzball, we're akready in this deep. Your choice, you wanna back off or you wanna find out which if us is th-"

"IDIOT!!!" An annoyed and pissed off roar was heard as a swift chop landed on Leo's head by small delicate hand! "Stop! Stop it now!" It was Mari who appeared behind Leo.

"Mari! What the -" Leo was then interrupted by Mari grabbing and pulling Leo by the ear!

"I don't want to hear it! You said if we let you off the ship you wouldn't do this! We're going to the ship now!"

"Not if we can help it." Some marines approach them. There was three marine men in white coats with a woman."Is this the groups that were disturbing the peace madam?"

"Yes,that boy right there and that ugly cat guy there too." the woman said.

Then a man runs to the marines,"Marines,our priest is to be kidnapped by an elf,a clown,and a dude in a strange hat. If you see those three anytime around with the priest,can you arrest them."

The leading marine looked at the three behind Leo and Yang and then said,"Looks like they're the ones. Looks like we're arresting y'all."


"Oh yeah,I told the church that I would be kidnapped with a description of you three." the priest then says in a super calm way.


The Marines that were there quickly placed their attention to Leo and pointed their guns at him. Just as they did the barrels of their guns are sliced in half as a silent and angry Tsuki stood in front of them.

"Oh? Don't you dare point your toys at my Captain or on Lady Mari." Tsuki threatens as her crimson eyes looked like two pools of deep blood while she raises her sword up. "Or should i give you a reason to back away? Idiots"


"Whooah! She's really strong! Hey! I wanted to electrify them with my sword!" said Yang who still had his weapon out.

"Uhh,what should we do??" John asks himself.

"Maybe you guys should act like pirates and kill these marines." The priest says in a calm tone.


"I have an idea." Jack says. He puts his buzzer on his palm and then slams his palm into the ground. Electricity hits the marines and nearly fries them.

"Uhh,what now?" John asks.

"Next." Jack says,"We run." Jack then screams and then runs away from the scene.

"Ugh I really need to rethink my life choices! Lets go Yang...YANG!!!"

Yang can be seen trying to do the same thing Jack was doing.

"How that guy did it? It looked sooo cool!" said Yang but was quickly picked up by Steel and runs off.

"COME ON! NO TIME FOR YOU TO BE ACTING LIKE YOU!!!" said Steel running off.

"Why are we running?" The priest says while running with them,"You guys should've killed them off."

"SHUT UP!!" John yells to the priest.

John then turn towards the other guys while they were running,"I forgot,the wedding is tomorrow afternoon. You guys can come to the ship in the morning to help some of us prepare for the wedding."

"What would I do in a wedding?" Jack asks himself,"I know,Fireworks man!"

"Fireworks sounds cool! I could make some lightning works as well!" said an excited Yang.

"That's not a wedding, that's a freaking wildfire waiting to happen..." said Steel.

"Wedding? Fireworks? Count me i" Leo was excited when overhearing the other pirates before being interrupted by Mari pulling his ear downward!

"We are going back to the ship! You're grounded! No more off the ship!" Mari barked her orders at Leo and tightened her grip on his ears, "This is what happens when you decide to be an idiot!"

"B-but Mari..."

"Don't you 'b-but mari' me! You said you'd just go out to eat! Next thing I know you're out here fighting!" Mari the pauses to pull him forward, "How do you think it feels not knowing when you're okay and then you come back and leave again!? It's horrible Leo!"


"No! We're going to the ship now! We'll have Jo make you food! Now let's go!"

"Uhh,excuse me ma'am?" John says as he's walking towards Mari. He takes off his hat at the lady then says,"You and your crew here are invited to a wedding tomorrow. With your supervision,they can come. And I guarantee nothing but a nice quiet party."

"WITH FIREWORKS!!" Jack says.

"Maybe with some firecrackers." John then says reluctantly.

Mari then turned over to look at John, "Of course, thank you for inviting us. We do have plans on leaving tomorrow so we'll stop by before we leave. I'll make sure Leo's on his best behavior."

"Heh...."nice and quiet" he says. This will be fun." said Steel in a sarcastic tone.

"Indeed Steelie! Henni can even help prep something nice for us!" said Yang.

"I WAS BEING SARCASTIC! But fine hopefully it will go better with Keyes is around..." said Steel.

"Thank you madam," John says,"I can't wait to see you and your crew there." John then goes toward Yang and Steel,"So,I think we should go back now,since we have the priest."

"Say,after this should we just fry him up?" Jack asks about the priest,"I don't understand how the people could stand someone like him."

"I think they just feel pitiful." John says,"I say we're just going to throw him into a boat and he can row his way back,if he knows the way back."

"You guys aren't going to recruit me?" the priest asks.

"WHY WOULD WE!!" John and Steel would then yell.

"I know we're pirates but damn have some tact. At least have Yang her fly him back afterwards." said Steel.

"Oh sure! But first the party right? I'm SUPER pumped for this!" said Yang with Electro sparking around him.

"Easy! I know your pumped but careful with friendly fire! Or I guess in this case, electricity..." said Steel.

"Ok then," John said,"I'm leaving the crazy priest into your hands and you guys can take him back."

"You guys aren't going to eat me like every pirate does?" the priest asks with a smile and calm sense.

"WE'RE NOT CANNIBALS!!!" John then yells,"This man already gives me a headache. Say how about we ride on those giant croc taxis to get back to the docks." John says as he points out the man that has a carriage on top of an crocodile.

"That guy is a pain in the ass though I'll admit..." said Steel agreeing.

"But at least he's pretty nice!" said Yang.

"Anyone who is nice to you seems nice in your sense. That bit you in the ass before remember?" said Steel.

"Yeah, but Cres is part of our crew now! So no worries!" said Yang.

"OOOOO, a crocodile ride!" Jack says looking at the crocodile carriage ride. The crocodile was massive with the small carriage on the back of the crocodile.

"The ride is Bsymbol.gif 1,000 per mile." The driver said noticing the pirates looking at him.

"Easy money." John said. He then pulled out the money they gotten the other day by swindling the folks in the market. And pays the man the amount that it would take them to the docks.

"You guys aren't going to steal it?" the priest then asks.

"WE DON'T NEED TO!!!" John says,"Anyways,you guys going to hop on?" John says as he's climbing up the ladder to get up to the carriage on the crocodile.

"The view is great from here!" Jack says,"I can see our ships from here."

"WHOA!!! This thing is cool! We need to get one of these crocodiles as well!" said Yang.

"One, where the hell are we going put one of these massive things and two HELL NO!!!" said Steel. "Also, yes, finally back to our ships it appears."

The four and the priest make it back to the docks. They all walked back to Yang's ship. Alice and Keyes were still talking to each other.

"Hey Alice," John said,"How did things go?"

"Fine for me." Alice said,"Me and Keyes talked the whole time."

"Yeah,It's right now late afternoon already." John said,"We got a priest for tomorrow."

"I would need to talk to you two before the wedding tomorrow." The priest said,"I need to talk about what you two are heading into."

"Was it a hassle to get him?" Alice asked.

"Ask him." John said pointing at Steel.

"W-Why me?! But anyway, the guy was TOO eager to go. Like he is nice but in an insanely creepy way..." said Steel who was still weirded out by how the priest acted.

"Yeah," John said,"Said that God told him we were coming,and he looks not terrified by that." John says as he looks at the priest, who was on his knees and praying.

"Anyways,what have you guys been doing?" John says to Keyes.

"Meh, just been hanging out around the ship. Reddi has been trying to do one-on-one time with us to get to know her better. She says she likes all of us except for Steel. He is a bonehead so I don't blame her." said Keyes.


John laughs then says,"Really,I thought I was told that he keeps getting smashed on at night by some gruesome,yet beautiful creature from what I heard."

"I'm sure that must be nice to be with another wolf isn't it Mr.Elf Wolf." Jack said annoying Steel.

"And NOW the Crazy Clown is on me as well!" said an even angrier Steel.

"Hah. I'm totally going to call you that a lot." said Keyes.

"He's still Wolfie to me." said Reddi sternly.

"Steelie getting cool nicknames! I'm gonna call you Big Bad Wolf since you like to huff and puff a lot!" said Yang.

"One day, I will gain tremendous power. I will use that power to accomplish my goals then strike you all down!" said Steel.

"I'm sure you will." John says giving Steel a pat in the back."But till then,you just gonna have to deal with trying to keep your sanity."

"Oh look at the time." Jack says,"I'm sure I'll be needed at the ship. Especially we won't know when Davi might be giving birth. Then I'll need to call those SAS Storks. I'm going to have a bothersome evening and morning. Can't wait to see y'all at the wedding tomorrow. TTFN,Ta ta for now,hee hee ha ha HA HA!!" Jack says this as he walks away from the ship.

"Boy,that guy is creepy." John says,"Anyway,I know that the priest wants to talk to us two. So me and Alice will take the priest to our place and talk. See you guys." John and Alice walk away with the priest.

"Well looks like we better get some shut eye before their big day tomorrow huh?" said Steel.

"This is going to be so much fun! I've been to a lot of weddings back on Chau and they were often the same so this one will be nice and different!" said Yang.

"Right. You had those fancier weddings." said Keyes.

"Yeah. Dad always wants me to attend an extra special one when I get married but I wanna have fun as a pirate first!" said Yang.

"But you don't have to not get married and not be a pirate. Just look at John and Alice!" said Steel.

"Forgot I'm royalty Big Bad Wolf! If I get married, I end up being king! Though dad did say I can still be married and be a pirate..." said Yang pondering to himself.


"I'm heading inside now. We will be attending the wedding tomorrow. It will be a joyous occassion. Wolfie, I'm taking your bed again. You can have the floor as always." said Reddi as she heads inside.

"OH HELL NO!!! THAT'S MY BED FOR A REASON!!!" yelled Steel as he went after here.

"Welp. Not much else to do. Lets go inside captain." said Keyes heading inside.

"Righto!" said Yang following her inside.

A Wonder Wedding

In the morning,Tim and Billy were walking to Yang's ship while Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum went to Jack's ship.

At Yang's ship,Tim and Billy knocked on the door that enters the inside of the ship. No one answered immediately.

"No one answered,why not we just go home and leave." Billy says trying to leave.

"Shut up,dodo brain." Tim says,"Even though you think your not a pirate,you being a con man and you having log poses is enough for us to have you as our navigator." Tim holds on to Billy while they were waiting.

The first one who comes downstairs to greet them eventually is Hooke.

