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Choppu (English: Chop Blade) is one of the 12 greatswords. It is wielded by Vice Admiral Rein, who often uses this blade. It is very sharp, as it was seen cutting through steel. It was also stated, by the creator of One Piece that it is stronger than Jettsu, the sword of Beast Pirate Dan. It can also be used with the Devil Fruit Powers of the wielder, the Koka Koka no Mi. This fruit is a Paramecia Type that allows the user to turn anything they touch, solid or liquid, into a figurine. In Figurine Form, the target regains their strength, but their size and free will are controlled by the user. Vice Admiral Shiroiratto uses his power to make his sword bigger. His two techniques with his sword are the Teiden and the Supa Teiden. His sword is very powerful for a reason.

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