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Death Loams over Jail Island
Date Started: May 20th, 2021

Date Finished: July 6th, 2021

Setting: Jail Island

Characters Involved: Pirates


  • Warden Brockton
  • Commodore Langston
  • Captain Rapson

Synopsis: With the blunt of the Marines occupied with the Wukong Pirates during the war, Angrboda D. Seiryuu, in his quest to one-up the Marines, decides, while they are busy with the war, to take one of their main bases of the New World: Jail Island hoping to claim usage of the infamous Dynastones for himself.


Opening Up Hell's Gate

In the ravenous seas of the New World, the ship of Angrboda D. Seiryuu, the infamous Grim Reaper, can be seen easily tearing through the seas as if it was nothing. The intense waves splash along the side of the ship due to the influence of the war, and Seiryuu himself can be seen seated as he is talking through a Den Den Mushi as his hundreds of followers seem to be chanting their own kind of sermon.

"Listen here Angrboda, I told you that area of the New World is mine! Those islands I have conquered in my own name! How dare you come by and kill off my commanders guarding it!" shouted the man on the other line of the den den mushi. Seiryuu himself appeared to have a bored expression on his face as he took a deep sigh before speaking.

"Because Rooke, you brat, are a fool that don't deserve any islands conquered in the New World! One man who is always afraid of the Marines? How can you call yourself a pirate, let alone claim yourself to be Pirate King? Don't make me laugh!" shouted Seiryuu through his den den mushi.

"Hmph! That's what you think! I'm already planning my next moves, and using this war to my advantage! Once I regain my youth, I will put forth my plan to spread my hate plague throughout the New World and it will be commanded by me: Zero D. Rooke! And you'd wished you never left my crew! You, the dragon, and that blind werewolf!" concluded Rooke.

"Good luck with that. I have my own plans to put into motion, and it doesn't concern you. Do not call me again!" shouted Seiryuu as he hung up the line. "That bastard. I'm still annoyed I thought he would be the man I help make be the next Pirate King. HAH! He's such a damned fool!"

"Lord Seiryuu! Lady Maneki is on this line and is ready to speak with you!" said one of Seiryuu's crewmates.

"Heh. Good! Hand it over right now!" shouted Seiryuu as he quickly swiped the Den Den Mushi from the man and picks up on it. "Maneki! How is the situation of that certain island?!"

"Goin' fucking well Fumetasu! All the main forces of the Marines are at Marineford as expected! They're shitheads for leaving one of the main bases of the New World unintended! Just a few Commodres and Captains here and there but it shouldn't be a problem!" stated Maneki through the other end.

"Good! But we still shouldn't underestimate them. They do have THOSE after all! Make sure to contact Lord Styx and Titan and tell their forces to gather up at: Jail Island! Postaste!" shouted Seiryuu.

"Yes sir! Will see you then!" said Maneki as she laughed and hung up the line.

"S-So sir! We're invading Jail Island?" asked one of Seiryuu's subordinates.

Seiryuu simply looks at the man and picks him up by the collar. "We're not going to invade Jail Island you fool! We're going to CONQUER it! The Marines think they're the toughest force on the planet. That nothing could stop their own reign of "Justice." That word...It pisses me off to no extent! It's bad enough they wave that word around, but it's another that they took my own Angrboda Nitroni and eventually lead to him losing an arm! Do you know the old expression? "An eye for an eye?" Well, I'm going to twist that in my favor and for his arm, I'm taking their island!" stated Seiryuu who dropped the man and stomped his foot onto his ship to gather up the rest of his forces that were currently on his ship. "Listen up! As I said, we are going to conquer Jail Island in the name of the Reaper Pirates! Jail Island is home to some advanced technology that will benefit us greatly. Not to mention the TRUE prize that I seek! The Dyna Stones! The Dyna Stones are very powerful crystals that are strong enough to down many battleships at once! They're a better answer to mere cannonballs! With those and the rest of Jail Island's resources at my disposal, the Marines will surely see me as a major threat! I will mold Jail Island into my own liking where the prisoners are Marines that dare to defy me! This will be a major step in my quest to make my superkingdom! I am sure you all are with me right!?" shouted Seiryuu to his men as they all yelled and cheered for him and are eager to fight. "THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!! TIME TO OPEN UP HELL'S GATE AND SHOW THIS WORLD WHAT I AM REALLY MADE OF!!! FUHA-HAHAHA!!!"