"Ah, it is the pirates from John's crew. I do see you are ready for the festivities." said Hooke.

"Yeah,well,John wanted to talk to Yang before the wedding,which is later in the afternoon,so I'm just here to get you guys up and ready while Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum go over to Jack's ship. Also,Alice did say something about a cake that was made by someone by the name of Devi and your cook? She said that is was to be a large and colorful cake. As she noticed our cook doesn't know how to make a cake." Tim says to Hooke.

"Indeed. Devi and Henni are almost complete with the cake in question and Yang is awake. He is upstairs trying to, hmm, get Steel to drink that weird drink that the Horu Horu no Mi user of Jack's crew made for him." said Hooke.

From upstairs, Yang can be heard messing around with Steel.

"Come on BBW! You'll look prettier in a dress! Just drink iiiiit!" said Yang.

"ONE, STOP CALLING ME THAT AND TWO HELL NO!!! BEING A GIRL IS WEIRD FOR ME!!!" said Steel yelling from upstairs.

"It is...a rather slow start for those two as it would seem..." said Hooke with a sigh which is rather rare from him.

"I see that." Tim says,"Say is Finn coming around,I'm hoping we can talk about ship designs and tips at the reception tomorrow over some nice ale or whatever drinks they have."

"A conquidence, Finn is just over in the living room fixing up a door that was demolished by Steel last night." said Hooke pointing over to the living room. "Finn, you have someone that want to take with you." said Hooke calling out to Finn.

"Aye, good timing. Just got done fixing that door Steel rampaged through last night. I don't know how Dog Breath even tore that door to pieces like that but it's a mystery to that dumbass' head. Aye...Crescent's habit starting to rub off on me now. Anyway! Someone needed me?" said Finn noticing Tim. "Ah Tim! Need me for something huh? Some other building tips perhaps?"

"Yeah," Tim said,"Based on your experience,where do you think you've found the best wood to use? And did we use the best wood out there four our ship?"

"Hello boys." Jack says coming into the ship."These two small minks were telling me about a wedding." Jack was wearing a white suit with a light blue shirt under it. He was also wearing a white tie.

"Well, I've used many different types of wood in me life for building and crafting and such. However, nothing beats adam from the rare Treasure Tree Adam. Though they were rare but they started to be more uncommon throughout the world. I'd say, thanks to Keyes, I was able to find some in one of the trading stores in that Alabasta town. I used this type of wood for our ship that took me nearly a week to made but I'm sure it will do you kindly as well!" said Finn.

Hooke then looks at Jack. "Ah, Crackerjack. I see you're already prepared for the wedding." Hooke said.

"Well thanks for letting me know." Tim says,"Hopefully we can talk more over some ale at the party."

"Yes I am," Jack said to Hooke,"Just had to get on my suede after Davida gave birth. She was in labor early this morning,so me and Harley were trying to help her. I am waiting for the Stork to come soon so we can give the baby to him and be done with the baby."

"Ah. At least someone else has had an interesting morning." said Hooke.

Suddenly, Yang and Steel suddenly come down the stairs still wrestling.


"YES BBW! You'll look pretty in that dress! Trust me!" said Yang trying to force the drink into him. He then suddenly spots Jack and Tim. "Oh! Morning guys!"

"Morning Yang," Tim said,"You want to come by John's ship soon. I'm sure he needs some pump up before his big moment."

"Hey White Rabbit." Jack said,"Might want to keep the dodo on a leash." He points to Billy,who was at the edge of the ship,looking like he could fall at any moment.

"This ship is awfully high." The navigator said.

"Oh really? Okay! I can go meet him!" said Yang who went to go see John and also took off with the drink.

"I know it was unintentional but you saved me from that mad tiger that keeps trying to make me into a girl..." said Steel who got up and dusts himself off.

"Well,I can fix that right now if ya wanna. I can go get Jennifer and see if she's interested in changing your gender again." Jack says to Steel.

"HEY Bill. Don't be going near the ship. Your a devil fruit user." Tim says as he picks up Billy again."We don't want you sinking into the bottomless depths of water. I'll be walking with Yang and the hedgehog minks." Tim said as he gets off of the ship.

"Hahahaha yeah no thanks... I think Yang would prefer that more. At least to get him from stop bugging me about changing my gender..." said Steel.

Yang, meanwhile, makes it to John's lab but rushes in accidentally breaks the door.

"Hey there Jonnie! Oh, uh, I can fix that! Or rather Finn can fix that!" said Yang.

"Oh...Hey Yang." John said tiredly to Yang,"Couldn't sleep last night,so I tried to make a special concoction to make me an energy drink. But unfortunately,I exploded a snail in the process to make sure the energy drink wouldn't kill me." John is still in his nighttime wear (an Undershirt and some shorts) but there was slime all over him.

Yang tilts his head back and forth to the sides. "You're tired? A special drink? Snails? And all that slime on you?" he said also noticing what he was wearing. "Is this like a special tradition before your wedding?" Yang asked not knowing much about how weddings are outside of Chau so he thinks how John is now is customary.

John makes a tired laugh before he answers,"No,No not at all. This is me being a whack job and being a nervous wreck before a wedding. My suit is over in my room,top hat and everything." John points to the direction of his room while standing up. John was still shaken up by the explosion made by the snail."I think I'll need another snail." John says as he tries to get another snail.

"Uh, I don't think the snail will help ya in this case. But being nervous is fine! Dad always told me being nervous for a wedding is always a nervous thing! But it'll go away once you, uh, what he said... "Breach the falter and pray to your cows?" I can't remember I was young when Chau had a last major wedding but yeah! Don't be nervous or mess with snails Jonnie!" said Yang with a smile.

John laughs at what Yang said then said,"Yeah,you're right Yang. But what is with Breaching a falter and praying to cows. And you thought us humans had weird traditions.:

"Nyeh! I was just saying what I could remember! I was like 5 when I attended the last one and I wasn't paying too much attention. Though Dad kept trying to get me to understand since he's hoping I get married one day but that won't be in forever! But you're okay now it seems right?" said Yang.

John leaves out a content sigh then says,"Yeah,I think I am. Doesn't help me with getting some energy,maybe I should just go grab some coffee and then get my outfit...Thanks Yang."

"Anytime! Heh, I can give good speeches without needing Hookie or Finny! BBW owes me a bunch of pears! Super sized!" said Yang who was happy to help out before stepping outside to let John get ready.

Tim walked by and noticed Yang next to the broken door,"HEY YANG!!!" Tim said,"Can't you not ever break a door,we just builded that two days ago!."

Time flies a bit,it is about 2 hours before the wedding. Everyone is there except for Leo's crew. Davida was there talking to Jack with the baby on her and the Stork in between them.

"But Jack.." Davida said,"Why not I have him a little longer?"

"We can't Davi," Jack said,"It's too dangerous for a baby to be involved in a pirates life. And what's with you now,you were willing to give a baby to the stork willingly beside the first one,you were kinda clingy on that one not gonna lie."

"Can you two quickly get this over with." The Stork said,"I got places to go,places to be."

"You can wait there till I say so." Jack said.

Meanwhile,Steel,Hooke,and others were noticing the little scene Jack and Davida were making.

"That is still one weird as hell devil fruit... I'm glad I don't have to deal with something like that..." said Steel.

"It is a rather interesting power. However, there are far more "weirder" ones." said Hooke.

"Aye...I never get ye Devil Fruit users. Then again, I"m a Fish Man and I have no need for one. I do like me swimming. I need to keep Yang out of the water anyway..." said Finn.

"A devil fruit that can make others pregnant including dudes? The fuck?" said Keyes as she took steps back.

"Cake's almost ready! Huh?" said Henni who was already in her chicken form and watches the events as well. "Ooohkie?"

"Come on,please Davi,do it for your crew before we end up killing ourselves for the baby,the baby will have a better life somewhere else than being involved with pirates." Jack pleads to Davida.

Davida sighs and then kisses the baby and then gives it to the stork. The stork gets a large napkin then places the baby in the napkin. He then picks up the two ends of the napkin and places it in the mouth."That'll be Bsymbol.gif 50,000."

"Sheezus." Jack says,"You guys sure like to rip people off these days." Jack says as he pays the stork the money,"Now scram."

The stork then flies off with the baby in the napkin.

"Has anyone seen the priest?" Tim asks,"He hasn't appeared lately."

"Has anyone seen my daughter?" Patrick said,"I mean my adopted daughter Jamie,Have you seen her Reddi?"

"Has anyone seen my twin Johnny?" Calie said,"I haven't seen him since this morning."

"No, I haven't seen her lately." said Reddi to Patrick.

"The priest is gone? He was with the couple the last time I saw him." said Steel.

"Well he isn't now." Tim said,"I was just with John,and he said that them two will see the priest again at the wedding."

"Jamie wasn't with me and Violet helping older sister Alice with her dress." Calie said.

"Wouldn't Johnny be downstairs fixing something up before the wedding?" Tim asked Calie.

"I looked there and he wasn't there." Calie said.

"Well...this escalated quickly." Hak said,who was mostly just being quiet and smoking a hookah.

"The hell is with all of these people going missing on the wedding day? I thought you guys would be a lot more organized about something important like this..." said Steel scratching his head.

"Says the mutt who keeps his dirty laundry over the floor instead of in a laundry bag like a decent person." said Reddi.


"Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,go look around the ship,same with you Billy." Tim said to Billy and the two minks.

"Why you having the two idiots look for a priest and a woman and a boy." Jack asks.

"Heh, you should go with them. Add in a third idiot to the bunch." said Steel snarkly toward Jack.

"Says the bigger idiot of the bunch." said Reddi.

"I knew you were going to say that so I'm not going to even acknowledge you!" said Steel.

"OHHH,Why so serious?" Jack asks Steel,"Maybe I should have Jennifer come by. Actually,she is here." Jack says as he turns around and see Jennifer.

"Hey there cutie,I see you already have a woman in your life." Jennifer says,"Maybe you can add another one?" She spoke flirtatiously.

"One, I don't have one in my life! And two, HOW ABOUT NO?!?" said Steel backing up to the door.

"His afraid of commitment. He will grow old and die miserable that he never had the balls to confess his love to a girl." said Reddi.


"Whoooof, I felt that one myself." Jack said,hearing the insult from Reddi.

Tweedle Dee is then running at Tim and then saying,"TIM WE FOUND THEM!!!"

"Where are they?" Tim said.

