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Dancing with Justice
Date Started: February 25st, 2021


Date Finished: th, 2021


Setting: Paradise: Marineford
Characters Involved:

A Special Mission

On a Marine battleship that is nearing a port of Cactus Island in Paradise, the Vice Admiral Zero D. Echo can be seen on the ship with the appointed Scabbards on the current mission. She was standing at the prow of the ship as she was seen holding a den den mushi in her hand preparing to speak with someone.

"Admiral Shishio, we are nearly at the destination of the meeting. Quite a place they decided they wanted to do this deal I tell you." said Echo as she huffed out the last words slightly.

Shishio let out a loud deep gut belch and slammed his bottle of sake down. "Phew! This batch of sake tastes real good I'll tell ya Shihohoho!" The drunken Admiral declares as be spoke through his den den mushi. "Yeah that little runt and his associates sure chose a pretty weird place for an exchange but hey what can I say Shihohoho! Just make sure to get us what we came for."

"Of course! I always carry out missions to success. We will purchase the Devil Fruit and then be on our way. Of course, I cannot suspect that there will be hinderances but I guess that's why these maggots will be accompanying me. Inari always said this could result in the mission being completed more quickly." stated Echo.

"Shihohoho! Shihohoho! You better stay close to those big words you spout ya damn tapeworm Shihohoho! Oi! Tweety bird you there?" The admiral asked for the second Vice Admiral on the line.

Vice Admiral Tosei appeared highly annoyed with his nickname that Shishio gave to him. "Yes sir, Admiral Shishio...this is Vice Admiral Tosei here," Tosei replied holding back any indication of annoyance in his voice.

"Well alright, the gangs all here! Well it's going to be simple, chirppy bird here will act as a con, con, con ahchuu! Contingency plan in case the runt double crosses us or the original owner of the fruit comes to reclaim it. Meanwhile ol no arms will handle the exchange. The kids will act as the intel gatherers and make sure everything is clear before you go. After that they will serve as security in case shit hits the fan."

"If this fruit is as wanted as those maggots made it out to be, then there probably will be some resistance. Of course, that is no problem for the like of us." replied Echo who adjusted her shades.

"Chirpy...bird..." Tosei angrily thought to himself then cleared his thoughts calming himself down, "Agreed, easy said than done sir."

"Ah i woulda just gone in a killed the little shits." Shishio declares before taking a drink, "though I guess you have a point better to handle it the right way." The admiral spoke while gargling down sake. "Let's see how It goes, you guys call me up after the mission's success." Shishio ordered.

"Right. Of course." said Echo as she hung up her den den mushi and turned toward Tosei. "Looks like you're about to blow a gasket there Tosei. Don't tell me something as arbitrary as insults get under your skin." said Echo with a shrug.

"No, no, just his...way of handling things tends to be questionable but at the same time," Tosei sighed, "I'll get use to it...eventually."

Suddenly, one of the Scabbards walks slowly walks forward as she stretches after waking up for a nap. It was Tsuchi who was more than eager to speak with Echo.

"Ah...I finally got some rest before this mission. And let me say it is indeed an honor to work this mission with you Echo-san." said Tsuchi with a slight bow she personally does.

"You're going to need the rest Tsuchi. This mission could more or less be a strenuous one but nonetheless, it will proceed as planned. Remember the maggot you're teaming up with." said Echo in her usual strict voice.

"Trust me, he is someone I can't forget." said Tsuchi who rolled her eyes talking about Arthur.

"Oi, have you removed your lips from your master's ass?" Arthur asks standing in the door way with his arms crossed in a large black sweater. "We're almost there, so we should go check with the rest make sure they all knew their rolls."

Guinevere stretched herself out as she got herself up looking towards the doorway. She rubbed her eyes having a sleepy expression on her face. "I'm up, I'm up," Guinevere yawned, "it's nice not having to wake up to his voice...so peaceful..."

Michael had gotten up early to go ride his Roc bird Aquila who was getting restless. They rocketed just above the waves the water parting from the speed at which they were flying before ascending into the clouds flying between the clouds rising up and around them before. Performing a backwards roll and descending descending coming out below the clouds before descending back through the clouds into the open air spinning as they did so Aquila's wings coming towards her body before extending upon reaching the open air. Flying above the clouds Michael found the beauty and the peacefulness breathtaking.

"what do you think girl ready to give this another shot" Michael asked preparing his customized coat into its glider formation Aquila croaked with unsure approval "it'll be fine we've done this before, Ready?" Michael asked Aquila preparing for him to slide off her as Michael let himself fall of his Roc his Red eye martial arts and his specially made coat coming into action allowing him to glide in the air like a bird. He descended towards the clouds with his hands at his sides the air whipping against his face was exhilarating. The two friends the Human and the Roc met each other in the clouds meeting face to face before twirling as they descended through the clouds as soon as he saw a break in the clouds Michael extended his arms using his glider and wind techniques he glided through the clouds using the wind around him to maintain altitude Aquila Cawed in excitement as the two flew side by side with each other.

Descending below the clouds Michael and Aquila prepared to reingage Aquila dropping below Michael as he prepare to drop back onto her back. Suddenly a gust of wind blew into Michael causing him to veer off course and dangerously close to the waves Michael used the wind to slow his fall but he could feel he was going to hit the waves "Shit, Aquila a little help" Michael yelled. Coming incredibly close to the waves Michael could almost taste the sea water before he was caught by Aquila's talons "Thanks girl" Michael said relieved.

As their Marine ship came into view Michael climbed back onto Aquila's back. As they came up to the ship "Let's go wake up Boy Scout" Michael said pulling Aquila towards the outside John's window before she pecked at it "Morning Partner it's a beautiful day".

John was asleep in his room full of the red,white and blue. The room shined as the sun was going through the window. And it was noticeable that John wasn't the only one in the bed. There next to him,was his girlfriend,Sonya Blade. John was seen having her arms around her in the bed. And as Michael tapped on the window,John slowly woke up and turned to look at the window,seeing Michael at the window. John then realizes Michael sees him with Sonya in the bed,and he instantly jumps out,with his red white blue boxers on, of his bed. He smiles and says,"Good Christian Boy."

"You two seem to be having fun" Michael laughed before flying around to the main deck of the ship and landing and making his way to the mess hall.

"I'll be there in a minute!" John says to Michael as he started put on his marine outfit for the day and walks out of the room to the mess hall,with his famous shield on his back.

"Oi," Arthur says as he appears walking by John. "Don't forget to grab your partner, we'll be arriving to the island in a little over and hour." He then grabs a cigarette from a pack in his pocket and lit it up.

"Man, " Arthur muttered in an exhausted tone, "We're almost there, and this gang of idiots are already giving me headaches." He then takes a drag from his lit cigarette, looking out off the ship and sees they were quickly approaching the Island for their mission.

After about an hour, the six scabbard members began to circle up and group together. "Alright, let's get things straight shall we?" Arthur asked as he began their 'meeting', "as we decided, John and Michael will be taking the roll of blending in with the  general public. Tsuchi and I will be taking the role of common tourists...still don't like that but okay. While the blonde idiot and Guinevere will be placed on the roofs."

"Sounds efficient, should be simple," Guinevere nodded.

"Sounds good." John nods,"I have a suit that'll fit with the general public already!"

"Saves me the trouble of getting changed" Said Michael still wearing his riding clothes from the morning's ride.

