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Cloud Nine
Date Started: May 27th, 2020

Date Finished:

Setting: White-Sea; New World; G-99

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: Wukong Pirates Moby Dick and Noche Nube, two members of the Eight Trigrams, were tasked with infiltrating, looting and destroying the Sky Force base, G-99. Natural competitors, the two raced to scene and then shared stories of their joining of the crew. Once nightfall came, the two launched their attack. Noche was confronted by marine Commodore Gozen Tomoe, but despite her skills, she posed little threat to the bird-man. All the while, Dick was confronted by her subordinates and managed to defeat them with relative ease as well. Leaving her marked and as the only survivor, the two pirates fled the scene and returned to Olympus.


Sailing the White

Thousands of meters above sea level, countries, islands and civilizations live independent of the world below. At least they did, until two decades ago a conqueror sailed through the white-seas with his men, claiming ownership over each land they stumbled upon. Amassing one territory after the next, the Sky Empire was born and the conqueror became God. With blasphemous military might and an unprecedented claim over the white-waters, Wukong and his crew have remained relatively unchallenged in their expansion. However, in a response to Wukong's unanswered reign, the World Government has established a new unit of marines known as Sky Force. Although they've struggled to set-up strongholds, working alongside the Marines' Science Unit, they managed to set-up a base.

"Which where we come in." Dick relayed to the crew's infamous scout. As deltas, the two are responsible for gathering information and protecting the crew from potential threats. With Nube uncovering the base's location and Dick being a former marine, the two were naturally assigned to take out the threat. "Wukong, wants us back here within the next day, you ready?"

"Of course," The massively armored Nube replied as he stretched out his long jet black wings. "It shouldn't be too much trouble anyway." Nube's voice was as calm and cool as ever.

Not having worked with Scout Of Skies before, Dick was curious to see the formidable strength of an original crew member. "Then let's make this a little more fun." Dick began, seemingly picking up his captain's habit of gambling on trivial activities and events. "Let's see who's faster: you in the skies or me in the water." Naturally, Dick believed he could outclass the birdman even in these white-seas.

"How could something like this be interesting? When I already know the answer." Nube thought to himself. His speed is some of the best among Birdmen he's encountered, so he had no doubt he could beat Dick there. "Fine." Nube reluctantly agreed to the challenge as he flapped his wings and braced positioned himself for take off. "Whenever you're ready, Dick."

Dick could sense the confidence radiating from armored-bird's physique. "Clearly this bird-brain doesn't know who I am." Before pledging his allegiance to the God of the skies, Dick was an esteemed Rear Admiral of the Marines operating under the alias, Kujira. He was assigned to the skies to obstruct the Wukong Pirates' expansion due to his renowned usage of Fishman Karate. "Your arrogance will be your downfall." he spoke to his partner turned competitor. Bending his knees he prepared for the race to commence. "Go!" Dick frantically spoke before leaping into the white seas.

Although he wasn't the fastest breed of fishmen, Dick was like a torpedo in the seas. Utilizing Sonido, his unique ability to produce sound-waves for various purposes through his killer whale physiology, in conjunction with his Haki he could use a form of echolocation to spot out any impediments along with optimal sea currently that can expedite his voyage. "Beat me..funny joke..."

"Haa.." Nube sighed as Dick leaped into the white water. After a few seconds he took off already at a breakneck speed! Despite wearing such a massive and heavy armor his great wings could reach incredible speeds in the air. There were only a small handful of Birdmen who could either keep up or surpass Nube in the sky. He used his already enhanced eyesight with his Haki and could see Dick swimming below him. "It's not arrogance you beached's just a fact."

Although they were some distance from their destination, at this rate, the race would end in a coin flip. But Dick needed undeniable victory. While still blitzing through the cloudy waters, swung his arm in the direction of his airborne competitor. "Murasame!" he chanted, as dozens of white-water bullets in the shape of sharks emerged with the objective to deter Noche. Although uncommon, Dick has mastered manipulating sea clouds to the same degree as he's mastered normal seawater - a feat notable in its own right. With his opponent hopefully occupied. "Dangan denryū!" suddenly, propellers boosted the Orca-fishman to new heights, allowing him capitalize on the situation if Noche struggled to deal with his attack.