"Oh They're having a great time." Tweedle dee says with hearts in his eyes,having some wild imagination."You should come see. Bill and Tweedle Dum are down there supervising the priest and the two of them.

"With that look in your eyes. I don't like it." Tim says,"Hey Steel,you're coming with me. Maybe that woman too,whichever you decide."

"ooh can I come?" Jennifer says,"I promise to not stab you in the back." She is saying to Steel.

"Why do they have to come...? AND WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT SUPPOSED MEAN?!" said Steel yelling the last part to Jennifer.

"I'm going even if he protests against it." said Reddi.

"Glad I don't have to waste my breath saying so..." said Steel.

"Good, because it stinks up the place whenever you talk." said Reddi holding her nose.

"SCREW YOU!!!" said Steel.

"I don't want to go anyway." Jennifer said,"I'll stay here."

"I'll come why not." Jack said,"Wonder what's with the look this little guy has."

Tim,Tweedle Dee,Jack,Steel,and Reddi walk to where Tweedle Dee said was where they were at. There they found the priest,Billy,and Tweedle Dum looking inside a room. The room is a steam bath room. The three had a very peculiar look looking at the steam bathroom.

"What the hell are you three doing?" Tim asked.

"Watching someone take a bath." Billy said,"Or two people taking a bath."

"You guys must have perverted thoughts. I can tell." said Steel in a deadpan tone.

"Says the biggest perv here." said Reddi.

"WHAT?!?! I'm LITERALLY the least perveted here!" said Steel.

"That's not what captain Yang told me. You've done a great evil in the past and now i see you as the biggest perv of them all." said Reddi sternly.


"Well We at least found the priest." Jack said,"Even though seems even a priest has its own sins."

"Well,who is using the steam bathroom at this time?" Tim says as he opens the door fully.

Inside the bathroom,covered by steam,was a intimate session going on between Jamie and Johnny.

"Johnny?" Tim said being able to look above the steam,"What are you two doing."

"It was her idea." Johnny said.

"And you fell with her." Tim said,"Whatever,when you two are done.Come up to the top deck,the wedding should be starting in about 45 minutes."

"Uhh,Sure thing." Johnny said. Johnny was then immediately covered up by Jamie who was on top of him.

"That isn't what Johnny does usually." Tim said about to close the door.

"Keep the door open please?!?!" Billy,Tweedle Dee,Tweedle Dum,and the priest ask Tim.

"You guys are a bunch of idiots..." said Steel with a deadpan.

"Says the-" Reddi says before being cut off by Steel.

"DON'T SAY IT!" said Steel with a stern look.

"...Bigger idiot." said Reddi.

Steel simply face-palms before speaking. "So wedding in 45 minutes. Better focus on that then." said Steel.

"Yeah,and take these guys up to the Wedding,especially the priest." Tim says as he grabs the priest.

They all walk up to the top deck. Seems that it was decorated a bit awhile they were downstairs.

"So did you guys find my daughter?" Asked Patrick.

"And What of my twin brother?" Calie said.

"Nah... Seems like we still have some no-shows. I wonder where they're at?" said Steel.

"Indeed. I do wonder where they have went? Although the decorations are nice." said Reddi.

"Did...you just agree with me on something?" said Steel.

"What? I wasn't even paying you any mind Idiot." said Reddi.

"I knew that was too good to be true...Fact 101: Never get your hopes up..." said Steel.

"Ohh,you're going to be the smart one and hide it ehh." Jack says,"Well,Them two are right now in the Steam Bathrooms having some aggressive cuddling with each other."

"WHAT!!" Calie said,"He wouldn't do anything like that normally!"

Patrick laughs then says,"Jamie is the seductive type. And she did seem to like Johnny,and she noticed Johnny was paying attention to her. Seems Johnny likes her,and Jamie likes him. This ain't the first time." Patrick says as he laughs,"I might want to go down there and see how they're doing."

"Everyone is too frisky this close to a wedding..." said Steel.

Reddi suddenly steps beside him before saying "Captain told me to keep close eyes on you since you can do the same..."


"Yo!" a loud uproar was heard as Leo appeared wearing a suave black suit, tie, a black fedora to match it. "We're here! Let' get this marriage thing going! I brought the fireworks, Mari brought the tears!"

"I'm not crying!" Mari shrieked as she slapped Leo on he back of his head! She was wearing an elegant light blue dress which showed a bit of cleavage, a silver tiara. "Idiot."

"Hi! Glad to see you guys weren't killed back at the desert." Sofa says as she wore her usual outfit, not really dressing up for the event, even brought her trident along. "This will be fun, pirate weddings are usually interesting."

"Sorry if we're late, Leo was... let's just say causing problems." Merlin apologizes wearing the same suit as Leo except missing the fedora and cloak.

"Whoo! I am back!" said Yang who was wearing a full white suit with some green in it that matches his eyes and a hat. "Oh, heyo Fireman! That suit looks nice on ya!" said Yang.

"Dammit Yang! I thought you were going to wear black and green! With that white suit, it looks like you're naked for the most part..." said Steel.

"But I like wearing white! I always wore this back on Chau so I don't know why it's a problem!" said Yang with a pout.

"Glad the crews we invited are here." Tim said,"Hope it ain't taking too long for John and Alice to be ready."

"I haven't heard from John lately." Hak said,"Last time I saw him was in the kitchen getting coffee."

"Me and Violet are helping out Alice getting her dress ready" Calie said,"Which reminds me I should go back and help her." Calie says as she walks back.

"Hello everyone." Johnny said rising from the bottom levels."Sorry for being late.I was being a gentlemen to Jamie here." Johnny was wearing a black tuxedo with a very long cape.

"Yeah,he was sure being a great help to me." Jamie said.Wearing a slim black dress,showing off her cleavage.

"I'm sure he didn't mind hugging you." Jack said teasingly.

Finn and Rooke also appear gathering up with the rest.

"Aye...this suit is a bit tight around the muscles...but it seems like all who is attending it is here!" said Finn wearing a sleek silver tux.

"This suit was indeed a good choice. I would need to give my thanks to Deva later." said Hooke who was wearing a black and orange suit.

"Heh, nice suit Chum Breath." said Steel.

"Thanks. What are you going? Some fantasy parade?" said Finn mocking Steel's rather glittery suit.

"It is stupid." said Reddi.

"Shut it! I like it and that what counts!" said Steel.

"Fuzzball! Back at ya! Wanna pick up where we left off the other.." Leo greets Yang but quickly had his ear pulled.

"No!" Mari protested Leo's idea, "Don't even start." She then looked over and saw Leo looking at Reddi from head to toe and pinched his ear harder!

"Ow! ow! ow!!!"

"Well,looks like everyone is here." Tim said,"Now EVERYONE!!" Tim said getting everyone his attention."Now John did ask for some groomsmen. He asked if I,Steel,Leo,and Yang be that. Alice did ask Devi to be a bridesmaid with Alice's sisters Calie and Violet,and if any other girl is willing to be another bridesmaid that would be appreciated. Now let's get some chairs setted up."

"What,he didn't ask me to be a groomsman?" Jack said,"I'm kinda disappointed."

"Groomsmen? What's that?" Leo asked as Mari let's his ear go. "What's that? Do we get to eat? Or fight?"

"Leo...you..." Merlin groaned as he looked down at his clueless captain. "No, no to all of that." He then leaned over and began to explain what a groomsmen is.

"Ohhh... Sounds boring. Do I have to do that?" Leo bluntly asks.

"Don't be rude!" Merlin yelled as he ram his fist onto the center of Leo's head! "Be polite and say thank you!"

"Thank you!" Leo cheerfully replied.

"Cool! I'm a groomsman! That means we are supposed to groom each other right?" Yang asked Steel.

"Wait, WHAT!? HELL NO! You probably been to more weddings than anyone here so how you not know what a groomsman is?" said Steel.

"Derr BBW! I was 5 when I last been to one! Or at least payed attention! So of course I wouldn't know or remember what one is!" said Yang who sounded pleased with his response.

Steel gives himself an epic face-palm. "Just....follow me lead....it's not difficult." said Steel.

"Alright." Tim said,"Is that all the chairs set up?"

"I think so." Patrick said.

"Alright,where is the priest?" Tim said."Get over here priest." Tim says to the priest who was over there praying.

"The name is Father Ali." the priest says.

"Well get over here Father so we can get started." Tim said."And the groomsmen and bridesmaids get into position. Groomsmen on left,bridesmaids on the right."

Everyone gets into position,either they are seated or in the groomsmen or bridesmaid position. The bridesmaid were still missing one person.

"We still need another woman to become a bridesmaid." Tim said noticing a missing bridesmaid beside Keyes,Calie,and Violet there.

"Well, you should try it Reddi. And I am NOT trying to be mean or anything! Just a suggestion!" said Steel.

"..." was all Reddi could say while looking at Steel with a scowl.

"Hey Reddi! I think you'll be good as a bridesmaid as well!" said Yang.

"Then I will be the final bridesmaid. Thank you for the suggestion captain Yang." said Reddi.

"You're welcome!" said Yang.

Steel just looks with a dumbfounded look on his face. "Did I mention I hate everyone and everything?" said Steel.

Leo looked at Reddi walk forward and took her place with the bridesmaids, with an interested and soft smile.

"You see it too don't you?" Merlin asked Mari as he observed Leo checking out Reddi. "Maybe you should've been the last bridesmaid."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Mari responded ignoring Merlin's claim. "I don't like weddings all that much anyway."

"Not the wedding I was talking about. You see him checking her out, don't play the fool."

"The only fool is you, thinking I care about who he finds attractive or doesn't. That idiot can look at anyone he wants for all I care."


"Hey...that fire guy seems to be looking at Reddi a lot." Steel whispered to Yang.

"You like her dontcya? You're jealous!" said Yang.

"HE-- Hell no! Why would I be jealous of someone that ALWAYS picking on me?" said Steel.

"Dad told me if a girl keeps picking on you, she likes ya!" said Yang.

"How the hell you remember something like that? You're no love expert or anything." said Steel.

"Experience!" said Yang.

"Wait, what? Experience? You had girls pick on you before?" asked Steel.

"Well, when I say that, they just love to pick at my fur!" said Yang.

"You're an idiot you know that right?" said Steel with a deadpan look.

"Beh! If Fire Guy keeps looking at her, I can kick his ass later for you!" said Yang.

"Greeeeat! That will make me feel muuuuuch better...wait I am NOT jealous!" said Steel.