"Pah. I hate to agree with Captain Dread that sounds pretty boring but that's the mission and we will have to just go with it." said Tsuchi with a sigh.

"Hmph. A mission is a mission no matter how small. Your role is still significant in it's own way. Never question what you are assigned to because, at the end of the day, you're assigned a mission and you're expected to carry it out." explained Echo as she was still looking forward.

"Yes ma'am I understand." said Tsuchi nodding slightly in agreement.

"Did you see our targets there yet?" Arthur asks Michael who had just returned from a scouting mission ahead of everyone. He then tossed aside his smoke.

"Spotted two near a bar close to the rendezvous" Michael responded.

"Alright, I feel like it would be best we don't all get off the ship at the same time. Any way you can take Starboy here so you two can get a head start on us?" Arthur asks.

"My Partner and I will take Aquila and touchdown outside of town she should be invisible from the sky" Michael responded. "She should be ok with having John on her back again, right partner?".

"That's right my friend!" John says,who was now suddenly in his cowboy outfit,"What island is this place called again?"

"It's called Cactus Island." Arthur replies as a slight glow comes from his eyes.

"Cactus Island. Title for the island that states the obvious more than any other here..." said Tsuchi in a snarky tone as she looks at the large cacti from the ship.

"You two maggots are getting way too ahead of yourselves. Take this mission more seriously you hear me or you'll have to deal with me!" shouted Echo at the two before she clears her throat to speak again. "All that matters is completing this mission. As long you two don't screw up your scouting mission, you won't have to deal with me." she said with a huff.

"A perfect human always does whatever he needs to perfectly" Replied Michael. Before walking towards Aquila with John.

"And so the egocentric idiot speaks before leaving, " Arthur comments with an annoyed tone before popping a cigarette in his mouth, lighting it up, taking a deep inhale of smoke, causing the glow from his eyes to subside.

"This is going to be a long ass day I can feel it... And if I am to be like a normal tourist, I can't go about showing off my powers to move around quicker. Doing next to nothing is boring." said Tsuchi with a look of annoyance in her eyes.

"It doesn't matter if it's boring or not! We are to just get the fruit and be done with it. Keep your guards up maggots. I can sense we may end up with some roadblocks more or less." said Echo with her ears twitching as she walks forward.

Two men were seen sitting at a bar, one was three times the size of most men, a mammoth among men. He was truly frightening in appearance alone, he had crimson hair and a deep red tint to his skin. Blinded on one eye and smoking a large cigar. Next to him was shorter than average you can with silver hair, a black cloak and red leather pants, wearing a pair of shade on his forehead.

"BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MAN THIS BOOZE IS AMAZING!"  A single loud and massive man laughed so loud and deeply the entire building shook with the people surrounding him covering their ears. He then whipped a tear from his ear from his deep gut laugh. "What'd ya say, boss?! We just kill them Marines and take the money with the fruit?!  Come on! Shit would be awesome!"

The shorter silver-haired young man looked up from his cup of coffee, his eyes meeting with the beast of a man. "I want to build an empire you ape, can't do that cresting unnecessary enemies." The man spoke in a calm yet intelligent manner before taking another drink of his coffee. "This money will go a long way into building it, we'll deal with Marines when and if the time comes for it."

"You better watch yourself, boss, talking to your men like that leads to bad morale." The beast-man spoke as he opened his massive fist to coat his entire arm with haki. "The last thing you want is a mutiny right, Boss Enzo?"

"Calm yourself you, Bruno," Enzo replies as he slams the rest of his coffee and asks for another. "Unless you want me to remind you why I'm the boss after all." He replied looking at the eyes of the massive man.

Bruno's eyes looked down and saw the twitch from the silver-haired broker caused him to shrug. "Bah! Whatever! What kind of boss drinks coffee at a bar before a big job?" He asks as another cup of black coffee was served to his boss.

Enzo picked up his cup of coffee and took a whiff of the black coffee with his face taking a disappointing turn. "I swear I should get used to bringing my own coffee to where I go." He says before taking a big drink of coffee. "Anyway, I believe Bullseye should be getting a hold of us soon. Let's finish our drinks and get ready." Then the two continued to enjoy themselves as they awaited the time for their 'job' to kick off.

A single man sat facing out a window enjoying a large sandwich made of many types of meat. He takes large bite after bite, smashing his way through it quickly, the sound of his enjoyment was surreal. He wore a blue jacket and black jacket under it. "Man! I swear food tastes so good! Way better than the slop they fed is back on level six." He said as he finished his food and slammed an entire mug of beer! "Phew! Alright if I remember correctly that bird I saw flying around here, it didn't look like a native to the island. Not just that but it was fairly large more than capable of carrying people around, so it would be more commonplace if people tried to migrate these birds here."

He then reached out and grabbed a bag of chips and starts to eat them. "Not just that but according to what I paid for, the Marines should be arriving soon. Which means that bird can be a sign they're closer than expected." He then quickly finished the bag of chips and cracked his neck. "I know those other three came early today, meaning the King's fruit is on the island. So many moving components, so many risks, so many chances of things going bad, man...did I miss this sensation!" He says with a truly excited and ruthless grin on his face.

Mission: Sora, Begins

Meanwhile, Guinevere was seen on the rooftops jumping from one roof to the next surveying the area. Once she made her landing, she looked down at the ground below observing the scenery before her.

"Hmmm everything seems adequate," Guinevere thought to herself, "hopefully things will go according to plan."

Elaine was seen jumping from one roof to another, not in her usual armored blue dress but in a much more slender white free fitting dress. She moved both quickly yet gracefully, her eyes darting around, watching her surroundings closely.

"Everything seems good from mine and Guinevere's end." She comments through her den den mushi. "What about you John, anything on yours and Michael's end?"

"Everything is looking fine here." John answers,hearing Elaine from an earpiece of the den den mushi. John and Michael have just been sitting at the barstools looking around. John hasn't bought a drink,as he's not a drinker. "How's the tourism Tsuchi?"

"Boring and sluggish as usual. Good, but you get what I mean." said Tsuchi was she was yawning and casually looked around at the other people.

"Quit your complaining you Spider, " Arthur adds as he leaves a shop with a fresh bottle of whisky. "The exchange will be kicking off soon, so for now let's focus on our separate missions. John, you got eyes on the targets?"

"Yeah I got eyes on him." John says looking back toward the targets,"Do you guys think a red white blue cowboy outfit with a blue domino mask is so suspicious that it's not suspicious." He jokes.

Arthur cracks open his bottle of whisky and takes his smoke out before taking a large drink from the bottle before taking a drag of smoke from his cigarette. "I better enjoy this...once things kick off I can't." Arthur though as he took a seat at a table on a patio outside a restaurant. "I got eyes on the designated meet up spot." He says speaking into his den den mushi.

A large wind mixed with sand and dirt flew by swiftly kicking up sand into people's eyes! As Arthur raised his hand to cover his eyes he felt the presence of another before seeing a man in a black jacket wearing figure from across enter a bar. "That's weird...why...did I feel like someone was just next to me?" Arthur thought out loud. "Guinevere, Elaine, you guys see anyone just now?"

"Can't say for sure, I saw some suspicious figure but I couldn't make out they were," Guinevere replied.

Elaine wiped the sand from her eyes and adjusts her vision, "nothing here you text book case addict. That was a lot of sand, I could barely see a thing." She replied before looking out toward the bar. I did see someone walk around that bar three buildings down from where you're at. John anyone walk in on your end?"