"Here I thought you wanted an actual race," Noche thought as the oncoming Water Bullets approached him. "Vendaval Guardián" Noche called out as his wings gathered some wind which enveloped his wings and flapped them directly at the projectiles, creating a wall made of a violent wind! As Noche regained his composure and saw Dick gaining speed and making the distance between them greater. "Aceleración" Noche one again gathered wind around his wings, before disappearing, leaving behind a powerful shock wave and clap in the air! He broke the sound barrier and closed the gap between him and Dick, slowly taking the lead.

"Wind manipulation, huh." Dick noted, having only heard rumors before; witnessing the ability firsthand somewhat surprised him. But what shocked him even further was the fact that Noche didn't retaliate. Did he think his attacks would be pointless since Dick was under the cover of the white-sea. Or maybe he's waiting to strike at the very last moment. Either way, the Sea King wasn't going to wait and find out. Although his own speed was exemplary, competing against sound would be his demise. Thus, by utilizing his echolocation, he snickered as his next attack was heading right towards them.

As Noche gained the lead suddenly a massive sky shark, reminiscent to a Sea King in size, leaped out of the white-seas with it mouth open; ready to swallow the birdman whole. Obviously this wasn't mere coincidence. Dick noticed the titanic beast miles ahead and used his control over the element to guide the beast upwards. "Hopefully this'll keep him occupied for just enough time." he noted before accelerating once again.

"Sorry... You're in the way." Noche stated in a solemn. He noticed Dick shot up his speed just as he passed by the sky shark. "This death is on your hands, Dick." Noche's right armored arm was coated with haki as he stopped to deal with the sky shark. "Derecho" Noche then swung his arm, his talon-like hand wide open, sending five fierce cuts effectively slicing the shark's throat open five times. "You allowed a beast rush to its own death? I guess you do want to win."

"Aceleración: Segunda Marcha." Noche's wings began to pull in more air around them, he stretched out his wings and slowly allowed himself to drop and descend. As he fell down more air began to envelope his wings, the wind itself began to form an extended version of his wings. Just before hitting the White Sea itself, he kicked up a massive gale, again picking up speed, breaking the sound barrier, but this time the sheer speed he's emitting is separating the white sea below him. He quickly caught up and passed Dick himself.

And the cycle of Dick attempting to deter and Noche countering one continued continued on and on as the two made their way to navy base. Upon arriving within a mile of their destination, they stopped to survey the general vicinity. "You got some speed there. Next time I might need to actually try." Sea King relayed to Noche. Fortunately, they didn't wager anything in specific.

Once again calling upon her sensory abilities, Dick penetrated the walls of the facility and accounted for those within. "Forty three..." he counted aloud, unsure if his partner shared in his haki capabilities. "We could probably take it right now but I don't want us getting flanked while we're attacking. I say we wait till nightfall and then launch our assault."

"..." Noche didn't reply to Dick's joke about 'actually trying'. He looked on and observed the facility. "I'd rather not wait so long, especially if it's just forty three of them." Noche states as he points at the center of it, "Way I see it, we have the advantage. The sky itself and the white sea are ours, where these marines are stuck within their facility. Unless you're scared to fight? Beached whale."

If Noche thought he'd get under his skin with such a lackluster insult, he's dead wrong. "I know this might be hard for you to understand, having a bird-brain and all that, but underestimating the marines isn't something we should do." He would know, once upon a time he was the leading officer in the Sky Force. And in his time with them, he worked alongside the brilliant folks in the Marine Science Unit. Although they were just ideas then, who knows what they've managed to produce in the last five years. "The advantage isn't our's. They know full well that the White-Sea above the New World is Wukong territory and yet they decided to set up a base here anyways. That's cause for pause..."

"Alright, aright. Lets pause for now and plan this out." Noche didn't want to argue or drag it out any longer than needed. "Lets find somewhere nearby and wait till nightfall. Seeing as how you know more about this, got anywhere in mind?"

Memory Lane

In his survey of the general area, he spotted nice little spot that should be out of view of the marines. Guiding his partner to the destination, Dick withdrew a milky dial and from it, an island cloud emerged for them to camp out on until it was time to strike. Not one for defeating silence, the orca-fishman proposed a topic. "So, why did you join the crew?"

Noche folded his wings before sitting down on the island cloud. "Haa..." He let out a sigh as though something heavy were on his mind. His voice usually so calm and relaxed had a slight hint of deep thought to it, "It was, well a long time ago...."


Nearly two decades ago, knowledge of the sky islands was not widespread. As such those who are indigenous to the white-seas were a rare commodity that those below craved. Naturally, poachers inevitably made their way to the skies and species like birdmen were taken away from their homes...

