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Officers can be split between those present at Marine Headquarters and those who serve in a base. Those who are in the Headquarters are considered the Elites of the marine forces. Ranks that are "Lieutenant" and above are usually trained at Marine Headquarters, but of course, there are exceptions such as Axe-hand Morgan and Nezumi.


Marine officers have variations in what they wear depending on their ranks. Also, all marines are allowed to wield any weapon of their choosing, or what their most comfortable with. However, there are uniform guidelines set for the marines:

  • All new recruits are given a standard uniform that consists of a white, short-sleeved shirt emblazoned with the Marine emblem; a simplified gull with the word "MARINE" underneath it, on the back; a blue neckerchief; dark blue trousers; and a baseball cap also with the word "MARINE" across the front. All marines from Seaman and below wear this uniform
  • Once a marine reaches the petty officer rank, he or she can choose from a multitude of uniforms, including their personal clothes. The more traditional uniform is still also an option.
  • A marine at the ensign rank and above are allowed to wear the famous "Justice" coat. The coat is usually worn like a cape, and note that the sleeves are usually longer than the arms.
  • After reaching lieutenant commander, the marine usually wears a suit underneath their "Justice" coat. Although a suit is preferred, it is not mandatory.

Note that there are some exceptions. If the commanding officer is lenient, then the marine may be able to wear something other than the standard uniform. One example would be Jango and Fullbody who can wear their own clothes despite being seamen recruits.

Commissioned Marine Officer

Commissioned Marine Officers are all eleven ranks from Fleet Admiral to Ensign.

Fleet Admiral

"Fleet Admiral" (元帥 Gensui) is the highest rank within the Marines. He or she is the commander of the entire organization. The Fleet Admiral rank is one rank above Admiral but also one below World Government Commander-in-chief and Goroseior 5-elders. The Fleet Admiral along with the Admirals are the only people who are legally capable of initiating a Buster Call and giving permission for lower ranks to initiate the call. The very same applies to the revocation of the Shichibukai title.

The uniform wore by the Fleet Admiral is heavily stylized although the coat remains practically the same. The coat has pure gold epaulets and white cuffs although, this can be changed.

Current Fleet Admiral Former Fleet Admirals


Further information: Admiral

" Admiral" (大将 Taishō) is the second-highest rank within the Marines. Only three Marines are allowed to hold this title at any given time. The admirals are considered the World Government's " Greatest Military Power" because of each of them possess very strong combat abilities. They are the only other rank in addition to the Fleet Admiral, that is capable of utilizing the Buster Call on any Island. Each of the Admirals is granted an Alias.

All Marine Admirals wear the Justice Coat which also has pure gold epaulets and cuffs that correspond with the color of their Alias. Usually, their attire also matches with their alias color.

Current Admiral Former Admirals

Vice Admiral

Further information: Vice Admiral

" Vice Admiral" (中将 Chūjō) is the third-highest rank of the Marines. This rank has one of the highest versatility as the number of duties and amount of authority changes, depending on the person. Some are allowed to have some special authority, such as being able to command other Vice Admirals.

Vice Admirals generally wear the standard Marine coat with epaulets and a suit is worn underneath. Although, there are some instances where a Vice Admiral wore something other than a suit and tie underneath their coat.

Vice Admirals are the strongest force other than the Admirals themselves, many of them are swordsmen, and several are capable of using Rokushiki. Many Giants are Vice Admirals because of their immense strength. Many Vice Admirals are also capable of at least one kind of Haki.

Current Vice Admiral Former Vice Admirals

Rear Admiral

Further information: Rear Admiral

" Rear-Admiral" (少将 Shōshō) is the fourth-highest rank of the Marines. They are the lowest of the Admiral rank and also have the least authority. All Rear Admirals are still capable fighters, and some are able to gain some additional authority and responsibilities.

Rear Admirals wear the standard Marine coat with blue and golden epaulets. Below their coat is a suit and tie. Sometimes, Rear-Admirals may wear different kinds of suits.

Current Rear-Admiral Former Rear-Admiral


"Commodore"(准将 Junshō) is the fifth-highest rank in the Marine. They have command over the marines with a lower rank and are tasked with matters too important for Marines with the rank of Captain. Commodores assigned to Headquarters are given responsibilities with equal importance as their higher-ranked superiors who aren't assigned to Headquarters.

