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Dead Men Tell No Tales
Date Started: June 2nd, 2021

Date Finished: st/th, 2021

Setting: All-Night Island, New World
Characters Involved:


Ghoul Pirates

Synopsis: Qadir of the Ghoul Pirates is hunting for the man who defeated him in combat, and has gained intel on his whereabouts. It is All-Night Island, an Island without any daylight and full of various trades. With the help of two other high-ranking officers Renita Zahra and Yua, the trio discover the man has already left the dusk paradise. Enraged they unleash their wrath on the civilians of the island, forming an army of ghouls. Seven-Six Slade and S.T.A.R.Z are the first to respond to the challenge, hoping to take down the powerful pirates!
Majin KhiMorellaVoltaireSamuelGreenawaltSilent Xebec

Chapter 1: The Aldubbat's Arrive! Trouble In All-Night!

"This Island has nothing but stupid navigators and merchants, so where in the hell did you get you info from?" Yua complained as she turned towards Qadir, a disgusted expression painted on her face. "This Juushin fool that your looking for is no where to be found, so why can't you just take an ass whooping and move on? You dragged me and Zahra all the way into paradise for nothing! I SHOULD KILL YOU!!" She yelled as sashes of cloth began to flow around her.

"Shut it woman! God even if I had to face our lord for this I would've slaughtered you right about now!" Qadir snapped feeling that he was getting annoyed by Yua's constant squabble. Renita Zahra looked around the area with a curious yet blank expression on her face as she carefully examined the area wondering where they were heading.

"Any idea how much further we need to go in finding Juushin," Zahra asked looking to Qadir.

"It shouldn't be too far, it should be up ahead," Qadir replied pointing up ahead.

The trio would soon find themselves at All-Night castle, awaiting an answer from the front door.

“This is becoming tedious!” Yua said as she unleashed several sashes of cloth that she had coated in her haki. The sashes strong as steel would pierce and dismantle the large wooden door with ease.

“What do you think your doing?!” A castle guard said as he pointed his spear towards the trio.

"Drop your weapon if you do not wish to be one of our victims," Qadir warned, "we are here for Juushin, where is he?"

"Was that really necessary with what you just did Yua," Zahra asked with a blank face.

The guard would lower his spear, and look towards Zahra, Yua and then Qadir. “Lord Juushin, hasn’t been here for months. He hasn’t contacted us at all…we have no clue of his whereabouts. Now if you you would please exit the castle, not just anyone is allowed in here!” The guard demanded as he raised his spear and clicked the butt of it into the ground two times. This action would lead to a dozen soldiers, armed with a variety of weapons to surround the trio. “I’ve told you what you wanted now leave now or be killed!”

"We don't have much of a choice do we," Zahra asked Qadir.

"It would appear we don't," Qadir replied looking around at the soldiers surrounding them, "Yua, let's go ahead and raise some hell."

Bloody Seam!” Yua yelled as sashes of cloth, would sliver as if they were snakes to wrap up all of the castle guards. They ends of the sashes would be extremely sharp, stabbing into the necks of each guard, Yua’s ghoul gene began flowing into them as if she bit them directly.

"This won't be long," Zahra said in an ominous tone as she summoned a thorn like whip that was coated in a purple-like substance, "Thorn Whip!" As she used her whip on the soldiers, the venom began to seep into their skin causing them to scream in pain.

"Now, Remake Fissure!" Qadir shouted as he used his powers to cause the ground to split appear underneath the soldiers!

”How dare you!” An above average soldier yelled as he hopped over the opening in the ground, and managed to dodge the sashes and thorns. “Take this!” He yelled as he swung a long sword diagonally towards Qadir.

Qadir managed to dodge the oncoming attack as he grabbed the long sword then used his powers to disassemble the sword then reassembled his arm to make it appear as a long sword. "Say your final prayers, human," Qadir smirked as he charged towards him.

"Arrrghhhh!" The soldier yelled as he was impaled through the stomach. "You won't get away with this...Juushin-sama" He said as his body fell limp.

Qadir flung the soldier's lifeless body off of his makeshift long sword arm onto the ground then looked to Yua and Zahra with a stern expression, "They mentioned him, which is a sign he is around here," Qadir pointed out then looked at the corpse of the soldier, "if any of you want to devour him, be my guest."