"Hey little birdy!" the poacher exclaimed, clearly somewhat intoxicated. "Don't worry, you'll see your sister soon." he giggled unable to properly mascaraed his obvious tease. "In hell!!!" the entire group of drunken fools laughed obnoxiously aboard the sky vessel.

In a dark cage hidden in the shadows the sound of shaking chains, will a trail of blood making its way out of cage. "...Cielo" a feint and weak voice responded to the drunk poachers. "...sister...", The voice was so weak and defeated, there's no way it could belong to anyone older than a child. Some jet black feathers, covered with stains of blood were found leading to the cage.

As the tiny sky vessel navigated through complacent white-waters, the drunken fools abroad it didn't notice the looming threat slowly approaching them. Before starting campaign, the kidnappers were advised to be weary of one organization. Not the Marines, as their presence in the white-seas was not as formidable as in the blue. But rather a crew, one that served as the trailblazer for sky navigation. The Underworld employees were advised to avoid the Wukong Pirates at all costs.

"Nice little ship you got here..." a daunting voice startled the inebriated. The fools slowly turned only to be welcomed by the massive primate mink, the captain of the Wukong Pirates, Donk E. Kong. "How about we make a little wager here. If you guys can kill me, you can keep your ship..."

The kidnappers didn't wait to hear the remainder of the proposition. Quickly retracting their weapons, an onslaught of bullets flew in the direction of the Monkey King. "Die you fucking monkey!" they chanted in desperation.

But of course, such insignificant attacks had no effect on the renowned pirate; the bullets simply fazed through his cloudy physique. "I guess it doesn't matter, shikikikiiki!" Wukong laughed, before exerting his will onto the ship. His conqueror's will not only rendered the drunken followers unconscious but also challenged the very essence of the ship, causing it to rupture slightly. "Medusa!" the King of Beasts called out, as he made his was to the ship's captain's quarters.

Leaping aboard the kidnappers ship, the beautiful Kuja warrior, Sakura, called upon her own unique powers to scatter dozens of snakes throughout the ship, surveying for anything of value. Inevitably, one came across the small cage with the birdman adolescent within it. "Got a live one, ya heard!" Sakura relayed to her captain, as the snake who locate the boy utilized its tail to open the cage.

"Someone's here... Someone's" The adolescent birdman could hear all the commotion going topside, "My feels broken. I can barely even stretch it out. Even so, I need to go." He stopped whispering to himself once he heard the hissing coming from snakes that entered the room his cage was in. "Cielo...your brother is on his way, I promise. Big brother will be there, so just hang on!" He thought to himself as he kept his eyes on the cage door.

He then ran out the door of the cage and went straight to the exit of the room! He stretched out his wings and forced himself to do so, despite the overwhelming pain from doing so! "Cielo, Cielo!"

But as he stretched his wings, Noche was greeted by a soft-cushion cloud that prevented him from taking flight. Towering above the adolescent was none other than the man who knocked every single on of the kidnappers and summoner of the white delight, Wukong. With his pipe in his mouth, the pleasant smell of cannabis sativa flowed into the air as he exhaled. "Who's the fishman kid?"

Abruptly tapping the mink with along the head with her sheathed sword, Sakura exclaimed. "Dumbassssss, he's obviously a fucking birdman."

Fluttering his eyes, Kong stared more intently. "You sure?"

"I've got to go!" Noche exclaims. He then instinctively stretched his wings out again but felt a furious crack on his wings! Sending a tremendous amount of pain through his right wing reaching his spine! "My sister needs me!"

Inhaling another hit, Wukong stared blankly at Noche, who continued to make baseless claims. "Hmmm" Wukong groaned, exhaling yet another white cloud. However, this one different than the sativa scented one from before; it was thicker, slightly dark, it even crackled a little bit. The cloud didn't disperse. Instead it hovered downwards, slowly making its way to one of the unconscious kidnappers.


"W-wh-wh what's going on?!?!?" the rather vulgar underworld employee yelled, rising from his unconscious state. He gazed around but upon spotting the massive primate that is Wukong he recalled what had occurred and silently sat there in obedience.

"Ok, bird boy. If you're so determined to find your sister, let's put'cha to the test." Wukong cleared his throat. "One v One, Mano y Mano. If bird boy here wins, I let him go find his sister. And if..." he gazed at the unsightly image of a man. "..bitch-boy here wins, then I leave this ship alone."

