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Canterbury is the strongest executive in Adrian Faust’s New World Trading Co and is a Birkan from the sky islands. After being trapped for a hundred years by the power of the Okuri Okuri no Mi, Faust released him for the purposes of destroying the Windfall Pirates.


He appears to be an aggressive warrior from a lost culture. He is tall and so muscular that you can’t see to see his neck. He looks like a barbarian with dark tanned skin, wild long hair, yet to fit into modern society he wears suit. He carries with him several kinds of weapons and talismans. Being a Birkan he has wings that point downward.


He is a very angry person, he had made a deal to serve Adrian Faust and in return he would receive a mountain of virth (dirt), valuable in the sky islands but he now knows it to be worthless on the surface world. He is determined to repay his debts so that he may return home.

Powers & Abilities

He is a master of dial kenpo, and possesses many rare and dangerous dials. He has a blade dial that produces slicing blasts of air like an invisible sword. A milky dial that can create solid cloud constructs to ensnare opponents. And a reject dial, a dial that absorbs force and returns it tenfold, and he is strong enough to withstand the recoil with no damage.

He also has a very wide range of observational haki, he is difficult to attack as he can always see it coming. He believes this skill is the result of his predatory instincts.

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