Meanwhile, on Jail Island, the Marines that are stationed there can be seen enjoying themselves and even keeping track of the currently locked up pirates on there. Jail Island itself is often a site for the Marines to lock up pirates or any others that is causing trouble; a faster option over Impel Down where, in some cases, notorious pirates get transferred over there instead. Jail Island was kept in peace for awhile; however, things soon turned sour ever since the war was announced and the island itself was starting to falter with it's forces.

The lead Warden in charge of the island is a man named Brockton, a former Commodore who was promoted to Warden of Jail Island by Admiral Fermi, for all of his hard work in helping out with Jail Island's resources; most notably, the Dyna Stones. Brockton always admired Fermi's hard work and respected his role as one of the captains of the Marine Science Unit. Brockton takes his role as Warden very seriously, and is not afraid to threaten those that may seem out-of-line with the Dyna Stones and, most notably, his Anti-Pirate Suit that uses to easily down any pirate that seem to want to stand against him. It is, of course, why Brockton was put in charge of Jail Island and how he was able to maintain order for awhile.

However, there is another man that was associated with helping with Jail Island: A Commodore named Langston. Langston is the younger brother of Brockton who, unlike Brockton, doesn't see the value in hard work and was only interested in abusing the power of the Dyna Stones. While Brockton is often considered to do the same, he will only use it to keep people (mainly pirates) in line; while Langston wants to use their power to terrorize the world if necessary. Of course, Fermi himself was upset to hear Langston think this way, which lead to his decision to have Brockton lead Jail Island's forces. Langston was always upset being in his brother's shadow despite viewing his ideals as "superior." Langston could only think of power to overwhelm and intimidate his foes and nothing more. He sees his brother Brockton as a hinderance, but the two only work together due to how well they fight with each other, and partly due to Langston's fear over Fermi's wrath should he fall out of line. Despite all of this, the two have some form of respect for each other, but it soon all came to a head with the upcoming war.

Jail Island was in the midst of a small crises that was easily handled by Fermi, Brockton, and Langston. Fermi announced that he was going to Marineford to assist in the war, and, of course, left Brockton in charge. Langston called out saying he is at least worthy of being Vice Admiral at least, but Fermi turned down his offer due to not viewing Langston "worthy" enough for the role. Of course, this only angered Langston more as he knew that Fermi meant that he wasn't as "hard working" as his brother. Brockton would assemble the Marines on standby in case an attack happens, but Langston wants to just abuse the Dyna Stones to take down any pirates. Brockton told Langston that he wasn't going to do that as the Dyna Stones shouldn't be abused to that agree and only for extreme situations. After hearing this, Langston has had enough and, with some Marines that followed his ideals, started his own faction of Marines that sought for power to drive off and potential threats. Of course, Brockton was furious at his brother even threatening to report him to Fermi, but Langston said he would show off his potential in his own way. This will start the group of the Pro-Marine Faction lead by Warden Brockton and the Anti-Marine Faction, lead by Commodore Langston. Two brothers that were eager to show off each other to see who is the better faction. At least, that is what the goal appeared to be for one side.

A Civil War Between Brothers

Within Steel City, Warden Brockton can be seen surrounded by a bunch of Marines that were trying to calm down. Brockton was easily able to calm them down with a simple raise of his arm.

"Listen men! I know you all are as unedged about the current state of the world right now. However, we the Pro-Marine Faction of Jail Island will do our best to man down this island while the main forces of the Marines take care of the Wukong Pirates. Rest assured, WE WILL NOT FALL TO PIRATES!" shouted Brockton as the many of the Marines that were on his side cheered for him and, then, Brockton entered his Anti-Pirate Machine which was, of course, powered by a Dyna Stone. "We have the firepower to hold back any threats that dare try to oppose us! Let us show them who we are made of!"