Sakura sighed at Wukong's comments. "Thissss is quite the situation."

Unbeknownst to Wukong, the man he awakened was the leader of these kidnappers as well as their strongest combatant. "Looks like I gotta kill you tweety." he turned to bird, picking up his metal clubs from the ground. "It's too bad too. Could've sold ya for quite da price." he smiled, before rushing towards the pillow of white with the black bird on it.

Noche looked over at the man. He could feel his heart racing, each beat slamming against his chest. "Do you think this is some kind of game!" Noche yelled as he open his talong-like hands, causing the man to pause in his charge. "I'm not trying to impress you or be sold off and shipped away!" Noche could see no real change in the eyes of the massive mink, he could feel a hopeless feeling seep in.

"Fine..." Suddenly his voice changed, almost like a single moment to pause, the moment it took to look at Wukong in a way snapped him out of his rage. "You'll let me go right? If I kill this bastard, you'll let me go find my sister? That's what you're saying?"

The massive primate couldn't help but grin at sudden change in the bird boy's behavior. He didn't nod or speak up in response to his question yet his eyes didn't break away either. He simply watched as the events unfolded.

"You're mine!" the kidnapper cried out, swinging his club horizontally to knock the Noche across the face. Although he didn't look it, the man had some experience with the club; his grip was strong and he suffered from no wasted movements.

"I can't depend on using my wings, so lets do this old school!" Noche thought, as he braced himself and parted his arms, taking the brunt of the man's attack, he then grabs the club and pulls the man in, causing him to slowly lose his balance for a moment. He then swung his talon-like hand, aiming for the man's throat!

The force was more than enough to trash the man's entire windpipe. Dropping his club, he fell to the floor in agony, rolling side-to-side as he gasped for air. As his face turned purple, he turned to the mink who he already submitted to. "" he mouthed.

But Wukong paid him no mind. Instead, he focused his attention to the birdboy who struggled through not only his previous infliction but also tanking the attack. "Gororororo!" he laughed, his fumes exiting his mouth as he did. "You got some spunk kid, what's your story?"

Noche put his left arm around his as he can still feel the pain from the clubbing attack. "No-Noche. Nube Noche. I'm from an island called, Zezura. My kid sister and I were attacked by these assholes. We ran at first, but my kid sister is only a couple years old so we separated. I held this crew alone so she could fly and find somewhere safe." Noche let out a cough with some blood spilling from his mouth.

Wukong respected the determination the birdboy displayed. Despite being severely wounded, he still expressed interest in saving his sister. "How about you join me?" the massive primate proposed. Taking a liking to the kid while interested in the bird island, Zezura, he realized the next adventure had just begun. "The blue-seas below have already been traversed and conquered. But the skies, the white-seas, they remain uncharted. Ain't nobody but me who can do it. I'll visit and conqueror them all! " he chanted, extending to visually portray his offer. "Join me and you'll definitely find your sister."

"You want to conquer the white seas? Normally, I'd say that's a hell of a crazy dream. But if you're serious, then you may just be able to help me." Noche looked Wukong in the eyes, "I'll follow you so long as you help me find my sister. Use me as a shield or sword , long as I get to see her again. That's all I ask for." Noche's voice was powerful with a dash of pride but quickly his injuries overwhelmed him and he coughed more blood. "Though I guess I have to ask, you got a doctor with you?"

"So you were just a kid when Kong picked ya up, huh." Dick commented, actually captivated by Noche's origin story. He noticed that they still had an hour till night fall. "Kinda crazy he just picked you up like that."

"Yeah it was crazy, but he kept his word. I did get to see her again, just weren't the best of conditions." Noche looked upward and asked, "What about you? How did you join up with the crew?"

Dick scuffed at the question. "How did I join up with the crew..." he repeated, gazing at marine base as he said it. Unlike Noche or any other member of the crew, his origins were not filled with criminality and piracy. No, before joining the Wukong Pirates, the Sea King played for the men in blue and white; Dick was a marine Rear-Admiral.

Before joining the marines, Dick lived among the Fishman in Ryugu Kingdom. However, his orca heritage caused him live as an outcast among his brethren; being called an abomination by many. Craving praise and admiration, Dick became determined to become recognized and thus trained for years; eventually becoming a widely regarded Fish-man Karate expert. Nevertheless, his skills meant nothing, not even to his fellow warriors. Realizing he'd never be welcomed in the Fishman society, he turned to land-dwellers. Reading the Sora, Warrior of the Sea comics, he admired the fame and respect that Kiwashi held and joined the marines because of it.

