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Buster Call
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Basutā Kōru
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The Buster Call is the ultimate attack used by the Marines that is the result of the Marine Doctrine "Absolute Justice". This attack is considered to be on par with an entire nation's military power.

Capable of Using the Buster Call

Because it's such a destructive attack, only the highest of authorities can utilize this attack. The most amount of people capable of using this is 10 people. The Fleet Admiral and Admirals take but 4 of the spots. The Five-Elders and the Commander-in-chief take the other 6 spots.

The Buster Call can be used by lower ranks, however, they need the permission granted by an authority capable of using it and a Golden Den Den Mushi.

Using the Buster Call

First, authority and means have to be there. But, the actual initiating the Buster Call is very simple. Pressing the button on the Golden Den Den Mushi to summon a Buster Call to that location. This sends a signal to the Silver Den Den Mushi in Marine Headquarters, where the island going to be destroyed is acknowledged. Without acknowledgment, this action is deemed illegal.

Golden Den Den Mushi

Once this signal is acknowledged, the nearest five Vice-Admirals and a fleet of ten ships of the nearest location go directly to the location. All other details are ignored since the Buster Call is considered Priority. The ships used in the attack are all massive, being as tall as the Tower of Justice and as long as the Bridge of Hesitation.

Vice Admirals at a buster call

Buster Call statistics

Buster Calls Ohara None
Reason To prevent the Oharans from gaining knowledge of the Void Century
Success Yes
Source of Fleet The ships of the Vice Admirals and Kiwashi's Subordinate Ships
Time for arrival ?
Requester Sora Daisuke
In charge Napoleon
Leading Vice Admirals Zero D. Echo

Smith W. Edward

Kaguya Mitsuki

Ken Buki

Louise Elizabeth

Soldiers present At least one hundred
Government Personnel present
Civilian casualties Unknown
Soldier casualties Unknown
Military equipment lost Unknown
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