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"Black-Fist" Chiyoko typically referred to as "Kinro" by her comrades, is a marine hailing from the North Blue currently holding the rank of Admiral. Beloved by the innocent and hated by the corrupt, she's globally renowned for her efficacy, righteousness and diligence as it pertains to delivering Justice. Be that as it may, although propaganda may say otherwise, Chiyoko's rise to prominence was not one of ease or without hardship and sacrifice. Not blessed with a powerful name or unique traits, Chiyoko grew up as an orphan with limited resources and many siblings; illness and hunger took some along the way which forced her to understand the harsh realities of the world early on. But as eldest sibling and eventual primary caretaker, she did not let reality ruin her optimistic and cheerful outlook as she raised those who did survive with joy and love. In times of peril, Chiyoko found solace when reading Sora, Warrior of the Sea which impacted her tremendously and eventually had her wanting to become a marine.

Driven by the compelling desire to make others feel as she did when reading the successful comic strip, Chiyoko worked towards becoming a marine like the renowned hero. Her kind heart and determined nature earned her the respect of many and eventually made marine instructor Thorfinn take an interest. Under his unorthodox tutelage, Chiyoko garnered supernatural ability through mastery over the esteemed martial art, Rokushiki. With the ability to make her dream a reality, Chiyoko debuted with excitement and anticipation, however harsh reality welcomed her yet again as the marines she fantasized about were far cries from the hero she read about. Still highly motivated, she began to rise through the ranks expeditiously but success didn't last long as many hardships followed.

Suffering consecutive defeats, her optimism began to waver as her future began to seem unclear. But in the most unlikely of circumstances, her idol, Sora Daisuke, offered to take her on as an apprentice. With Daisuke's much needed guidance, she returned to her track record of success. During this time, many referred to her as "Chichi" in relation to her fictional incarnation. However, amongst pirates and other criminals throughout the Grand Line, the moniker "Black-Fist Yoko" became glorified due to her prodigal adroitness towards busoshoku haki. Rising to the rank of Commodore, Chiyoko found herself biting on more than she could chew in the New World. Outclassed and overpowered, she met numerous defeats which were only compounded when her body's composition changed permanently after consuming the Bara Bara no Mi. Drowning in self doubt and disgust towards the organization she worked for, just before her physical prime, Chiyoko retired from the marines in order to adopt and raise three promising orphans.

Returning to the North Blue, Chiyoko and her kids lived peacefully until each of them revealed their desire to become marines. Guiding them with her experiences in mind, Chiyoko also refined her own skills in the process. Although tempted to rejoin alongside her kids once they became of age, Chiyoko decided against it; a decision that still looms over her till this day as a few yew later, her kids were killed in action. Engulfed in despair, if it weren't for the motivating words of Daisuke, she would've never revitalized her career with her children's ambitions driving her. Determined to become an Admiral, Chiyoko honed her skills to masterful levels. In her first campaign since retiring, Chiyoko targeted the many revolutionary armies, where she single-handedly dismantled and destroyed each militia, earning her the epithet "Slayer of the Rebellion". With global recognition, historic feats, positive public opinion, and validation coming from the most iconic marines, Chiyoko was eventually appointed to the rank of Admiral.


In a world where the most menacing and powerful individuals hold the most exemplary and unique physiques, Chiyoko seems to be the one exception to rule. Standing at a little over six feet, she's the smallest of the Admirals. However what she lacks in height seems to be compensated in muscle mass, as Chiyoko possesses a well-sculpted frame that would look more masculine if it weren't for her absurdly large breasts that she loves to flaunt. Neither ugly nor stunning, Chiyoko possesses unkept long black hair that nearly reaches her waist. Most notably, Chiyoko possesses distinct reddish brown eyes that were categorized as fiery and filled with passion throughout her youth but have now been labeled as menacing and terrifying due to the fear that comes along her position. Chiyoko has seemed to age well over the years, not displaying any signs of sagging or hanging despite her age.

During her time in the North Blue, Chiyoko was surprisingly much more well-kept and traditionally pretty. Although still somewhat chiseled for her gender, Chiyoko possessed long straight hair that she'd usually tied into a pony tail, her face was filled with hope and glee and her body was not as blemished and scarred as it is now. She usually sported a simple black tank top coupled with an orange jumpsuit and black shoes. During her youth, some body used to mock her because of her toned body however it didn't seem to bother her much.

Upon meeting her idol, Sora Daisuke, and joining him in the Grand Line, Chiyoko's appearance changed considerably. Wanting her appearance to somewhat mimic the character design of the fictional character, Chichi from the Sora, Warrior of the Sea comics, Chiyoko sported a sleeveless dark body suit with her Marine coat wrapped around her as if it were a cape with white boots to match. In order to hide the scars and bruises on her fists, Chiyoko wore distinct yellow gloves and completed the outfit with a small waist cape that was red on some occasions and white on others. Given her increase in age, Chiyoko's figure voluptuous but she still maintained somewhat of a toned build.

Following her several year hiatus and rigorous training, Chiyoko took on one more massive appearance change. Hoping to break away from the iconic appearance of Chichi, Chiyoko returned to sporting a simple Admirals coat. Her wrists and breasts are now covered in bandages as she displayed her much more defined and bulky physique, much to the displeasure of Fleet Admiral Diane. Below her torso, Chiyoko wears long, loosely fit pants with a pair of tengu-geta, most likely to make user of her toes in combat. Keeping her chaotic hair in check, Chiyoko also wears a white cap with the Marines insignia on it.



Considered one of greatest and brightest the Marines have to offer, Chiyoko is best defined by her righteousness, courage and humility. Instilled into her at a young age, Chiyoko has a noble and honest heart, intolerant towards injustice and abuses of power. Not blessed with any physical gifts nor with many resources, she learned on her own that true strength is having the courage to fight against abuse, no matter one's power, and having compassion for the innocent. And despite gaining power as she got older, her values have not changed whatsoever. Although she doesn't seek acknowledgement nor praise for her actions, she is generally respected in part due to her unwavering dedication to her beliefs but also because of what she has achieved. Having known what it means to be weak, she is also very empathetic, capable of understanding people's motivations even if she doesn't agree with them.

Chiyoko telling a kid to smile through adversity.

During her time apprenticing under Daisuke, upholding the belief of Heroic Justice (英雄的な正義 Eiyū Seigi?) at the time, Chiyoko developed her own hero persona known as Chichi. Chiyoko has described the facade to be how she'd view the world and act if the struggles and realities of the world had never dawned on her. Chichi is quite vainglorious, often delivering witty one-liners and patronizing her target in the midst of battle. She understands how to appeal to the masses and as such will do so in battle in order to raise the spirits and provide hope towards those who need it. Although Chiyoko has seemed to abandoned this persona following her brief retirement, she does bring it out at times when appealing to kids.

As mentioned, what separates Chiyoko from her fellow Admirals is two things: her humanity and morality. Chiyoko is a staunch believer in Noble Justice (高貴な正義 Kōkina Seigi?) which can be described as the compelling need to help and save people rather than uphold institutions or laws like the the Marines' motto of Absolute Justice. Having suffered many losses in her life, from her siblings to her children, Chiyoko holds the value of human life in very high regard and will rather save the life of civilians over capturing or defeating a pirate. Unlike those who have reached such high tier status through over-zealous ambitions and grandiose ideals, Chiyoko believes in people and cares deeply for the well-being of her friends, subordinates and those she's vowed to protect. Even if given a direct order, Chiyoko will disobey if it does not coincide with her beliefs. That being said, somewhat contradictory to her own values, she's willing to put her life down on the line in order to uphold her beliefs.

Chiyoko is a very dedicated individual. Throughout her youth, her dedication was often described as stubbornness as most could not understand her unwavering resolve to complete even the most trivial of tasks. Despite the pessimistic words of Thorfinn to draw her away from a life of service, Chiyoko remained resilient in her stance to become a Marine. Although there were times where her dedication was questioned and challenged, such as her first expedition and the loss of her children, her dedication to her beliefs would only be reaffirmed later on. Chiyoko's determination can be best seen in her rise to power as unlike those who are gifted physically or possess some fruit that has overwhelming power, Chiyoko's strength come the dedication and time she's put into it. She finds the courage to defend the weak and innocent, and does not hesitate to stand up to corrupt rulers, hypocritical authority figures or powerful beings like Bloodbeard.

