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Bill E. Chance is the Captain of the Lucky Pirates. He is also known as the "Pirate of Probability" for he judges based on his coin that was given to from his Uncle. He also has a love for cards for he carries one as a weapon and something to play with. He is the son of famous marine, Smith W. Edward. He is also the consumer of the Raki Raki No Mi, or the Luck Luck Fruit.



He was once known as one of the most handsome pirates in the north blue until an an encounter with a sea king left him scarred on half of his face. Since then, people would see him in a two-colored suit with his face half-scarred. His hair on his non-scarred side is black while the scarred side is white. His two-colored suit he usually wears is black and white, but people could see him in orange and blue, black and purple,black and brown,or just a gray suit.


He has a personality like his suits. He is either a very nice guy or a very bad man when someone meets him. He sometimes has his coin judge what decisions he should make,good or bad. He also has a love of cards, so people sometimes find him playing either Poker,BlackJack,Rummy, or any card game in the local saloon or bar. He is a good leader nevertheless who is ready to any challenge given to him, for a good price and/or if the coin allows it.

Abilities and Powers

Bill is known for using friction in his fingers and wrist when using his Deck of cards.

As he had just gotten the raki raki no mi, he is able to give or take away luck to a host if he touches he or she. With this, he can suck luck out of people before battle and become super lucky during fights. His luck can also run into negotiations also, getting lucky by persuading them to get what he wants.


Deck of Cards- his deck of cards have a bladed edge to them, making them a perfect throwing projectile.

Pistol- his pistol is the dirty work of the coin's decisions.

Thompson SMG- This 1500s gun is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of Captain Chance. He's able to take down multiple enemies with it.


Bill was born February 21 on the Goth Islands of the North Blue. His family is a pretty divided one. His father is a captain in the marines,named Edward W. Smith while his mother's family is involved with pirate activities. Bill was sent to Marine school by his dad to learn about Marines and the history of them. But usually after Marine School, he would hang out with his pirate uncle who would teach him about the seas and the duties of a pirate.

One day,when Bill was 8, his Uncle's group of pirates came back from an adventure with a bunch of treasure. Uncle gave a coin to Bill,it had a pirate skull on one end, and a treasure chest on another. Later when Bill became 11, his dad would find out that he had the coin and took it from Bill,calling his son a pirate and just as bad as his uncle who gave it to him. Admiral Iceberg told Bill that he will never see his uncle again and eventually he would throw the coin into the ocean, thought to be seen never again.

His dad would take him to a stricter marine school who would watch him all day. He would learn more about the marines and the history and how piracy is illegal. He would become the head of his marine class and soon class president of it. He would soon be called the most handsome man in the school and of the Goth Islands at age 16. He would also get an education as a prosecutor for the marines. He sended a pirate into death row at age 17 as a prosecuting attorney, which is the youngest age of a prosecutor at the time.

He always gotten letters from his uncle and the pirate group. But one day, the marines told Bill that his uncle and the crew died in an accident with a sea king. This caused him to be in tears, and it broke all ties to him wanting of being a pirate.

Then,the day before his eighteenth birthday, he would find the coin in the mouth of a fish while fishing for his dad. It was the same coin that his dad threw when he was 11, this time it had a scratch on the chest side of the coin. He wouldn't tell anyone till the next day.

On the morning of his eighteenth birthday, he would receive a letter from his uncle to him which was given to Bill by a pigeon. It was a final letter from Bill's. The letter mentioned that the navy actually came in to his ship and laid waste unto it, and also that Bill's dad was about to kill him. And how his dad planned to make sure Bill stays on the marine side by getting rid of any ties of pirates into his family.

After reading this, Bill would be furious at his dad for this. But he couldn't show his anger at dad till after his birthday party. So Bill came up with a plan to decide whether or not he will join the ranks of the marines.

His dad held a giant birthday party for him. He would get a deck of cards as a present from his dad. The party took a long time to finish, but that night at the living room, his dad asked him if Bill was ready to join the ranks of the marines and become the greatest admiral in history after his dad. But Bill replied he doesn't know, but he did know that his dad killed his uncle. Iceberg was shocked to find out that his son found out of the truth. Then, Bill took out the coin and said,"The coin will decide for me." Bill didn't want to make the decision for himself, so he used the coin to decide if he will join his dad's side or become a pirate. Heads (the pirate skull) would be for the pirates, and tails (the scratched side) would be for the marines. He flipped it to his hand and turned it over his hand and revealed it. The result was heads.