"No one suspicious come in yet." John says looking,"Why? Something goin on there partner?" He asks in his cowboy tone.

Both Elaine and Arthur's faces dropped into a deadpan after hearing John's tone. Simultaneously the two thought "God he's too much."

"We were just blinded by all the little sand storm that just passed. Felt like we saw someone." Arthur replies over the coms. "Could be nothing, we should contact the Vice Admiral and see if she's ready."

"Alrighty y'all,I'll be a-calling the Very Admiring person." John says in his cowboy tone before calling to Echo in his serious voice,"This is Captain Washington John,you copying Vice Admiral Zero D. Echo?" He whispers into his comms.

"Affirmative. I will be approaching the bar right now." said Echo who adjusted her shades and started to walk forward toward the bar.

"I smell the whiff of a hypocritic sense of justice." Bruno grunts as his nose points up. He sensed presence of the coming Vice Admiral approaching the the bar.

Enzo finished his coffee and picked his arm up, pulling his sleeve up, revealing a small white Den Den Mushi wired to a baby Blue den den mushi on his wrist. "Bullseye, you there?"

"Yeah I'm here, we got two girls on the roofs. But other than that we seem to be good." Massimo replied from his end as he saw both Elaine and Guinevere. "I have a clear shot at both of them, just in case." The marksman replies as he looks out a window from an empty building.

"So we have two tourists yet, I clocked four more people here to say than there have been for the last two weeks." An individual thought hidden within shadowy alley way. "So six possible targets are possible Marines. Two more guys in bar, two on the roof, those two tourists. To think the Marines are using spies. Neat." The man thought as he marked the six new faces. "The Vice Admiral is on her way...let the show kick off..."

Arthur puts down his bottle of whisky and put his cigarette out on the table in front of him. "Now time to put it all down." Arthur said and his eyes locked down on the bar as he saw the Vice Admiral enter the building.

"There she is." John says seeing Echo enter the bar,"May God be with us in this mission."

"This is going to be intriguing in one way or another," Guinevere said watching the event unfold from the rooftop.

"Good luck Miss Echo." thought Tsuchi to herself.

Echo then enters the bar and looks around with a complete straight face. She then notices the man, Enzo, from a distance and does a slight nod as to confirm to herself if that is the man she should be meeting with. "That must be him. I'd better go have a chat with him to see if he has what we are after." said Echo to herself as she started to walk over toward Enzo.

As she approached the Goliath of Bruno stands to his feet and appearing as a gatekeeper of sorts in front of Echo. He looked down and saw multiple large duffle bags. "You understand, just protocol." Bruno says as he signals for the Vice Admiral to partner arms and legs for a pat down.

"Hmph. Not everyday I get patted down like this but this is for the benefit of this deal. Just make it quick as we are on time." stated Echo as she does what Bruno says but knowing not to drop her guard in case something happens.

Bruno starts to pat her down thoroughly from top to bottom, making sure to keep any and all weapons she had on her separate from her person. "Alright she's clean."

"Take a seat Vice Admiral, " Enzo calls as he takes a drink of his coffee. "Let's chat."

"Alright then." said Echo as she takes a seat near Enzo before speaking once more. "Of course you would know why I came out the way here right?" she asked.

"Give half the bags to my associate there, he'll count it and bring it back here then counts the other half. Then we can talk business." Enzo comments before finishing his coffee. "Can I get another and a drink for the lovely lady." Enzo comments gesturing for the bartender to take Echo's order.

Echo hid her annoyance at being called a "lovely lady" behind her usual stoic but tough exterior as she grabs half of the bags as requested and hands them over to Burno. "There. You'll find they are there. And I'll just take some water." said Echo.

The bartender came and served them their drinks while Bruno took the bags and started to count the money. "Quite the withered island huh hun?" Enzo asked as he took a drink of coffee. "So dried and beaten up, an island burned with abuse and bloodshed. Yet, the world government was of no help to here, why is that?"

Echo started to grow even more annoyed but tried to still hid it behind a cough and started to drink her water to make it appear she was trying to use it to cover it. "Listen, nothing in this world is perfect. The World Government tries it's best to make sure this world is at peace. Shit will go down to the point where not even we can get to somewhere in time. However, what has been destroyed can always be rebuilt. As long those are willing to put in the hard work, we will achieve our goals no matter how long it takes." stated Echo as she took another drink from her water.

"Easy to say from up on that pedestal isn't it?" Enzo asked, following up by taking a drink of coffee. "Yet you have the money to purchase such a devil fruit, even when I'm charging you double the price. Such mixed views if justice and politics you have."

"We have our ways. Trust me, the World Government has ways to earn money and then some. And my Justice is firmly to achieve our goals by any means necessary. Even if some view our actions as extreme, it is for the greater good." said Echo as she drinks more of her water as she remembers her actions back at Ohara.

"So is that what you say to help you sleep at night? Tell me Vice Admiral, is that what you say to defend your actions of removing an entire civilization from existence?" Enzo asks before Bruno came and left the bags. "That's 2,500,000,000." Bruno says as he reaches for the other half of bags.

"Justice doesn't discriminate. That's all I have to say in the matter. If you are against that, then that's not my problem. What's done is done." said Echo sternly as she slams the cup down on the table noticing Bruno about to count another bag. "I'd better get another water for the moment."

The bar tender brought the two each a new drink as Bruno took the bags to go count them. "Whatever you say, this is the easiest five billion belli I ever made. So tell me, what are your thoughts over the war?"

"Hmph. This war is pointless. Any pirate that dares think they can challenge the World Government itself and attempt to take it down is a fool. Yonko or not. Kong will meet his end at this war. Wars in general are troublesome but if we can use it as means to rid the world of one of it's biggest threats, then so be it!" said Echo as she angrily took a drink of her newly brought water.

"I see..." Enzo says, pausing to drink his coffee. "So black and white are you are. How annoying. Here I wish they could've sent me a Vice Admiral who can see colors such as Elizabeth or Iceberg."

"As I said, I could really care less what you think. We're just here for the deal and nothing more. And as far as Vice Admirals go, I'm the most effective of them all." said Echo as she briefly lifted up her shades revaling her snake-like eyes as an effect of her Devil Fruit powers. "And no I am not sounding arrogant if that's what you're thinking. That's a fact." said Echo as she put back down her shades and took another drink of water.

"Spoken like a small dog, a loud bark but no real bite." Enzo says taking another drink. "How does it feel? All of this, the war, the lives lost on both sides. I bet you would have something to add to it." Before Enzo could continue he looked back and saw Bruno going through and count the many quickly. "Looks like I'll need to bring it out soon." He days referring to the Devil Fruit the Marines came for.

Echo pounders for a few moments while looking a bit serious before shaking her hand and drinking her water again. "I grew up with people dying in front of me every damn day. This here is nothing new to me. You need to learn when to case aside emotions. Those who do will strive for success even during the war." stated Echo as she slightly adjusted her shades before speaking. "Yes, I think it is time that the you know what is brought out. I'm sure all the money is there."

"Casting one's emotions away, is that what you Marines especially of such a high rank do to get through the atrocities you've committed, how you defend your justice?" Enzo asks taking another drink and seeing Bruno finishing the counting. "I guess that's what happens when they send someone like you. Here I was looking forward to exchange and talk about philosophy. But I got stuck with the cold blooded follower of good ol Fox." Enzo comments.