Chiyoko playfully tormenting her subordinates.

Her humble, compassionate exterior ironically belies a fearsome disposition though, with her subordinates being terrified at the thought of aggravating her such as when someone mocks her muscular physique. She is prone to swift acts of violence and dealing out physical harm, often seen cracking her knuckles when she is angry or wants to intimidate. That being said, this seems to be unique persona she maintains around her comrades as well as with young kids in order to participate in playful banter and develop camaraderie.

Chiyoko possesses an a strong sense of duty. As previously highlighted, Chiyoko feels obligated to defend the weak as she's known the fear and pain that comes with it. However, her sense of duty does not always correlate to loyalty to the Marines and World Government. During her youth, she viewed the Marines to be the institution that upheld the ideals instilled into her by her father. But as she's grown and experienced, having witnessed the corruption and malice of the respective organizations first hand, her loyalty has wavered tremendously. If it weren't for her wanting to uphold the legacy of her children as well as the advice given to her by Sora Daisuke she probably would have never become an Admiral. But upon being appointed the position, she has done her best to speak out against the corruption and become a symbol for other people to call upon and other marines to idolize.

One of Chiyoko's most redeeming characteristics is her undying loyalty which goes hand-in-hand with her strong sense of duty. As described in her speech to Diane, she's willing to give her own life at the cost of salvation without a second thought. But her sense of loyalty extends far beyond a staunch belief in ideals. Chiyoko has been shown to be incredibly loyal to Daisuke, a man who seems to reciprocate that same loyalty; a relationship that has been maintained for nearly four decades. Chiyoko also seems to view loyalty in high regard as one of her many statements towards her subordinates has been to be loyal to her and she'll do the same, being a firm believer that she should always avoid trading lives. It has been hinted time and time again that Chiyoko's allegiance is not towards the World Government or the Marines but rather Noble Justice and the people that it protects.

Chiyoko's confidence in her own body image.

Throughout her youth, Chiyoko could be best described as extremely optimistic, loud, and cheerful. Given her need to take care of numerous siblings, she was very extroverted and seemed to get along with most. Unfortunately, the years have not been kind to Chiyoko and as such, have slowly chipped away at her gleeful demeanor. Before the deaths of her siblings due to the cold winter, Chiyoko was filled with hope and passion. Following her series of defeats in the North Blue, she stopped chanting about how marines are supposed to be the peacekeepers and upholders of hope. Before the death of her children, Chiyoko seemed to always sport a jolly smile and often made witty retorts. Since then, her expression seems more exhausted and depressed, although she does have a weak spot towards kids and the innocent. Time has certainly changed her outlook but her foundational characteristics still have maintained strong despite it.

As mentioned, Chiyoko is a very righteous individual and thus does not partake in the many indulgences and vices most people enjoy. Throughout her life, she has known not one lover. Although many have wondered if she has feelings for her idol, she has seemingly never acted on it. Alcohol and drugs never seemed to appeal to her, though she has been sipping on wine or ale during celebratory occasions. She doesn't seem to care for sweet things nor over-indulging in regards to food. Due to these actions, many have wondered if Chiyoko is a pious or religious individual. In times of high stress, Chiyoko usually regresses back to training, an example of her workaholic nature in full display.

Abilities & Powers


Chiyoko's threatening aura described by a pirate.

As an admiral, Chiyoko ranks second only to fleet admiral Diane in the Marines, holding power over the many thousands of subordinates. Her authority extends far beyond controlling personnel, as she can but is not limited to commanding entire fleets, creating special programs and units, influencing the overall strategy and approach of the entire organization and when seen fit, enacting special order like the Buster Call on an island she judges a threat along with temporarily passing on to others such privilege. Somewhat unique to Admiral Chiyoko, due to he exceptional affinity for strategy along with her strong positive relationship with the public, Chiyoko works alongside other World Government organizations to conduct special operations and coordinate movements. Much to her disapproval, Chiyoko serves as a direct subordinate to the World Nobles and all orders must be carried out without failure. Finally, provided she haas sufficient evidence, Chiyoko has the ability to revoke the status of a Shichibukai, granting her a degree of authority over nearly two of the Three Great Powers.

With respect to combat, Chiyoko stands as one of the most powerful individuals in the entire World Government. Offering validity to her rank, she, alongside her two compeers, are considered not only the strongest active Marine officers but crowned the "Greatest Military Force" of the entire World Government. In relation to world at large, Chiyoko's strength is viewed to be comparable to that of the Pirate Emperors and other similar figures. As such, Chiyoko is considered one of the most powerful individuals throughout the entire globe.

Physical Abilities

Contrary to common belief, Chiyoko was not blessed with absurd strength or unique innate physical abilities. Instead, Chiyoko's refined physical attributes come from nearly four decades of rigorous training alongside the cultivated mastery of the martial arts she has adopted. With that being said, Chiyoko is not entirely without innate physical apptitude. Most notably, Chiyoko possess a supernatural level of durability and endurance. First displayed in her youth, Chiyoko managed to endure the full force of the North's gruesome winter storms whilst attempting to salvage some food for her family. Similarly, during training with Thorfinn, Chiyoko was bludgeoned and nearly drowned by the freezing abyss and yet still managed to triumph in her task. Throughout her tenure in the marines, she has been shown time and time again taking on the damage in place of others, whether it be bullets, punches or even canon fire. Although she is not durable in the same way Kong supernaturally endures attacks, Chiyoko's resilience and pain threshold allows her to act effectively even when inflicted with fatal damage....


Main article: Rokushiki

Under the tutelage of Marine Instructor Thorfinn, Chiyoko trained in the six powers of the Rokushiki martial art at the age of twelve. Noteworthy proficiency would be a massive understatement to describe Chiyoko's usage of the way of combat. Chiyoko was described to be a prodigy of the martial art throughout her youth and has somehow managed to exceed expectations as she's arguably become the most decorated and proficient master of the powers. As described by Sora Daisuke, another master of the martial art, Chiyoko's mastery exceeds the traditional convention, limitations and laws most must follow. Not blessed with an abnormally powerful physiology, Chiyoko is dependent on these techniques to perform the supernatural. And through the six powers, she has become a force of nature comparable to that of others Admirals and esteemed pirates who have been blessed with extramundane physiques. A testament to her mastery over the martial art is her ability to adapt these very particular techniques to the unorthodox capabilities of her devil fruit. Unlike many others who have adopted and have claimed to master these techniques, Chiyoko utilizes these powers in myriad of ways that truly capitalizes on the capabilities of these potent martial arts. Her usage transcends the intended purpose of the technique and she has developed various methods of attack and approaches for each of the power to better suit her needs in specific situations. Although her dependency on some of the techniques has declined as she's found greater mastery over her fruit and haki, she still finds plenty of supplementary usage in most of six powers. Further testament to her mastery over the martial art, Chiyoko is one of the few to master the secret ability.

"Geppo" (月歩 literally meaning "Moon Step"?): Arguably the most desired ability among the six powers, Geppo provides Chiyoko with the ability to maneuver through the skies, granting her three-dimension movement. This particular ability addresses one of Chiyoko's fruit's major weakness in the fact her levitating powers does not extend to her feet. While originally limited to exaggerated kicks to maneuver, Chiyoko's control and precision of the technique has improved with every decade, allowing her to seamlessly kick-off the air with minimal movement from the rest of her body; allowing her to appear as if she's floating. However Geppo's usage and versatility transcends beyond supplementary ability to "skywalk". Prior to highlighting the offensive and defensive capabilities of her technique, it must be mentioned that Chiyoko has learned to use this ability through other parts in her body beyond her legs, a feat she managed to achieve through mastery over flexibility of Kami-e and the muscle tension of Tekkai. Offensively, Chiyoko can use this ability to produce a secondary attack, better known as a "phantom strike", to follow-up the primary strike by producing a powerful burst of wind that allows her to double tap opponents. Additionally, she can increase the power output of an attack by using Geppo as an accelerator. Defensively, beyond the benefits of three-dimensional evasion, Chiyoko can use this technique to create a counter force that allows her to mitigate an attack directed at her by pushing-off the targeted region. Although subtle unnoticeable bursts are what she tends to use, Chiyoko possesses a massive power output when using this ability, having been seen reaching the White-White Sea with a single kick burst. Thro

  • "Genken" (幻拳 literally meaning "Phantom Fist"?): Making use of her ability to employ the technique beyond just her feet, Chiyoko uses the functionality of Geppo whilst attacking, whether it be a punch, kick or any other method of attack, in order to land an invisible secondary blunt force strike. The force of Genken varies as Chiyoko's intent may differ depending on the opponent or tactic used. Be that as it may, when used in conjunction with Tekkai and/or haki, the force can be as powerful as a real strike. Although it is secondary in order, Genken can be used as the primary attack after Chiyoko uses the first to break through one's defenses.
  • "Hanryoku" (反力 literally meaning "Counter Force"?):
  • "Uku" (浮く literally meaning "Float"?): Using Tekkai to increase the muscle tension to produce a more powerful burst, Chiyoko uses the mechanics of Soru to produce rapid, consistent bursts to maintain a suspended state. She primarily uses this technique for her feet that are uninfluenced by her levitating ability.