Elsewhere, in an area that is further away across the island, the less-than-moral Langston can be seen with his own army of Marines that stand out by wearing black and white outfits as opposed to the near pure-white ones of the regular Marines. These were, of course, the Marines that stand by their own type of Justice. A form that goes against those of the Pro-Marine Faction. Of course, they were the Anti-Marine Faction where Langston hopes to use this group to further is own goals in order to prove himself to the Marines. Langston and the Anti-Marine Faction were barred from using the Dyna Stones; however, Langston himself is devising a plan that he hopes will put him in the higher ranks of the Marines.

"Alright men! I know that I, Langston, has put himself in a bad spot with my accursed brother Brockton doing all of the heavy work. That fool, Brockton, thinks he could put me, Langston, down?! His own flesh and blood?! He is a FOOL! Every fucking time, Brockton always had to show me up! He gets put on charge of this island by Admiral Fermi, he gets permission to use the majority of the forces, and even has been put on charge of the mighty Dyna Stones! It's such bullshit! Brockton always thought me, Langston, couldn't get the job done. That I am too "immoral" or "arrogant!" Well, I, Langston, am going to show him who is the true boss around here! He may have the Dyna Stones, but the fool forgot that I also have access to most of the Seastone weaponry on this island. They may not be as destructive as the Dyna Stones, but once we put them to use, they could very well still help us against my brother and his forces! You and the Anti-Marine Faction!" shouted Langston as the faction cheers with his speech.

"Sir! May I ask? What are you planning to do exactly?" asked one of the Marines.

"A good question, you! For that, I will answer it! Of course, you all know of the war that is going on? The Wukong Pirates are going nuts across the World Government-afflicted places. I've heard even Dressrosa is being targeted which is a kingdom within the New World. Of course, that means there is a chance they could be attacking here as well! Well, my plan is, while my brother is distracted trying to focus on a chance of a potential attack, we will strike hard from inside and seize control over my brother! After I take down my brother Brockton, hopefully his forces will crawl their way over to my side and I can claim the Dyna Stones for myself and show them how to REALLY use them and that I am truly the strongest of my brothers! Hahaha!" laughed Langston.

"W-What about Captain Rapson? You know, your other and younger brother?" asked the Marine.

"Hmph. I haven't seen him for awhile now. That is the least of my concerns for now. Men, let us get to work! Time to show that bastard of a brother of mine who really means business!" shouted Langston as he and his army of Anti-Marines start to march off toward the plaza.

Moments later, Brockton and his Pro-Marines are seen still staying on guard to prepare for any possible attacks from the Wukong Pirates from the seas. There were battleships armed and prepared around the docks while the other Marines were stationed just outside the plaza. Of course, the numbers isn't as much as those from Marineford, but Brockton feels that it is still enough especially armed with the powerful Dyna Stones.

"Still no pirate sightings Warden Brockton sir!" shouted one of the Marines.

"Good! Just stay on guard and maybe we'll be fi-" said Brockton but before he could complete his sentence, a large explosion suddenly erupts from behind that causes a lot of the Marines to be sent flying. "WHAT THE HELL!? ARE THE WUKONG PIRATES HERE ALREADY?!"


"W-WHAT?! THAT IDIOT!!! Is he that damn jealous of my role, and now decided to just rebel against me? Here and now? That fool probably wants to prove himself again...I won't let that happen." said Brockton as he got inside of his Anti-Pirate Mech and is preparing to go onto the attack. "LISTEN UP MEN!!! Langston has committed treason against us! I left him alone for now, but now he is taking it too far! We will face off against his faction and arrest him! I will report him to Admiral Midorinari once he has been captured! IS THAT CLEAR?!?!" shouted Brockton which was followed by a bunch of "YES SIR!" and the Pro-Marine Faction head off into battle.

Soon, the clash between the Pro-Marine Faction lead by Warden Brockton and the Anti-Marine Faction lead by Commodore Langston soon started. The two sides, despite their differences, are supposed to be allies during the war, but Langston's arrogance lead to turning on his own brother even knowing it will put a disadvantage to the Marines assisting from Jail Island. Both sides blasted each other with cannonfire, others on foot clashed with swords, and the few others that had Zoan Devil Fruits fought as well where Brockton and Langston confronting each other. Brockton is, of course, inside of his Anti-Pirate Mech while Langston was on foot, but carried a large cannon.

"Brother! Cease this madness! What the hell do you think you're doing turning on us in the middle of the war?! Do you know you're making us big targets should the Wukong Pirates decide to attack here!?" shouted Brockton as he looked down at his brother from his large mech.

