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Dainty Iris is the fourth oldest daughter of the Dainty Family, the princess as well as a Gardener of Armanda.


iris is a delicate-looking young girl of average height with curly, light blue/pale blonde hair. she has peach skin and blue eyes with pink crosses for pupils (caused by her devil fruit)

Iris wears a pink outfit with a skirt and a gold neck-piece with a red tie hanging from it. when in the castle, Iris wears a white shoulder-less coat with gold.

when outside she wears a pink simple jacket and her hair is braided. she still wears the same outfit but her belt is replaced by a brown simple belt, and wears light red finger-less gloves.


Iris is a kind, caring, sweet soft-spoken girl who love's nature and want's everybody to be happy. she is highly empathetic to others, especially Dainty Sapphire. She is never intentionally mean and almost always has a smile on her face.

Abilities and Powers

Iris is very good with plants and can tell if its needs water or more sun.

Physical Abilities

Iris is strong enough to hold and lift 30 kilo's (66 pounds).

Devil Fruit

Iris ate the Tsuru sakusei no mi, a Paramecia-type Devil fruit that allows her to summon different color vines and make anything out of them.


Like the rest of her sisters and brother, Iris can use haki. She has Kenbunshoku Haki. And can actually feel the feelings of plants.


Iris is named after the plant iris.

iris is the only Dainty child who possess a devil fruit.

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