"Kami-e" (紙絵 literally meaning "Paper Drawing"?): None of the six powers were fundamentally as important to Chiyoko's growth as a combatant than her mastery over Kami-e. As stressed by Thorfinn, Kami-e is the mastery over body control. After a great deal of training, Chiyoko gained supernatural flexibility throughout her body, including her muscles, bones, organs and other extremities. Seemingly unbeknownst to most, the supernatural flexibility provided by Kami-e can be used for more than the defensive focus of the technique. Enhanced flexibility provides Chiyoko with greater dexterity, control, balance and allows her to truly maximize the the capabilities of her body. Given the changes to her physique after consuming her devil fruit, Chiyoko needed expert control over every limb, muscle and inch of her body as she'd need to control each independently of each other. Without mastery over Kami-e, Chiyoko's mastery over the other five forms would not be as robust nor threatening. Daisuke noted during their spars that her mastery over Tekkai is in large part due to her the absurd control over every muscle fiber within her body. Although her defensive prowess are commonly attached to her devil fruit, this technique taught her how to effectively defend against non-sword related attack which has made her menace to attack.

"Shigan" (指銃 literally meaning "Finger Gun"?): There's no one in the world who can make use of this technique better than Chiyoko. The Finger Bullet of Admiral Kinro is regarded as one the most feared techniques in all of the Marines given how well Chiyoko's fruit compliments and amplifies the martial art. Traditionally, the technique allows the practitioner to jab a target with their finger with incredible force, resembling that of a bullet. However, Chiyoko's variation bares more resemblance to real gun in the sense that she can literally detach her fingers allowing her to strike her opponents from anywhere within her devil fruit's range. Any one of her fingers can become ammunition for her ranged attack, where she becomes more of a marksmen than a brawler. Throughout the years, she has worked on precision and tactful strikes that vary from bullets to the heart, targeting pressure points or slitting arteries. However, her use of Shigan wasn't heralded as one of the most feared techniques until she awakened her devil fruit. With the ability to dissemble anything she touches, her bullets truly have the ability to become one-shot, one kill. Beyond the standard offensive capabilities of this style, Chiyoko has been seen using this ability in a myriad of different ways as well. When reinforced by Tekkai and/or Busoshoku Haki, these fingers become extremely durable where they can intercept attacks heading her way. Furthermore, she can use her fingers to out supplementary tasks, like saving people.

  • "Shiōshi" (指紡糸 literally meaning "Spinning Finger"?):
  • "Shigan Arashi" (指銃嵐 literally meaning "Finger Gun Storm"?):

"Soru" ( literally meaning "Shave"?): There's no technique that has been imitated, plagiarized or mimicked more so than the World Government's Soru technique. Unlike the other Rokushiki powers which can be further adapted and expanded beyond their primary utility, this technique solely revolves around one physical characteristic, speed. By kicking off a surface rapidly ten-times, Chiyoko is permitted to move at supernatural speeds, a feat she managed to achieve during her teenage years. Her mastery over this technique has only further improved as she has heightened other physical traits like body control and muscle output through Kami-e and Tekkai respectively; allowing her to kick-off faster. However, during her first stint in the Grand Line, upon discovering the versatility of her levitating powers, she began to use this less and less, until it became exclusively for her feet. It was not until Daisuke pointed out how the mechanics of this technique can be utilized for her split body parts. Be it her stomach, thigh or whatever levitated body part she desires, Chiyoko can have it essentially vibrate in a similar manner to how she kick-offs a surface in order for her individual detached parts to move at accelerated speed. This is an extremely helpful tool when Chiyoko splits herself at the microscopic level, and prompted the birth of her infamous nigh-intangibility. As noted, having mastered the Rokushiki to the point where they nearly act as her natural physical attributes, Chiyoko can use multiple techniques simultaneously, such the use of Geppo to prompt high speed three dimensional movement.

"Rankyaku" (嵐脚 literally meaning "Storm Leg"?): Of all the six powers, none were as difficult for Chiyoko to master than Rankyaku. The premise of the technique was simple, gather enough strength in her leg than with ludicrous speed and control, swipe her leg in similar fashion to a sword in order to create a condensed air slash or "Sickle Wind" (鎌風 Kamakaze?). However, easier said than done. Having never been slashed or utilized as sword, the entire concept in itself was foreign to her which made it very difficult for her to learn. Fortunately, after months of trial and error, in the midst of battle, Chiyoko managed to employ the technique by flattening her body using Kami-e then refortifying her altered physique using Tekkai, appearing like thin yet sharp slice of paper. Since then she has grasped the premise of the fighting style and has furthered her mastery over the technique. Much like the other powers, Chiyoko has devised Although not befitting of the name, Chiyoko has learned to use the technique through the majority of her limbs and appendages such as her arms and fingers. Additionally, whilst in the aforementioned form, she essentially becomes a sword incarnate. In recent years, she has attempted to master this technique to the point where her sickle winds are given shape.

"Rokuogan" (六王銃 literally meaning "Six King Gun"?):

"Tekkai" (鉄塊 literally meaning "Iron Body"?): Falling short to Kami-e, Tekkai serves as the second foundational element to mastering Rokushiki in the eyes of Thorfinn and now Chiyoko. Where Kami-e teaches full body control and provides flawless flexibility for a myriad of purposes, Tekkai emphasize muscles strength, endurance and durability by hardening one's own muscles. Due to the very nature of the martial art, many have deemed this technique a defensive-type and solely use it for that purpose. However, just as those have misinterpreted the use Kami-e, Tekkai can be used for more than just defense. Given her devil fruit's defensive abilities, Chiyoko has taken the time to develop these offensive tactics to better make use of the technique. In laymen's terms, Tekkai is the art of tensing one's muscles to extreme degrees making them ultra dense. Seemingly unbeknownst to most, muscles contraction and general movement revolves around muscles tension and then release. When one throws a punch or swings a sword, the main force is drawn from one's own muscle tension. By using Tekkai to tense her muscles to extreme degrees then release in moments of impact, Chiyoko can produce attacks with incredible blunt damage potency. The same can be achieved for any natural movement the requires an amplitude of strength, including the other Rokushiki abilities. Although many have wondered if Chiyoko has completely bypassed the paralysis nature of the technique, in reality she has learned to contract and release her muscles using Tekkai as if this was the natural way of her movement, allowing her to bypass the immobility effect. Chiyoko later clarified that if Kami-e is the foundation of the Rokushiki, then Tekkai is the amplification of the martial art, as Tekkai can provide potency and power to the other techniques like no other.

Leadership and Intelligence

Blessed with a unique affinity for problem solving and scheming, Chiyoko is globally renowned for her tactics and stratagems by Marines, revolutionaries and pirates throughout. Her brilliance can first be seen early on as she developed games and activities with unique rules and goals whilst having her siblings' interests in mind. From an early age, Chiyoko has seemingly enjoyed strategy games which has unintentionally prepared her battle tactics and real life situations. In her debut as a marine, Chiyoko displayed a rare leveled head and assessed the situation efficiently and effectively in order to save lives then eliminate the problem. Among the many feats that attest to her brilliance, none have garnered as much praise as her thoroughly dismantling of numerous revolutionary armies, a venture that required recognizance, due diligence, efficiency and carful planning to pull-off without starting a global conflict. When solving a problem, it's noted that Chiyoko considers many factors when making a decision and rarely does she ever make one on emotion or impulse. She's noted to have a through understanding of the powers available to her as seen in her use to intentionally spread false information through Cipher Pol and Underworld channels in order to prompt desired actions from her targets.