"Screw off! You and I know better that I should've been the Warden of Jail Island! But Fermi decided to make YOU it instead despite me being more thorough! It's not fair that you get everything handed to you, and I get shit! But, that all changes today!" shouted Langston as he pointed his large cannon toward Brockton.

"That kind of attitude is WHY Admiral Midorinari choose me over you! All you care about is boosting your own ego, instead of wanting the position to help out others more! That's why I was put in charge of the Dyna Stones, because you were going to abuse them for your own gain! You're nothing but a fake, Langston, and after I and my men defeat your forces, we're locking you in the Sky Prison until further notice!" shouted Brockton as he pointed his large mech's arm toward Langston preparing to fire a beam at him.

"Not if I can prove myself that I am worthy enough first!" shouted Langston back as he fired from his cannon at the same time Brockton fired his beam resulting in a major collision! The war rages on as, meanwhile, the Marines were too occupied at what was transpiring just outside the range of Jail Island. A massive amount of pirate ships can be seen gathering around as they were making a beeline toward Jail Island.

"Oh what a wonderful day for a war! Status report! What is the current state of Jail Island!" shouted Seiryuu who was sitting casually on the mast of his massive ship looking forward.

"Sir! There is currently a fight between the Marines amongst themselves! They're going nuts!" said one of the pirates on the Den Den Mushi.

"FUHA-HAHAHA!!! Those fools! And here I was about to pull a diversionary tactic to catch them off-guard! Oh well, easier for me to take over that damn island in the meantime! Alright! Onward! It is time for the Reaper to reap his sows! Time for me to claim Jail Island for myself!" shouted Seiryuu as he leads his massive fleet closer and closer to Jail Island.

The Battle of Jail Island

The fierce battle between the two Marine factions were still going on. That is, until they are suddenly bombarded with an assault of cannonballs from a massive amount of pirate ships that were coming into the distance. They were correct to expect a pirate attack, but it isn't from the Wukong Pirates as they thought. A Marine that was on lookout reported this news to his superiors.


"WHAT?! Is it the Wukong Pirates!?" shouted Brockton as he turned around facing away from Langston who also looks on over.

"N-No sir! F-From a distance, it is a massive fleet lead by Angrboda D. Seiryuu of the Reaper Pirates!" stated the lookout marine.

"What?! The Reaper himself?! I thought he was in Paradise?!" shouted Brockton.

"S-Somehow, he was able to get back quickly to the New World and is currently leading his entire crew to Jail Island!" shouted the lookout Marine.

"Dammit! I got too focused on the possibility of the Wukong Pirates attacking, and my worthless brother here, that I didn't prepare for a massive pirate attack! I just got word that a smaller fleet is attacking Dressrosa. So I thought that would be the case here. If it was, then we'd destroy them!" explained Brockton as he then looked over at his brother Langston who was looking toward the direction of the sea. "Brother. I hate to say this, but we need to put aside our differences for now. The bigger plan is to defend Jail Island with out lives! BROTHER!"

Langston was still staring off into the distance. He wasn't listening to his brother's yelling on purpose; no, he was focused. He was a man that would take any and every opportunity to prove to himself. He had a plan, and he wanted to use this attack to his advantage. "Angrboda D. Seiryuu, a man that even Admiral Fermi has trouble against. If I am able to bring him in, or even take out one of his top commanders, I will be promoted to Warden of this island for sure! Nah-hahahah!" thought Langston to himself as he had a smirk on his face that was as wide as his ambitions.

"BROTHER!!!" screamed Brockton once more as it was enough this time to snap Langston out of his trance.

"WHAT?! I heard you dammit! Put aside our differences, defend Jail Island. Yada yada yada!" snarked Langston as he huffed.

"Grow up. I need for you to go get Rapson. He should still in the Sky Prison. Me and the Pro-Marine Faction will try to hold off most of them. We need Rapson's own power to help us." said Brockton as he prepared for battle.

"Rapson is a loose cannon you fool. How do you know he will even serve us? He may be our cousin, but he tried to kill us! That's the damn reason he is locked up!" shouted Langston.

