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Crimson Claw

Borg insignia

Japanese Name
Kurimuson Kura
English Name
Crimson Claw
Racketeers; Criminals
Desert Worm

Crimson Claw is a crime organization, and a member of the Dark Syndicate.  They were founded, and are lead by Gusano.


Crimson Claw deals primarily with forms of racketeering, using their powerful connections, and Gusano's powers to squeeze money out of people.  Using the Wamu Wamu no Mi, Gusano can take control of influential people, and take control of their possessions, making way for Crimson Claw to move in and take hold.  The Crimson Claw's criminal empire is divided into distrcts, each ruled by one of the executives.

They also have the allegiance of several notable pirates in the New World, whom they use to project their wills, and to gain more wealth.


The Crimson Claw holds control over a multitude of pirate crews, and has a form of hegemony over buisnesses in their sphere of influence, giving them great funds and influence.  All of the executives, with the exception of Snap, possess a Devil Fruit ability.



  • Gusano: Leader/Foun
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    der; eater of the Wamu Wamu no Mi
  • Snap: Vice-Leader/Govenor of Distrcit 1
  • Zira: Governor of District 2; eater of the Disku Disku no Mi
  • Amara: Govenor of Distrcit 3; eater of the Suihou Suihou no Mi
  • Sydron: Govenor of Distrcit 4; eater of the Jetto Jetto no Mi


  • Salia: Gusano's emergency host


Crimson Claw was founded by Gusano, and his original two executives: Snap and Zira.  Using his Devil Fruit power, Gusano took control of an influential buisnessman, and used the funds to build up his organization.  With this money, the Crimson Claw managed to gain control over much if the island they were on.  

After it was done, Gusano left the host, and jumped to a new one, this time a King.  Using his newfound authority, Gusano gave more money and power to Crimson Claw, as the organizations power rapidly grew.  Gusano repeated this formula multiple times, until Crimson Claw became one of the world's more powerful criminal empires.


  • The symbol used to represent is the insignia of the Borg from the Star Trek franchise.
  • According to Corona, Crimson Claw is collectively worth 10 billion beri.
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