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Charlotte Berry is the 1st division commander of The Black Heart Pirates. Charlotte Berry was once a cp9 member but he helped his current captain Barry D. Brick escape and because of that he got caught and sent to Impel Down level 6. After Barry D. Brick stormed Impel Down and killed every marine and prisoner from level 1 till 5 Charlotte Berry and Barry. D Brick reunited and Charlotte Berry joined The Black Heart Pirates as the 1st division commander.


Charlotte Berry is a man of intricate facial features, the reason being more or less of the fact that one can not clearly dictate the age of his being simply through the means of a single glance. Indeed, even despite being years past his prime, he has yet to receive any distinctive marks, such as those in the form of wrinkles, warts or anything in relation to the manner.

His attire is worn comfortably, neither being a tight fit nor too loose. His trousers were specially prepared, due to the absurd length of his legs, which many believe to be a trait of the Longleg tribe. Evidently, this is true, and Charlotte Berry has inherited the trademark elongated limbs from his forefathers, which he has incorporated into a separate series of combat styles. They are said to be a very precious part of his entity, and by extension, his only real relation to the tribe after all these years. With time, he too has become apparent of these correlations, however yet, has found little to no interest in connecting them. Furthermore, he dons a pair of goggles that shield his eyes from the vast public, which are stated to be almost entirely a subject of fashion, and not at all related to his eyesight in any which way. The majority of his equipment is black, much like that rest of his attire, all the way down to his shoes.

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