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Crookes D. Mal also known as "The Shooting Star", is the Captain of the Diamond Pirates and who is an expert thief and combatant hailing from Wano.


Crookes D. Mal is tall and well built, with short, blue, spiky hair and is frequently seen wearing his trademark red sunglasses that cover his red eyes. His skin is tan, and he has blue-ish tattoos along both of his arms which extend to his shoulders and his upper back.


At first glance, Crookes is boisterous, hotheaded and arrogant. He demands recognition and seems hungry for greatness, illustrated in his tendency to call himself "The Shooting Star". He is an undeterred idealist, often to the point of ignorance. Despite what he may first appear to be Crookes is an intelligent and Determined man who often plans several steps ahead due to his abilit to think extremely quickly.

He is devoted to his crew and allies as he sees them as the family he never had growing up on the streets of Alabasta. Thus he will fight with all he has to defend those he loves. He also has a tendancy to bring out the best in the people he is around inspiring them to do the best they can which has led to his rise among rookie pirates.

Crookes is also somewhat greedy and is easily swayed by the search for treasure thus he search for the one piece and his quest to find all the treasures of the world. While being greedy and treasure hungry Crookes is not heartless and will always make sure his crew has an equal share in all treasure and he is also known to make random donations of gold to those he comes across usually slipping a few coins into the pockets of those he sees as deserving of it.



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Abilities and Powers

Crookes is an expert combatant and is seen to be stronger then the average man being able to beat far larger fishmen in arm wrestling contests . Crookes is also extremely light fingered and nimble being able to pick the pockets of almost anyone. He is also an extremely quick learner being able to create fully made plans on the fly and be able to pick up using assorted weapons extremely easily. Though masked by his hot blooded personality Crookes is a good tactician, contributing to his ability as a leader. His battles often involve development of new fighting styles, as well as unpredictable and well-planned moves.

Physical Abilities

Crookes is extremely strong as while he does not know it he is the offspring of a Fishman Father and a Merfolk mother however he has far more human traits then either of his parents. Crookes also is extremely agile and quick being able to move extremely fast even without his devil fruit which he uses to further increase his speed through the use of jets. He is also extremely durable being able to shrug off blows that would kill most men.

Fighting Style

Crookes' fighting style is a mix of many different martial arts with a heavy mix of street fighting which he supliments with his devil fruit to create various devastating attacks. As such he is able to incorporate fishman karate with his Devil fruit to utilize his Plasma more efficently in commbat he has also picked a few Rokushiki like techniques by accidents notably Soru and Rankakyu. He is also profficient at Ryosuken fighting style which he uses in conjuction with his Busoshoku haki to break everything from Armor to swords and even building walls.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Daishi Daishi no Mi

Despite only having his Devil Fruit for five years Crookes is extremely proficient with it having created several different technique and ways of utilizing his devil fruit such as the normal transforming into his element to avoid attacks. however after experiencing Haki for the first time he managed to learn how to move his body to avoid the blow entirely.

Crookes is also known to transform his body into mythical animals notably dragons out of his plasma to create large scale attacks. he is also able to create lightning like attacks using his devil fruit. His plasma is strong enough to destroy multiple ships at once. His main style is to become plasma and launch at his larger opponents with the speed of the goro goro no mi and dart around the battle field launching blasts of plasma which is where he got his boasted Epithet of "The Shooting Star". His devil fruit is also extremely powerful in terms of Defense as it is almost immune to all other heat based devil fruits.

Crookes is also known to use his Devil fruit in practical ways such as starting campfires and create lightning to power the engines of his sky ship.


Kenbunshoku Haki

Crookes is extremely proficient with Kenbunshoku haki as he is able to sense the location, power and emotions of those anywhere close to him he is also able to predict future events allowing him to dodge the attacks of his opponents and create stratergies to beat them based off their future actions.

Busoshoku Haki

Crookes while not proficient in the more varies uses of Busoshoku haki is extremley powerful when using it allowing him to break the haki of others as if he wear breaking armor using his Ryusoken.

Miscellaneous Abilities

Tools and Weapons


Road to FC

  • As a child Mal was kidnapped from his family by slavers who killed his mother.
  • The Slaver's ship crashed and Mal was the only survivor finding himself on Wano as a young child
  • He grew up as an orphan stealing to survive due to this he developed his thieving, Mobility skills and Unique fighting style derived from the many martial arts he saw performed.
  • Would become friends with Kureiji and the two would agree to leave Wano toghether to see the world and all it's treasure.



Name Nickname Bounty
Crookes D. Mal "The Shooting Star" Bsymbol.gif60,000,000
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