Due to his mastery over water, Dick had immediate success with the navy. Although many were dubious of his loyalty, he put all doubters to rest taking one pirate ship down after the next. Within years, he climbed through the ranks, earning and receiving the praise he had been missing for so long. Upon reaching the Rear Admiral rank, he was assigned to the newly established Sky Force, with the task of establishing bases throughout the skies and challenging the Wukong Pirates. Ecstatic to be leading his own military unit, Dick faced the new challenge head on and was determined to be successful no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, Dick did not maintain his streak of success in the skies. Unable to protect a single base for more than a month of time, Dick was labeled as a failure. Those who praised him suddenly disappeared and many refused to work under him as they were told to be signing a death wish. With unparalleled failure, Dick was suspended from duties as a marine. Once again, he felt like the same child who was treated like an outcast for no reason. Filled with insatiable anger, he stormed the Wukong Pirates base and confronted the Yonko.

He vividly recalled laying eyes on Wukong for the first time. "I was expecting to see a monster, a beast so vulgar that I'd have to literally prevent myself from hurling. But when I laid eyes on the creature who ruined my dreams...I had suddenly forgot all about it. It was then that it dawned me. I wanted what he had. As I gazed upon his massive mink physique, I had never felt smaller. His chiseled body, his spiky hair, his daunting eyes, I was staring at the literal personification of power. Even without him saying a word, I knew I was staring at the World's Strongest Creature, King of Beasts."

Shaking his head Dick retuned back to reality. "Anyways, just like you, he offered me a deal, one of his signature gambles which led to me joining the crew..." Noticing that night had already fallen that time of strolling through memory lane was over. "Let's go!"

Sky Raid

"So how long you think before this base gets attacked?" one of the marines standing along the dock questioned another, both taking a smoke break.

"How long has it been since we've established here, two weeks?" he took a hit before continuing. "At best we get another two." As the two enjoyed the serenity of the white-sea, suddenly it grew turbulent. "What the fuck is that?"

"Probably some sky water, those things will pop like ba-"

The Marine was interrupted by the massive orca-fishman who sprung up from the white waters. Grabbing both by their shirts, Dick pulled the two of them back down to the white abyss and utilized his control over the clouds to send them flying downwards with blasphemous speeds where they'd eventually reach the bottom of the cloud ocean and fall to their deaths. "I'm heading in..." Dick noted walking into the base through the dock as he hoped Noche would fulfill his role in breaking in from the building roof.

"Don't things seem like they've been to quiet as of late?" One of the three Marines asked a pair of fellow Marines standing on the roof. "I mean we haven't had any problems with those Wukong Pirates yet."

"Tch, 'Wukong pirates' nothing more but a bunch of freaks!" One of the two Marines were aiming their rifles at the wide open white sea.

"Ha! Hell yeah, I doubt those bastards are gonna show up any time soon. I'll put one between their foreheads if they do!" The third marine also laughed at the idea.

A massive gust of wind blew the hats off the Marines as they all turned around and saw the massive, jet black armored being that is Noche. As they tried to react, Noche simply swatted his arm, almost like a slap, yet snapped all three of their necks.

"Cocky Marines tend to die rather early." Noche then picked up their lifeless corpses and quickly flew them a ways a way and dropped their bodies in the white sea. He then returned to the rooftop entrance of the base. "I'm in."

The sirens echoed as the two pirates infiltrated the sky base. "They're here! They're here!" the marines chanted in desperation, fearful that yet another base would be destroyed. "Where's Commodore Tomoe???"

The sound of her heels clacking against the metallic floor resonated throughout the hallway. Amidst the chaos, she remained firmed and confident. "Finally!" Commodore Tomoe cheered, heading towards towards the top floor. "I'll be the first. I'll defeat these pirates and become an admiral soon enough." Upon arriving, she saw dark avian pirate. "A Wukong pirate...welcome to your grave." Tomoe confidently declared. It wasn't arrogance that allowed his to make such a boisterous claim but rather years of hardworking and dedication. "I will slay you in the name of Justice!"

"Justice? You call what you defend so closely 'justice'?" Noche asked as he spread his wings open and opened up his talon like hands. "You really believe you can beat and bring down the Wukong pirates? Then, little Marine, as they say. Bring it on."