Chiyoko's intellect transcends battleship placement and backend tactics. Being a compassionate and empathetic individual, Chiyoko has a strong understanding of motivations, purpose and drives. Although this same nature has driven her to help others and uphold her righteous beliefs, Chiyoko uses her understanding of people in order to exploit weaknesses that may not be abundantly clear to those she's targeting. Kept secret from most, Chiyoko possesses these in-depth analysis on individuals, whether they be ally or foe, known as "Profiles" which serves as a compilation of information gathered and then assessed by the admiral in order to determine how they'll function in particular situations. Chiyoko's weakness and humanity has allowed to remain keen and perceptive which has contributed to her success in life.

Beyond strategy and shrewd manipulation, at the advisement and recommendation of her mentor, Chiyoko is very knowledgable of both popular and somewhat forgotten history. Believing that living in ignorance can only lead to repeated mistakes and potential exposure, Chiyoko seems knowledgable various kinds of history including pirates, island, devil fruit and even a degree of world history. Given her admiral rank along with her relation with the most recognizable marine, Chiyoko has access to sensitive information that is intentionally kept from the public.

Despite having a pragmatic thought process, Chiyoko is noted to be an outstanding leader who cares deeply for those working with or under her. Placing high value on human life, Chiyoko does not view her many thousands of subordinates as pawns; she often reiterates the fact that she will not trade lives. Unlike some other Marines who've known nothing but strength throughout their careers, Chiyoko has known weakness and thus generally understands fear and reluctancy which makes her more approachable than most of the higher-ranking officers. Despite having a dislike for her heroic persona, Chiyoko understands that her role empowers and unites those beneath her and thus uses it to motivate others. And in the the same she uses her "profile" to exploit her enemies' weaknesses, she uses them to understand and empathize with her subordinates in order to properly motivate and encourage them. While charismatic would not be the word used to describe Chiyoko, her willingness to risk her life instead of others has made many devoted to her. A testament to her leadership competencies and military acumen, Chiyoko was recommended for the position of Admiral by the Hero of the Marines, an individual generally impartial when it comes to appointments and recommendations, having never recommended anyone before.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Bara Bara no Mi

Hoping to attain great power in an effort to save civilians, Chiyoko ate the Bara Bara no Mi which allows her to split and disassemble her body into pieces and reassemble them at will. Through this ability, she also gains the power to levitate her entire body with exception to her feet, in a limited space. Although this fruit is not viewed to be exceptional at first glance, through assessing the fruit's strength at its foundation and enhancing its capabilities, Chiyoko has turned this power into one that is feared throughout the seas. Having claimed to have mastered the fruit, Chiyoko makes full use of the offensive, defensive and supplementary benefits that assist her in and out of battle.

I concede...there was nothing in this world I could not cut...until now. Admiral Kinro, you truly are uncuttable!
— Strongest Swordsmen Diane after testing the capabilities of Chiyoko's fruit.

The primary strength is that Chiyoko becomes permanently immune to damage from being cut or pierced, regardless in what manner, be it vertical, horizontal, or otherwise. Instead of being wounded or even killed from such attacks, Chiyoko's body simply becomes sliced into pieces. Even with the use of Busoshoku Haki, Chiyoko can reflexively dissemble herself before she can incur any damage and this feat is only amplified through her use of Kenbunshoku Haki. However, her ability to disassemble extends far beyond immunity to swordplay. Throughout the years, Chiyoko has enhanced her control and precision over her ability to partition, reaching the point where she can disassemble at microscopic level. In doing-so, her defensive prowess have reached levels comparable or even superior to logia intangibility. By splitting herself at the molecular level, she can evade any type of damage, become invisible to even the most advanced of sights, and reform as if nothing had ever occurred. Her defensive powers have been tested against the expert swordsmanship of Fleet Admiral Diane and the propulsion powers of the Hero of the Marines, Sora Daisuke.

Although secondary to the fruit's main ability, Chiyoko's levitation prowess are equally as important and just as versatile. Within the original confinement of a 200 Bara Bara radius, Chiyoko gains absolute levitation reminiscent to the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi. With such a limited confinement, Chiyoko needed to learn to maximize all the allotted space. In doing so, Chiyoko has managed to become very efficient and craft within her domain in how to use her ability to dissemble. She has spent time to coming up with crafty solutions, like using Geppo to provide her feet with aerial movement in order to subtly extend her range. Throughout the years, she has used meditation and relentlessness to expand her range to the point where her domain stretches as far as a large island like Marineford.

Uninfluenced by standard forces of nature like gravity, Chiyoko can make her own leverage without any restrictions or handicaps. In laymen's terms, within her domain, Chiyoko has omni-directional movement at nearly any speed so long as her body can endure it. Offensively, the possibilities are nearly limitless as she can deconstruct and reconstruct any part of her body at blinding speeds in order to easily defeat even the most decorated combatants when used in conjunction with her Rokushiki and Haki. Defensively, she can counter any force with the smallest of body parts, by using her levitation powers to produce a force equal to the one she is colliding with. As her levitation powers extend to those she is touching, she can stop any martial art in its track with nearly no effort. Within the confines of her domain, Chiyoko's entire body becomes a weapon capable at moving and scattering at blinding speed and reassembling with little to no effort.

Although not physically exceptional, through the supernatural abilities of the fruit, Chiyoko can contend and even outclass the most exceptionally powerful individuals. However, just as the exceptional few have gained more strength and effectiveness through structure and technique, Chiyoko has done the same. Through use of her unquestionable mastery of Rokushiki, she truly maximizes and enhances the offensive capabilities that the fruit is sorely lacking. Offensive techniques like Shigan and Rankyaku are given new dimensions as her body is not limited to restrictive nature of human. Whether it be long, mid or short range, through her deconstructing and levitating powers she can spontaneously attack aggressively, tactfully or brutishly depending on the opponent. Given the effectiveness of the defensive prowess provided by her fruit, Chiyoko has learned to utilize the other six powers in unconventional ways in order to maintain its viability. (More Coming Soon)


Having possessed her fruit for nearly two decades, refining her usage and testing the limits throughout this duration, Chiyoko is one of the unique few to have awakened her devil fruit. According to Daisuke, devil fruit awakenings are generally unique to users not fruit, especially paramecia awakenings, Meaning, rather than simply awakening the natural progression of the fruit, the awakening is tied to the user's experience and desires. Chiyoko has noted time and time again that the defensive capabilities of the fruit are truly exemplary but the offensive powers do not compare much to other devil fruit. Thus, tied to her own experience and desires, her awakening must provide her with a new dimension of offensive capabilities that correlate to overall ability to split into pieces. The result, an ability that has made Chiyoko one of the most powerful individuals in the world.

Through her devil fruit awakening, Chiyoko is able to extend her ability to split to her environment as well as animate or inanimate objects through touch. Vaguely similar to the ability of the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi to remodel and manipulate or the slicing power of the Ope Ope no Mi, Chiyoko is permitted to dissemble and/or reassemble anything she touches and extend her levitating powers to the former. Still limited to the confines of her domain, Chiyoko can freely manipulate her surroundings in any way she deems fit within the established radius. Having mastered the ability to deconstruct to the microscopic level, Chiyoko can completely destroy nearly anything with a single touch, displaying a very rare level of destructive power. Furthermore, although rarely displayed prior to her awakening, Chiyoko can also reconstruct in any manner she pleases, allowing her to alter the shape and form of anything influenced by her ability.

This ability is not limited to her surroundings and environment as Chiyoko can influence the living with a mere touch as well. She can chose whether to maintain a controlled fission like when she splits herself or causes gruesome damage by completely annihilating an individual. Additionally, her ability to levitate also extends to those she touches, thus allowing her to completely torment those who fall victim to her awakened ability. While the offensive abilities of the awakening are truly unprecedented, Chiyoko does not use these abilities exclusively for offense. Chiyoko often utilizes this ability on her subordinates and civilians in order to telepathically move them away from damage or danger, extending her own defensive power to them. Furthermore, those influenced by Chiyoko's awakening do not suffer the same debilitating weakness as she does with regard to their feet, allowing Chiyoko to deconstruct them away from danger and reconstruct them elsewhere.

