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Davey Jones Pirates
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Captain: Davey Jones
Total Bounty: N/A

Davey Jones Pirates was a crew of powerful and notorious pirates many decades ago, led by the legendary Davey Jones.  He startd the crew at 15, and led it up until his death at the hands of Whitebeard when he was 145.  Because Davey Jones invented the Davey Backfight, and never lost a match, his crew numbered in the hundreds of thousands.  Upon his death his bounty was 5,000,000,000 Berries.  

Jolly Roger

Crew Members

12 Devastating Admirals

Name Gender Race Title Bounty
Lu Bu Male Giant Admiral of Black 4,999,999,999 Berries
Atilla the Hun Male Human Admiral of Red 4,888,888,888 Berries
Ching Shi Female Third-Eye Admiral of Green 4,777,777,777 Berries
Leonidas Male Long Arm Admiral of Brown 4,666,666,666 Berries
Anne Bonny Female Long Leg Admiral of Orange 4,555,555,555 Berries
Mary Read Female Long Leg Admiral of Blue 4,444,444,444 Berries
Alexander Male Fishman Admiral of White 4,333,333,333 Berries
Anne Dieu-le-Veut Female Mink Admiral of Gold 4,222,222,222 Berries
Grace O'Malley Female Human Admiral of Silver 4,111,111,111 Berries
Spartacus Male Wotan Admiral of Bronze 4,000,000,000 Berries
Rachel Wall Female Long Limb Admiral of Copper 3,999,999,999 Berries
Charlotte Badger Male Snake Neck Admiral of Grey 3,888,888,888 Berries

Brethren of the Coast





Protected Territories

Crew Strength



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