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Crack R. Jack is the captain of the Crackerjack Pirates. He is also the cousin of Chance E. Bill. He belongs to the bloodline of Bill's mother,whose family is a band of pirates,and Jack carries on the family tradition of being pirates.


He's tall and has white skin with green hair. His looks are the result of his idea of a requirement of joining the Crackerjack Pirates. You got to change your skin or your hair. He also enjoys giving himself lipstick as just a way of intimidating his opponents.


Jack likes to be lazy whenever he can. He loves to watch fights go on and enjoy it from the outside.

But when he gets into a fight himself. He likes to use his bombs,knife,and guns that are equipped on him. He doesn't care if he kills people or not. Anyone who gets in his way in his rampage are about to be killed.

Abilities and Powers

He can use observation haki at the moment. He can sense his opponents strength and where they would be.


He likes to use his bombs in his jacket. He has his two fully-auto pistols. And he also has a knife to use to torture or kill his enemies.






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