Although it may seem her abilities are truly unbeatable, the use of haki can counteract the ability. By coating oneself's prior to being touched then one can avoid the devastating effects. Furthermore, a target who has already fallen victim to her influence can counteract the ability by coursing haki throughout their entire body, a feat that requires a lot of control and haki endurance albeit but feasible for some. Leaving her circle of influence will prevent Chiyoko from manipulating an touched individual further, however will not revert any changes to their bodies. Finally, similar to the Hobi Hobi no Mi, rendering Chiyoko unconscious will release everything under her influence but just like when Chiyoko uses the ability, it will not revert back the changes back to normal. Anything marked once will permanently remain marked throughout any duration unless Chiyoko is rendered unconscious or willingly liberates one from her ability.


As one of the Marine Admirals — standing at the very summit in regard to strength and viewed to be among the four strongest individuals throughout the entire organization and the World Government at large — Chiyoko's mastery over haki is nothing short of extraordinary. Shaped by her strong moral compass and motivated by her many sacrifices and hardships, her ambition has empowered her to be that in which she has strived to become, someone who can truly help those who can't help themselves. With her values and beliefs not always aligning with those she breaks bread with, Chiyoko is constantly met with protest and disagreement, and yet, she remains firm and staunch in her beliefs, attesting to her strength in will.

You possess the conviction but not the motivation. Having a righteous heart and strong morals can only take you so far against those who possess both. Without conviction you'll never start but without ambition you'll never finish. Chiyoko, what are your ambitions, what drives you to keep moving forward in the face of impossibility.
— Daisuke explaining why Chiyoko's haki wasn't exclusively about conviction.

Chiyoko trained under the the Hero of the Marines, Sora Daisuke, on two separate occasions in her attempt make use of her haki. In their first stint together, Daisuke noted that Chiyoko possessed a unique aptitude for haki, having picked up the nuances in relatively short time but highlighted how she would struggle later on because of her lack of ambition; a prediction that was proven true. In their second stint, newly motivated with newfound ambition following her children's deaths, Chiyoko refined her proficiencies to level of a master and even developed advanced variations of haki.

Even prior to her training, Chiyoko utilized haki without conscious effort, testifying to her natural affinity towards it. First was in her debut as a marine, when she heard the screams of endangered civilians despite them being several miles away. Second was during her first battle against Olaf, where she managed to land a single blow despite his logia intangibility.

Chiyoko seems entirely immune to the effects of Haoshoku Haki reaffirming her strong willpower.

Busoshoku Haki

Chiyoko's mastery over Busoshoku Haki (武装色の覇気 literally meaning "Armament-type Haki"?) is renowned throughout the Grand Line. Having earned the epithet Black Fist Yoko, her proficiency was highly regarded even prior to mastering advanced techniques. Chiyoko first utilized busoshoku haki unknowingly against Olaf during his tenure with the Frost Pirates in the North Blue. Since then, Chiyoko worked with Daisuke in order to master the basics and the basics she mastered. However, despite having great technical proficiency, Chiyoko's potency and stamina with penalized her during her stint in the New World. Several years later, with revitalized desires and ambitions, Chiyoko worked with Daisuke once again, refining her mastery and extending it to more advanced applications. Chiyoko now has combined natural technical proficiencies, resilient reserves, overwhelming potency and advanced techniques to become one of the most decorated users of busoshoku haki worldwide.

Among the many attributes associated with busoshoku haki, none are as prevalent as the enhancement ability. In laymen's terms, this ability can be divided into two distinct facets. First, as the name suggests, this mechanism enhances Chiyoko's power and durability. Although the effects it has on Chiyoko's body are not visible, the result are absolutely stunning. Testing the results of her training during the first time with Daisuke, Chiyoko's Shigan could only penetrate through iron. However, when enhanced through this ability, she could puncture titanium; Chiyoko's potency and proficiency have both improved immensely since she performed this test. Secondly, this application provides Chiyoko the ability to bypass the defensive capabilities of devil fruit whether it be logia, paramecia or zoan and attack the user's substantial body. She has obviously had to make great use of this application.

Chiyoko has obviously mastered the next phase or natural progression of the enhancement application, hardening. By concentrating heavy amounts of haki, Chiyoko's body hardens far beyond the enhancement application, giving the hardened region a black hue, known as Busoshoku: Koka (武装色 硬化 literally meaning "Armament-color: Hardening"?). Upon executing this ability for the first, similar to the test she completed during her enhancement training, she could penetrate steel. Naturally, Chiyoko has progressed her application of hardening far beyond that of a novice level. Chiyoko's prolific expertise over the ability has allowed her hue to attain a distinct flame-pattern with a vibrant shining of gold-red. Most recently however, Chiyoko has been working towards applying an ultra dense amount haki into a very small region, particularly the size of her index finger, by flowing their haki in similar manner to emission application, to create a nigh-indestructible weapon of mass destruction. Unfortunately, it seems the process has debilitating effects to the body to which she has no solution for at the moment.

Chiyoko has been shown possessing the ability to make use of the imbuement application of Busoshoku Haki.

Among the many applications of busoshoku haki, none compare to Chiyoko's mastery over the internal destruction application. Although she struggled to execute this technique initially, it turned into one of her most devastating offensive weapons in her arsenal when she finally achieve it. During her conflict against the Bloodbeard Pirates, despite her advanced hardening abilities, Chiyoko wasn't able to do substantial damage to her opponents due to their absurd abilities, their exteriors were incredibly durable. Since then she's known that her best chance of facing these juggernauts would be to destroy them from within. Although she possesses the ability to internally destroy in a fashion similar to internal combustion, Chiyoko prefers controlled destruction, deconstruction or disassembly for that matter. This application of the technique prompted Chiyoko to awaken her devil fruit allowing her to effectively disassemble and reassemble the world around her. When these two abilities unite, Chiyoko attains destructive power that can influence even the most resilient of combatants. Chiyoko has come up with many applications for this ability.

With more than one advanced application at her disposal, Chiyoko can make use of the emission implementation. Much like the internal destruction, this did not come easy to her. But in due time, with great poise, Chiyoko managed to overcome her mental barriers and learned how to perform this technique. Currently, Chiyoko can extend her haki nearly eleven inches from her palm. However, she much prefers creating a five millimeter aura around her entire physique to create protective alarm system to activate her fruit's partition abilities in order to avoid damage. Furthermore, this ability can also be used as a medium to activate other haki techniques including internal destruction, allowing her to bypass the requirement to touch her opponent in order to make use of the ability. Also reminiscent to her internal destruction epiphany, execution of this ability has prompted advances in other techniques or abilities, such as her kinetic finger railgun or the much more efficient block split.

Although Chiyoko has never had to push her haki to the absolute limits, she has hypothesized, given her conservative nature and layered attacks, that she could fight effectively using haki without drawbacks or rest for many hours. That being said, this doesn't take into account the destructive power or effective striking abilities of her opponent. Even so, due to her dislike for fighting and sheer efficacy, she's confident never have to know.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Chiyoko first made effective use of Kenbunshoku Haki (見聞色の覇気 literally meaning Observation-type Haki?) during her debut as a marine. In this specific instance, she unconsciously tapped into the ability to sense the emotions of those at the town at the bottom of the summit, nearly five miles away. Although this was a sudden experience, Chiyoko didn't seem traumatized by the event but rather used it as a call to action, highlighting her conviction to help others and not being a bystander. It was later hypothesized by Daisuke, upon hearing her natural empathetic nature due to her being the primary caretaker of her siblings, that she has unknowingly been making use of this ability for years, which is why the suddenness of the awakening of the ability didn't traumatize her; noting that her affinity for haki was quite impressive despite not having been taught or explained the concept. Since then, throughout the decades, Chiyoko has worked with Daisuke to hone and progress her abilities. Unlike busoshoku haki, Chiyoko isn't globally regarded for her use of the technique. Be that as it may, Chiyoko still remains as an exemplary user who can makes of different applications and even her own advanced technique.

As a keen and perceptive individual, Chiyoko can make use of multiple applications of kenbunshoku haki. Having studied and combated against an extensive number of skilled individuals, she seems knowledgable on the many types of sensory abilities that even she does not have access to using. That being said, Chiyoko understands that kenbunshoku haki, just like all forms of perceptions, can be deceived and thus does not use it as if its precognition is absolutely correct. Instead, as seasoned decision maker and strategist, she uses these abilities to make inquiries in order to make impromptu decisions based on the information she has interpreted.

Many think because they possess some supernatural sixth sense, they are immune to deception and ambush. But when you deal in absolutes, you are sure to get burned. The best way to defeat a Kenbunshoku Haki specialist is to turn their dependency against them.
— Chiyoko explaining why dependency Kenbunshoku Haki can be a handicap at times.