Bill would soon buy a small ship and soon set sail until his dad came to stop him. His dad tried to convince him to come back and join the marines. But Bill would reply, "The coin had already decided, it's too late." His dad then said that the marines will try to hunt him down and arrest him. Bill would reply, "I know." He would then set off into the fog for the future adventures being brought to him.

Bill would just start out as robbing money from other people in the seas, and calling himself as the most handsome man in the world. He would go to the bar and become an expert card player by playing against other gamblers and become one of the best out there. Sometimes when he raided ships he would flip the coin for the fate of his victims, heads always meaning staying alive and tails meaning death.

Meeting BaRock

A few months after Bill left the Goth Islands, Bill would run into the Smackdown Pirates, the section of the WWE, the World Wrestling Emperial Pirates. He would run into them at an island just before the Grand Line. They were showing off their skills to other people and taking out drunk pirates. There were either people there watching the Wrestling Pirates or drunkards who are waiting in line to get crushed.

While all of that was happening, Shane McMayhem, the leader of the Smackdown Pirates, was gambling with fellow pirates, taking money away from them. Bill thought of this as a good time to play cards with them. So he joined the table that Shane was playing at. He played 5 rounds of poker, and won every single one.

Shane noticed this and was interested in Bill, he invited Bill into the Smackdown Pirates' ship, Mankind. Bill accepted this offer and went into the ship. There he was offered a drink and taken into Shane's quarters, where they had a good time talking to each other. Then Shane asked Bill if he wanted something from his ship, he can have it. So Bill thought about it at that moment and replied to Shane,"I would like your cook." Their cook was BaRock, he was the consumer of the Rock-Rock fruit, and the main cook of the crew. Shane would accept this but with a bitten tongue. So he said to Bill,"If you can prove to me you're tough enough for him, you can have him." He explained to Bill that in order for him to get BaRock, he would need to bring Shane money that was from the marines' bank there on the island. Bill would accept this challenge from the flip of his coin.

The marine's bank was easy to get in, but it was harder to not get caught inside the place. But Bill was able to steal about 1.1 million berries without the marines noticing until the morning. He would give the money back to Shane, and Shane gave BaRock to him. But Bill asked BaRock was willing to come with Bill, BaRock said he was in for the ride.

So they would adventure for a year in a small ship robbing,getting treasure, and they would soon enter the Grand Line, where more adventures came to them.

Meeting Cassie

When Bill turned 19, he and BaRock were in the Grand Line. Bill and BaRock were in a ship during the middle of night at sea when a big storm came unto them. The storm was so bad that it destroyed the ship and took BaRock and Bill in two different places. BaRock ended up in a local town island while Bill was swept up in Brody Island,an island of giants.

When Bill was swept up into the land, his body was found by the Giant Princess,Diamond T. Cassie, while she was bathing. She immediately took him to her father,Diamond R. Karl, who is the king of the island. The King would get a doctor who would help him and went to the council what should they do with him.

When Bill woke up, he woke up to the sight of Cassie's huge eyes staring at him. He was startled by her and she was startled by him waking up. But after they both calm downed, they started talking to each other. Bill wanted to know what happened to him before he woke up. So Cassie told him how she found him and basically saved him.

Bill was thankful for her saving her life, but wanted to leave for another island to get back where left off. But she brought up that her dad is the king of the island and can only decide what Bill can do, and that he also doesn't have a ship. Bill listened to this and realize he's stuck here on the island. So he'll be on the island for about a year before he gets out of the island.

Within the time he was in the island, he would develop a relationship with the Giant Princess. A few months after their meeting, they would fall in love with each other. Bill would rarely leave Cassie's room, because he only trusted Cassie to not step on him and not crush him. He would have a few discussions with Diamond R. Karl, but he wouldn't meet many other giants in the island besides the butler that always came in every now and then.

One day, slave hunters of the world government would come into Brody island to grab themselves a couple giants. They happen to kidnap the princess while Bill wasn't watching. Bill would find out after they left the island. In the morning, the council were figuring out what to do and how to react. Bill went to the castle and proposed to go and save the giants who were kidnapped. Bill promised to bring them back to gain trust from the giant council. The king reluctantly agreed to allow this to happen.

