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Daddy's Girl!
Date Started: June 16th, 2020

Date Finished:

Setting: New World; Sky Empire; Saint Kingdom

Characters Involved:


KamiGuruZeoSparkPhoenix Red

Hostage Situation

Over the course of the past two decades, the Wukong Pirates have managed to conquer the majority of the Sky Islands above the New World along with several others above Paradise and the other four seas. Naturally, not all those who have been conquered willing remain subdued and wish to break free of the tyrannical rule of the mink Yonko. In an effort to gain some leverage against the Sky Empire, the Saint Kingdom has abducted Wukong's daughter, Koko. With disobedience and rebellion not to be tolerated and also the recovery of his daughter, order trickled down the the Si Xiang to carry out the mission; a show of force against those who stand against them.

"I can't believe I'm ssssstuck working with thesssssse two..." Sakura thought, as three of the four highest ranking combat officers patrolled the halls of Tian. "Fuck Black Tortoissssse..." she spoke under her breath, somewhat jealous of the fourth member who managed to skip out on this ordeal.

Spark who was drowsily walking beside her is seen with a cigarette in his mouth that was emitting green smoke. After letting out a yawn, he speaks. "It's not a picnic for me either Snake Girl. I really could've handled this myself but I guess some tag-a-longs are needed. Just try not to get in the way." Spark said almost in a taunting manner.

Sakura gazed over at the repulsive creature that stood beside her. She didn't care for his insight nor did she ask for it. Being the oldest of the three and along with the first to join among them, she felt she was improperly grouped with the two other members of the party. "Big talk for a man trying his hardest to be like Wukong-ssssssama." she snapped back at the Kangaroo mink. "Mink, ssssssmoking, logia, you might as well call him Daddy."

Spark was indeed annoyed by this but kept it hidden through his normally stoic disposition. He can only grin maliciously before making his next move. "At least I can sssssssspeak my sssssssentences properly." said Spark in a mocking matter.

"Hebi-Hime, Arechhi, Ohayo, I see both of you are lovey dovey with each other again today," laughed the Vermilion Bird, as approached the two of them , from a warp gate created from his Devil fruit abilities. "But now is not the time, we have to rescue Koko Aneki. I have sent my lackeys, to the borders of the Saint Kingdom, for some surveillance." He continued, while chewing a lolipop.

"Hmph. It may pain for me to agree with you Bird Boy but that is true. The fools still got balls for kidnapping Boss' daughter. That just asking for complete annihilation." said Spark as he sighs heavily before speaking again. "It's such a pain... I really could've handled this myself..."

The vein along Sakura's temple exposed itself due to her annoyance. However rather than continuing this fruitless argument, she simply bit her tongue and listened to the two discuss the circumstance of Wukong's daughter's taking. "You really think ssssssshe got taken?" she commented, noting that the two have actually little experience with Koko. "Alwayssssss been the rebellious one ssssshe issssss."

Spark gritted his teeth a bit hate to having to agree with Sakura which almost causes his cigarette to snap but keeps his composure before speaking again. "I'll admit, I don't know much about Boss' daughter myself. Even so, she's missing and if we find her, great. If someone has indeed kidnapped her, then that person deserves to take an acid bath curiosity of yours truly." said Spark has he grins a bit.

"Tsk," Red grind his own teeth, while sitting down on a small wooden platform, "How are we gonna do that? It's obvious they are gonna beef up their security, and if we do anything foolish, Koko's life is under their hands", Red remarked, whilst finishing off his lolipop. He was an intelligent guy, but he rather didn't think much, he thought.

"They won't kill her..." Sakura openly admitted, having been part of both ends of a hostage situation. "Ssssshe is their leverage. The moments they put her in a coffin is the moment the entire nation ceasessssss to exist." the former Kuja warrior sucked her teeth. "Let's try and handle this without conflict if at all possible."

"Well, well, what do I here? The snake who slithers in and gobbles up its prey, preaching the Eagle not to conflict?" Red replied to Sakura's strategy, still gazing at the two of them, whilst waiting for his initial report from his team. "I assume Wukong is in a pretty bad mood right now, we better leave this place and think of a strategy on the way.