"I don't care! We need to do whatever we can to ensure our victory! Rapson is strong, he has an ancient Zoan Devil Fruit like Admiral Shishio! His predatory instincts are what we need right now! THIS IS AN ORDER FROM THE WARDEN!!!" shouted Brockton at the top of his lungs.

"ALRIGHT DAMMIT!!!! I don't care if you take my Anti-Marine Faction into battle, just go and fight or whatever." said a defeated Langston as he ran off toward the direction of Sky Prison - Santamaria. However, little did Brockton know, Langston was hoping that his brother will allow him to go to the Sky Prison to get Rapson. A big smirk on his face is shown that he has his own plans to set forth into action. "Foolish brother...You don't know how bad of an idea that is. Now that I got your permission to go there instead of suggesting the idea myself, you won't suspect a thing on what I have planned!"

Meanwhile, Brockton can be seen rallying his troops including the Anti-Marine Faction that was following underneath Langston. Brockton was inside his Anti-Pirate Mech standing in front of a crowd of Marines preparing to fight. "Listen up! We are about to go to war with the Reaper Pirates! Don't be afraid! It's time to show them JUSTICE!!!" shouted Brockton as he was cheered by the Marines preparing to go into war.

At the Sky Prison - Santamaria, a large figure in one of the cells can be seen in the distance. Glowing eyes can be seen within the darkness as a bunch of dead bodies completely stripped to the bone. A large toothy smile can be seen in the distance of this dank, dank cell. "War is good...War...Is exhilarating!" said the being in the darkness.

Back out at sea, Seiryuu can be seen making preparations and is about to go onto the attack. "Men! Are we about prepared to go in for the attack?!" shouted Seiryuu through his Den Den Mushi.

"YES SIR!!! WE ARE AWAITING YOUR ORDERS SIR!!!" shouted one of his men through another Den Den Mushi.

"Good! Good! Now then, I think it will be fair to at least give them a warm up before the main course! Lord Styx!" shouted Seiryuu through his Den Den Mushi contacting Lord Styx who is on his own personalized ship that is full of Skeletons ready to fight.

"Sir." said Styx in a very demonic tone.

"I think it's time for these fools to see how scary skeletons really are! Strike first, and then we will follow!" said Seiryuu as he hung up his line to Lord Styx.

"Yes sir. Alright Skeletons, it is time to raise hell!" shouted Styx as the powerful, animated skeleton commands his main ship alongside the smaller ships that were under his rule forward toward Jail Island as the ships are already engaging against the Marine battleships just outside the perminator.

"Maneki and Titan, we will give Styx's division about an hour to have fun before we go into action!" said Seiryuu as he was sitting on his throne-like chair with a big grin on his face.

Maneki can be seen on her own ship that has what it appears to be numerous of cyborg-like people on standby. She was seen sitting on the edge of the ship with her feet dangling downwards. "Heh. You want to see how the Dyna Stones function first don't you Fumetasu?" Maneki asked through her den den mushi.

"Of course! The Dyna Stones are said to be able to wipe out a small city, break through mountains, and even take down an entire battleship! That kind of power is something many would be after and is considered one of the Marines' best offensive options against the pirates! In our clutches, we will be able to enhance them, infuse them make them stronger! Just imagine if we can infuse them with Titan and his army of Mechanindrons!" explained Seiryuu who was tensing from excitement.

"That kind of power does sound powerful. Even more so than my advanced technical weapons." said Titan who was on a massive battleship with his army of robots.

"Of course! Let Lord Styx play with the mortals first. Then, if this power is worth seizing and this entire island for sure, we will go all out on that island! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" laughed Seiryuu which was followed by a bunch of cheers.

It wasn't too long later that the fleet lead by Lord Styx soon started to attack the first wave of Marine battleships on Jail Island. The battleships clash with cannonballs flying through the air. The sounds of war is loud here, and both sides refuse to back down and even though this is barely the blunt of Seiryuu's forces, the Marines are not backing down.

"KEEP ON THEM MEN!!! SHOW THEM WE MEAN BUSINESS!!!" ordered Brockton as he was commanding the forces. "If they continue to push forward, we may need to break out the Dynastones..." he muttured to himself.