"All the money is here sir, all counted for too." Bruno adds while approaching the two at the bar. "Shall I bring the fruit?"

"Of course, we're men of our word. The money is here, so the fruit should be too." Enzo replies to Bruno who opens a trap door under the bar to retire a their offer.

"Hmph. As I said, I don't care how you view me. And perish the thought. Inari told me to toughen up and that is what I did. Many say I'm even more, ahem, "cold" than he is but that is besides the point. Of course the money is there. The World Government can be trusted unlike some mere pirate. Once I acquire the fruit, we don't have to see each other again at the least so there is to look forward to that." said Echo as she finished drinking her water.

"Hmmm,I heard Iceberg's name in that conversation." John thinks as he was overhearing the conversation mostly,"I wonder if Shishio actually considered him for this job. Then again moralic justice like his might've slowed this deal down if Shishio did consider it."

"Here it is boss, " Bruno adds letting a cloud of thick gray smoke exist his lips. He hands the devil fruit to Enzo and stands next to the underworld broker.

"Now then, " Enzo says, "hand all the bags to Bruno and you'll get your fruit. Like you said once this is over we don't have to see each other again, which I look forward to."

"Alright then. Let's make this quick then." said Echo as she gets up from her seat leaving her empty glass of water on the table and hands over the bags to Bruno as instructed.

Enzo then extended his arm out, extending the devil fruit in his hand. It was a single aqua colored star fruit covered with swirls, it was the coveted, Sora Sora no Mi. This devil fruit had the distinct ability to control the weather itself, to a degree possibly surpassing the mighty logic fruit belonging to the Yonko.

Meanwhile outside another large gust came! Sand and dust getting caught in arthur's eyes again. "Damn! So much damn sand!" he complained rubbing his left eye while his right had a blue glow to it.

"Oh yes dear." an old lady says as she walks out and pours him a glass of water. "I've worked and lived here my whole life, I own the bar. But I've never seen bad dust and sandstorms or as frequent as they have been for a few weeks now."

"How long ago?" Arthur replies successfully clearing his eye up.

"Oh it must be about three weeks ago. I remember because our new neighbor came only a few days prior." She replies happily and smiling. "He's quite a nice lad."

"Three weeks?...it seems like whoever it is brought a bad omen of sorts." Arthur thought to himself.

"Such a nice lad, though he doesn't come until around night time and is sometimes gone before the morning. Oh another odd thing is we almost never get sandstorms at night."

"Hm?..." Arthur then looked over at the old lady. "Is there ever any sand/dust storms when he's here?"

"Hm...i guess not."

A massive dust storm kicked up and quickly enveloped the entire area! The wind was pushing people back and blending them all at once! Arthur quickly took his coat off and wrapped it around the old lady, rushing her into the bar.

"Please stay here, it's not safe outside." Arthur calmly declares helping the old lady stat at ease. He then rushed outside and saw a single in a black suit running toward the bar while the sandstorm was rapid! "Shit!" Arthur declared running out!

The sand storm suddenly rushed into the bar! Kicking up into everyone's eyes! The man in a black suit pulled out his pistol! "Boss! It's a trap!" He yelled firing bullets off!

The sand rushed and quickly formed into a human body! Swift's grabbing the devil fruit from Enzo's hands! He had a blue puffy jacket with a black shirt under it, he wore a skeletal like mask! Grabbing a chair and in one motion tossed it through the window and ran through it!

"Elaine! Guinevere! Get eyes and stay on who just ran out! John! What's going on in there!?" Arthur yells dashing toward the bar!

"Understood," Guinevere replied as beautiful green and red moth wings sprouted from her back then proceeded after them.

"Don't go ordering me around you Jet-black idiot!" Elaine replied to Arthur as she began to jump from roof to roof sharing behind the man running!

John leaped up onto the bar counter and pulls out his shield in rapid succession as the sand came into the bar; Prepared to meet whatever it was. As he saw the formation of a man come out of the sand and nearly dropped his shield,shocked in who the man was.

"Arthur..." John speaks into his comms,"You won't believe this...but it's Toro,The Humanoid Sandstorm. The man that had the sand logia,and is supposed to be dead."

"Hmph. I'm no fool. I knew he broke out once Inari gave me the heads up. That maggot think he could get away, he has another thing coming!" shouted Echo as she shifted into her hyrid basilisk form and got into a stance. "I'm about to make that pirate regret he was ever born! Soru: Flash!" shouted Echo as she darted out of the window after him in a flash.

"Shit. What in the world is going on? Hm?!" said Tsuchi as she briefly saw Echo for a moment in a flash. "That was Echo-san. She is going super fast. Must be using her advanced usage of Soru..."

"You didn't think, I would openly make an enemy with someone much stronger than me did you?." Enzo asks as he gets up and grabs the bags of money. "it appears word got out about our deal, I wonder who that was." He says with a snarky, cocky tone and smile. "Let's get going you two, we have an empire to build." And with that this three left the bar with their bags of money."

Meanwhile the culprit took off running, as the toens people looked on at the chase, he couldn't stop but smile. "Let's see here." He thought to himself as he suddenly ran inside someone's house ran up the stairs! his sudden appearance shocked everyone inside! "Come and get me Vice Admiral!"

"Tsuchi! Where are you and the Vice Admiral? John, Michael meet me outside the bar we're gonna follow behind. Elaine, Guinevere, where ever he is don't engage, keep the place surrounded but make sure he doesn't leave wherever he is." Arthur yelled through the coms, grabbing his shortswords from behind him

"Bartender your two largest bottles, if you would" Michael said calm amongst the panic. The Bartender in confusion brought him two large bottles "Thank you kindly, John give me your shield".

"Uhh sure." John says throwing his shield over to Michael as he pulls out a pistol and runs outside to rendezvous with Arthur,"It's lighter than you think just saying."

Leaving the Bar Michael covered John's shielf in the liquid contained in one of the bottles being sure to not dampen John's ability to throw it before using his red eye martial art to move at superhuman speed being sure not to spill anything from the bottles.

"Show me your 'justice' Marines." Toro said with a clearly painted smirk as he lifted his hand and created a small sand storm. "Keep after me or the people of the building?" He said with the sand storm quickly growing in size! The force if the mighty storm began to rip away and send everything and everyone of the twelve people flying around, a massive tornado of sand ripped away the building from the inside. All while Toro jumped out the building from behind and running down an alley.

"Heh, so he's wanting to challenge us is he," Guinevere smirked in a haunting manner as she flapped her wings flying after him while trying to cover her eyes from the sand.

Elaine looked over and saw Toro running but also detected the lives of the people on the building being flung against the walls of their house. "Hey! Jet Black Idiot! We need back up here! The guy left with our fruit, a sandstorm like tornado is ripping this building apart with people in there! Where is everyone!?" She yelled questioning her forces before seeing Guinevere flying after him. "I'll help who I can, she's more vulnerable to the tornado because of her wings." Elaine thought before charging off her roof and drew her sword.

"'Chivalry Swordstyle!: Call of Camelot!" She yelled as her quick draw's speed and power created an opening for her to get through the tornado of sand! "I can barely keep my footing! The pressurized wind and sand make it pretty hard to see or walk." She thought while charging into the house and grabbing a pair of kids.