Among the many basic applications of kenbunshoku haki, Chiyoko's proficiency in empathetic sensing truly has no compare. As a naturally compassionate and caring individual, Chiyoko can not only feel the emotions of another but can hear the triggers associated with the emotions whether that be distinct thoughts or memories. In recent years, Chiyoko has progressed this ability to another level, allowing her to visualize the triggers and emulate the emotions herself, to provide her with a more wholistic understanding and allowing to create her infamous profiles. Her prolific usage of this ability is not without risk however, as strong emotions and memories have the ability to shape one's beliefs and ideals. Therefore, Chiyoko must remain firm and staunch in her beliefs and possess a level of certainty over her identity in order to not conflict other's emotions for her own. Although Chiyoko can use emotion sensing to attempt to predict her opponent's actions, she much prefers using this technique alongside other sensory abilities to make proper assessment about the individuals.

Another basic application of kenbunshoku Chiyoko makes use of is intent sensing. As the name suggests, Chiyoko can sense an individual's intent to act in the immediate future offering her a degree of precognition. This ability is somewhat tethered to her ability to sense emotions as actions driven by strong emotions are usually the most powerful but also are the easiest to foresee. This ability, while useful when forced to be reactionary, is not to be confused with the advanced future sight applications which requires different skills to achieve. Chiyoko primarily uses this ability to help craft her profiles as isolating how an individual will act based on certain emotions or influences allows her to effectively discern how the target may proceed long-term and develop counter actions and strategy. That being said, Chiyoko does make use of this ability to further her defensive prowess when avoiding attacks, though she tries not to be too dependent on the ability as many have learned to attack without conscious effort.

Distinct from her other applications of kenbunshoku, Chiyoko developed her own advanced usage in order to address a glaring issue with her fruit's ability. Although the Bara Bara no Mi has many benefits, especially defensively, one glaring issue that emerged as she expanded her range and mobility is tracking her body parts and being aware of her surroundings once out of sight. Unlike most who have a completely assembled body and can view their limbs in motion at all points, Chiyoko isn't always blessed with that luxury and can actually be more effective if her parts are scattered. Therefore, Chiyoko devised a technique, utilizing the principles of Pulsus, to use any of her scattered body parts as beacons or antenna that produce waves of haki in order to emulate a form of echolocation. Naturally, the amount of haki a singular portion of her body can produce is limited to its size, however, by scattering her parts effectively, she can get a wholistic view of a large island like Marineford by scattering and partitioning both of her hands. Due to the continuous nature of this technique, Chiyoko is provided a real time visualization of her surroundings allowing to truly make use of her fruit's range and maximize its abilities.


Early Life

Born without the love of a mother or the embrace of a father, Chiyoko lived as an orphan in the North Blue amoheng her fellow forsaken children in the Nagasaki Orphanage, a World Government institution for displaced children. From as long as she could remember, Chiyoko was the primary caretaker of her siblings. With an uninterested and at times absent custodian, Chiyoko embraced the role: feeding, playing and teaching her fellow siblings. Her optimistic, cheerful nature made her beloved by her siblings, and she’d often devise games and activities for everyone so that no one would feel left out. Being a naturally motivated individual, even from such an early age, Chiyoko strived to be the best big sibling she could be and viewed every member of the orphanage, new or old, to be a cherished member of her family.

Although she cared greatly for her siblings, Chiyoko was not without dreams and desires. Chiyoko loved reading, whether it be to her siblings or lengthy books in her spare time. Among the many books she read growing up, one in particular was her favorite, Sora, Warrior of the Sea. Every week, she’d rush to the island’s small town in order to get a copy of the newspaper. She idolized Sora, who at the time was a novice Marine hoping to leave his mark on the world. When it was her time to choose the game, she’d often chose to play Marines and Pirates, where she fantasized about being the Warrior of the Sea. It was during these games she realized her true passion was to become a marine and devote herself to saving people.

As the years went on, her siblings became less dependent thus allowing for her dreams became goals, Chiyoko began to work towards becoming a marine. Physically, she would set up a strict regimen for herself through the helpful advice of her many books that allowed her to develop her physique. Heeding the advice of newspaper, Chiyoko didn’t take on take on pirates but rather assisted those in her town. Chiyoko was often given tasks for money and other goods, helping around town in any way possible. She knew everyone in town's name and had a unique relationship with each person. This had a formative influence on her as while she grew up fantasizing about combating pirate villains and becoming globally renowned, she realized what she truly cared about was fighting for those who couldn’t and helping in any way she could.

That being said, she didn’t have a childish perspective on the world. She knew if she was going to fight to protect others, she’d have to acquire enough strength to face the million berri pirates out there. Fortunately, through the relationships fostered by those she helped in the town, she discovered the urban legend of the Sage who lived in the mountains, a former marine. Venturing into the wilderness, after a several days expedition, Chiyoko eventually found the retired combatant, Thorfinn. After much pleading and begging, Chiyoko eventually convinced Thorfinn to give her a chance, so long as she passed his rigorous trials.

The three trials were simple. The first was a test of endurance, to pay all the debt C owed to those who inhabited the island. As one would think there were a lot of debt to be paid but in due time she managed to succeed. The second, a test of intellect..

After passing the three trials, Chiyoko officially became a student of the Turtle Sage. But before they began training, Thorfinn explained the harsh realities of the world. He explained that even if Chiyoko dedicated her life to becoming stronger and protecting people, there will still be monsters who outclass her. Monsters who are born with abilities that transcend anything she could achieve on her own and among those monsters, those who train just as harshly as her. He explained that she wasn't one of these special people. Despite these harsh words, he followed up by adding that this what will make her an amazing marine. Because she'll know weakness and won't be something supernatural, she'll understand the people she wants to protect and have a unique perspective the special doesn’t possess.

Don’t seek strength for revenge, don’t seek strength outta hatred, don’t seek outta pain, don’t seek strength for yourself. Only seek strength to protect. That’s what differentiates us from the pirates.
— Thorfinn’s insightful words regarding pursuit of strength.

Over the course of the next few years, Chiyoko worked with Thorfinn to master the World Government’s heavily regarded martial art, Rokushiki. Thorfinn’s approach to mastering this technique differed heavily from other instructors as many view these powers to be one-dimensional techniques, while Thorfinn viewed the powers to be a method for the weak to even the score, a way to permanently alter one’s approach to combat. In essence, the way he instructed Chiyoko was for her to use the six powers as a singular fighting style rather than six disjoint abilities. Although his teaching essentially forced Chiyoko to reconsider how she moved, her approach and many other distinct attributes of her method of combat, given keen intellect, she adapted rather quickly. Whilst keeping her training, Chiyoko still made sure to still be active with the town and her siblings, both however encouraged Chiyoko to pursue her dreams as they could see how gifted and dedicated, she was.

At sixteen, Chiyoko was already a decorated practitioner of four out of the six powers and yet she hadn’t seen real combat. With word of pirates and other criminals scourging the seas, terrorizing other islands, Chiyoko realized it was time to make her debut, even if she wasn’t an official marine yet. Hearing words that pirates had attacked Kamino Island, Chiyoko rushed towards to conflict to see if she could provide any assistance. What she saw that day never left her mind as Pirates and Marines cared little for the well-being of civilians as the combated each other. In complete disbelief and disappointment, she rushed to the aid of the civilians rather than joining the marines in battle; she saved sixty-four lives. Once the bystanders were clear of danger, she broadcasted her strength and ended the conflict with surprising ease.

How dare you?!? These people look at you for protection and you don’t have the faintest concern for their well-being. You’re supposed to be Marines dammit!

With her name and powers being spreading throughout the North Blue, the Captain of 112th Branch, Genzou Ryuma, sought Chiyoko out and upon finding her, petitioned she join the Marines. While Thorfinn was completely against Chiyoko joining without the remaining skills completely mastered, he did not force her to stay. But instead, he pleaded her to remember the reasons she wanted to join the first place, her town and family. Unfortunately for Thorfinn, those same parties encouraged her to follow her path and as such, despite the sour ending with her instructor, she proceeded to join the Marines where she was immediately appointed to the rank Lieutenant Commander after outclassing most of the ranks below that in regard to combat. But primarily, she displayed a unique aptitude for strategy and warfare, her mind was uniquely gifted which made her invaluable. Though she could’ve been placed higher, the intention was to place her under the tutelage in order to get proper guidance and instruction.