"I'd rather not, he looks weak to me," Zahra bluntly replied.

“How dare you offer me a pitiful human, cut your tongue out!” Yua would yell towards Qadir in disgust.

Around the corner, the last remaining soldier too scared to fight held a den den mushi in his hand. “Help us, anyone! Help us!! Three super powerful pirates are here…they have grey skin and spoke about devouring us! Please anyone!” He’d yell into the den den mushi open channel.

"I hear something." Yua would say as her snapped towards the direction of the wall the remaining soldier hid. "Qadir handle it, bring him to me."

"Don't need to tell me twice," Qadir muttered as he appeared before the soilder with his long sword arm then stabbed the soldier in the abdomen hoisting him in the air as he headed back over to Yua and Zahra.

As Yua studied the body, she noticed the den den mushi was on an open channel, ripping it from his hand with such force that his arm was snapped. "This brat was trying, or did succeed in a telling whoever was listening to this open line something."

"I said nothing!" He struggled to yell as blood spilled from his middle section and mouth.

"Zahra, get the information out of this bastard.." Yua said as she looked towards her Ghoul Pirate subordinate.

"Understood," Zahra nodded as she summoned a thorn whip then wrapped it around the soldier's neck as she looked into his eyes, "tell us, who was it you were contacting?"

"Nobody I sw-swear!" The soldier struggled to talk as blood began to run down his chest. "I spoke into an open channel, a distress CALL! JUUSHIN-SAMA WILL AVENGE USSS!!!"

Zahra used her thorn whip as she decapitated the soldier's head looking at them, "Looks like we got our answer. What's our next plan Qadir," Zahra asked looking to Qadir.

"Should split up and turn those we encounter into ghouls, I'll take north, Zahra take east, Yua take south," Qadir instructed looking to Yua and Zahra.

Immediately, the trio went their separate directions as they began to infect the island. As they began infecting the residents on the island, the sounds of screams echoed into the night as they felt the venom from their bites coursing through their veins as they writhed on the ground. Knowing how long the effects of the venom was going to take to turn them into newborn ghouls, they continued their raid infecting more people until there was barely any humans left. An hour had gone by as the newborn ghouls began to awaken letting out screeching roars as their eyes glowed a hue of dark red. Qadir reached into his pocket and grabbed the baby den den mushi contacting Yua.





"Yua, contact our master and give him the status report," Qadir spoke into his den den mushi.

A bit over an hour later

A star spangled blue marine ship was seen landing on the beach of the western side of All Night Island. Marines in navy blue armor jump down as they activated the light in their rifles as they landed. And as the soldiers land,the famous Seven-Six Slade drops down with his combat boots crunching the sand below him. A woman and another man drop down behind him.

"Status report." Slade commands to the man behind him.

"No further calls since that last one." Commodore Montpelier Vermont states,"And seeing this place now,makes me wonder what happened."

"We won't know until we find out." Slade loads a magazine into his rifle,"Lets go boys." He says as he leads the way for the marines,"Vermont,surround the ship with napalm as a defense mechanism,and also lay napalm on anything that isn't to be here."

"Yes sir." Vermont replies as he does what Slade orders.

As they marched,a STARZ soldier trips on a group of thorns that were in front of him.

"You ok?" A different STARZ soldier asks.

"Yeah,just didn't see the thorn bush in front of me." the soldier replies as he gets up and continues on through the forest.

In the distance, Zahra began to sense that one of her thorns that were implanted into the ground was tripped upon as she turned around noticing the Marines were approaching.

"Marines? Here? I should inform the others immediately," Zahra thought to herself as she quickly headed off.

In the far east of the Island, Yua would be seen with multiple humans wrapped in her cloths as four other sashes kept her in the air. She would notice her den den mushi was ringing and retrieved it from her pocket. "Don't order me around, but since it's my lord I will do the honors." She said as she eargerly hung up to dial Eldritch's personal Den Den Mushi.





"Hmmmmm who is calling...speak now," Eldritch's sultry yet intimidating voice hissed into the Den Den Mushi.