Sakura batted her eyes. "I doubt he even knows..." she confessed, noting the Wukong was either high, drunk or too occupied with his gambling addiction to take notice of such trivial situation. "Even if he was mad, it wouldn't be because of his daughter's abduction but rather the seeds of rebellion ssssssstarted to grow." her assessment was based on the nearly three decade of experience she's had with her pirate captain. "But you're probably right, let'ssssss go."

"Alright !!!" Red confirmed, before opening another pack of lollipop. "I will fly ahead and meet you at the destination, you guys can bring in a boat, try not to cause a lot of commotion." he said, launching himself into the air and flying into the horizon.

"Hmph, then lets get to it then. Hopefully this will go by quickly so I can get back to my naps...plus Boss wouldn't let me get any moment's rest until his daughter is safe." said Spark before he speaks up again in an annoyed tone. "Boat?! Not cause any commotion?! Ugh, next time I see him, I'll have to give him an acid bath... Acid can exist as a gas as well so I'll be going by that preferred method. Snake Girl, try not to breathe in the fumes. Sulfuric acid is pretty deadly even if your breath is even more deadly heh heh.." said Spark as he took one last jab at Sakura before he condenses his body into a gaseous form of acid and flies off.

Sakura paid no mind to Spark's comments. While the two of them seems to be in a hurry to get there, she was more than complacent with taking her time. In actuality, Sakura preferred to the two arrive on the scene before. Either they'd have the job done before she'll arrive or the Snake Empress would have to clean up their mess; her money would be on the latter.

Concurrently in the Saint Kingdom

Deliberating the costs of their actions, the Council of Saints seemed nervous about their rebellion against the Sky Empire. The looming threat of total annihilation wade heavy on most of their minds. Although some appeared to be inexplicably calm, the general feeling was one of complete anxiousness.

"Did any of the other nations respond to our call to action?" the Saint of Commerce wondered, breaking the silence.

"No...I believe they are waiting to see if the seeds rebellion will grow or whether we'll be ripped from the ground like weeds." the Saint of Foreign Affairs responded.

"But there are some interested!?!?" the Saint of Politics spoke with slight hint of glee in his voice. "We just need to fight off the initial push-back from the Wukong Pirates then!"

"Easier said than done..." the Saint General sighed at the Political figurehead's baseless comment. "Two of those Trigrams will surely be enough to overthrow our entire military." The Saint General didn't even entertain the possibility of combating a Si Xiang and if Kong actually summoned Yin or Yang, it'd actually mean genocide.

"So what would you suggest then..." the Saint of Politics asked.

"Hopefully Yin's division is sent and we can try to prolong the discussions for as long as possible..." the Saint General knew this was not going to be the case. Whoever is sent to retrieve Kong's daughter would not leave here until his mission is a success. "We have to use the bargaining chip to our advantage."

"Where is God's daughter anyways?" the Saint of Legislature wondered.

"She's with the Devil..."

In the throne room designed to remain vacant as Kong rules from Tian, the proclaimed Devil sits along the royal seat with the daughter of God by his side, seemingly paralyzed on the ground unable to move. "Rejoice you mongrel! For I have provided you with the greatest of honors." he began watching the Human-mink hybrid struggle along the cracked ground. "Bowing to your rightful ruler is a privilege I generally grant very few."

Paralyzed by unsolicited force, Koko attempted to free herself. "Harder..." she mumbled, hinting at her pleasure in being subdue.

"You dare give me orders..." Lucifer angrily professed, before increasing the strain against the Yonko's daughter.

"What are you gonna do about it?" Koko confidently responded, moaning as she spoke.

Sucking his teeth in disgust Lucifer produced enough external force to knock hybrid mink out, although the secretion from her sexual organs spread along the ground of her lifeless body. "Filthy mongrel..."


Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the North-Eastern borders of the Saint Kingdom, The Land were many Skypeians believed the Milk and Honey originated from, had become a sight to see. A small recon team sent by Red earlier had caught up in a skirmish against the Warriors from the Saint Kingdom. The skirmish would soon end, even before it begun, as a lone Eagle flew above the land which was now tainted with blood. The Eagles wings reflected the color of the blood underneath it, but it didnt care. The Eagle was in its own world, waiting for someone.

