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The Marines is the World Governments military sea force, tasked with law enforcement, international security, and military operations. They are the largest and most numerous branch out of all World Government forces.

They are present in every sea around the world. However, their main focus is the Grand Line which is much more dangerous. Currently, their main base of operations is Marine Headquarters which is also called Marine Ford.


The duty of the Marines is to keep and maintain law and order, throughout the world. They are considered the key strategic development force in the World Government and are expected to obey its orders at will. Although, many orders can be very questionable; however, they are expected to carry them out regardless of opinion.

One of their duties is to reward bounty hunters the bounties for the head of a criminal. Bounty hunters are tolerated as they are considered to be making the job easier for the Marines. Many marines are also known to go bounty hunting for criminals. Criminals who are brought back alive, are made an example of and will be transported to prison or execution.

Most Marines work in pairs, one superior, and one second-in-command or junior. These partnerships remain even during promotions, as both pairs are promoted together. In these pairs, the higher-ranked officer gives the commands, and the other, lower-ranked gives advice or information to the higher-ranked.

Admirals and the Fleet Admiral are expected to be on call, ready to lead marines. These tasks may be apprehending a criminal, protecting a World Nobel, or calling a Buster Call. Vice admirals are the ones who serve on the ships that the admirals call out, and are tasked with carrying out the admirals' orders exactly.

Higher ranked marines may be involved with infiltrating infamous, or dangerous pirate groups. The goals for these infiltration varies, some times trying to prevent the intake of recruits or monitoring their actions. Higher ranked officers may also be involved with the capturing of the infamous pirates or criminals.

The main purpose of the Marines is to bring "Justice" to the criminals. Justice is used as their constituted policy to manage the world. But a major problem is their approach towards "Justice". Generally, it's split between "Moral Justice" and "Absolute Justice". Absolute Justice is the code of conduct for the Marines. Nevertheless, there is little worry from the higher-ranked Marines as to how the Justice is carried out, so long as it is, leading those who truly support absolute justice to take questionable actions in carrying out their duties.

The Marines are aided by the Shichibukai to help maintain the "Three Great Powers", and are expected to cooperate whenever necessary. Although, many Marines still believe that they are still nothing more than pirates. In return, the Shichibukai have no obligation to listen to the Marines unless it's under the direct order of the World Government.

Military Might

The exact number for the marines is unknown, but, they are without a doubt, the strongest and mightiest military. The marines not only enlist humans but also giants. They are also known to have employed droids within the Marines. In times of need, they are aided with the Shichibukai. Then they also have the powerhouses, the Admirals, as well as numerous other officers, such as the Vice Admirals.


The bounty level is determined by the perceived threat level, of said individual. The higher the threat they hold to the world, the higher the bounty. Too many pirates, a bounty is considered a showing of strength, since the higher the bounty, the higher the threat is.

Generally, bounty states Dead or Alive, however, not all of the bounty may be paid in full if the man wanted ends up dead. Bringing in someone dead could lead up to a 30% loss in the bounty since execution isn't possible. The only way to get the full bounty is to bring that person back alive. There are exceptions, to which "Only alive" or "Only dead" may be issued.

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