Gripping the hilt of her blade with her right while holding the scabbard with her left, Tomoe took on crouched stance. "Don't underestimate users of the Kaigun." she proclaimed, before her eyes stared intently at Noche. In that moment, her mastery over Busoshoku took root. Similar to emission or internal destruction, she exerted her haki outside of her body, directing towards her opponent. But instead of attempting to damage him in some way, she utilized it to hopefully keep him in place, a form of paralysis. The technique was dubbed by the marines as Busoshoku: Submission, an effective alternative for users who didn't have haoshoku.

"Die, scum...." she thought to herself, performing a quick and powerful slash with her sword in order to behead the birdman in a single slice. While she had hope her haki would render him motionless, she believed her speed should've been enough to catch the avian creature off guard. Immediately re-sheathing her blade afterwards, she assumed she already won the battle. "I will become an admiral..."

"Is that her resolve?" Noche thought to himself. It was revealed he already had a layer of haki protecting his entire neck and throat. That and his incredible armor was enough to keep him from being beheaded. "Sadly you're still a ways away from properly making such a claim," he responds as he turns his head and coats his arm with jet black Haki. He then swung his arm violently aiming directly at Tomoe's head!

Moving at incredible speeds, even cutting through the toughest of objects felt like a hot knife cutting through butter. While this was usually a benefit for her, such precision and ease certainly had its side effects; Tomoe couldn't differentiate her cutting someone from not cutting anything. She turned to face her opponent but she welcomed by Noche's arm aim for her head. "Tekkai!" she chanted, while also coating herself in some armament haki as well. The sheer might of the attack was more than enough to propel across the hall, into the enclosure behind her. "Shit!" she coughed blood, her arrogance got the best of her.

But Tomoe refused to given in. Instead she focused her attention to the pirate in front of her. "Don't you dare underestimate me!!!" She released her enhanced defensive state and pulled down on one of her badges. Suddenly a bright blue light surrounded her body. Hidden behind the light, her clothes reformed into something far more intricate and revealing, Tomoe's very own, Raid Suit. "Your no longer any match for me, you filthy pirate. Submit now and I won't kill you."

Noche widened his wings and took flight, he coated his right with haki again and slammed a lariat into the ceiling, ramming it all the way through! The sheer power of that blow tore the entire ceiling and roof off. Noche kept himself high up in the air. "Now, come and back up that kind of claim." Noche taunted. The wind around them got more violent and wild.

As her opponent pierced through the roof of the complex, Commodore Tomoe assumed the same preparative stance as before. "Birdman meaning primarily long-range fighter. But he utilizes armor and haki to compensate for his physical deficits. No matter..." Black ooze began to shroud her blade. Combining her speed through Soru along with the physical enhancement provided by her raid suit, dozens of afterimages surrounded the birdman in all directions. Swinging their blades, a barrage of black projectiles composing of not only pressurized wind but haki came from all directions. Surely he could gamble and assume only one of the projectiles was real but given her heighten form at the moment, there may be a chance each of them was.

"Try and block or dodge this, I dare you." Tomoe spoke, somewhere among the afterimages. Waiting for him to attempt to block the attacks through wind manipulation, she was ready to capitalize at any given moment.

"She looks smart enough to know what I am," Noche thought to himself and his kenbunshoku haki paired with his naturally enhanced eyesight allowed him to dodge any projectile aimed at him. "The speed of these aren't some joke. Neither is her speed." Noche thought to himself. "I need to get a little more serious."

Noche then stretched out his wings and wind around him blew in all directions before quickly enveloping themselves around every inch of his wings. The wind grew denser and turned white, forming a more angel like pair of wings around his black armored ones. "Armamento de ángel".

Completely shocked that the birdman was able to quickly maneuver around her attacks with such ease, she eased from her attacking form. "If active isn't doing the trick, then I need to be reactive." she noted, assuming a defensive pose instead as she waited for her target to attack now.

"Taking a stance on defense? Let's see what you got then." Noche thought to himself. He then flapped both wings at once! "Persiguiendo Viento" after calling out his attack five massive wind blades were shot out from each wing!

"You're gonna have to be quicker than that to hit me!" she proclaimed dashing from the ten blade directed at her. "So I was right, long-distance seems to be his preferred method of combat." The wind constructs pierced already damaged facility as she simply dodged each of them with her supernatural speed. "I guess I'll have to close the distance, and attack with that move to break his armor..." Suddenly, she stopped moving and cried out to her opponent. "Is that all you got, I thought you're supposed to be this great pirate. But really you're just a pawn, something your leader uses and is willing to throw away if necessary."