Not to far off, Spark who is completely in his gaseous from hovers overhead. He has taken in a form of acid known as hydrochloric acid that allows him to be colorless in near invisible to others to the naked eye. This allows him to infiltrate the area easily but takes care to keep his distance as he can still be sensed with Haki. He then notices the bloodshed as he takes a different form where his upper torso is seen but keeping his lower body intangible to stay afloat.

"Looks like this party is already started and people are already dead... Definitely a great start." Spark said in a snarky tone.

Moments after Sparks comments a horn, alarming the kingdom's residents echoed throughout the land. "Intruders! Intruders!" In most cases, the country's military force would spawn in that instance. But war was on the horizon, wasting troops on mere invaders would lead to more casualties that necessary. Thus, there was an uncanny silence following end of the siren. Spontaneously, near the coast in which the birdman flew over and the area in which logia mink wandered, an insurmountable force loaded itself onto the duo. With the ability to manipulate gravity as he so pleases, Lucifer summoned enough force to hopefully send the birdmen tumbling like a meteor whilst keeping the gaseous logia in place as increased gravity produced further air resistance, handicapping even an intangible being.

"How dare that impostor send his dogs..." Lucifer commented in disgust, standing along the deck of the castle. Although there'd be no way for the blonde-haired angel to see them from such a distance, Lucifer seemed aware of their location.

Spark sound finds himself held in place by the gravity but is physically strong enough to power himself a bit through the hold enough to be able to move his still intangible body.

"D-Damn.... Gravity manipulation?" Spark then looks down at Lucifer as he can tell he is the source of the powers. "Great, I thought this would've been just a simple rescue mission but now they're bringing out the big guns. Looks like I do have to put more effort to this." Spark said while gritting his teeth. He then blinks a couple of times before realizing something.

"THE HELL!? How we get spotted?! I bet Bird Boy is the cause!" Spark said in a very loud tone.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!" went the Birdman Phoenix D. Red, as he was pull towards the crust of the earth, more importantly, a fall from such great heights would surely and greatly, kill him. To counter his Fall, Red created a void in space below him, a portal in which he used the gravitational pull to his advantage and entered inside it. The portal made from the Birdmans Devil Fruit Abilities, was immune to the enemies gravity affecting power. Making another portal, a few distances away from the scene, Red dropped out. "Oh my Oh my, I wonder how many like you will be my prey today. Fighting Gravity is what a bird does everyday." Red said, keeping his distance from the latter's range of attack, and hiding from him in order for him not to catch up.

Lucifer simply smirked at the two dodging his assault. "I don't believe I gave either of you mutts permission to dodge my attacks. But then again, why would I assume the guard-dogs of a wild beast impostor would have any training..." Lucifer exclaimed, returning to the throne behind him. "I'll speak slowly so you mongrels can understand every-word. Kiss the ground on the floor I walk or die like the disgusting creatures you are." Although only one of them was in sight, he was somewhat certain that the bird-creature would get his message. "Copy boy, why don't you make sure they understand the price they'd pay if they choose the latter." Lucifer spoke, resting his face along his left fist.

Spark could only smirk after hearing what Lucifer had to say as he is powering through the gravity field.

"Don't sound all arrogant just because you think you have to advantage. Bird Boy was small potatoes compared to me not just because of my powers, but sheer fighting capability. This gravity field is a pain. I don't like moving a lot but I hate it more when someone is forcing me to stay in place." said Spark as he pulls out two specialty model guns from his acid body. He then points them down toward Lucifer.

"It's also a pain you can just pin down bullets and other stuff like. Fortunately for me, these two guns here can just store my special acid bullets and fire them out a high speed as air. Even if you can dodge, don't think you can even get away from the toxic fumes. If not kill, definitely weaken. Acid: Dual Shot!" shouts Spark as he fires the two acid bullets from his pistols that quickly head toward Lucifer with the fumes leaving a trail in the air.

"Did he just call me small potatoes ?" Red wondered from a distance, despite not being in the battlefield himself, His Eagles Senses made up for whatever was happening in the area. "Acid: Dual Shot, that is such a boring ass name, but whatever, Kangaroos are boring anyway, All they do is hop all day, they will never be able to fly high." He commented on his thoughts of the action going on, "Now hopefully, that I have gathered their attention to his borderzone. I hope, Hebi-hime, got my clue and using the southernmost border to infiltrate. Expecting a large scale attack on this end of the stick. The Saints have loosened up their guards on the other end of the borders. Hopefully !!!"

