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Dainty Sapphire is the oldest child of the Dainty Family. she is the crown princess of Armanda, as well as the current head of the Armanda Royal Army,


Sapphire is a tall slim young woman with a eastern look: she has dull black eyes with no pupils, her long straight black hair is always tied up to a bun-shaped Dango, being parted in the middle of her forehead are two bangs that are framing her face and going down to her shoulders. she normally wears makeup.

Sapphire normally wears a blue normal dress with black flats and one gold bracelets on each hand with a type of black corset-like belt.

during training, she wears a white long sleeve shirt that has supsenders, with black pants and brown boots with light brown gloves.

in battle, Sapphire wears a armour chest plate with brown gloves, with a short black skirt with black leggings under, she also wears brown boots that reach to her knee's. she sometimes wears a gladiator helmet,


Sapphire cares very much for her kingdom and family. she is a kind person and always volunteers for any missions. Saphire likes to bake sweets since she was 8 to this day and make sweets for her and her sisters and brother (and sometimes to the royal pets but doesn't let the adults know).

Sapphire has a type of tomboyish personality since she always wore leggings under a skirt and dresses, and always played with swords (that were wooden since she was very young), another sign was when she used to get dirty in mud when she was around 3 to 13 years old.

Abilities and Powers

Sapphire is the strongest daughter in the Dainty Family. Sapphire is a very good baker since she always made sweets for her and her sisters. she also knows how to swim so when Iris almost drowns she comes and rescues her.

She has enough strength to the point she became the current head of the Armande Army.


Sapphire is a very skilled with a sword, and has a room filled with them organized by sized. her favorite sword is a katana called Hio.

she has a bow and arrow, appreantly Sapphire hair pins are very sharped that she can use them for arrows when needed.


LIke all her younger sisters and brother, Sapphire posses Haki, she has all three types of haki.

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