Alice is then appearing out from downstairs. She is wearing a very slim looking white dress. Her cleavage is revealed to be larger than what is usually known to the people. As she is walking up,Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are having bleeding noses. She arrives to be right next to her maids.

"Thank you all for being my bridesmaids." Alice says.

"Wasn't John to come first?" Tim said.

"I didn't know who should be first." Alice said.

"Well where is he anyway,anyone seen him?" Tim asked.

"Does he have stomachs in his butterflies?" said Yang.

"You got it backwards dude." said Steel.

"Or maybe he is having fun with snails again?" said Yang.

"The hell does that mean?" said Steel.

"...I woder what food they're gonna have." Leo thought to himself completely oblivious of what was going on. "I hope it's pizza...or chicken. Yeah, chicken. Wait, wat about chicken Pizza? Yeah!"

Suddenly a giant puff of smoke is created in between the row of seats. The smoke was so thick and big,that no one noticed anything or anyone in the giant smoke. But then suddenly,John walks out of the smoke,wearing a white suit with a long white cape. He also has a white top hat.

John walks out of the smoke and walks to where he is to be."Gentlemen." John says to his groomsmen,"Beautiful day for a wedding." He is saying this with much confidence.

"Whooooooah! That looks cool! I wonder he did used snails?" said Yang.

"Had a feeling he was just going to look flashy..." said Steel to himself.

"So cool!" Leo exclaimed with excitement.

"...lame" Merlin and Mari thought to themselves not being fans of all the smoke.

"COOL!!!" Leo continued to exclaim.

"Glad everyone can make it." John says,"Excuse me for my fashionably late entrance. I see not much were impressed. He says as he was looking at Merlin,Steel,and Meri who had unimpressed faces."Anyways let's get started."

"Ok then." the priest says."Thank you for everyone for coming to this holy day for this young couple. Today there will be no dearly beloved, no betrothed, and no ancient rhyme of the married. Today there are no dead languages to solemnize vows that are very much alive and will remain so for a lifetime. Today promises become permanent and friends become family. However, this day is not about the words spoken or the rings exchanged, nor is it about grand pronouncements and recessional marches. This day — the day of John and Alice’s wedding — is about love. A wise man once said, If love is not all, then it is nothing: this principle, and its opposite, collide down all the years of my breathless tale.” John and Alice, your breathless tale is about to begin. If love is not all, then it is nothing. Its opposite — If love is all, then it is everything — is going to be the basis for every aspect of your relationship. All you have to do is simply love one another and that love shows through in everything you do for one another, how you treat each other, in good times and bad. Love isn’t just a word; it’s an action. Love isn’t something you say, it’s something you do. Love is genuine, honest, and open, compassionate and kind, passionate and blind, love doesn’t know space or time, nor look through jealous eyes, and in the words of another wise man, Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never dies. There are many different kinds of love, almost if not all of which are represented here today. There is romantic love, the love of parents and children, of brothers and sisters and family, and love among friends. Not only do John and Alice love one another romantically — and they do, you can see it in every look, every touch, every moment they’re together — they also love one another as friends. In fact, they’re best friends, constantly giggling and taunting and teasing and very plainly and obviously having fun together. That love and enjoyment of each other as best friends will sustain them through this marriage. In addition, the love collectively in this room, from friends and family, will help sustain and support the promises they make today. All of us here will help solidify this bond, as these two individuals are joined as husband and wife. This new journey will be at times richly rewarding and extremely difficult, but, most importantly, it will be a journey you take together. Marriage is much more than your signatures on a legal contract. You are promising, in front of all these people you love, that you want to be with each other and only each other for the rest of your lives, and that you will do everything in your power to honor the promises you are making here today. For their part, the people who love you will also do everything in their power to try to help you hold up your end of the bargain.

Meanwhile the priest was making this EXTRA long speech. Some were thinking amongst themselves.

"So this is a non-Chau traditional wedding! I didn't know the speeches are this long! I wonder if that'll mean the banquet after this will be longer as well!" said Yang who was thinking to himself.

"Dammit...why does Reddi have to look cute in that dress? She's like an evil kitty! Cute on the outside but vicious on the inside..." Steel thought to himself.

"....That idiot's suit is still ridiculous but it does make him look cute." Reddi thought to herself.

"Aye...I probably shouldn't have stay up too late last night...feeling tired...and this suit is too damn tight..." Finn thought to himself trying to keep himself awake.

"This priest surely does know what he is doing judging by this long speech. He certainly is of the highest caliber of priests." Hooke thought himself.

"Why are they called chicken fingers? Chickens don't have hands...or do they?" Leo thought as he could feel his stomach growl silently. "Do they serve chicken fingers at weddings? Or pizza? Pizza and chicken fingers! Yeah!"

"Why did Mari volunteer us to come? haaaah." Merlin thought bored of the whole ceremoney.

"Jeeez! I'm royalty and our weddings don't even drag this long." Mari thought.

"Captain looks hungry," Sofia thought, "Chicken? Pizza? Hamburgers? No, maybe a mix of these?"

"Alright,time for the big moment." The priest said,"You two have the rings?"

"Do you have them John?" Alice asks.

John then gets out two marbles out of his pockets then gives them to the priest.

"These are marbles..." Father Ali says. But as he says that,John snaps his fingers,and rings would appear in place of the marbles."Ohh,one of those unholy devil fruit users."

"Well,some fruits I can consider holy." John says,"But continue."

"Will you two say to each other,"I will love and honor you all the days of my life""

John and Alice then say that to each other,with Alice saying it first then John.

The priest then blesses John and Alice and then joins the hands of Alice of John together then says to Alice."Do you take John as your lawful husband,to have and to hold,from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

"I do" Alice says choking up a bit.

"And do you John take Alice as your lawful wife,to have and to hold,from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" The priest then says to John.

John literally had the thought of interrupting the priest while he was saying that speech,but figured Alice wouldn't be so happy.

"I do." John says with a bright smile.

The priest then places Alice's ring on her ring finger on her right hand. And he also places John's ring on his ring finger on his left hand.

"I declare you two husband and wife now,you may kiss the bride John." Father Ali says.

John,being shorter than Alice by over 2 feet (John is 6' 11",Alice is 9'), John tries to reach up to her lips. But Alice just drops down and kisses John in the lips,catching John off-guard.

"Yay! Heh heh she was taller than him so she had to duck down. Is that tradition as well?" said Yang.

"No dude no but congrats to the new couple!" said Steel who was clapping.

"Awey tis' be a grand occasion huh? And it snapped me awake as well!" said Finn.

"Indeed. I've attended many weddings myself and this one was the most interesting of them all." said Hooke.

"This is my first one I've been to." said Reddi.

"Sooooooo....and I know this from years ago, they are married so that means...FOOD TIME?!" said Yang with a glimmer in his eyes.

"I'M WITH YOU YANG! FOOD!!!" Leo yelled with excitement! "BRING ON THE FOOD!"

"Maybe starving the idiot for a whole day wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do, huh?" Merlin asked Mari sarcastically.

"...Shut up Merlin." Mari replied trying to keep a straight face. "Let's just see how this goes before we start thinking the worst."

"Well, we both know what needs to be done when gets like this."






"fine no...but we'll see."

John then grips himself back to reality after he was kissed by Alice. John brings out a huge smile on his face."Now I'm hearing you folks. Food time."

The World's Biggest Banquet

"I am ready." Patrick says. He dashes himself out of his tuxedo and into his chef outfit.

John then gets two marbles out and drops them on the floor. He then snaps his fingers to reveal two large tables inside the marbles.

"Do it Patrick." John says.

Patrick is now being a speedy boy. He is placing plates and silverware on the table like it was a pit stop during a race. He then stopped,showing that all the plates and silverware ready.

John then stops his pocket watch and says,"15.6 seconds,not bad for setting up a table for a lot of people."

"So what are we having?" Alice asks still having her arms around John's arms.

John then looks at Patrick and nods.

Patrick then has his hands have a red aura then summons meat onto the meal plates. He summons ham,bacon,turkey,chicken,and other formal meaty meals.

"Mash Potatoes will have to wait." Patrick says,"Hold up,I forgot the signature." Patrick then fires BBQ out of his hands.

"Uhh,Patrick,the stuff still looks raw." John says.

"One moment." Patrick says. He then grabs the table and electrocutes the table with Electro. The meals are now the proper temperature to eat.

John notices Yang and Leo's hungry looks,"HOL' UP,I got something for both of you,especially Leo."

He then throws multiple marbles onto the other empty table. John then immediately snaps his fingers to reveal even more food. There was less than formal food in the marbles,which was meant for Leo. There was pizza,hamburgers,hotdogs,chicken fingers,chicken wings,and other food you'll find in a restaurant.

"NOW you can eat." John says to Leo and Yang.

"Wouldn't you guys want me to bless the food?" Father Ali asks.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FOOD TIIIIIIMEEE!!!" said Yang as he already starts attacking the food.

"Rest in peace to all that food...hope you have plenty on standby..." said Steel who was still baffled by how much Yang eats.

Leo appeared on the other side of the table in front of Yang scarfing down food without any stop! He finished full chicken legs (bone and all), rolling up full sized pizza into logs, multiple burgers and steaks were gone in mere seconds. Leo practically inhaling his food rather than just chewing it was like a monster on a rampage!

“More! More! More!” Leo couldn’t stop eating as the table in front of him and Yang was quickly emptying! Two entire chickens was eaten by the time he reached over for some water and proceeding to eat.

I hope these appetizers aren’t what you guys were hoping will fill up Leo.” Merlin thought to himself. “Because he is hungry today.

"That kid doesn't know who I am." Patrick says with a wide grin."I am Burbridge Patrick,former chef of the White Fang Pirates. And I was the most feared chef in the Grand Line!" Patrick then immediately summons more meat onto the table Leo and Yang were at. He then electrocutes the food with electro on the table.

"That is why I had a second table." John said,"Figured while them two are eating on that table,immediately filling themselves up with food and Patrick feeding them more. We can eat on this table,without worrying about Leo and Yang."

"WHOO WHOO!!! Thanks Walrus Guy! I could eat for weeks!" Yang said as he continue to wolf down the food at an unhuman pace including swallowing large burgers whole. "CAN'T EAT MORE THAN ME FIREMAN!!!" Yang shouted at Leo while in the middle of eating.

"Hmm...the White Fang Pirates..." said Hooke to himself.

"You know that crew Hooke?" asked Steel.

