Cringe Cringe no Mi
Japanese Name: Cringe Cringe no Mi
English Name: Cringe Cringe Fruit
Meaning: Cringe
First Appearance: Episode 816; Chapter 999
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Tekking101

The Cringe Cringe no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that Increases the users amount of cringe. It was eaten by Tekking101. 


The Cringe Cringe no Mi appears to be in the shape of a large green orange, with the devil fruit-common swirls over it. A spiraling steam pokes out of the top of the fruit. It also radiates a cringe aura that turns anything near it cringey, so much to the point that their videos get demonitized for cringeness levels.


It is a Paramecia, giving his body the properties of cringiness and also the ability to generate endless amounts of it..

It also has a secondary ability to generate cringey youtube videos.


Upon eating this Fruit the user Will Drive people away with there over whelming amount of cringe.


This fruit allows them to manipulate the cringe around them.

Elemental Affects

The cringe has no bounds.

Named Techniques

Hari (English: Cringe Beam)

Tekking's signature cringe attack, where he fires a beam of cringe that turns anything it hits cringey.

Juufuku Suru (English: Cringe Duplicate or Viz: Cringe Clone)

Tekking uses his cringe to form a clone of cringe that is very cringey.

A Watashi no Oshikko Wa Ame Ga Futte Iru (English: Oh My Gosh It's Raining Cringe)

The user creates a cringe cloud that rains down cringe to turn anything cringey. This is Tekking's strongest attack.


The fruit was located on the lost island of Cringetopia where all cringe exists in harmony until Tekking came across it one day and ate it. Then he made a video about it.


(I kinda removed this)The fruit is a velvet blue colored cherry, has the standard swirls of a devil fruit however the fruit itself is much smaller being a cherry.