Before Bill left, he found a human-sized boat left on the island, so he realised there is still another human there. He finds a human that was wounded on the beach. It was one of the slave hunters, but it was wounded with a broken leg. Bill interrogates the wounded slave hunter and finds out that they were taken to Sabaody Archipelago slave house where to be sold at the auctioning house. He kills the man after flipping his coin on tails and took the boat and sailed for slave house in Sabaody.

When Bill arrives in Sabaody, he parks his boat outside the slave house. He decides if he wants to go in stealthy or in hot. He flips his coin which says to go in hot. So he goes in with guns ablazing,killing a bunch of slave hunters and marines that were secretly. He releases to-be-slaves on the way to the giants. He also goes into the auction room and kills off everyone in there except the slaves. He finds the giants that were kidnapped, especially Cassie. And then they leave off in a slave ship and sail back to brody island.

When they get back, there is a huge celebration at the island. And King Kalor was very happy. He was so happy that he offered his daughter to be courted by Bill. Bill knew he loved Cassie, and Cassie loves him, but in order to choose he needs to flip a coin. It was his lucky day, the coin decided to allow Bill and Cassie to be married.

They were married the next day. They also had a giant party after that too. And Bill and Cassie were planning to go to Water 7 to go find a ship the next week, but they'll have to use the slave ship they found till then.

The problem was, Cassie wanted to be Bill's size during these next adventures their about to have. And conveniently, there was a devil fruit that was founded by one of the giants at the slave house that one of them stole. No One wanted to eat it, but the princess volunteered herself to eat it. She ate it and found out she can manipulate her height at will. She can go as small as an ant, and as tall as the sky.

So she altered her height to human size and went with Bill on the slave ship to Water 7, where another chapter of his life is created for him.

The creation of the Lucky Pirates

When Bill and Cassie arrived into Water 7, they walked to the local shipwright. Coincidentally, BaRock was there asking the man there if he has seen Bill. BaRock also shows a picture of Bill to the shipwright.

The shipwright asks BaRock to look behind himself. BaRock turns around and sees Bill with his new wife. BaRock gives a big hug to Bill, nearly killing Bill. Bill, after his tight squeeze, introduces BaRock and Cassie to each other. He also says hello to the shipwright, who is also a longtime friend of Bill, Zafron Alexzander.

Alex is also greeted to BaRock and Cassie. And then Bill asks Alex to join the pirate crew. Alex says he'll join and be the shipwright of the crew. There is also a galleon Alex,his monkey, and his dad made for anyone who can buy it. Bill buys the galleon to Alex's dad. They named the ship the Roulette.

And So The Lucky Pirates were formed. They sailed out of Water 7 after getting everything they needed. And their first stop as a crew is Fishman Island, because BaRock wanted to recruit someone the crew might want in.

Fishman Island

The first place they went as a team is fishman island. BaRock wanted to recruit someone he knew there. So they went there and recruited Cash-A-Way, a member of the Fishman country club in Fishman Island. Cash-A-Way is a gator who stands about 15 ft tall.

BaRock and Cash had a great time for reunion. They sang and danced around in the country club. After the celebration, BaRock asked Cash if he was interested in joining the Lucky Pirates, he said he was interested and he joined.

They stayed there in Fishman Island for a little while. Then they left for more adventures.

Journey to the tip of the North

Bill,for all his life, wanted to know what was at the tip of the north blue. So, after they went to fishman island, they ventured to go to the tip of the north blue. They grabbed everything they needed before they left and setted sail for whatever was at the tip of the north blue.

On the way up there, they past an abandoned ship. Where they were was far beyond the typical sailor would go up to the north blue. So they assumed they found a ship that wasn't successful in its voyage. Until they found a walking skeleton in the place painting. They went into the ship and tried to talk to the skeleton. Turns out, the skeleton was compliant, but was being perverted towards Cassie.

It turns out the skeleton was Brass D. Rob, who was a famous painter more than 100 years ago.He and his crew also wanted to sail to the tip of the north blue so he can paint the landscape up there, but his crew and ship got wrecked by a sea king. And since he couldn't swim, so he was stuck there for eternity, till the lucky pirates found him.