"It is your favorite Yua, Eldritch-sama!" Yua said as she started to blush before the beautiful voice of her lord filled her ears. "I've called to report that we've secured an Island for a tribute to you Eldritch-sama!." She finished as she was eager to here his voice again.

"Perfect," Eldritch replied the tone in his voice had a bit of satisfaction, "where are Qadir and Zahra? What is the status for those two?"

"They are currently infecting more and more of the civilians on the other corners of the Island. Eldritch-sama I would like to also note that this is an Island of various trades, meaning we could get ghouls we are skilled in repairing ships, navigating and even helmsmanship." She said in excitement, as she began to giggle. "We've hit the jackpot!"

"Even more excellent!" Eldritch's voice boomed with elatement over the news, "any sign of the mongrel Marines nearby that any of you should be on guard over?"

"No, we haven't detected any Marines, but we will keep you posted on our progress Eldritch-sama." Yua stated as she turned a civilian she had her seams wrapped around his neck. She would snap as her seams would snap the neck of the civilian, killing him.

"Good, I will leave you too it Yua, do not fail me, until then," Eldritch's voice replied as he hung up the Den Den Mushi.

"I cannot fail him, or have the other two outshine me! I will have Eldritch-sama and his praise to myself!." Yua would think to herself as she turned to the pile of injured human bodies. Her seams would begin to puncture each body to inject her blood into them, starting the process of ghouls.

Not far from where Yua was located, Zahra grabbed her Den Den Mushi and began to call her comrades. "Come on pick up you two," Zahra said.





"Zahra? What's going on," Qadir answered.

"Qadir, Yua, the Marines are heading their way here! We need to be on guard and ready!" Zahra warned.

"What? Are you kidding me?! I just told Eldritch-sama there wasn't any marines!!!" Yua yelled through her transponder snail as she picked it up. "We need to handle those stupid marines immediately!" Yua finished.

Zahra slightly flinched from Yua yelling into the transponder snail then turned her head back to respond. "Got it, they're heading this way so be ready," Zahra replied.

"You don't need to tell me twice," Qadir responded through his transponder snail letting out an annoyed sigh.

“UGHHHH, GOD DAMN MARINES!!! I’ll kill you!” Yua yelled before wrapping her fingers around the transponder snail. Rage would flow into her head as she easily closed her hand around the snail, crushing it. “ARRRGH.” She yelled.

"Keep your feet steady." Slade states to his men as they advanced through the forest, "And keep your mind sharp."

"It seems so quiet." A soldier states, "What exactly did we come in here for?"

"Some sort of interruption of justice is what it is." Slade answers, "Fulfill your duties of justice first before asking questions."

"Understood." The soldier states as he kept their vision focused on the dark forest.

"I'll give you a signal Vermont in case we're going to need to blow this joint up." Slade states.

"Roger that." Vermont answers as he looks around.

Chapter 2: S.T.A.R.Z.’s Arrival! Into The Forest of Thorns!

As Zahra continued to run, she used her powers and started to create a forest of thorn with three different paths. As the thorns grew from the ground and manifested into a thick lush forest of thorns, she noticed Qadir and Yua head her way as she turned to them.

"Think it would be best if we split up, so at least one of use will take down whomever we encounter," Zahra informed.

"I'll take the right path," Qadir replied then looked Yua, "Yua?"

“The middle path…I will annihilate these marines!” She yelled before marching forward, a platoon of ghouls right behind her. “Get lost you two!”

"Looks like I'll be taking the left path then," Zahra replied as she ran towards her path.

"Right then, " Qadir nodded as he ran down towards his path with an army of ghouls behind him.

“Eliminate every and all marines, as we cannot fail our mission to hand over this island as a ghoul paradise to Eldritch-sama.” Yua said, before turning around to face the other two. “Do not fail, or I’ll kill you both personally..” Yua stated, turning back to face her path, marching once again.

"Think of killing us, then you'll have to explain to our Lord your destructive behavior," Qadir commented.

"Both of you focus right now, I can already sense them heading this way right now," Zahra warned.

S.T.A.R.Z continue to walk through the forest until it got harder to go through as thorns appeared very quickly. And soon they met a crossroads of three paths in front of them. Slade orders the command to halt before he looked over the paths.

"What do you think?" Shiloh asks.