"Hmph. These fleshsacks need to know the true power of death itself. PUSH FORWARD!!! LAND ON THAT FEEBLE ISLAND!!!" commanded Styx as a bunch of battleships move forward and started to take down the Marine battleships one by one. A sea of explosions can be seen from the base where Warden Brockton was watching from. His worst fears were starting to come true as the pirates get closer and closer to Jail Island.

"S-Sir! The battleships full of skeletons is starting to move closer and closer!" shouted a concerned Marine.

"Yes! I can see that clearly! Damn...Looks like we need to break them out sooner than I thought. I was hoping to use these for a pirate crew more on a Yonko-threat level but it appears that I have no other choice in the matter. Special Pro-Marine Faction Battleships - Deloy!" shouted Brockton through his Den Den Mushi as, suddenly, a large door opens up revealing 5 unique battleships that sailed out beside each other. They made their way through the front of the base, and deployed themselves in front of the fleet of battleships that were approaching Jail Island.

"5 Battleships? That's all they're going to bring to the table? Disappointing..." uttered Styx as he continued moving forward.

"Now now, Lord Styx. I think these ships are more than meets the eye..." said Seiryuu as he leaned forward with a big grin on his face.

"SPECIAL PRO-MARINE BATTLE SHIPS - FIRE DYNASTONE CANNONS!!!" shouted Brockton as, upon his orders, cannonballs that were armed with dynastones inside of them start to fire at the pirate battleships that start to down one in a single shot. Each ship that was unfortunate enough to be hit by a dynastone cannonball soon met their fate to the seafloor. As most of the ships had skeletons that were commanded by Styx by his Devil Fruit powers, they were quick to die in the salt water of the sea.

"W-What the hell is this nonsense?! Those cannonballs shouldn't even put a dent in these ships! Yet, they're downing them with a single shot!" said Styx who showed a rare sign of surprise.

Seiryuu, however, seemed to be extremely excited from this sight! Despite it being his own crew that is being shot down, Seiryuu could only care for the sight of the powerful cannonballs downing everything in one blow. This is the personality of someone that views power over anything else in the world: Angrboda D. Seiryuu. This is a mindset that he has had for the centuries that he has been alive.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!! YES!!! THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! Look at that power! Look how they bring down my own enforced ships in a single shot! THIS IS WHY I HAVE COME HERE!!! The Dynastones truly live up to their reputation! THIS IS POWER THAT I WILL HAVE FOR MYSELF!!!" shouted Seiryuu as his eyes turned red for a moment before he stomps his massive frame forward as he appears to prepare to give out another order. "Alright! I think I have seen from what I wanted to see from the power of the Dynastones! I think it's time that I get into the mix! Styx, hold back for now! I'll let you know when it is time for you to land!"

"Sir." said Styx with a nod as he was able to stop his ships from proceeding watching as Seiryuu's fleet moves forward.

Back on the island, the Brockton and the Marines noticed the ships that are starting to sail back but then notices another fleet that is coming forward.

"Sir! We are reporting that the fleet with Lord Styx's army is retreating...but the one with Seiryuu's on it is coming instead! The one in charge of the attack is about to engage us!" shouted a Marine.

"Tsh...Just as I thought. That man is after our precious Dynastones that we worked so hard to manage. I thought that will be the case. Men! We need to prepare for Seiryuu's army! As long as we are able to kill that man in charge of it, the moral of his entire crew will go down and we will WIN!" shouted Brockton as he raised his arm up from his machine followed by cheers from the Marines. "'Langston, you better get back here soon...I'm not sure what is taking you so long!"

A Choice Between Life and Death

Langston's Ambitions

The current location is the Sky Prison - Santamaria where Langston can be seen standing just outside a large cell. His nerves are calm, despite the beast that lurks on the other side of the prison cell. Langston stares seriously at the person inside as, whoever is inside, appears to be chuckling evilly.

"So...Here you are. Still locked up because of your atrocities when you were a Captain. My own cousin, deemed to a life of solitary confinement. Is that really what you wanted Rapson?" Langston asked Rapson.

Rapson, the large, cyborg man simply smiles brightly as his glowing eyes light up in the darkness. "Roha-hahahaha! It has been awhile since you've visited me dear cousin! What has it been? 10 years? Oh how the time flies!" said Rapson as he keeps laughing heartily.

