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Cash-A-Way is the musician of the Lucky Pirates.He is also the eldest of the group,since he is 50 years old. He is also a former member of the fishman country club. He is mostly known for walking around with his guitar (named Merle) and his revolver (hazzard) and always with his hat (Willie).He has a very rough southern tone to his voice He is also an experienced user of fishman karate. He also is part of a reptilian race called Skinks. He is also a resident of Nam.


He is a very tall alligator, being about 15 ft tall, and also weighing about 500 lbs. As an alligator he has a U-shaped snout unlike crocodiles. Most times, he is wearing his cowboy gear. His cowboy gear is his usual cowboy boots and hat. He also wears a belt that carries his six-shooter revolver. He also likes carrying around his guitar.


He's a very chill person,usually calm instead of having an aggressive nature like other people in the gator tribe of the Skink Tribe. He's a very nice dude that you can chat with anytime. He loves playing music, as he is the musician of the Lucky Pirates. He always likes country music, he loves the sound of guitars, fiddles, harmonica, or any instrument that makes him think of the wild west he was told in stories. He is a gentleman to ladies, he makes sure every lady is safe first before saving any men.

Abilities and Powers

As a gator, he can breath underwater for about 24 hours, but will need a supply of oxygen. That's why in fishman island, he gets a injected oxygen every morning, just so he doesn't need to go up to the surface.

When he became a cowboy, he learned to acquire the deadeye, the thing that every cowboy had. The deadeye literally slows down time for the user, the user can point to lethal places, and shoot an opponent quickly.

Cash also knows fishman karate, which he learned from a fishman that was nice to teach him it.


He has a six shooter revolver as a standard as a cowboy. And inside the guitar is a lever-action rifle, which he can pull out of the guitar if he wanted to. He also can use the guitar itself as a club, though he doesn't like to do that a lot, cause guitars don't come cheap.


Cash was born in the island of Nam. There he grew up with the gator tribe and was part of his family country band, The Highwaymen. He would play for them as a guitarist, and he was a natural at it. His family were famous as a band in the island. Thing was, his family don't travel to other islands unlike what he wanted to.

At age 18, a cowboy from another island came into Nam who wanted to listen to Cash's family band. After listening to some songs, he decided to teach Cash on how to be a cowboy. The cowboy asked Cash if he wanted to learn, and Cash was willing to learn.

The cowboy then would take Cash to the cowboy's homeland. Where for three years to learn how to be a cowboy. Cash learned to drive cattle, ride a horse, handle tons of alcohol, how to be a gentleman (though cash already knew how to be one), and most important,how to shoot a gun properly. Then he would learn about what every cowboy has, deadeye. Cash would learn to slow down time with his vision and pinpoint which vitals he wants to shoot, then would shoot very quickly.

He would go back to Nam three years after he left the island. He would stay there for seven years until he decided to go to fishman island to open up a country club there.

At fishman island, he would learn fishman karate by a fishman that was nice enough to teach him it. He also opened up the country club there. He even met and became friends with BaRock at fishman island when the Smackdown Pirates were doing their daily events around the new world.

Then twenty years after he started living at fishman island, he would be recruited by BaRock to join the Lucky Pirates, which Cash accepted.




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