Echo just stared the chaos that was unfolding before she keep silently turning her attention back and forth between it and the chaos. The sandstorm itself didn't do much to flinch her especially in her hybrid form. Echo knows the sandstorm could very well be stopped by her but she knows there are people around. She takes a brief moment to reflect that Fermi told her about morals before.

Brief flashback time

"Inari sir! I must ask you. If you were in a situation of choosing between saving and protecting people or doing something at is for the sole benefit for the World Government, which will you pick?" asked Echo suddenly.

"Why ask a question that sudden? That answer should be obvious depending on your views of Justice." said Fermi who was walking in place while filling out paperwork.

"Hmph. Some of the other Marines tend to call me "heartless" saying I don't give a damn about the weak and I'm more focused on things that benefit the World Government as well. They even say they think you feel that way as well." stated Echo in an annoyed tone from what she was told.

"I could care less on what others think of me. My goals depend on the situation. If it's to protect people, I will protect people. If it's something that benefits the Government, I will do just that. Both, however. Personally, whatever is the quickest method. It's a bad taste if any innocent people get killed if it's something that can be handled. The World Government's goal is to accomplish both goals and I am a man that will do just that. It all depends on what you want to do. You could be noble, coldblooded, or in-between. It doesn't matter as long you have a set goal that must be accomplished." explained Fermi.

"Even if said place isn't an island that has no merit to the World Government at all?" asked Echo.

"Like I said, that will depend on what you will do." said Fermi.

"I see. I will take that into consideration." said Echo with a salute.

End of brief flashback

Echo gritted her teeth hard where her basilisk venom started to drip to the bottom of the sand as she angrily stomps on the ground before sensing Toro's presence.

"We have paid for that fruit fair and square and that fruit is very beneficial to the World Government as a whole. I'm sure the kids can handle the people here. They seem to do a good job on it. You lot take care of the people! I got a slippery, sandy maggot to go after!" ordered and shouted Echo as she started to fly off in Toro's direction.


"Yes ma'am!" Arthur replied upon hearing the Vice Admiral's orders. "John let's go! They're just a few blocks downs, seems like the blonde bimbo needs some help." He says before dashing off, "hope my partner can be of some help before we get there."

"I'm right behind you!" John says following Arthur as they ran,"Let's get these people out of there safely!"

"Don't stop running, no matter what, " Arthur orders as he jumps up with his daggers and spins around gathering momentum. "Nitoryu:Heavenly Descent!" Arthur called for technique sending our a blade if compressed win cresting an open for the two. As John entered Arthur quickly followed before the force of the tornado quickly closed their opening!

Suddenly, Tsuchi ran up toward where everyone was and the tornado heading their way. She then notices the people that are in danger and started to act.

"Man, I need to show you fools how to do this! Especially Captain Dread over there trying to look like some kind of badass or something. Widow Web: Retract!" shouted Tsuchi as she spat up a large line of webs from her mouth that started to grab onto the people and started to move them away from the range of the tornado. "I think that will do for now. Stupid ass sand tornado..."

"Come on people! We're taking you all to safety!" John says as he fireman scooped up a civilian and led more through the tornado,"Come on,if only I had my shield to shield the sand away from the civilians. Hopefully Michael gives that shield back to me." He thinks while getting through the tornado.

"About time you two managed to actually do something." Elaine commented as she struggled to get through the sand storm tornado

Arthur grabs his shoulder and pulls him away from a flying table, catching it before it flew too far. "A little too close there. Here." Arthur says before handing John a small amount of people. "you and the blonde bimbo get these people somewhere safe." Arthur announces as he draws both blades from his back holsters. Repeating the move from before Arthur created and opening for John and Elaine.

Elaine runs out her pair of kids as fast as she could. "This doesn't mean I owe you shit, even a blind squirrel can find a nut, consider this idea a 'nut'." She then charges out of there with the kids.

John grabs the large table and blocks the sand for the civilians,"Thanks Arthur!" He says as he charged his way out of the sand with a line of civilians behind him.

Arthur then observed the massive current that carries the sandstorm. "It's only going to get bigger, it'll engulf the entire town sooner or later..." He thought as he placed his two short swords away and jumping up allowing the current to take him. As he flew in the air doing his best to evade the oncoming debris, Arthur's eyes began to dart around. "Well...as master says "it's worth a try", let's go " Arthur proclaims as he had finally reached the top of the current and dived straight down toward the eye of the storm drawing a short sword from his side holster, "this is gonna hurt...Ittoryu: Cascada!"

As Arthur's body shot straight down his blade began to glow with green gamma energy! He stabbed it down and upon collision the blade released a grand explosion, the force if which dispelled the sandstorm! As the dust and debris clear Arthur is seen with a bruised right arm with it shaking. "Alright...let's get those guys somewhere safe..."

Tsuchi can be seen pulling some of the civilians out the way with her webs even having some safely stuck in mid air on buildings that will get them out of the way of the danger. Tsuchi than looks over at Arthur with mild annoyance.

"Jeez Captain Dread. That did more damage to you than the fucking sandstorm. Then again, someone like you couldn't fathom the power of an admiral." said Tsuchi with a slight sadistic smirk.

Arthur simply walks past Tsuchi not acknowledging her before he started to help people up to their feet and picks who he could up. "Let's help them get to the inn nearby, we have to go help the Vice Admiral and the rest." Arthur says in a solemn tone. "My arm...God damn..." He thought agitated by the pain but remained calm with only the mission in mind.

"That was an impressive blade." John compliments Arthur,"And I'll be heading straight to the fight right after all the civilians make it to the inn. I need to get my shield back from Michael."

Arthur begins to walk forward, headed toward the inn. His eyes locked on his destination, thinking to himself, "we need to get them somewhere safe, then we head back to fight him." He then felt his load lighten. Turning his head Arthur saw golden blonde hair fly by, as he saw Elaine helping him on his left side.

"Don't try acting tough. Your balance was slightly off so you could've dropped these guys. They've been through enough." Elaine semi-coldly says as she looked over at him.

"Come one everyone! This is your safety zone for now." John says as he was leading civilians into the inn. He looks over to Elaine holding up Arthur,"Surprised that Arthur is allowing for himself to be helped by whom he calls,"a blonde bimbo"" John thinks as he was leading the civilians inside the inn.

"Hmph. I can't say either I'll take Captain Dread or Wet Blanket. At least Dread can hold his own in a fight. I guess I better help get the rest of these people back inside before assisting Echo-san and the others." said Tsuchi as she started to lead some people toward the inn as well.

Elaine and Arthur set the people they were helping down after getting them into an inn. He then looked over to the in keeper. "Give them rooms, trust me you don't want me back here pissed off." He says sending shivers down the inn keeper's spine. Arthur then walked over to the rest.

"How are you three? Set to go?" He asks his fellow Scabbard members.

"What do you think Jet Black Idiot?" Elaine asks walking past and shoving Arthur. "Try not to hold us back okay?"

"I'm ready to go." John answers to Arthur,"I need to get my shield back from my partner!"

Justice vs Freedom

Toro was seen dashing quickly through the alley, focusing on exciting the Island as quickly as possible. "Here I thought the job would be a lot easier. Whatever, it's been a while since I got to stretch my legs like this." He thought to himself before locking eyes with Guinevere, "looks like one of you found me. What beautiful wings you have." Toro declares with a chuckle before turning his attention behind him. "And it appears you're not alone, is she, Vice Admiral?"

