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Chantara is a Moon Jellyfish hermaid who is the doctor of the Diamond Pirates.


Chantara has shoulder length bluish white hair with a long rat tail like ponytail in the back, blue eyes and fair skin. Her main attire mainly consists of a two layered light blue dress that resembles the appearance of a jellyfish and she prefers to walk around barefoot.


Chantara comes off as soft-spoken, kind, and attentive when it comes to those who need medical assistance, especially towards her own crew, To her, there is no such thing as leaving anyone behind who is injured. She's also shown to have some bravery when fighting for her crew despite her gentle nature.


Abilities and Powers

Chantara is skilled in Mermaid Combat as she is able to take on enemies twice her size with ease and is able to breathe underwater thanks to her Moon Jellyfish mermaid heritage.




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