"Ta! Tatatata!" Noche laugh hearing Tomoe's words, "I've known that for years little Marine. I am his sword, his shield, I am his pawn." Noche then stretched out his wings again, "Huracán Izquierdo!" Noche called out his attack and flapped his left wing, sending a drill-like tornado at Tomoe!

With her taunts seemingly ineffective against her opponent, she solely focused on handling the swirling winds heading her. As the tornado made its way to her, collecting the rubble and waste between them, she adjusted her grip along the blade. "Now!" she cried out, using the the twister to block her target's view. Although suffer some scratches from the spinning debris, she maintain her focus. Utilizing her sword to cut wind attempting to suck her in, she appeared in the one place that'd be safe, behind Noche.

She swung her sword towards her opponent however this attack was different than before. Rather than imbuing it with haki, she relied un her suit's unique ability along with her own variation of the Kaigun. In doing so, she summoned a high-frequency sound wave that'd be used to not only deafen her target, hopefully stunning him, but also compromise the very existence of his armor, since sound travel faster and more adamantly through solids. With this combination, paired with her actual sword coming to strike his back, she'd hope to end the battle here.

"You won't land any surprise attacks," Noche coldly responds as his armor with stood the attack as it was already covered with haki. "Fight me like this proud warrior you're trying to act like! Fight me head on!" Noche then just shuck off her attack and her sword slid away from the armor. He did his best to fight it but there was a powerful ringing in his head and ears. His head throbbing, and holding back some throw up. "While I can block her attacks, the sound itself, I can't block that." he thought to himself.

"Doble Huracán" Noche then aimed both of his wings and flapped them at Tomoe, two massive tornadoes each double the size of the last manifested and charged at the young Marine. The walls and rubble from early were sucked in but were shredded by the furious winds!

Completely caught off guard by the fact that he tanked the her sound based attack, she fell prey to the counter maneuver. Overtaken by the two tornadoes, she spiraled within. "Tekkai!" she cried out, also using armament to defend. Even with the further increased durability of her raid suit, damage couldn't have been avoided. As she span within the twisters, the fierce winds and debris continuously barrage her, injuring her in various place in her body and leaving her quite bruised. Eventually being shot out by the tornado, she was launched back into the building where she broke through several floors.

"Oh I guess there was one more..." Dick commented, welcoming the Tomoe to the floor. As the two fought from above, Dick handled the many officers below, as they all attempted to attack him at once. Similar to Noche's battle above, they were really no challenge for the trigrams. "Damn you're kinda hot!" he yelled out to Noche. "Why'd you have to beat her up so bad??"

"Don't mock me!!!" she tried to get up but the pain from the cyclones took a toll. "Damn, is this it, is this the end?" she wondered to herself.

Noche lowered himself down until he was in front of Dick. "Meh," He just shrugged his shoulders, doing his best to hid the pain he did receive earlier from the sound attacks. "I thought this was appropriate enough for a Marine at her level.

Tomoe used her haki to see if anyone else remained, but just as the former marine said, she was the last. "You fucking bastards." she interrupted to the two of their conversation. "Kill me! I wanna die with my fellow soldiers, fighting for the sake of justice."

Dick blinked his eyes in disbelief. "No way! You're way too pretty to die!" he responded, crouching down to graze the woman's face. "Besides, we need someone to relay that we are the ones responsible so our bounties can increase!"

"Actually, before we do that. Call me an asshole but," Noche bent his knees and looked at Tomoe in the eyes. "Let me bless you, with the mark of a survivor." He then digs one of his talons his claw into her forehead, two letter, 'WP' were left on her.

"AHHHHH!" she cried out, her face permanently blemished by the wicked creature. "You'll pay..." she panted, "One day, I'll come for you and put ur head on a stick!"

"Aren't you a fucking sicko!" Dick cried out, surprised that a former slave would do such a thing to another person. "Maybe this habit is because he was a slave. Wants others to know how he feels." Dick wondered before pacing out of the crumbling base. "Let's go Noche, we gotta report back."

Noche heard what Dick said and just ignored him."Farewell young Marine," Noche began as he stretched out his wings, "I look forward to when you come and take my head." He then took off, flying through the massive hole from above, leaving the base in seconds.

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