Echo lands right behind him as she is seen towering over Toro as she is still in her hybrid form. She then stares at him with intensity in her eyes.

"You better be lucky that my powers cannot turn you into stone you sandy maggot or you will be dead where you stand. Even though that is already going to be the case. I'd be wasting my breath to say "Just hand over the fruit" so I'm just opting right for option 2. You're going to wished you stayed back at Level 6 with the world starting to forget that you existed..." said Echo as she spat venom on her hands and even hardened them with haki. "I don't even need to use Haki to hit you. My venom is good enough as is but I want to make sure you really feel my power!"

"Annoying." Toro sighs as his finger tewitchedvto summon a huge wall of sand from the floor to both absorb the force if the venom with haki with the sand absorbing it and then compressing the same into a sizable ball of sand. "Haki let's you touch me, it doesn't mean you can easily hurt me." He says before snapping his fingers and releasing bullets of sand that had absorbed Echo's venom and shot at Guinevere.

Guinevere unsheathed her swords as she swiftly deflected the bullets of sand while glaring at Toro with serious eyes. "Focus, don't lose your concentration," Guinevere thought to herself as she charged towards him ready to attack.

"You forget even as projectile or even when scattered, this same is still mine, " Toro says before clenching his hands with the poisoned sand that was deflected change their direction and fired and Guinevere from behind.

Guinevere noticed the poison sand behind her then she used Soru dodging it and appeared behind Toro. "So you think," Guinevere replies in a haunting tone then slashed at Toro with her swords coated in Haki.

As her swords were swung forward a release of both sand and air quickly surrounded him. Her blades slammed unto them and grinded. It was like the spinning sand and air, the high speed condensed tornado was match the force and surface if the blades. "Not bad, but way too predictable."

Michael arrived at the scene seeing his teammates fighting Toro alongside the Vice admiral without thinking he used his Red Eye Martial arts training and began manipulating the liquid inside one of the bottles "Haven't used this since basic training" He thought before using the water he had brung with him to launch it at the Sand man in a surprise attack using the training he had received to deaden his thoughts.

"Hmph. Don't be getting in my way you upstarts! This sand bastard is mine!" shouted Echo as she appeared behind him using Soru and prepares to punch him with a haki-coated punch that is lit on fire from the friction. "Try absorbing this you sandy maggot! Shigan: Blazing Screech! shouted Echo as she sent the punch toward him while he was dealing with the others.

"Finally..." Toro said with a grin on his face as his body tuned into sand and dispersed into sand. He allowed the momentum and force from sandstorm protecting him to scatter his sand away passed all the attacks aimed at him. By doing this last second he allowed the three previous attacks clash into one another, leaving them no room to pull their individual attacks away

"Not bad..." His whisper was heard as his sand body appeared above them on the roof of a nearby building. "But even you three together are no Shishio." He says with a confident tone to his voice.

"Quite the arrogant one are you? Being confined to level 6 and being a Logia hasn't diminished your arrogance one bit. Don't think you're going to have it easy with this. I am a master of the Rokushiki compared to these maggots. I haven't even begun to fight seriously." said Echo as she glares at Toro with intensity.

"Oh? Then give me a good time will ya?" Toro asked with a cocky voice before taking off running, jumping from roof to roof then through windows then out of others on the other side of the building.

"Oh that attack wasnt supposed to damage you" thought Michael as he noticed the slight damp spot on Toro. Before throwing John's shield at his target using his wind and the skills John had to taught him to throw it perfectly, He then used his wind to aid in the pursuit the remaining bottle still in his possession.

"Slippery sand worm!" shouted Echo as she blitzed off after Toro using Soro to keep the pace up with him.

Tsuchi was seen still trying to get people to safety as she looks over at a sudden wind gust as she spots Echo in her hybrid form chasing after Toro.

"That's Echo-san alright. I know that yelling voice anywhere! Looks like that man is giving her some trouble...even for a Vice Admiral, a former Level 6 prisoner is still troublesome." said Tsuchi gritting her teeth.

"Yeah,the Humanoid Sandstorm is a formidable fighter known in history." John says,"It was he that was defeated by Shishio and was sent to the depths of Impel Down. But we should probably go help her out."

Both Arthur and Elaine nodded to agree before taking off running, doing their best to pursuit the evildoer along with their allies. Neither spoke, their eyes became laser like, focusing on Toro.


"Not bad," Toro thought to himself as he jumped and landed on top of a large building. "First things first," the pirate thought as he touched his damp spot, absorbing the fluids. "I guess things need to get a little wilder. Meh, not like I care." He shrugs his shoulders before leaping and landing in a large town square. He stood in the dead center, surrounded by an open area. A small veil of sand surrounded the air around him as he stood awaiting the Marines. "Alright, you bunch of good-doers, please give me a good time. I've been locked away for years, I need some action."

Echo was able to make it there where she looked down at Toro as she was still flying in midair.

"Hmph. Finally decided to stop running you maggot? I'll make sure you won't even go back to Level 6 as I'm jumping straight to your excution here and now..." said Echo as she was cracking her knuckles.

Tsuchi also made it to the scene as she was more focused at Echo who looked upset. "Wow. This creep must be an annoyance if he got Echo-san this riled up..." said Tsuchi as she then turns her attention to Toro.

Guinevere managed to arrive at the scene while in midair as she looked down to see Toro. "This guy isn't someone to mess with after what happened earlier. What he's going to pull this time," Guinevere thought to herself.

"Looks like you've guys were keeping yourself busy." John says as he grabs his shield that was guided through the winds back to his right hand,"Let's do this Scabbard."

"Did this guy really just announce us like we were some 'superhero' organization?" Both Elaine and Arthur thought in a deadpan equivalent voice. The two reached the area and their eyes locked down on the image below of a confident Toro standing with a proud smirk on his face.

"That's my partner" thought Michael with a grin as he arrived on scene.

Toro cracked his knuckles as his sand veil remained to surround him. Streams of sand began to be emitted from his body, taking the shape of large balls before being compressed down to eight s smaller balls. "Now t, you lot. We're close to the main event."

Tsuchi can be seen looking even more annoyed as she stares at Toro as he is preparing to do something. "This bastard is really cocky. Not sure why he is this confident..." said Tsuchi as she prepares to take her weapons out.

"Yes. He is arrogant but nonetheless strong. Don't drop your guard Tsuchi. Same for the rest of you maggots!" shouted Echo as she was still flying in the air above them.

"I don't plan on it," Guinevere said to herself readied with her swords while in midair.

"10-4 Vice Admiral!" John says as he puts his shield up in front of him,ready for the battle.

"You lot want this fruit?" Toro asked as he looked up at the Marines standing on the roof as the sand from her floor beneath him quickly took the form of long massive spears, packing the sand down, hardening it to Sandstone. "Molon Labe!" He chanted before the Spears shot out, swiftly, as though they were shot from a canon. They quickly swarmed at the marines!

"Damn those things are fast..." said Tsuchi as she took out two of her swords and hardens them with haki before trying to swipe at the sand spears.

"This bigger size could prove a problem. Nonetheless, Kami-e: Soru - Swift Dodge!" shouted Echo as she used a combination of Kami-e and Soru to enhance her speed and flexibility as she dodges by the spears.

"Idiot!" Elaine yelled as she drew her sword before springing into the air.

"I know!" Arthur replied drawing his two short swords and dashing forward.