So Rob joined the lucky pirates to sail up to the tip of the north blue. He was accepted as the artist of the Lucky Pirates, though they never thought they would need or want one.

Sea King meet

When they were sailing across the North Blue, it started to get more tricky. It was getting more cold and icy in the ocean. Some days, it would get very foggy,so foggy, that Cassie couldn't grow to the top of the fog without sinking the ship. They also were starting to get low on food. BaRock had to start rationing food. It also gotten cold that Cash went to sleep because of his natural instincts.

So because of all this, they were surprised when they ran across a sea king. The sea king was a giant squid, or kraken they called it. It was the same one Rob remembered that destroyed their ship. Rob ran away to the nearest closet to hide (which was Bill's and Cassie's) when the sea king started to try to sink the ship.

With Rob hiding, and Cash asleep, it was only Bill,BaRock,Alex, and Cassie who would fight the sea king. They would fight for some time, about for a half an hour, before the squid would squirt some of its acidic ink to leave the fight. No one wouldn't get touched by the acidic ink except Bill, who got half his face covered in the ink.

A few hours later, Bill was in bed with some wrappings on his face. Cassie asked Rob about the sea king. He said that the ink was the sea king's special weapon, the ink was the reason why most of his crew was killed in the north blue, plus the massive tentacles that caused the ship damage. Bill was lucky that he wasn't completely covered in the ink, or he would've died.

They took off the wrapping, and what was the result will be stuck with Bill for the rest of his life. His left half of his face is completely scarred. Bill was scared when he first saw himself like this, but moved on from it about an hour later. He commanded to keep going to the tip of the north blue.

The Tip of the North Blue It was about six weeks total since they left the normal edge of the north blue, four months since they left fishman island, and one week since the fight with the sea king. After all this time, they found the tip of the north blue. It turns out the tip of the north blue was not completely icy or cold, some places there were warm and filled with green grass.

They stayed there in the tip of the north blue meeting the people there. The people there called themselves vikings. These people were the ones that are told in legends in the north blue and any other blue sea.

Rob painted the places and the landscape there like he wanted a hundred years ago. BaRock fought the toughest vikings in a friendly competition and gotten some great recipes. Cassie found some stylish clothes she could wear back in the blues. Alex found some food for Bones and got some great supplies for the ship. Cash sang with the vikings and had some fun time drinking with them. And Bill found himself a doctor who could help him for now while he has a scarred face. But the doctor says the scar is permanent, but he gave Bill some medicine that will ease the pain of the scar for a few months.

After Bill found a doctor, he finally relaxed there at the tip of the north blue with Cassie and the crew. They all had a great time there in the Tip of the North Blue.

Before they left, they recruited a blacksmith that was interested in joining the pirates. The viking was Ulfriksson L. Arnljot, who was a notable blacksmith in his village. He was interested in joining the Lucky Pirates because he wanted to explore what is out there besides where he lived. The Lucky Pirates accepted him into the group as the blacksmith. After that, they left the tip of the north blue to go back to the usual blue seas.


When they got back to the usual North Blue edge, they were in high spirits still, and hungry. They stayed at the tip of the north blue for nearly about six months and it's been eight weeks since they left the tip. They also were running short of food again. Luckily,they found the Baratie, the best chef ship in the world.

They went there to get some food to eat before they went to the nearest island to restock on supplies. There they found some new members of the crew. They recruited new members whose names were Sauna and Sonya. They were pretty much the troublemakers in the Baratie. And the captain,Craves R. Oliver wanted the twins out. So the Lucky Pirates took them with no question.

Getting Supplies

After the Baratie, they went to the nearest island to restock on some supplies. Turns out, they would also get some more recruits there. They would recruit a doctor, one that they heavily needed, named Candy. They also gotten a tailor who was an angel named St. Helena, who was involved in the Ring of Fire.

After restocking in supplies, and getting new members of the Lucky Pirates. They would set sail for the grand line, to get themselves the one piece maybe, or see what adventures they would end up in.




"You feeling lucky punk?"

"Life is like a deck of cards, you don't know which ones are on top, and which will help you win the game. Some cards will give you a blackjack, while some cards will give you a bust. You just need to keep playing till you ran out of cards in the deck, and hopefully, you have a bunch of blackjacks"



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