"Indeed. They were a very notorious and dangerous pirate crew full of Minks and Huminks that were found in the New World. They were feared until, one day, they went missing." said Hooke.

"Wow, just went missing huh? And you said full of Minks and Huminks? Hey Yang! Have you heard of--" said Steel and before he could ask, a large bone from that Yang was eating smacks Steel on the face. "...Nevermind" said Steel.

Leo without pausing to respond only kept eating the food just as fast as it appeared! He shoved more food down his mouth and throat, like beast who's been starved. As food appeared in front of him it was just as quickly consumed.

"Some pretty big claim to make Yang," Mari said aloud, "This is all like a eating a few finger sandwiches for Leo."

Leo then grabbed a plate full of steak and ate them all in two seconds as he reached for more food.

"Lightwork." Patrick says as he summons more meat onto Yang and Leo's table. This time,he is adding electro while he is summoning food,just so he can be quicker.

"Well then." John says,"Let's eat ourselves and not watch two other gorge in their food."

The rest then are in another table eating their food. The priest was still there watching the others eat.

"Oh." John said noticing the priest,"Me and Alice thank you for your service."

"You are very welcome." Father Ali says.

"Now do we throw him in the sea?" Jack asks.

"OI! I ate Sea Kings before that still didn't fill me up completely! I think I am better!" said Yang before continuing to dine like a mad-tiger man.

"Jeez what pigs...Also NO! Just let him go back on his own accord. Get that throwing him in the sea business out of your head you crazy clown" said Steel.

"I never seen a human before that can eat so much at once...Yang as a stomach of a dragon but apparently that fire kid doesn't not only burn through other things..." said a surprised Finn.

Mari began to elegantly cut her food with her knife and fork, "A Sea King? Leo had one of those when we go in the calm belt and still ate half of another complaining he was hungry."

"Trust me Yang, when it comes to eat, Leo may just be the biggest glutton around." Merlin adds.

Leo the whole time Yang and they rest were talking just kept eating as he reached toward Patrick.

"That's Leo's way of telling you that he's still hungry. He's not even close to getting full." says Merlin, "Trust me Pat, You may have just met your match."

"I will not admit defeat till I am out of energy." Patrick says as he has his hands together,"This is sure to fill him up."

The red aura around Patrick's hands became like fire as Patrick yells out.


A Giant,and Long sausage just flies out of Patrick's hands. The Sausage,already cooked, flies into Leo's mouth immediately.

"You will immediately full after this!!!" Patrick says.

Leo opened his mouth wide and chewed, scarfing down the massive sausage in only a few seconds and finished the last bit of food in front of him and Yang before wiping off his mouth. "That really it? Or is this just the end of the appetizers?" Leo asked as he stomached growled. He then put his attention at the table where everyone else is eating.

"Told you to be ready Patrick." Merlin adds in.

"HEEEEEYYYY!!! THAT'S NOT EEEENOOOUGGH! WANT SOME MORE FOOOOOOOD OVER HEEEEREEEE!!!!" said Yang who was banging his table in an arrhythmic matter.

"CAN YOU BE ANYMORE LOUDER!?!?" yelled out Steel.

"Here you go captain, i'm already full." Sofia calls out, raising her plate full of food. "Have at it sir."

Leo appeared infront of Sofia and ate the entire plate full of food, practically swallowing it whole.

"Patrick, unless you have a few dozen more of those giant sausages, Leo will remain an empty starving mess." Mari playfully teases as she hands Leo a glass of Water.

Patrick just faints down then says,"I used to be able to summon four of those without getting tired. What happened to me?" He asks himself.

"You got old and haven't done that move in some time dad." Jamie says.

"Maybe captain would want me to start practicing and working out some more." Patrick says.

"That would be appreciated." John says,"I'm sure you can get back to your original shape."

"Well what are we going to do then." Tim asks,"Seems Pat is wiped out from that attack."

"Give me 5 minutes....need..a...rest." Patrick says falling flat again after trying to get up.

"Uhhh,anyone here that can help with this?" John says,"Anyone have a cook that can help?"

"Henni?" Alice asks.

"Say no more!" said Henni as she rushed into the kitchen to prepare a lot of food.

"Wait, at least let me give a fin or two!" said Finn offering her assistance.

"ALRIGHT!!! HENNI AND FINNY GONNA HELP TOOO!!!" said Yang who was still singing.

"DAMMIT SHUT UP!!!" shouted Steel.

Soon, Henni and Finn bring out a massive amount of food toward the table.

"WHOO WHOO!!! THANKS!!!" said Yang as he goes back to eating.

"I'm used to feeding Yangy but..." said Henni as she looks over at Leo.

"That guy isn't human if he can eat that much!" said Finn.

Leo picked up where he left off and began to dig into the food again as savagely as before. Leo did notice Henni looking at him and smiled as innocently as usual before picking up the speed and digging in more!

“You’re not wrong Finn.” Merlin mentions, “Leo can eat just like the wildfire he embodies. Constantly growing and eating everything around him.”

“That’s just Merlin’s way of saying Leo’s a freak of nature who can eat an entire city's supply of food. Pretty weird and somewhat frightening to see.” Mari teases as she looks over at Leo. “This idiot could eat for hours on hours at this rate.”

"Well,while Patrick is resting and Henni is cooking. It seems time to get out the champagne." John says.

"What about the wine?" Alice asks.

"I think we have some of that as well." John says,"Remember everyone,be responsible drinkers, we don't need people going mad during a wedding."

Tim then gets out the champagne bottle and opens it and gives a glass to everyone.

Leo reached over and grabbed the champagne glass and downed it without realizing what it was...

“Wheewwww!!! Party! Happy Wedding!” Leo yelled out at the top of his lungs with a festive smile on his face (along with with a red flushed face) and an empty champagne glass, “Wheewww!!”

“Ugh. The idiot is drunk again.” Mari complained to Merlin as the two looked at the partying and loud Leo. “We really gotta take care of this idiot now,” She then turns to face Merlin, “You wanna escort him or should I?”

“You know how he gets Mari. Heh, the little drunk won’t want me around.” Merlin scoffed as he finished his glass of whiskey and looked back at Mari, “Let’s see how it goes, shall we?”

Mari turned her head. Hiding her blush and looking down at the deck. “I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She says before twiddling a strand of her hair with her right pointer finger. “H-he’s just, just, just.”

“Merlin! Let’s fight! Just like the old days! B-bring it o-on ya blonde fuck!” Leo called out as he slurred and approached Merlin with a flame lit on his forehead interrupting Mari's conversation. “Come on! One, one on uno! You an-and you..i mean me.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever you drunk idiot. Maybe next time.” Merlin said as he shooed off Leo and grabbed another drinker from a waiter.

“Ehh!! What are ya so-some kinda p-pussy!?” Leo yelled as he cracked his knuckles.

“Shut up!” Merlin yelled before he slammed a right fist into Leo’s head! He then gets off his seat and looks down at the still sitting Mari. “Have fun with him.” He then walks away, leaving Mari stupefied and Leo still composing himself.

Leo shakes his head and adjusts his vision as he sees Mari sitting nearby.

“Mari!” Leo jumped forward with arms extended out before receiving a swift chop to his forehead (also extinguishing his flame).

“No. I know how you are.” Mari protested as she kept Leo at arm's length.

“But Mari,” Leo complains very child-like. “P-please. Just for a little b-bit.”




Leo just paused and sat down before reaching over and grabbing another glass of champagne. "Okay...m-more drinks f-f-for me."

As she looks over at Leo and rolls her eyes before smiling. “F-fine. Just for a little bit, I guess.” Mari sighs, giving into Leo’s demands with a nervous stutter, “C-come h-here, let me s-spoil you.” Mari’s flushed face as her face turns bright red and opens her arms up letting Leo dive in as he stuffed his face between her chest.

“Mari,” Leo mumbled with a pleased and dopey tone.

“You’ve b-been working really hard, h-haven't you, Captain?” Mari asks as she looks away from Leo. “P-please let me help you rest.”

“Ma-Mari's boobs are so soft.” Leo hums to himself with the goofiest smile on his face.

“Hey, do-don’t just say those things out loud.” Mari argued as she looked down angrily at Leo, before the two locked eyes, “‘’ His eyes look just like they did back at the North, still...so calming, and comforting..’’” She thought to herself as she felt her left hand begin to run her fingers through his hair.

"I'm...sorry." Leo apologized as he slumped his shoulders and looked away from Mari, lowering his eyelids.

“I’m sorry if I’m, We, me and Merlin, are too tough on you sometimes.” She then feels her body pulling him closer, his body is pressed against hers. “Just want the world to see you, as the captain I see you as.”

“So...That girl from earlier, the one from Yang’s crew,I think her name was Reddi. Wh-what do you think of her?”

"She seems cute, pretty nice too." He began as he felt Mari's heart sink when he said that. "But Mari is the best." Leo then rubbed his face more on her chest, "You're kind, strong, stronger than i could ever be. I love squishing my face here too, favorite place in the world." Leo giggled as he explained.

“Mari…” Leo tried to get a word in but was quickly cut off.

“Shh. Five more minutes, then we go back to the ship. We still have a lot of traveling to do today.” Mari silenced Leo as she placed her chin on the top of his head. “Five more minutes…okay?”

"I don’t know if it’s the alcohol. I don’t know if its because it makes him more childish or just gives him the balls he doesn’t have when sober." Merlin thought to himself as he looked over, observing Leo and Mari. "She takes full advantage of this chance, and lets herself enjoy Leo’s more honest nature. Knowing full well he won’t remember a thing."

“Haa!!! If only these two were just more innocent and upfront with each other.” He sighed as he walked over toward Sofia.

"Hey guys! This is fun huh? We should do this all the time! And now I'm thirsty!" said Yang as he unknowingly picks up a liquor bottle.

"Like hell no! Like we could always supply that bottomless pit you call a stoma---YANG!!! NO!!!" said Steel as he tried to warn Yang about the bottle.

However, Yang already takes a sip of the bottle but immedetly drops it and turns drunk in an instant.

"Herp...h-huh?" said Yang as he looked dazed.

"CRAP!!! WE GOT A CODE Y!!! CODE Y!!!" said Steel as he tries to tackle down Yang.

"ON IT!!!" said Finn who does the same.

"This is indeed troubling..." said Hooke as he also tries to hold down Yang.

"Crap! I heard Code Y from a mile away! I thought I told you dumbasses not to allow him to drink!" said Crescent who appears to help hold him down as well.

"So this is the captain when he's drunk?" said Reddi.