The two despite barely getting along were products of two master swordsmen, they knew one another's abilities and skills all too well. While they both could dodge, it's in their nature to fight and force their way through such challenges Toro had been issuing.

"Don't underestimate us." Elaine says with a glare aimed at Toro. She and Arthur landed off the roof and onto the floor in front of Toro.

Michael remained on the roof obscuring his final bottle preparing for a surprise attack when the time was right.

John uses soru himself and leaps over a sand spear while using his shield as a cover for any extra sand that came at him.

"Find a blindspot...wait for the right time to strike," Guinevere reminded herself waiting to make her attack remembering what Tosei taught her.

"Make an opening, " Arthur ordered Elaine as the two dashed forward, charging at Toro.

"Don't order me around you idiot!" Elaine yelled drawing her sword, taking the lead in the charge. "When the opening comes make sure not to fall behind and get caught up!"

Toro snapped his fingers as tendrils shot out from the orbs of sand kept near him! The blitzed and charged at the young Marines! Before they could truly reach Arthur Elaine leaped into the air and swiped away, breaking and dispersing the tendrils away! She followed it up by spinning, using the power and speed to send the sand debris away.

Arthur saw a small, almost barely visible opening and dashed full speed! He lunged through and reach Toro! With both his short swords he swung and attacked Toro!

"Don't get carried away." Toro calmly says as he snapped his fingers and the veil of sand around him picked up speed almost instantly, creating a dense current stream of sand! Blocking, redirecting Arthur and sending him flying before slamming into and through an entire building.

"Son of a..." Arthur forced himself back to his feet and cracked his neck. "Not only does he have the terrain advantage, but a hell of a defense, attack and he's not dumb either. No wonder why master had to be the one to bring him down."

"We have numbers advantage but even that can be a disadvantage." John states as he was studying the situation.

Toro smirked as he saw the rest of the Marines standing on the roofs on houses and establishments. "Here we have the two with more balls then the lot of ya! Here let's see who's the marines and who are the rats!" He then snapped his fingers and quickly the buildings began to dry up, become brittle, breaking apart slowly. "I've spent two weeks infusing my sand into the sand of the island. I spread it through every inch of the town. So now I have the building being drained of moisture and become sand." Toro thought to himself as the building began to creek and crack.

"Marines! Come for me! Or save the countless people!" Toro announced before shipping and sending blades if sand out and began to break the seven buildings!

"Dammit! He's making this situation difficult than what it is," Guinevere muttered to herself, "unless a few of us were to save the citizens here and the others handle the sand guy...the situation looks dire...but then...how can we prevent him from using his powers...there has to be something..."

"You're right Guinevere." John states,"I can go save the citizens while some of y'all can fight this man and keep him busy while I help the civilians."

Michael began to spin his hands creating a Damp current that began to move against Toro's sand shade slowing it down but the current was too much but he was able to divert the sand shards slightly causing them to miss their targets.

"Hm? So unlike Birdmen you're using a martial art to manipulate the wind, yet it's damp, meaning it has something similar akin to Fishman Karate." Toro says to home self before clapping his hands together. "Though you do have a critical weakness young Marine, along with the rest. Maybe you lot should learn to hide them better."

Spikes began to form around the floor, the roof of buildings, from the walls themselves, along with the inside of the buildings. Toro then slammed his hands to the floor, causing the entire town, the buildings, their foundation, it all began to violently shake. He then raised his hands up calling forth not one, not two, not three but five massive tornados, skyscraper tall forces of nature! "Come at me Marines, make this worth my time."


Michael ran past the battle keeping his location shrouded as he came to the ocean not far from the battle filling his bottle with sea water "with this I can congeal the sea water vapor" he thought before arriving at the battle seconds after his allies.

Rain began to fall as Michael stopped rotating his hands and moved them as if forcing something upwards. "You may think your invincible but your nothing more then a scared thief". Suddenly rain began to fall in the surrounding area Michael had used the bottle of water to make it rain heavier in the area around Toro and used the Sea water vapor in the air to make it rain all over the island penetrating the land and causing the preplaced sand to become innert.

Guinevere watched as she noticed the rain falling. Suddenly, she began to take her stance ready to make her attack concentrating on Toro. "This should work. Focus on the target then strike," Guinevere told herself.

"Welp looks like there's no other choice." John sighs as he gets into a stance,ready to throw his shield and fight.

Echo can be seen smirking as she approaches Toro with the rain fall. Though she is doing her best to ignore the chaos all around her, due to being more focused on wanting to capture and or kill Toro. With a slight adjust of her dark shades, she then coats her clawed arm with Haki. "Looks like someone has gotten themselves all wet. Don't worry maggot, I'll make sure to make this as quick and painful as possible! You have been sentenced to death by my hands, I am sure the higher ups won't be upset if I took someone as notable as you off of the face of the Earth! That is my justice!" stated Echo as she raises her arm up preparing to swing it. "Shigan: Basilisk's Claws!" shouted Echo as she swung down her powered-up arm powered by Shigan that was going toward Toro's now solid body thanks to it being wet.

"Shit!" Toro exclaimed as he was forced to toss the Sora fruit down and prepare for the oncoming attack! Using hai fruit sand emitted from his body, wrapped around his arms and fists to catch attack! "D-damn!" He said as he pushed echo back and the two were kept at an even pace.

"Shigan: Sandārōren!" Tosei shouted as he inflicted rapid fire of electric hits on Toro from out of nowhere in his Thunderbird hybrid form.

"Wh-what!?" Toro said as he was pushed back a few feet, pieces of his body turned to glass.

Arthur's glowing blue eyes were darting around everywhere in in sight. Bouncing from one side to another, analyzing everything in front of him. As he saw the attack of the thunderbird Vice Admiral he got a struck of genius!

"White Widow, you work on grabbing the fruit. With your speed and the reach if your webs you have the best chance of grabbing it and making distance." He ordered his partner to be ready as he drew one of his shortswords out. "Everyone else, focus your attacks solely on where this blade lands, got it?" He said as he charged forward at Toro. "If I saw this correctly...lightning when strikes same in nature can create glass. So with Kami's embedded into my sword...maybe...'' he thought before launching his blade forward!

With a jolt of lightning Toro's entire left rib area has turned into glass! "now!"

"Now's my chance," Guinevere thought to herself as she drew her two blades forming them into a cross as she readied to attack with her wings giving one huge flap.

John then throws his shield as hard as he could with haki and some of red eye that his partner Michael taught him.

"Shigan: Luna Double Slash!" Guinevere shouted as she charged in the direction of the blade landing her attack.

"Kah!" Toro spat out a large puddle of blood as he was sent flying off his feet and through a building! "G-g-god damn it." Toro said as the glass broke with blood rushing out of his ribs. "These Marines are...arent playing around..."

"Fine but I'll have to beat it into you later to call me by my proper title Captain Modesty." snarked Tsuchi before she turns her focus back onto the fruit that lies on the ground. It is far out of sight, but she will then morph into her larger black widow form. She sprouts many legs and soon started to sprint forward toward the fruit that is still in her sights. "We need to focus on retrieving the fruit. Nothing more, nothing less." she stated as she shot lot a long strand of web that laches onto the valuable fruit with great accuracy as she starts to quickly reel it back and, finally, grabs onto it. "Got it!"

"Heh. Finally putting your fruit's powers to good use huh? Well done, Tsuchi." said Echo with a satisfied smirk as she continued to focus on Toro just in case.