"Each path looks the same." Slade states as he knelt down to study the pathway, "Who knows if they lead to the same direction. And I don't think we can fit a lot of men in one path. We may have to split." He then stood up.

"Should we fall back sir?" Vermont asks.

"No, we are not falling back when we haven't even made contact with injustice!" Slade answers, "But we have 75 total brave boys and girls with us. So you two each take 25 and I'll pick your route!"

"Y-Yessir!" Shiloh states saluting.

"As you wish sir." Vermont salutes as well, "Which way will my group go?"

"I'll take the right path." Slade states picking out his 25 soldiers, "Vermont, take the left path. And Shiloh, you take on the middle."

Shiloh looks over and sees the middle as one of the darkest routes, "You sure?"

"Do you doubt my commands soldier?" Slade asks Shiloh.

"N-No sir!" Shiloh then tightens her gloves and leads her group into the middle path as Slade takes the right path and Vermont to the left.

Left Path

"It should be long now," Zahra thought to herself as she was getting prepared for the Marines to approach, "the sooner we get them out of the way, the better."

"I don't know if I should start clearing the way...." Vermont states as he was leading his little group of marines, "This path is getting harder to travel in....maybe it'll be best to. Napalm Wave!" He shouts as he fires napalm to burn the tough vegetation ahead of him and the marines. The wave unknowingly coming right at Zahra.

"Thorn Dome!" Zahra shouted as she created a dome created by thorns to protect herself, "looks like I got myself a feisty one here."

"Alright, I think we got most of the thorns here cleared." Vermont would say to his group of soldiers, "Let's get going now!" He says as they walk farther into the path.

Middle Path

“No No No No NOOOOOOO!” Yua yelled, placing her hands on her temples. “Stupid marines are interrupting my plans! I will kill them all!” She pouted, as her sashes began to litter the area and path in every direction, nearing the location of the marines who choose said path.

"Keep going men! We'll find out what the disturbance in this island is soon." Shiloh says as they carefully trek through the twisted path that they followed into, "I can't prove to Slade I'm afraid....Gotta prove I can handle myself.."

"I've found you little marines.." Yua thought, as one of her cloth sashes had been bumped into. She would snatch it, causing a rippling affect as the tapped sash would coil around the marine.

"Huh?" The marine would says as he looked down to see the cloth sash wrapping around his leg, "AHHH!"

"What?" Shiloh asks before then seeing the marine being entangled in the cloth, "Uhhhhh?"

“Bring him to me.” Yua spoke as if her sashes were alive, leading to the sash fully wrapping around the man. Once he replicated a mummy his body would start begin to be dragged away from the group.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The marine shouts as he was dragged away from the group, the soldiers' heart rates most likely jumped majorly as they saw their comrade get dragged away mysteriously.

"What. The. Hell?" Shiloh says as the marine disappeared from their sights.

The dismembered limbs from the marine's body began to little the ground next to Shiloh’s feet. The blood began to flow, covering her feet in a crimson pond.

“Too easy” Yua cackled, proud of her work from afar.

"Uhhhhh," Shiloh was letting her heart race a little after being startled by the limbs in front of her. She'd walk backwards and look around, "W-w-where are you?!?"

“Can’t believe they’ve sent a child to do a woman’s job! How dare they underestimate me!” Yua yelled out in anger, as another marine soldier was dragged away as a bundle of clothes.

“Tell me child! Why are you so afraid!?!?” Yua’s voice could now be heard from a different direction.

“What is it that you fear?” She yelled again, in the opposite direction.

"S-shit." Shiloh says as she heard Yua's voice, " not afraid..."

Right Path

"Let's see what those Marines have up their sleeve this time, because I got something in store for them when they face me," Qadir smirked as his eyes glowed red.

"Slowly men..." Slade states to the marines as they trekked through the forest, his thermal vision from his visor trying to sense out any potential threats nearby.

From the darkness, what sounded like hyenas cackling was heard from the shadows as it grew louder approaching Slade and his men.

"New prey! Meat!" the voices chanted and cackled.

"Fell right into my trap, Qadir smirked to himself.

"Alright boys! Light this forest up!" Slade says to his men as they immediately stop walking from where they are and start raining lasers and bullets right at the ghouls!