"RAH!!! GET OFF ER ME YER GUYSA!!!" said Yang who easily gets up and knocks everyone one back and starts breathing fire from his mouth and shooting electricity from his paws.

Steel goes through a table. "OW!!! Dammit! How is he even stronger now?! Must be all that damn food he ate..." said Steel.

Finn stops himself by gripping at the ground. "Or fighting against that really strong swordsman." said Finn..

Both Crescent and Hooke land on their feet.

"The dumbass could turn into his dragon form anytime soon at this rate...and that is bad..." said Crescent.

"This ship and probably the entire town could be destroyed if we don't get him under control." said Hooke.

"What should we do?" Alice asks.

"Get him outside is probably the best option,we can't let him destroy the ship." Tim says.

"How though?" John asks.

"Can your smoke bombs create color?" Tim asks.

"Maybe if I add some colored powder with it." John says. He pulls out 3 smoke bombs and fill them up with colored powder. John then throws them outside of the ship,nearby on the port.

The smoke appears bright green when the smoke bomb appears. The smoke come out like clouds,creating a thick and foggy green air.

"Heya luke! That is gween aira!" said Yang as he quickly heads out of the ship toward it.

"Gotta keep him contained!" said Steel going after him.

"Aye! If he turns into a dragon and goes to sleep in the water again, aye have to drag him out as usual!" said Finn who chases after those two as well.

"Hm? Looks like they could use a hand." Sofia points out while looking at all the commotion going on with Yang and the rest.

"...I guess." Merlin sighs as he walks over towards Mari and Leo. "Oi! Idiot. Stop being a perv and help them out. Looks like Yang is as dumb as you when drunk."

"Nah...dont feel like it" leo responds as he cuddles himself as deep as he could to Mari's chest.

"..." Merlin pauses and before he hit Leo (like usual) he just leans down and whispers "he said he's going to beat you up and get babied by Mari."

"FUZZBALL!" Leo yelled as he sprang up from Mari and walked towards where Yang was head! "OI! B-BRING IT ONNNN" he drunkenly threatened as his yells slurred.

"Huuuh? Fireman needs to call the firemen on himself after I swend him to the firahowse!" said Yang as he turns around at the charging Leo.

"Grrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt.... Now we got too druken bastards going at it....." said Steel.

Leo's arms and forehead were sparked into flames! "BRING IT!!"

"Should we do something?" Alice asks,"I wouldn't have known them two would be a mess to drink with."

"I think it's best to stay out and watch the fight." John says.

"WHOOOOO GO TIGER GUY!!!" Jack yells watching the fight.

"DON'T ENCOURAGE THEM TO FIGHT!!!" Alice and John yell at Jack.

"Hey look at that moon up there." Davida says ignoring the fight and looking at the moon. The moon was a waning crescent when it came out.

"If I am right,that could mean one thing." John says looking back at Yang's crew,specifically Reddi.

"Alright! They're together! Finn we just gotta push them into the se---" said Steel until he is quickly grabbed by the now werewolf Reddi. "GAH!!! NOT AGAIN!!!"

"Hee hee thought I was going to let you go free huh?" said Reddi in a flirtatious tone.


"Ignoring that, I'll just plunge these two into the sea and let them get knocked out by their Devil Fruit side effects! Works on Yang each time and I doubt the fire guy can just avoid pure seawater. Here goes! Fishman Karate: Tsumani Strike!" said Finn as he manipulates the water from the nearby sea and forms it into a giant water snake that goes right for Yang and Leo.

"Aye....lots of ater comin' by!" said Yang looking at it.

Leo looked over a the water snake approaching him, "c-coool." He slurred as he saw the coming attack.

Sofia jumped up in front of the snake made of water as her trident turned black and she spun his trident at great speeds and then lunged it forward at the serpent, "Scudo!" She yelled out the name of her attack as when the snake reached the trident it was disrupted and split in half by the thrust of Sofia's trident.

"If you want to submerge Yang, that's fine. But our captain is a different story. Drunk or not we can't let him be attack." Merlin proclaims to the rest of the pirates. "If you have a problem with that, then deal with us three."

"Hey Finn! Go get Yang!" said Steel to Finn.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" said Finn who immediately went after Yang.

"We were just trying to help out! But if you bastards wanna play the hard way, I'd be happy to abologed!" said Steel as he takes out his sword.

"Oooh! He's getting fiesty! Maybe I should join in on this too!" said Reddi as she took out her pistols.

"Heh, I'm tired of all this not doing anything!" said Crescent who also took out his sword.

"Y-YIKES! Please don't fight! We're all friends here!" said Henni trying to calm everyone down.

Though he doesn't show it in the open, Hooke was very annoyed and jabs his staff down hard on the ground. "ENOUGH! We were indeed reckless in our actions. What they want to do with their crew is indeed our business. It is rather tradition for us to use that method for calming Yang down but I'm sure they have their own procedure to calm down their captain." said Hooke as he turns to Merlin and bows. "Our apologies for our reckless actions. We do not mean any harm in the long run I assure you but of course, you are free to calm down you captain in anyway you wish." he said.

"Oh? You want some of this? Marlin asked as he saw both Reddi and Crescent getting ready for battle until he heard, Hooke's apology. "We do have a way to calm the idiot down, we just can't let him get hurt." Merlin began, speaking more calm than earlier. "We're pirates and despite us working together against Miyamoto, we don't know for sure if we can trust you all."

Mari looked over at Leo and Yang who were busy trading blows, "idiots."

"Captain!" Sofia cheerfully called out for Leo, "Come over here so I can spoil you! I'll give you plenty of kisses to heal those wounds."

"Wh-what!?" Mari thought, thrown off by Sofia's straight forward approach. "Is she serious?"

"Now that everyone is calm." John says,"We can be civilized people and have the wedding cake. Henni and Keyes,you mind if you bring the cake. I've been waiting for this cake,i've been told by Alice that it's colorful and huge."

"You will John,I had it partly designed,Henni and Keyes just designed it completely and made it." Alice says as she hugs John into her chest,his head literally going in between her boobs.

"Will do! Give me a sec!" said Henni as she heads into the kitchen to get it.

Meanwhile, Yang was still in a dazed state until Hooke walks over to him with a bottle.

"Sniff this." said Crescent as he gives the bottle over to Yang as it releases an orange mist that Yang inhales and it turns him back to normal.

"HUH?! WHAT?!? I HEAR CAKE!!!" said Yang.

"W-WHAT!? WHAT IS THAT?!" said Steel to Crescent.

"A bottle of sobering mist. I had Hearts whip one out just in case this happens." said Crescent.


"Because I forgot and I had some pent up aggression I wanna take out on him." said Crescent.

"Alright! Thanks for waiting! We got the cake!" said Henni and Keyes as they bring out the large cake.

"OOOOOOHHHH1!! THAT LOOKS GOOOOOOOODDD!!!" said Yang who was drooling at the site of it.

Leo ran over and jumped at Sofia's offer as he squished his face between her chest. He rubbed his face on her breasts with a goofy child smile.

"Aw there, there. Rest ho captain, i'll give you all the kisses you want back on the ship okay?" Sofia softly says as she gives Leo headpats with her right hand and pulls him in tighter with her left arm.

"...." Mari didn't say anything as she just observed Leo and Sofia.

"Our captain is...odd. That's why we didn't see a need to submerge him. I didn't expect Sofia to know this though." Merlin says as he looks at the rest.

The cake was a very large cake. It was 110 ft in height,making it a very tall cake,towering even the nearby buildings. The cake was white as customary,but it had green icing as well as white icing.

"How was that cake rolled outside if it was made in a small kitchen?" Tim asked as he even marvelled at the size of the cake.

"I think your captain is in another world there rabbit." Jack says pointing out to John who is still in between Alice's breasts.

"Good! More cake for me! I can eat this WHOLE thing myself!" said Yang.

"DON'T BE A PIG!!!" said both Steel and Crescent at the same time.

"This cake is truly magnificent. You have done well Henni and Keyes." said Hooke.

"Thaaaanks Hooke! It was tough but we were able to get it done without any problems!" said Henni.

"Luck is always on our side so of course mess-ups were low of chance of happening." said Keyes.

"I'M UP!!" Patrick says waking up from his slumber,"And OOOOOOOHHH CAKE!!!" Patrick notices the giant cake outside of the ship.

"Oh boy," Jamie says,"Dad loves cake,he might want to have some before everyone else."

"Are you saying that we're having 2 animals at that cake first?" Jack says.

"Seems that way." Tim says,"BUUUUT..." Tim then grabs Patrick and Yang that ran into his hands. He grabs them both in the necks and chokeslams them both onto the wooden port floor."The Newlyweds go first." Tim says with intimidation.

"Ok..." Patrick says,Tim's hands still on his neck.

"H-HEY!!! GET OFF!!! I'LL SHOCK YA IF YOU DON'T!!!" said Yang as he starts to spark with his Electro.

Tim lets go of Patrick but picks up Yang,"Ok,but you can wait your turn..."

"He can have some now." Alice says,"Me and John already have a piece." She says while She and John already have a plate full of cake.

"Ohh....Yes Ma'am." Tim says as he let's go of Yang.

"Gonna have to kick your ass too after this Rabbit Guy! But first off, CAKE!" said Yang as he dives into the cake but is grabbed by both Steel and Crescent.

"I know it's a big ass cake but don't just go diving into it!" said Steel.

"Just grab a huge slice and eat that dumbass! You're already hyper as is!" said Crescent.

"YOU GUYS ARE NO FUN!!! FIIIINE!" said Yang who actually took a giant slice of it and starts eating it.

"What is with all of the noise?" Harley asks,coming in late after the commotion the drunken Yang and Leo had caused.

"Oh hey Harley." Jack says,"Have yourself a piece of cake and have a grand time." He says with mouthful of cake.

"Uhh sure." Harley says. Harley grabs a slice of cake as his captain ordered him. He noticed Reddi playing with Steel's hair. He walks towards the two then says,"Hello,you might remember me from the other day at the diner. Mind if I ask madam of how you knew you were a werewolf?"

"I was about to ask that myself." Alice says,"I noticed you transformed earlier into that,how did that happen?"

"Werewolfs like myself always transform under a moon! Doesn't even have to be full!" she said.

"H-HEY! Stop messing with my hair! I'm trying to eat this cake!" said Steel.

"Ugh...soo sweet but it's pretty damn good I'll admit." said Crescent.