Similar to the Rear-Admiral, they also wear the standard Marine coat, along with a suit and tie underneath.

Current Commodore Former Commodore


Further information: Captain

"Captain"(大佐 Taisa) is the sixth-highest rank in the Marine. Captains are the commanders of the several Marine branches on the islands all over the world. Captains are often the ones navigating the sea to catch pirates. When this does happen, the Captain is the leader of that ship as long as there is no higher-ranking officer.

The supposed attire a Captain should be wearing is the Justice coat and a suit underneath. However, this is not mandatory, as many Captains have worn unique or basic clothing.

Current Captain Former Captain
  • Demont (Chisana Kame, discharged)
  • Kabuto S. Willem (Headquarters, promoted to commodore)


"Commander"(中佐 Chūsa) is the seventh-highest rank in the Marine.

Current Commander Former Commander

Lieutenant Commander

" Lieutenant Commander"(少佐 Shōsa) is the eighth-highest rank in the Marine.

Current Lieutenant Commander Former Lieutenant Commander


" Lieutenant"(大尉 Taii) is the ninth-highest rank in the Marine.

Current Lieutenant Former Lieutenant

Lieutenant Junior Grade

" Lieutenant Junior Grade:(中尉 Chūi) is the tenth-highest rank in the Marine.

Current Lieutenant Junior Grade Former Lieutenant Junior Grade


"Ensign"(少尉 Shōi) is the eleventh-highest rank in the Marine. They are the last rank of the commissioned officers. This is the lowest rank allowed to wear the "Justice" coat.

Current Ensign Former Ensign

Infantry and Sailors

Warrant Officer

" Warrant Officer"(准尉 Jun'i) is the highest infantry and Sailor divisions rank within the Marines and the twelfth-highest overall.

Current Warrant Office Former Warrant Office

Master Chief Petty Officer/Petty Officer 1st class

" Master Chief Petty Officer/Petty Officer 1st class"(曹長 Sōchō)is the thirteenth-highest rank in the Marines.

Current Master Chief Petty Officer Former Master Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer

" Chief Petty Officer"(軍曹 Gunsō) is the fourteenth-highest rank in the Marines.

Current Chief Petty Officer Former Chief Petty Officer

Petty Officer

" Petty Officer"(伍長 Gochō) is the fifteenth-highest rank in the Marines. Once the Marine reaches this rank, they are allowed to wear different uniforms including civilian clothes.

Current Petty Officer Former Petty Officer

Seaman First Class

"Seaman First Class"(一等兵 Ittōhei)is the sixteenth-highest rank in the Marines.

Current Seaman First Class Former Seaman First Class

Seaman Apprentice

"Seaman Apprentice"(二等兵 Nitōhei) is the seventeenth-highest rank in the Marines.

Current Seaman Apprentice Former Seaman Apprentice

Seaman Recruit

"Seaman Recruit"(三等兵 Santōhei) is the eighteenth-highest rank in the Marines. Officially considered a Marine, and to just a chore boy.

Current Seaman Recruit Former Seaman Recruit

Chore Boy

"Chore Boy"((雑用 Zatsuyō) the lowest rank in the Marine. They are not allowed an official uniform beside a white marine shirt with no decoration and some blue trousers.

Current Chore Boy Former Chore Boy

Support Staff


They help maintain food for the marines and are vital to G-2 to G-8


Are vital in maintaining the health of the Marines, as well as the injuries suffered.


They are the people keeping the Marines ahead of the pirates in terms of technology and literally.

Special Ranks

Inspector General

" Inspector General"(大目付 Ōmetsuke) is a special rank within the Marine. Their duty is to investigate and detect, corruption, maladministration, or defection within the Marine organization.

Current Inspector General Former Inspector General


"Instructor" (教官 Kyōkan) is a special rank whose duty is to train Marine recruits to help them become stronger and rise the ranks. Marines of high-prestige are requested to remain as instructors for the next few generations.

Current Instructors Former instructors

Marine Inspector

" Inspector" (検査官 Kansa-kan) is a special rank, with an authority above a base commander. Their role is to inspect many of the marine bases, from G-2 to G-8. Acquiring this rank requires high prestige, and isn't easy to obtain. Only high-ranking officers such as Admirals or Vice-Admirals have an opportunity.

Current Instructors Former instructors

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