However, it seemed there was no guidance anyone in the North Blue could provide. With her natural intellect, resilient and optimistic demeanor, refined combat abilities, righteous heart and caring nature, she seemed to be the ideal marine. When it came real life application, she seemed to always make the right call, whether she was commanding officer or working as a subordinate. Although she’s very empathetic, she had a strong moral compass and pirates who harmed or endangered civilians were subject to her ever-growing experienced fists. During this three-year stint, she rose from Lieutenant Commander to Captain. Somewhat of a childish arrogance growing given her success, Chiyoko felt she could overcome any challenge thrown her way.

But almost as if life had intentionally propped her up to smack her back down, Chiyoko was met with some real hardships. As the expression goes, stricter laws and regulations only breed craftier criminals. In this case, greater marines only breed greater pirates. From deep within the frost of the North, a pirate born from the snow the stormed through the north, Olaf. Despite her refined martial arts, there was nothing she could do to bypass his logia intangibility. But humiliating defeat was not the worst. When assigned to capture and kill some criminals, Chiyoko was left in a philosophy-clashing situation where the criminals she needed to apprehend were Revolutionaries attempting aid islands that didn’t fall under the protection of the World Government; to which she refused to do as she believed it was wrong, which caused her a suspension. And to throw a cherry on to this disaster of a sundae, The winter had taken the lives of so many, and the World Government did nothing to support or aid these nations, even those paying the very intense tax.

Following this gruesome year, her faith in the Marines, her faith in the World Government and her faith in herself wavered. She wondered if the words of her former instructor were correct, she should’ve waited and developed more. With resigning from the Marines being a real consideration, Chiyoko was ready to return to the orphanage and raise kids once for the remainder of her life. But just as she was about to throw away her dreams, a streak of luck appeared; her lifelong hero and idol, the newly proclaimed Hero of the Marines, Sora Daisuke emerged before her. Hailing from the North himself, Daisuke had heard rumors diligent, righteous marine who had taken the North Blue by storm. Explaining her situation to Daisuke prompted great discussion which eventually led to the Hero to offer to take Chiyoko as an apprentice, a sidekick if you will. After saying her farewell, Chiyoko headed to the Grand Line, alongside the world’s most iconic marine.

The Hero’s Sidekick

Unbeknownst to Chiyoko, working under Daisuke meant a lot of her dreams would come true. While as a kid, Chiyoko viewed Daisuke to be a deity, but as she grew older, she had doubts on whether the Hero was really as great as they described in the fictional work. Upon meeting and working under him, her love for Daisuke was reaffirmed, as she witnessed first-hand his devotion to heroic justice. But the more time they spent together, the more Chiyoko began to doubt she could be of assistance. Still recovering from the year of failure she had endured, Chiyoko wondered if she could really assist Daisuke if she couldn’t even defeat prominent pirates from the North Blue. Fortunately, her idol explained that she wasn’t shadowing under him but rather, becoming his student.

In order to nip the lack of confidence in her strength, Daisuke first worked with Chiyoko to hone her mastery over Rokushiki. He noted that Chiyoko’s aptitude for the fighting style was unique, but she needed more combat experience against more skilled opponents to better make use of the powers in battle; on top of the fact, she simply needed to master the techniques themselves. But Daisuke explained that Rokushiki, even if mastered to the utmost degree, would not be enough to triumph against the most wicked of pirates. In order to combat those with powerful devil fruit abilities, she’d need to learn how to make use of haki. Although she wasn’t particularly a fan of this amount of rigorous training without interaction with civilians, she realized she needed to compensate for the gap in skill and thus used that as her motivator.

Months under the watchful eye of Daisuke meant great progress for Chiyoko. Her skills as combatant had grown exponentially in the short duration, in part due to the experience of her teacher, but also due to her dedication to her betterment. As the duo moved away from one-on-one training to real-life applications, Chiyoko began to make a name for herself in Paradise. Just as she was working under Daisuke in real life, a character in the fictional work debuted that was loosely based on her; The Hero’s Sidekick “Chichi”, they called her. While not very popular at first, her hardships and struggles, that never seemed to be shown with Sora, made her a beloved character, one that seemed more realistic and relatable. Although many within the Marines were jealous of Chiyoko as they believed they were more qualified to fit the role than her, Chiyoko’s righteous heart and compassionate nature made it hard for the jealous to antagonize her.

Her global recognition was not entirely due to her fictional incarnation. It seemed Chiyoko’s training had been paid off in dividends as time and time again she found success. Whether it was slaying a gruesome pirate, liberating a kingdom from a corrupt ruler or simply petitioning for more resources to countries that needed it, Chiyoko found success. Her proficiency in busoshoku haki became somewhat iconic throughout Paradise as she eventually earned the epithet Black Fist Chichi for her proficient usage. Eventually, her paths crossed yet again with Olaf’s Frost Pirates however this time it’d be different. In a close battle, Chiyoko eventually overwhelmed the pirate crew and defeated Olaf, providing her with the validation she needed to move forward. In the time span of a year since meeting Daisuke, she rose to the rank of Commodore despite being the age of twenty-one.

Somewhat becoming independent of Daisuke given her success, her teacher warned her to not allow her success to go to her head. Fortunately, she’d not make the same mistake twice and maintained a level of composure along with a heathy level of doubt in order to keep her in check. But all the mental preparation could not prepare her for the trials of the New World. Finding great success in Paradise, naturally, Chiyoko was assigned to her own branch in the New World, where the trials grew much more intricate and intense. No longer dealing with overly ambitious pirate, she’d face the gifted and it felt like every battle, even against the less prominent pirates, was a struggle. She endured taking each challenge one-step at a time, but little did she know, Chiyoko was slowly moving away from primarily helping people to exclusively combating pirates.

In a mission involving the Underworld, Chiyoko hunted down operatives who were working in the Slave Market. Combating against some of the sell-swords of Enma, Chiyoko struggled to keep her subordinates safe while also effectively combating the foes and thus proceeded alone. It was here where she once again met Olaf, who was now working as an Underworld mercenary. While she was confident, she could yet again overwhelm the singing frost man, this time he had hostages which forced to reconsider how she approached the situation. During their exchange, Olaf highlighted how most of the slaves were going to the Nobles Chiyoko served, despite it being against the law, something Chiyoko was not privy to. In an odd series of events, a devil fruit became available to her and while she was generally adverse to consuming one, with the well-being of the civilian on her mind, she decided to consume the fruit. Unfortunately, Chiyoko was not gifted with overwhelming power of a logia or the simplicity of a zoan, but instead given the highly complicated power of the Bara Bara no Mi.

Fortunately, as heroes tend to arrive in the bleakest of moments, Daisuke emerged and aided Chiyoko in her time of need, defeating Olaf and saving the day. With her body completely changed forever along with seeds of doubt in the World Government once again growing within her, Chiyoko’s desire to continue on her current path wavered once more. Daisuke attempted to reel her back in, but it only worked for so long. She found little success following this day as her mental was clouded and she needed relearn how move, fight and be as effective as she once was with the fruit. But the Marines cared little for her current mental health as crews like the Roger, Bloodbeard and Wukong Pirates terrorized the world. Thus, she was assigned mission after mission where she was met with failure after failure.

Chiyoko’s bleak reminder of the reality of the world lead her to wonder what she was doing. She had joined Daisuke two years ago to better herself in order to protect those who couldn’t do it themselves. And now, not only has she grown weaker due to the consumption of a fruit, but she wasn’t even being assigned missions that help civilians anymore, she exclusively fought menacing pirates or furthered the agenda of the World Government. No longer passionate about emulating her idol, the idea of an early retirement weighed heavily on her mind and there was nothing anyone could say about it.

A New Beginning

Strength and power were never Chiyoko's objective, just a means to an end. And the end should be and was originally to help people, and not just the ambiguous institution but real lives. And then finally, like God setting her back on the right path, during a solo expedition, she found three orphans by the names of Tenzin, Lotus and Mary-Jane. While most would have simply taken them to an orphanage like where she was raised, Chiyoko’s natural caring nature and desire to return to the days of her childhood lead her to an epiphany. For the past few years, she spent her life thinking she could be the world's savior but in reality, all she wanted to do was help people in a substantial way, whether it was thousands or simply three kids didn’t matter to her.