"So how long have you known you were a werewolf?" John asks then,getting out of his world of Alice's chest.

"Well...I say until my 10th birthday when my parents told me." said Reddi.

"I know they're married but that guy has such a one track mind now..." said Steel to himself.

"But when it comes to werewolves,you wouldn't been able to become a wolf till you were 18. And your parents told you,does that mean they were werewolves as well?" Harley then asks.

"Man Harley,how do you know that stuff?" Jack asks.

"What else do you think I do in the ship beside reading and training?" Harley asks.

"Ahh,your books are boring,no pictures." Jack replies.

"WHO YOU CALLING ONE TRACK MIND!!!" John yells at Steel hearing Steel's muttering.

"GAH!! YOU HEARD THAT?!?" said a surprised Steel.

"Of course! At least that's as far as I know but they both assured to me they were werewolves." she said.

"Heeeeey...why asking her all these questions anyway? You're getting a bit personal there..." said Steel with squinty eyes.

"Heh...someone's jealous..." said Finn under his breath.

"I HEARD THAT AND I'M NOT!!!" said Steel.

"The reason why I'm asking is because according to books,werewolves are to be bloodthirsty animals who would eat the flesh of their own if they have to." Harley says."But your girl here seems to be different from what seems to be a stereotype."

"Maybe those books got into your head a bit too much there pal." Jack says.

Harley shrugs,"Maybe..."

"Well, I was a lot more docile compared to the others I hung around with..." said Reddi.

"H-Hey! "My girl"?" said a defensive Steel.

"puru puru puru, puru puru puru" Merlin's Den Den Mushi rang, "Clank, Hey Merlin!" It was tesla on the other end of the Mushi. "It looks like Salvatore Vladimir found us! We intercepted a transmission between him and some Marines around here! He got word we were here and is approaching the island!"

"I see, well damn." MErlin then walks over to Leo and grabs a small pill and forces it into his mouth, "swallow idiot, we need to talk."

After a few seconds Leo snapped out of his drunk intoxication and looked over at Merlin, "Wh-what?"

"You got drunk and I had to give one of the RTFN pills. It looks like Vlad found us, what should we do?"

"oh..." Leo paused to think before picking himself up and his flame on his forehead sparked back on, "We grabbed the supplies needed, the log pose has it's charge, and Sofia is a member. We don't have much a reason to stick around anyways." He then looks over to Sofia and Mari, "Let's head out and avoid some pointless fight."

"You hear that Tesla?" Merlin asked into his Den Den Mushi.

"Yes sir, we'll get set to leave then." Tesla then hung up the Den Den Msuhi.

The other three members rushed off the ship after saying their goodbyes as Leo walked over to Yang.

"Hey Fuzzball" He began, "don't die and get yourself killed before we can have an actual full fight without any interruptions." He then extended his fist forward smiled, "Kay?"

Yang finishes his cake and wipes it off his face revealing a smirk. Heh also extends his fist out making contact with Leo's. "Don't worry! I don't plan on dying anytime soon! And I know you won't Fireman! I'm still gonna win against you that day!" said Yang.

Both Leo and Yang were looking at each other, smiling like idiots.

"Ha! We'll see, hahaha! Loser pays for the winner's meal! I'll see you sooner or later Fuzzball."

"Don't worry about me." John said,"I sure as hell ain't dying with the help my gadgets and chemistry. Take good care of yourself Leo,you have taught me to challenge myself and others." John then has a thought,then a lightbulb moment came onto John,"Hey Leo get over here." John then whispers a few thing into Leo's ears."Got it?" John then asks.

"Ha! nice!" Leo laughed as he heard John's whispers, "All right man, thanks for the tip. Take care of yourself, I'll be keeping a close eye on the newspapers. I hope all of you start making noise.

"Don't worry,I'm planning on making some nice noise soon besides swindling and kidnapping." John says with a chuckle,"Now go and get famous while I'm training. I'll make sure to have the best tools to fight you." John says as he smiles and tips his top hat at Leo.

Leo waved goodbye and his arms ignited to flames and used it to fly off the ship and catch up to the rest of his crew.

"Alright Fireman! See you maybe in the New World! If you don't die that is!" said Yang with a smile.

"Try not to set any more stray fires... The Gods know we had enough of that lately heh..." said Steel.

Wedding Gifts?

"Ahh,look at the time." Jack says,"Our log pose must've resetted by now." Jack then jumps down and gives a piece of paper to John,"Need anything,this vivi,vivilee,or rivi card or whatever will lead straight to me."

"Ok," John says,"I would shake your hand but im afraid of that buzzer."

"I'm not wearing it." Jack says as he shakes John's hand,"I hope we can see each other soon. Come on Harley and Davida,we have water 7 to go. TTFN TA TA FOR NOW,hee hee ha ha HA HA!"

John then glances at the card then asks,"What is this he was talking about?"

"Water 7! Aye I love that place! The island of the shipwrights!" said an excited Finn.

"Water 7 is indeed the largest shipbuilding island around. The place is home to many shipwrights that, naturally, build ships for a living and even has the only functioning Sea Train in the world." said Hooke.

"A SEA TRAIN?!?! THAT SOUNDS COOOOOL!!!" said a very excited Yang.

"A train that runs on the sea? That's some crazy mess there but I've seen crazier." said Steel.

"Not the Water 7,though that does sound like a cool place to go." John says,"I was talking about what Jack gave me." John then hands the piece of paper to Hooke,"He said it would lead to where he is. And he called it a Vivi card?"

"A Vivre Card is the actual name. It's a special piece of paper that points you in the direction of the person that has the other part of it. It's also connected to their life force so in cases if a person is in trouble, it'll start to burn up and if that person dies, then the Vivre Card is no more." said Hooke.

"WHOA! A paper that does that? I remember Gami telling me about those but that was awhile ago." said Yang.

"Interesting..." John says staring at it,"I guess it's a nice wedding gift I guess."

"Speaking of wedding gifts." Tim says,"Me and Finn made the Grand Bedroom for you two."

"Wait,what?" Alice asks.

"Finn overheard Yang and John talking the other day about the engagement. He told me then when we were renovating the Rabbit Hole. So we spent a few extra minutes building a hidden grand bedroom for you two." Tim says as he gives the keys to the bedroom to John and Alice,"The bedroom is in the second deck next to the steam bathroom. But you really need to thank this man." Tim says as he pats Finn on the back.

"Well thank you then." John says.

"Think nothing of it. It was an idea that came up and thought it would be good to make!" said Finn.

"Ooh! I know what to give you two as a present!" said Yang as he rushed off.

"I swear if it's that weird bird statue thing again....he likes to randomly give people those for some reason....said it was on "bargin sale" at a store in Chau and bought like 1,000 of them..." said Steel.

"He's a prince, does he have to buy those?" said Finn.

"Not really but he wanted to be nice since he liked those sooo much..." said Steel rolling his eyes.

"Bird statue?" Alice says,"I do love some nice looking birds,what does the statue look like."

"Warning,she get's easily impressed." John says teasing Alice.

"Oh shut up." Alice says as she pulls John right into her breasts. AGAIN!!!

"Like this." as Steel shows a picture of a weird bird statue.

"That is pretty damn weird...And he has a lot of those?" said Finn.

"Yeah. Got mauled by a closet full of them...and they're being weird again..." said Steel with a facepalm at the two.

Reddi smirks slyly and does the exact same thing to Steel. "There you go! Now you won't be jealous!"

"H-HEY!!! QUIT THAT!!!" said the struggling Steel.

"HAHAHAHA! At least you got the best seat in the house if you catch my drift Wolf Breath!" said said Finn.


"I'm back! Ooh! You guys playing a game?? Looks like fun!" said Yang who recently returned.

"Oh hey Yang." John says,"What did you get?" He then asks. When he was speaking,his voice was muffled because he went face first into Alice's chest. So it sound more like,"Oh huey yang" and "hwat did yoo get?"

"Whoop! Here two go! Quin Gold Bars from Chau!" said Yang as he gives them both a gold bar each.

"Whoa, isn't that like the best money you can get from your kingdom Yang?" asked Steel who was still trying to get away from Reddi.

"Yeppers! They cost 1 billion Quin each!" said Yang with a smile.


"Lets see...Quin is worth half of beli so like 5 hundred million Beli?" said Yang.


"I have lots back home! It's no problem!" said Yang with a smile.

"Could've solved a LOT of problems with that..." said Steel dumbfounded.

"Well thank you Yang." Alice says,"We are making cash like it's nothing John,what is that now."

"Nearly 40 million." John says as he pulls himself out of Alice's chest."Ok then,any other presents before I decide that it's time to end this celebration."

"What about the cake though?" Patrick asks."We still have a bunch of it left."

As Patrick said that, Yang already ate the rest of it. "Delicious!"

"YOU DAMNED PIG!!!" said both Steel and Finn at the same time.

"That's alright,I have a separate cake made for me and Alice personally." John says.

"Where is it?" Tim asks.

"Somewhere where the two idiotic hedgehogs won't find it." John says,referring to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

"Aah,make sense." Tim says.

"Well,if no one has any other presents left for us two. I would think it is about time we head into bed ourselves." John says as he looks at his watch.

"Thank you all for coming!!" Alice says,"It means a lot to us."

"Yeah! I'm about to hit the hay! Night guys!" said Yang.

"This day was so crazy..." said Steel as he walked off.

"Right behind ya!" said Reddi following him.

"I'm still looking forward to Water 7!" said Finn.

Morning Red Lights

The night was uneventful for the most part after that. Everyone makes it to their ship and straight to beds. John and Alice had a bit more fun with some extra champagne and cake in the night,but they both were able to sleep soundly through the night.

John and Alice are in their bed still sleeping when the morning bird was chirping and getting the worm. Both of them were naked and under the covers of the blanket. John was sleeping soundly with his head on top on Alice's chest. Alice had her arms hugging John and her long blonde hair flung over the pillows.

Everything was at rest until...

Suddenly, the door goes flying forwards. "MOOOOOOORINNG DO-Gooders! Or, we're pirates so it's more of "Do-Badder's..." said Yang to himself.

"Seriously, they should change your epitaph to He That Breaks Down All Doors...also we appear to be interrupting something..." said Steel.

"Apologize for breaking the door and ruining those two's time." said Reddi smacking Steel on the head.


Alice is the first to wake up,still lying on the bed,"Has anyone told anyone to not come to bedrooms when people are resting,especially naked. Oh hey Yang,Steel,and Reddi. Sorry if John is not awake,seems he's enjoying himself sleeping on me." She says as she softly pets John's long hair,his head still on her chest.

