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'''Crow D. Tech '''is Captain Of The Sparrow Pirates with a Bounty Of Over A Billion and is known as " The Blue Eyed Crow " (ブルーアイドクロウ Buru aido kurou). Tech was born as a genius he invented many things as a child and he decided to go around the world fight strong opponents with his Inventions. Even without his Inventions Tech has shown great strength he was able to unlock the Legendary form of Conquerors Haki and beat Yonkou in a battle of power.{{Argo_D._Jason_Infobox|title1 = Crow D. Tech|image1 = Heavenly-pirate-god.jpg|caption1 = Statistics|row1 = Kuro D. Tekku|official_english_name: = Crow D. Tech|affiliations: = Sparrow Pirates , Ten Pirate Gods|occupations: = Captain , Pirate , Inventor , Helmsman|residence: = Calm Belt|epithet: = " Blue Eyed Crow " (ブルーアイドクロウ Burū aido kurou)|age: = 19|status: = Alive|birthday: = August 10th|bounty: = 1,700,150,000}}
==Strength and Skills ==

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