Thus, with the consent of the children of course, she adopted all three of them and following some bureaucracy, she retired as a Commodore and became an instructor. The four returned to her hometown in the North Blue, where she was originally given some shade for abandoning them but eventually all were glad she returned. Chiyoko raised her kids on a similar to how she was brought up. She raised her kids to be go-getters, helpers and believers. She often shared stories of her battles in the Grand Line. And in an organic manner, just like how it dawned on her, the kids all claimed the wanted to be marines. But unlike her, they were exceptional.

Tenzin was physically incredible; his achievements were supernatural as they outclassed what most normal humans could do. Lotus was brilliant, capable of beating her in shogi only days after picking up the game. And MJ was the most surreal, being the only one with a fruit, her abilities were almost scary. Each of them claimed they wanted to be an Admiral, as they hoped to not only better the world but also change the World Government for the better. With such lofty goals, she couldn't help but laugh but she'd be damned if she wouldn't make sure her kids were the most prepared sons of bitches ever.

She developed a system that not only prepared the bodies but their minds and battle sense, She taught them Rokushiki and the basics of haki. Due to her relationship with Daisuke, she was able to gain access to resources that wouldn't be available to her usually like books and reports for them to study and prepare. Whilst training these kids, she unknowingly refined her own mastery of her current abilities and began using her body in manners she never thought of in order to help her kids. She was slowly adapting to her devil fruit and began seeing how she could use the powers to her advantage.  Following Roger's speech, debuting the great pirate era, the kids were determined to finally join the fight. While she was reluctant to let them go, they were already facing the many pirates the North Blue had to offer at their age and they were far better off than she ever was. In an emotional goodbye, Chiyoko wished them luck and after much deliberation decided not to join them in the Grand Line, noting that her place is here in the North Blue.

Although she was no longer an officer in the marines, Chiyoko would come into assist when ambitious rookie pirates thought it'd be smart to attack her hometown. Still in her physical prime, she found herself maintaining her training regimen which refined her control and mastery over certain abilities. In this time, she learned how to make use of her devil fruit alongside her current skillset while also developing new skills to support her. She noted that her precision, accuracy and speed have all increased despite her retirement, in part due to her maintained mental health. While battle is usually the most useful tool to make advances in ones technique, she found using her powers and skills in trivial manners allow her to also improve. Most notably, Chiyoko’s usage of kenbunshoku haki advanced tremendously as she developed a method to better gauge her surroundings alongside her fruit. Additionally, she worked on expanding the range of her fruit's levitating powers, increasing it to the size of a small island.

Rekindled Flame

Two years following the trio's departure to the Grand Line, Chiyoko was given the worst news of her life. Wanting to formally give her the news in person, Daisuke delivered the unfortunate news that her three children were killed in action. The culprits were never identified but it's believed they fought courageously to protect people, giving their lives in sacrifice to others. Sorrow and despair filled Chiyoko as she immediately regretted not joining her students or maybe that she didn't prepare them well enough. Either way she took their death as her fault and if it wasn't for the encouraging words of Daisuke, that sat with her for months as she pondered what the next phase of her life would be, she probably would've never made it out of the hole of anguish.

Don't let your kids' dreams die with them. I do not know the pain of losing a child, but I do know loss...Survivor’s guilt will drown you if you let don't! Carry on their legacy! Fight not for revenge but because it’s what they would've done for you!
— Daisuke's words of encouragement.

With the flames of passion rekindled, Chiyoko took arms once more. Stepping out of retirement, despite the doubt still looming above her, Chiyoko pledged she'd become an Admiral and change the world for the better in the name of her three children. Although she possessed new inspiration, the fact still remained that she could not compete with some of the most powerful pirates and monster out there, at least not yet. Seeing Admiral Aoshi become the world's most feared woman with just a sword, she knew there was hope for her and she went to the man who had gotten her out of the depths to assist her. Daisuke offered her the strength of a thousand men, but she claimed she wanted to use her own abilities to reach the position. After assessing her refined capabilities, noting that her usage of the fruit had improved tremendously over the years, he relayed to her that there were two ways for her to advance her powers: devil fruit awakening and advanced haki.

As per the recommendation of her mentor, Chiyoko first directed her focus to learning advanced busoshoku haki as her offensive capabilities were sorely lacking. The concepts of emission and internal destruction were very foreign to her as she always viewed busoshoku haki to be a coat of armor rather than an offensive weapon. It is for these reasons she struggled with it initially, appearing to have no talent in the forms. But after weeks of struggle, during her training regimen to progress her fruit's powers, she reached an epiphany. Raw destruction wasn't something she seemed to have a talent for, but controlled destruction or disassembly was something she was quite familiar with as it was her fruit's main ability. Upon reaching this conclusion, it seemed the gate that had been limiting her had been lifted and a whole new world of abilities become apparent to her.

Whilst undergoing her training, Chiyoko made an effort to not solely focus on acquiring new strength but being at the disposal of the masses. In alignment with her unique stance of justice, Civil Justice, she not only visited islands that were suffering from attacks from pirates but also those who were in need of support due to disease, hunger, and other afflictions that don't usually make the news. Despite being advised against it, Chiyoko didn't only do this for World Government affiliates but any nation that needed help or protection as she knew certain islands simply couldn't afford to pay the taxes. Although her acts of selflessness were not covered in the manner Daisuke's heroic acts were, she did have a lasting impact. Several nations who joined the World Government noted that their decision was inspired by Chiyoko's actions and provided them with renewed faith in the global regime, to which she was given the promotion of Rear Admiral in response.

Well within her thirties, and coupled with continuous success, her track record seemed to be heading towards stardom, with whispers of admiralship circulating around Marineford. Such huge speculation did not come without doubts however, as many of the Marines and those holding high-ranking positions in the World Government had uncertainty about her mindset, abilities and rise to prominence. Although she no longer identified as the Daisuke’s sidekick, many could not help but wonder if she was simply leeching off the success of her mentor. These thoughts were only validated from her first stint in the New World, where she met non-stop defeats which eventually led to her retiring. And finally, having disobeyed orders on multiple occasions, many wondered about her loyalty to the Absolute Justice and Marines as a whole.

With these rumors about her not being entirely kept secret, Chiyoko knew she’d need to fix her image if she ever wanted to fulfill her children’s dreams and become an Admiral. Thus, after much deliberation and discussion with Daisuke, Chiyoko commenced her first major campaign. Dislike every other Marine hoping earn their stripes by taking down some infamous pirate, Chiyoko went after the less covered yet equally important Revolutionary Armies. Displaying an overwhelming show of competence, Chiyoko managed to use her savviness and intellect to locate the bases of these militias and then with extraordinary abilities, would single handedly dissemble their forces, executing their leaders one after the next. It is during this campaign Chiyoko’s Shigan would rise to prominence as rumor had it that she eliminated entire armies with exclusively her fingers. Defeating revolutionary armies ranging from the Freedom Fighters to the The Global Liberation Initiative, this campaign earned the name, the Purge of Rebellion and earned Chiyoko the promotion to Vice-Admiral, where she became recognized as one of the few Admiral candidates.

Over the next few years, Chiyoko’s image was completely rebranded. During her first decade with the marines, she was viewed as Daisuke’s sidekick: gifted, intelligent, loyal to the people yet lacked killer intent. It had taken some time but now Chiyoko became viewed as the master strategist. Unlike many who seem to fantasize and enjoy conflict, Chiyoko does not, thus her approaches to battle are much more absolute. When she strikes, she aims to win, whether it’s the first blow or the last. This same mentality was used against the revolutionary armies and was continued to be used in these that followed against pirates.  It was this level of efficiency and thoroughness that earned her the support of World Government officials in the end.

Despite Daisuke’s detailed recommendation, the World Government’s support and decades of service and success, Chiyoko seemed to have one trial left ahead of her, Diane. The Fleet Admiral was the pinnacle of success given the fact she had risen to the most prominent position the marines with only her aptitude with a sword, to which she is globally regarded as the most skilled wielder. While Daisuke was Chiyoko’s idol, Diane was the goal. Ironically, Diane had her doubts in regard to capabilities of Chiyoko, given her proclamation that she was uncuttable. Thus, the two would partake in a heated spar where Chiyoko’s defenses went against Diane’s swordsmanship, and in the end, Diane admitted defeat, deeming Chiyoko uncuttable and appointing the rank of Admiral under the alias, Kinro.

Concept & Creation