"So you are Lucifer ?" A voice behind the Gravity man , could be heard, as a black silhouette emerged from which , a spiky haired man emerged. "You are such a formidable man, yet your own superiors do not have faith in you." He spoke, his words directed towards Lucifer. "Why would they hire a mercenary otherwise ?" He continued, as he watched from behind, Lucifer about to make his move against the Acid Logia User.

"Superiors?" Lucifer questioned, curious as to why the newcomer would make such a bold statement. "I suggest you hold your tongue before you make another foolish claim that'll get you killed. Those fools who sit in a chamber and deliberate are my pawns. They carry out my will whether they know it or not." Despite his attention being focused on the proclaimed mercenary, Lucifer hadn't forgotten about the Wukong Pirate's attack. However as the acid shot attempted to make its way towards Lucifer, a wall of sorts prevented it from going any further. With the ability to manipulate pre-existing and create new forms fo gravity, Lucifer holds the power of the bend the world to his whim, creating a wall of force to block a projectile was child's play for a many with his experience.

The barrier not only prevented the attack from progressing but suddenly began to push it back towards it point of origin, preventing the gas from influence the airs in his direct vicinity. "Quiet dog, you'll get your turn soon enough."

Spark simply inhales his own acid back and remains floating in place in the air. Spark tried to hide in annoyance but does wonder who the newcomer is.

"Did I mention this gravity is a pain in the ass? Then again, I'm not really trying to take this seriously and saving my strength for the bigger threats. Anyway, who the hell is that guy? I thought someone who can control fucking gravity would be good enough but apparently, he needs the assistance. The two of them definitely don't get along..." said Spark to himself knowing it's best to try and keep his distance to see what will happen next.

"Apparently, I could leave him to you, as long as my orders are given, I was supposed to assist you." Shinzui spoke, as he sat on the floor, cross legged. "Go ahead and carry on with your charades, I will help you survive." Shinzui mocked Lucifer, "Can you face two of em ?"

"Two...three...ten...one thousand, it doesn't matter. Difference of numbers is only something ants consider. If you wish to be in my good graces I'd let you handle them however, it seems you are just ant." Lucifer rose to his feet and walked towards the edge of the platform. "Come mongrel, death welcomes you with open arms." he challenged Spark and that bird who keeps disappearing.

"That's pretty cute that you think you can challenge me. Your powers are annoying as hell but of course, I don't find them that annoying." said Spark. Spark soon starts to raise his arms in the air and they transform into acidic smoke that soon start to pollute the clouds with his powers and they soon start to turn a pale green in color. They soon start to cover up the skies making the whole scenery turn the same color as them.

"I can thank Boss for this trick. He can pretty much turn into clouds and taught me some neat tricks with my powers. Wasteland!" said Spark as the clouds become darker green and ominous as the clouds all soon to rain acid that will start to melt things at a slow pace as they landed on things. Even creatures like birds nearby will screech in pain as the acidic rain lands upon them.

"Uchihahahaha ..." Shinzui laughed as his eyes shined at the sight of the dark green cloud. "Two opposite forces, one consisting of only two members while the other facing the two daredevils with only one man, a son of a devil." Shinzui analyzed loudly, "This should be fun, my money is on you Lucifer, this acid rain is nothing for you" Shinzui said, as he braced forward with his left leg in a half knelt position. He unsheathed his katana, by only an inch, causing the acid rain heading towards him to be swept off, by a invisible sword.

Phoneix D. Red slowly made his way towards his partner Spark, sitting on top of him, "Wow, you have the situation under control., Now I don't have to worry about his gravity." Red humored, as he launched several razor-sharp feathers at Lucifer and Shinzui.

Briefly pivoting his attention to attention to the cloud metastasizing above, Lucifer simply smirked. "Your captain's parlor tricks won't help you at all..." he spoke, opening his closed palm to reveal a black orb. The anomaly was nothing but concentrated gravity given form, dubbed All-Pulling Orb. As it ascended into the region above, it pulled all near it towards it, including the acid, clouds and even wind in the surround area. Clear of any danger he gazed upon the two who hoped to garner victory from such an underwhelming attack. "As you can clearly see, the gap between our respective powers is far too great."

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