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Physical Powers

Due to years of intense training with Jimbei, Dai is an exceptional at hand to hand combat, He has mastered Fishman karate techniques, becoming a black belt in 20 years of nonstop training. He has a unusual molecular structure, making him intangible to non haki users. This is thought to be because of being a hybrid, he can change his body structure into that of water, melting into the sea and disappearing. He is also very skilled with his large blade, Umiburedo. Due to his unique power, he can control the water in his body to give him large arms to make it have and make a stronger impact with all his attacks. Due to this his side effect is he has to constantly drink water after using this for 5 hours. After the Timeskip, this time has decreased to 30 minutes, and he can now use it longer.


Dai melting into water.

Fishman Karate

Dai is very strong, easily capable of destroying a fleet of marine ships. He has mastered Fishman karate and is easily capable of using it on land.

Technique Lists

  • Hyakumaigawara Seiken (百枚瓦正拳 Hyakumaigawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Hundred Tile True Punch"): A hard punch that can send an opponent flying.
  • Kaisoku: Harakudashigeri (海速 腹下し蹴り Kaisoku: Harakudashigeri?, literally meaning "Sea-Speed Stomach Drop Kick"): An underwater attack, Dai darts forward and uses the momentum to deliver a savage side kick to the opponent's stomach.
  • Ka Ka Kakato Otoshi (火華カカト落とし Ka Ka Kakato Otoshi?, literally meaning "Fire Flower Heel Drop"): Done underwater, Dai spins and hits his opponent with the heel of his foot.
  • Kachiage Haisoku (カチ上げ背足 Kachiage Haisoku?, literally meaning "Rising Thrust-Kick"): Done underwater, an inner-sole kick to the chin of Dai's opponent.
  • Jodan Bakusho (上段爆掌 Jōdan Bakushō?, literally meaning "High-Rank Exploding Palm"): Done underwater, this is an open-palm attack to the chin of Dai's opponent.
  • Senmaigawara Seiken (千枚瓦正拳 Senmaigawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much stronger version of the Hyaku Maigawara Seiken, It can break through one thousand tiles, and kill a human with one shot.
  • Kaimen Wari (海面・割り Kaimen Wari?, literally meaning "Sea Surface Splitter"): Using a karate chop, Dai can split the very ocean itself in order to send a shock wave to attack an enemy.
  • Karakusagawara Seiken (唐草瓦正拳 Karakusa-gawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Arabesque Tile True Punch"): Dai punches at a fair distance from the intended target(s), so instead of the fist connecting, it uses the water vapor in the air to release a shock wave that sends them flying.
  • Gosenmaigawara Seiken (五千枚瓦正拳 Gosenmai-gawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Five Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much-stronger version of the Senmaigawara Seiken. It is a very powerful punch, able to destroy out a Pacifista army in one strike. It is used like an uppercut, rather than a straight punch.
  • Yarinami (槍波 Yarinami?, literally meaning "Spear Wave"): A technique used on a body of water's surface. Dai heaves a spear-shaped burst of water with enough force to punch a hole in solid structures.
  • Samehada Shotei (鮫肌掌底 Samehada Shōtei?, literally meaning "Sharkskin Palm Block"): A simple palm block.
  • Samegawara Seiken (鮫瓦正拳 Samegawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Shark Tile True Punch"): A powerful straight punch that is strong enough to send the Logia user Kairoji.
  • Uchimizu (撃水 Uchimizu?, literally meaning "Water Shot"): Dai hurls a simple droplet of water at his opponent, which can become a deadly bullet with the kinetic force created by his immense fishman strength.
  • Nanasenmaigawara Mawashigeri (七千枚瓦回し蹴り Nanasenmai-gawara Mawashigeri?, literally meaning "Seven Thousand Tile Roundhouse Kick"): Dai performs a roundhouse kick, which is strong enough to block the a giants fist.
  • Gyojin Karate Ogi: Buraikan (魚人空手「奥義」武頼貫 Gyojin Karate Ōgi: Buraikan?, literally meaning "Fishman Karate Secret Technique: Mighty Reliant Piercing"): Possibly the most powerful technique of Fishman Karate seen so far, Dai hurls a pack of water in his hands and shoots a powerful water shock wave that pierces through his opponent's body. It is so powerful that it even pierced through five giants and a Pacifista army.
  • Yabusame (矢武鮫 Yabusame?, literally meaning "Arrow Military Shark"): Dai first wets his arm, then he uses his massive strength to throw many drops of water, which are converted into deadly arrows through mere kinetic force.
  • Samehada (しゃきあで Samehada?, literally meaning "Shark Skin Blade"): Dai first surrounds his blade with water that takes the form of a million needles around the blade and then throws it with his massive strength causing it to spin at a high speed peircing through everything in its path.

Dai using his ability to enlarge his arm.

Sword Skills

Dai uses his sword in many ways to defeat enemies, due to his massive strength it is heavy to others but not him, and due to his unique power, he can control the water in his body to give him large arms to make it lighter and make a stronger impact.

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