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Dark Syndicate

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Japanese Name
English Name
Dark Syndicate
Criminal Alliance
Base of Operations
varies; most often Acero

The Dark Syndicate is an alliance of crime lords that spans the New World criminal underworld. It was founded and controlled by Zero, the leader of the automatons.

The Syndicate gets much of its money through racketeering, with the stronger memebrs collecting money from the weaker ones. This forms a sort of chain that goes from the lower memebers, all the way up to the core members.

In reality, the Syndicate was just a front by Zero in his real goal: world domination by the automatons. He used the money he got to fund his construction of new automatons, and the actions to hide his efforts.


There are dozens of separate crime organizations that form the Syndicate, but there are four core members. These core members command the lesser members, and often collect tribute from them. In theory, it is an alliance of equals, but in practice, Hierro is clearly the dominant one.

Core Members


In addition to the Syndicate's direct members, the organization also has a number of allies and associates. These can include mercenaries employed by the members, to allies that have deals with the Syndicate. Those allies can consist of pirate crew, who are either paid, or owe Zero a favor. All five of the Pirate Titans are associates of Syndicate.



Abilities and Powers

The collective power of the Dark Syndicate is strong enough to strong arm entire countries. While they may lack some of the influence of the Yonko, this is intentional on Zero's part. He's aware that if they were to try and directly challenge the power of any of the four, they would lose. To that end, Zero keeps them operating in the shadows.

Part of what makes the Syndicate so power, is its money. Crimson Claw alone is rich enough to essentially buy an entire army. Often times, the Syndicate will pay off authorities to get their goals achieved.

All of the core leaders, save for Zero, have Devil Fruit powers.


Desert Worm


Mad Mushroom


Zero's Flagship


Crimson Claw Arc

Ancient Dwellers Arc

Forty Thieves Arc

Wonderland Arc

Acero Arc

Automaton Arc

Dark Syndicate Scraps

In the aftermath of Zero's defeat, without the automatons to maintain order, the Syndicate disintegrated. Lower ranked members began fighting each other for money and territory, and despite the core members best efforts, they were unable to repair the Syndicate without Zero's support.

Most of the core members were captured by the Marines, who were lead to their hideout by the mercenaries they had hired out. Of the top ranked members, only three escaped: Cheshire, Esquerda, and Certo. Cheshire returned to Mad Land, where she reconciled with her friend Alistair, and continued to run the amusment park. The latter two decided to continue their adopted father's goal to achieve order and justice in the world, and would later reunite with Zero, and helped him protect Freedom Island.


  • According to Corona, collectively, the Syndicate is worth over 65 billion beri.
    • Respectively, Hierro is worth 25 billion, Wonderland and Silver Sun are both worth 15 billion, and Crimson Claw is worth 10 billion.
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