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Cujo is the head strong captain of the Windfall Pirates from the South Blue. He is an underdog who dreams of defeating the world’s greatest pirates.


He is an average person with sharp features, he has tanned skin and dark slicked back hair. He dresses for success believing you must look great to be great. He wears dress pants, shirt, vest with a tie, and leather shoes.


He is a very abrasive individual. He wants nothing more than to make a name for himself, and believes that becoming a famous pirate is the only way to go about it. While he may argue and disagree with his others, deep down he seeks nothing but approval and is easily talked into things by his crew. He is incredibly loyal to them and always stands his ground. One could easily describe him as ‘all bark and no bite.’

Powers & Abilities

Many of his victories have been won out of sheer luck, and he is by far one of the luckiest people in the world. Enemies he’s defeated with luck include Joshua Tinker and Kaiser Klause. While he trains harder than most and has above average strength, he is neither a skilled hand-to-hand fighter nor marksman. He has been known to use special weapons and gadgets provided by his crew’s shipwright and inventor, Kaleigh Bolt. He keeps with him two no-aim-pistols that always manage to hit their target.

After entering the New World, Cujo finds he has the potential for Conqueror’s Haki, but strangely enough not of the other two kinds.


He leaves home from his small village in the South Blue with his first mate Kraden. His first enemy is with Joshua Tinker and the Gear Head Pirates. He defeats Tinker due to the latter’s mechanical failure and recruits Kaleigh, a shipwright and inventor. The three enter the Grandline. They recruit new crew members, and Cujo and Sylvester Felix defeat Benito Snapsaw. Continuing on the Grandline, The crew help the outlaws Grover Kastle and Alexi Conrad escape the world government. Alexi joins crew. The crew arrive at an island much like the wild western. Cujo and the crew become greatly ill, except for Patches who finds and recruits Joel Zhivago, a doctor. Cujo seeks the help of Julian Dwight, so that they may use his airship to reach the sky islands and then the new world. They reach the new world, by crashing into the Tower Prison one tall enough to reach the sky islands. Warden Babylon uses his Bodo Bodo no Mi powers to force the crew to fight one another. This is when Cujo discovers his ability to use haki. Kraden becomes ill and Cujo goes to find Adrian Faust to get a cure. He is double crossed, but then meets Kaiser Klause, Faust’s former business partner who provides him with the cure.

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