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Chisulo is a large man with a bald head covered by a bandana, even though he looks overweighted but all the "fat" in his body is actually all muscles, he has "angry" looking eyes and his skin is dark. He has a scar that runs down across his right eye and a skull tattoo on his left arm.


Chisulo is a greedy pirate who only cares for treasure and treasure alone, he will do anything to get what he wants even if it means sacrificing one of his own crew members (with the exception of his strongest members) in order to get it. He is also quick tempered as he is easily provoked by anybody who get into his way especially ones like Monkey D. Luffy.



Nabil (First Mate/Swordsmen)

Dima (Second Mate/Warrior)


Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Chisulo ate the Iwa Iwa no Mi (Boulder Boulder Fruit) which gives him the ability to turn his body into stone, increasing his strength and endurance as almost no weapons are effective against him. The main flaw of this power that it doesn't turn on all body parts into stone, like the eyes are still soft enough to be attacked and his private area can be hurt if hit hard enough.



Not much is know about Chisulo but it is said that he gained this bounty after he destroyed a Marine base with his devil fruit powers.



  • The name Chisulo means "Strength of steel"