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Coriline Duskrose is the Co-Captain of the FAA pirates and owner of their ship. She was born in the north blue and was a world noble until her family was massacred. Her dream is to be free and to be the best pirate she can be. She is also on the hunt down and kill her families murderer.


Over all: Coriline has long mid back length blue hair with purple tips, and has one purple eye and one red. She has a scar over her left eye, one from her neck to hip on the left side, also a large blast like scar in the center of her back and finally what looks lie a three claw marks on her leg. She wears a leather jacket and a small light blue bikini top with black pants and light blue high heels.

Adult From: Stands at 5ft'9, leaving her jacket open and her clothes become tighter around her.

True Child Form: Stands at 3ft'9, she keeps her jacket closed and Zane forces her hair into cute ponytails.


She is still a rookie pirate but since she has been affiliating with Zane her current bounty is rather high.

1st Bounty: 169,000,000

Powers and Abilities

Marksmanship: Coriline carries around a very powerful crossbow, showing to have great skill with it.

Scythe: She has also shown incredible skill with her scythe, being able to slice a cannon ball in fours and redirect it to four different targets.

Life Return: Age Bend: She is able to change her body to fool people to believe she is an adult.

Devil Fruit: Coriline ate the Tenpo Tenpo No Mi, she has great skill and imagination with this fruit.


Coriline is a high spirited and emotional girl, she strong willed and brave but she also has her faults. Due to her families massacre she has developed a drinking problem which has gotten her and her crew into deep trouble. But when she isnt in her depressed state of mind she is a loving captain, taking time to help her crew grow, whether its with training or growing as a family.

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