"You've gotta be ki-" before Toro could continue his sentence he was met with a dynamic combo of Arthur's lightning short sword then Elaine's Claymore sword cutting behind!

"You Marines have a flaw...the safety of others." Toro said as his fingers that remained dry touched the same causing it to shake. "I've been here for a while...do you think I wouldn't have an emergency plan if all else failed?" Toro said with a bloody smirk. "i made the sand around the city very comfortable for them to sleep in."

Suddenly from the shaking sand the outside of the city quickly began to see a grand pack of Sand Kings, massive, monstrous centipede like beasts emerged! Their released a bloody roar and paint their attention to the city.

"Scabbards! Keep Tsuchi safe! The Vice Admirals can handle Toro!" Arthur yelled as he saw the countless Sand Kings storming toward and into the city. "Shit..." Arthur said grilling to his short swords. "Half and half! Make sure Tsuchi gets to the ship! The other half make a path for them! Shield boy, weird cocky guy, if any beasts get too close you're tsuchi's last line of defense. Fuckface Elaine, Guin, you make a path for them." Arthur turned his head to the left, "I'll make a distraction and get the attention of as many as possible. Back me up as soon as Tsuchi gets to the ship."

Arthur then takes off running at the other end of the city. Elaine then rightly gripped her sword and that where Arthur was, "that Jet Black asshole is annoying with his orders...but it makes sense. Worst case scenario, those bugs eat him...though I guess that's partly best case too."

"Yes sir Arthur!" John salutes as he grabs his shield,"Come on Black Widow! Back to the ship." He starts running toward Tsuchi,with the goal of protecting her as Arthur commanded.

"Understood," Guinevere nodded as she flew off to join Elaine.

"You know they say spiders are able to fly through the wind let's test that theory" Said Michael as he used his martial art to fly from his perch to Tsuchi's location pulling her and John into the air with him as he made a roc cry and a large bird came speeding towards the group.

"Geh! A bit of a warning next time dammit!" shouted Tsuchi as she was caught off guard by being suddenly pulled into the air. However, she was quick to pull herself together and continued to focus in on getting to the ship with the devil fruit to make sure it is safe. "No need to keep looking back right now. That bastard is annoying with his fruit's powers, but that won't stop us from stopping him and getting this fruit safe." remarked Tsuchi.

"Good thinking Michael." John says as he saw the large bird arrive,knowing it was Michael's Aquila. "I agree Tsuchi,let's just make sure this fruit is transported safely."

Monster Rodeo

On the far south side of the city, Arthur was seen running, jumping from one roof to another. The sound of his swift footsteps, clicking one after another. With ease he made his way across, seeing the countless beasts chasing after him or emerging from the floor.

"The bastard brought quite a few here..." He said as he drew his short swords from their holsters. "these alone could crush the city already. That's not counting the one's who's attention I haven't managed to get. Hope those dumbasses and Guin don't have too much trouble."

Then as he finally reached the end of the city, the young Marine was surrounded by a large group of the Sand Kings. His eyes darted around, observing the almost serpent like movements the creatures displayed having. Their razor sharp teeth could easily crumble even the largest of rocks with complete ease.

"Well then...it seems that's a little around twenty to one. How unfortunate..." Arthur then wrapped a cloth around his right first to keep a constant grip over a short sword. Then in one clean and swift moment he launched another short weird from his left hand, as it began to it a dramatically increase in speed, power, releasing a green light, powered by Gamma energy. It easily broke through, and in a straight line slice through the heads of five of the beasts!

"Damn this is gonna take a lot more, " he said before throwing another short sword, emitting fire, cutting through two of their heads! "Annoying!" He then gripped another short sword and leapt into battle! Stabbing one of them in the face and then pulling them out and stabbing it repeatedly! "My strength alone couldn't best them..." He thought to himself, "Gamma energy from an admiral, lightning from Kami, and the flames I stole from that idiot..."

Just as the rest of the scabbards managed to reach the outskirts of the city a massive Sand King rushed in and attacked them! Soon a whole pack followed behind. Each aiming their eyes in Tsuchi! Then the leader of the pack let out an earth shaking roar of bloody murder!

Elaine looked at it and ran her sword to it's teeth! Stopping mid attack but was quickly sent flying! "Shit!" Stomping her feet down she leapt to and sliced a tooth off the beast! "Filthy animal!" She then leaped up attacking it again!

The rest of the pack began to swarm and all aimed their attention at Tsuchi!

"If I slice off their teeth, it would make it hard for them to attack Tsuchi but then, if I go for their legs," Guinevere thought to herself, "it would make it easier for the others to get Tsuchi to safety. Hope my idea works."

Guinevere flew into the sky then with her swords she darted down slicing a couple of the legs of the Sand Kings!

After losing their legs many of the monsters let out roars of pain and murder! Some quickly brought their focus to the blonde Marine but were met with Elaine's broad blade slamming into their heads, stabbing their eyes!

"The rest of you keep moving! Me and Guinevere will handle these!" Elaine yelled before needing to defend against a Sand King! "Shit! These ten alone are freaking dangerous!"

"These damn things are freaking annoying. Looks like I have no choice but to fight!" remarked Tsuchi as she stuffed the Devil Fruit into her jacket for safe keeping and, suddenly, took out a bunch of swords at once. She would grab onto two of them with her arms and the other 6 using the webs from her powers as she turns to face some of the Sand Kings. "Hattoryu: Tarantula's Fury!" shouted Tsuchi as she sent a total of 8 sword beams toward the Sand Kings she was facing.

The pack of sand kings we're sent flying back, losing legs, teeth, scales, bleeding out pools of purple blood from every exposed wound. This made them only more violent and loud as they charged right back into the fray!

Then just as quickly a golden sword was seen, swiftly charging and sliced through a Sand King! Cutting the massive beast from top to bottom, a clean half! Elaine was seen drenched in purple blood and cracking her neck.

"There's only nine left, let's hurry it up! Tsuchi! Keep moving! Me and Guinevere got it from here!" Elaine yells as a Sand King ran toward Guinevere.

Guinevere positioned herself as she held her swords up crossing her body looking towards the Sand King then with her eyes turning bright pink and blue, she charged at it with blinding speed! "Luna Cross Slash!" Guinevere shouted as she slashed through the Sand King now behind it.

"Right. These damn things are a pain in the ass. But I better get the hell moving!" shouted Tsuchi as she puts up most of her swords, making sure to keep at least two out just in case, and continued to push forward. She would use her webs alongside Geppo to enhance her mobility even more.

Arthur stood his ground, his body drenched with pools of deep purple blood, holding his shortswords closely in his hands, looking at the piles of the defeated beasts. His piercing, glowing blue eyes locked down on all the Sand King, only to let out more panting, looking at the towering remaining Beasts.

"Haah...haah... Everytime I kill one...another two appear." Arthur says between pants, looking over to his right arm. "I've been using this blade so much, I can feel the lightning burn through my flesh..haah. Not just that but these bastards keep diving underground, makes it all that more annoying."

"Alright you ugly shits, I really want a drink, a smoke and a nap, and unfortunately for you all, you're what's preventing me from doing so." Arthur then adjust his stance. "Out of twenty I've killed eight... Twelve left... Can't give up too easily.." Arthur thought to himself before charging back in to fight the Sand Kings.

Arthur stood

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