"Heh, that's totally you two in like...a year tops?" said Yang.

"W-WHAT THE HELL THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?" said Steel who was also blushing as he said that.

Reddi is also mildly blushing before saying "He wishes..."

"So much rage and embarrassment this early in the morning..." said Steel to himself.

"I'll bet a week." John says,slightly opening his eyes."What's up Yang."

"Look who is up." Alice says,"Rise and shine John,We should get up and get dressed."

"Whyyyyyy?? I wanna sleep on you more." John pleads to Alice.

"THIS IS THE MARINE FORCES!!! WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED!!!" A marine captain yells into a loudspeaker,"Turn yourselves in and there will be no one harmed!"

"Ok I'm up." John says immediately getting off of Alice's chest.

"What do we do?" Alice says.


"With all of your yelling, I'm surprised they wouldn't come..." said Reddi in a snarky tone.

"Oooh! The Marines?! Let's fight! I'm ready!" said a fired up Yang.

"Uhhh,you think if I say I'm a son of a marine chemist that they will leave?" John says as he gets some clothes on.

"I don't think so from the sound of them." Alice says doing the same."And I don't know if a fight would be necessary Yang."

"Well if they're surrounding us that means they have ships boxing us in." John says,"If we want to escape,we're going to need to destroy at least one of their ships if not all of them."

"How are we going to do that?" Alice asks.

"I could make some chemical bombs that we could throw at the ships and they would sink. But I don't know if that would work." John says,"What would you suggest Yang?"

"Yeah! Lets go with the bombs!" said Yang.

"HELL NO! THAT'S TOO RISKY!!!" said Steel.

"It's better than nothing dumbass." said Reddi.

"Now you're starting to pick up Crescent's habit..." said Steel.

"Well,I'm going to need some time to create the bombs. So we'll need to distract them somehow. Mind if you three cover that?" John says as he grabs his hat and walks to his lab.

"Whoo hoo! Got it!" said Yang as he grabs Reddi and Steel and flies over to the Marines. "Try an get us!"


"A wolf that cannot swim. Pitful..." Reddi said.

"GET THAT DRAGON PIRATE!!!" A marine commands troops as the marines try to shoot at the three in the air.

Alice runs outside to the top deck to see the marine ships. There were four wooden marine ships that boxed in The Rabbit Hole.

John then runs to the top deck after a few minutes,"How are things looking here?"

"We are boxed in by a few ships,and the three are distracting them pretty well." Alice says.

"Well,I'm giving you a cookie. I increased the dosage of the growth potion in it. That way,you can walk in the bottom of the sea and pull us out of here." John says as he gives a cookie."I'm going to go see Johnny,mind if you go help them awhile?"

"Will do honey." Alice says.John and Alice then kiss then part ways to their assignment. John runs to Johnny's room.

Alice on the other hand eats the cookie and immediately jumps off of the ship. When she lands into the ocean,it's just her legs that land on it,as she grew very quickly as she jumped.

"A GIANT WOMAN!!!!" Marine say as some have massive nosebleeds or just become stone.

"You guys need help?" Alice asks Yang,Steel,and Reddi with her echoing voice as she does a basic karate chop on one of the ships. The ship immediately splits in two and the ship is sinking within seconds.

"I never really did a karate chop before..." Alice says,"Yet I chopped that ship in two like I've done it many times."

"The hell? A simple chop can just break a ship like that?!" said Steel.

"HEEEEY!! She's trying to take in on the fun! I got this!" said Yang as he charges up a large fire breath and shoots at one of the other ships destroying it.

"JEEZ!! WE'RE RIGHT HERE!!! DON'T BURN US!!!" said Steel still holding onto Yang.

"A fire-breathing tiger is so unnatural but it is an advantage of having a dragon Devil Fruit." said Reddi.

Meanwhile,John is running straight to Johnny's room. Johnny was in there with Jamie in bed.

"Johnny,get up!" John says,"We have marines surrounding us."

"I heard,what do you need?" Johnny asks.

"I need you to shoot this." John gives to Johnny.

"A volcanic bullet,I have plenty of these." Johnny says looking at it.

"Ain't just a regular volcanic bullet,this is a bullet that has enough powder and amount of nitroglycerin to blow up an entire ship. I want you to shoot that bullet on one of the marine ships there." John explains.

"Looks like 2 are already down." Jamie says looking at the window seeing a ship on fire and a ship split in two.

"Well,that does help us a little." Johnny says as he opens the window and sets up his rifle."I'll see what I can do."

"Cool Johnny." John says,"I'll be on the top deck seeing how everything is going."

"Ok...wind is a breeze coming from the South,we're in wind of that ship. So wind will be a help." Johnny says calculating his shot on the ship in front of the window.

"You must be soo smart to figure out that shot." Jamie says.

"No,not really,just enough to know that shot is about 350 meters away. The wind can help me since my scope is only ranged at 345." Johnny says looking through his scope."And here...we...GO!!" Johnny says as he fires the rifle.

The bullet goes straight into the center of the ship,exploding the ship into splinters.

"Where did that come from!!!!" confused marines said on the port,"We now have one ship left."

"Get onto that ship and arrest everyone on it!!" a marine commander calls to his troops. Marines start rushing into the Rabbit Hole.

"Uh, I think he have a problem!" said Steel noticing the Marines going on the ship.

"Marines are always so super persistent! That's why it's so fun to beat them up!" said Yang as he takes Steel and Reddi back onto the ship.

The marines then start swarming into the Rabbit Hole and start searching for the pirates. Most of the marines are on the top deck.

John throws a couple smoke bombs down onto the deck,releasing thick,grey smoke and making it hard for the marines to see anything.

"HEY!! WHERE DID EVERYONE GO??" Marines started asking. John was then bashing marine heads with his steel pole knowing that the marines can't see him. Patrick was then slicing multiple heads off with his meat powers. Tim was also using electro to electrocute marines.


"A couple more smoke bombs and keeping them lost will stop them." John says to Yang,if Yang could see through the thick smoke.

Yang was casually fighting them off when the Marines were blindly attacking him. "Heh heh they totally can't see where I'm at but I can hear them pretty easily!" said Yang.

Steel and Reddi, meanwhile, were also having success in knocking them away. "Well, they're shouting is making them easy to hear of course!" said Steel.

"You totally stole that line from me you bastard..." said Reddi.

"Hey Alice," John says,"Mind if you do something about that last marine ship?"

"Sure honey," Alice grabs the marine ship and throws it away from the port like it was a ball.

"AHHH," The Marines screamed as their ship as flying. The ship would crash and explode upon impact of the water.

"RETREAT!!! WE ARE GETTING PICKED OFF!!!" The Marine Commander says,but is immediately decapitated by salami from Patrick.

The marines start running off of the ship or even jumping off of the ship. The marines became afraid of the pirates and started retreating.


Tim then lifts the anchor and pulls it back into the ship. Alice would then lightly push the ship with her hand to get the ship moving. Alice was then swimming next to The Rabbit Hole as they were getting away from Alabasta.

"PHEW!!! Not a bad first fight against marines." John says,"Though they were easier than I thought."

"We literally made it a bloodbath." Patrick says,looking at all of the blood everywhere.

"That ship better be clean when I get to normal size." Alice echoes at the crew.

"You guys are savages..." said Steel with a deadpan look on his face.

"Heh heh they had it coming though!" said Yang as he lays downward."

"Hey...wait a sec, we're still on you guys' ship..." said Steel just realizing it.

"Imma clean this place up." Tim says as he grabs a mop and starts cleaning the ship.

"Say,we have a marine head for dinner?" Patrick says comically as he holds the head of the marine commander.

"Yeah...where is your crew Yang?" John says.

"They weren't there when I was destroying ships." Alice says swimming.

"It seems they left you three with us." John says,"How the tables turned."

"H-HEY!!! YANG JUST TURN INTO A DRAGON AND FLY US BACK!!!" shouted at Steel toward Yang who was lazying on the floor.

"Yawn...nah too tired now from lots of cake eating and Marine ass kicking." said Yang.


"It'll be a shame I can't take over his room but it can't be helped." said Reddi.

"You guys can use the guest rooms we have that me and finn built." Tim says,"You are welcomed there,I would just need to find the keys."

"Well,where would be your crew if they ran away without their captain?" John asks the three.

"Sure! That'll be fine! And the crew will be okay! Cres is a good leader when I'm not around!" said Yang.

"Ugh...it can't be helped I guess. They can at least take care of themselves..." said Steel.

"Good then." Tim says,"Shall I explain to them the house rules?"

"They're guests Tim,as long as they are not destroying anything,they should be fine." John says,"And those are your rules,I didn't even make them."

"I placed those rules so no one breaks anything,especially my porcelain plate and bowl collection." Tim says,"Anyway,Steel and Reddi will both share the guest room nearest to the steam bathroom and Yang can sleep in the room closest to the dining room." Tim says.

"You sure that's a good idea for them to be in those rooms." John asks,"I would think they would definitely take advantage of where they're closest to."

"Don't worry John,I picked those beds because the beds nearby the steam bathroom would fit Steel and Reddi,and the same goes for Yang." Tim would say,"I would say to get comfortable around here." Tim then says to Yang,Steel,and Reddi.


Reddi angrily slaps him while blushing. "You're disgusting..." Reddi said.


"Heh heh you two can really bond you know! I'm gonna take a nap! Marine asskicking always gets me tired!" said Yang heading off to the room.

"It's the morning still though." John says,"Whatever,Reddi and Steel,would you two have an idea where your crew maybe heading?"

"Uh...maybe Water 7? Not sure if they won't go somewhere else but I'm sure Crescent and Hooke will lead them in our direction." said Steel.

"I do remember the Shark Man talking about it being the largest shipbuilding island in the world." said Reddi.

"HEY BILLY!!" John yells for the dodo navigator.

"Uhh yes,is it safe to come out?" Billy says coming out of a barrel.

"Direct us to Water 7." John commands him.

"I'm a traveller,I don't need to be listening to you." Billy replies.

"And remember we're your travel agents." John said,"So if you don't take us to Water 7,We'll just throw you into sea."

"OK OK," Billy says. He then pulls out one of his log poses that leads to Water 7.

"EVERYONE!!! PREPARE FOR WATER 7!!!!" John says as the Rabbit Hole sails for Water 7 and with Giant Alice swimming next to it for now.

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