Langston grits his teeth before speaking his mind. "Rapson...I can see being locked up in here with only being fed once a year hasn't done a damn thing to deter your mindset. I came to get you for your assistance against the pirate attacks that is happening now." Langston said.

"Oh. I know that. I also know you're not here to have me assist you in the pirates, you want more Langston. You want to prove to the World Government that you have what it takes to lead this island don't you? You want all that power for yourself, something that has never, ever changed." said Rapson in a sudden, serious tone.

Langston takes a deep breath and just turns around to stare back at the chaos that is unfolding before him. The explosions can be seen lighting up from his thick, dark shades as he angrily clutches his fist. "Brockton, he isn't as ambitions as I am! I was always stronger and better than he was! Even when we first joined the Marines, he often got the praise while I didn't! It all happened 15 years ago...When we both joined the Marines at the same time.

15 Years Ago

At Marineford, a younger Brockton and Langston can be seen just outside of the base as they appeared to be jogging in place. Brockton was putting more effort into his work, while Langston seemed to be lagging behind.

"Hmph. Out of breath again Langston? You should work out more." said Brockton sternly as he kept jogging and was staring at a tired Langston who was catching his breath.

"" uttered Langston as he was out of breath.

Suddenly, the doors come bursting open as a bunch of Marines come out that is lead by then, CP-9 operative Zero D. Echo.

"MAGGOTS!!! MAKE SURE YOU LOOK SHARP! Admiral Midorinari is just about to make his presence known, and you BEST be on your behavior!" shouted Echo which was followed by "YES MA'AM!" from the Marines.

"So that's Captain Echo. I heard she is in line to become a Vice Admiral soon." stated Langston to Brockton.

"Indeed. She is Admiral Midorinari's right hand and she is a skilled Rokushiki user. Those Marines that follow her are actually part of a group she is putting together." said Brockton to Langston.

"HEY! You two maggots! Captain Brockton and Lapson! You best look sharp as Inari himself is about to address you two!" shouted Echo as she stomped into place.

"I-It's "Langston" sir. I-I think you're confusing me for my cousin Rapson..." said Langston with a disgruntled look.

"SHUT UP MAGGOT! SPEAK OUT OF LINE LIKE THAT AGAIN, AND I'LL KILL YOU!!!" screamed Echo in Langston's face who most notably looked nervous. Echo then walks by Brockton who was standing firm and quiet. "You will die on the field. That is certain if you don't shape up. Your brother Brockton here knows how to behave. You best learn from him unless you want to stay here."

Langston could only growl under his breath before noticing the doors fly open. A very tall, middle-aged man walks out with a bunch of Marines saluting him. He notably had ears and tails and was walking toward the two Captains. It was Admiral Midorinari himself, also known as Fermi. Fermi then turns to the two captains and looks at them with his usual serious look on his face.

"So, you're the two individuals that I've heard that have been trying to make a name for yourselves. Hmph. You do seem like hard workers, at least one of you." said Fermi as he looked at Brockton and Langston, meanwhile, tried to hide his annoyance.

"Thank you for your compliment sir. I have heard you asked for us specifically." said Brockton with a serious tone in his voice showing his loyalty.

"Indeed. Lately, I have been assisting the Marine Science Unit more, and I haven't had much time to manage Jail Island. It has been ages since we have had a Warden and I have came to you to for an opportunity." stated Fermi.

"Sir! I will happy take the position! I am capable of running Jail Island myself!" said an eager Langston, but was quickly stared down by an angry Fermi.

"Shut up! I didn't finish my explanation! Managing Jail Island isn't like managing some random Marine Base on some out-of-place island. Jail Island is in actual location, and one of the greatest strongholds of the World Government. Of course, with the most valuable supply that we have to offer: The Dynastones." said Fermi.

"The Dynastones. They are extremely powerful stones that can fall an entire battleship in one blow. It is even said to be able to destroy an entire island if enough are gathered." stated Brockton.

"Indeed. Lately, I have found an rookie that has the power to transform into gems and crystals themselves. Thanks to him, I was able to increase the supply of Dynastones. However, lazy, no-good pirates have been trying to go after the Dynastones and they are often defeated and locked up in one of the three jails there. This explanation is taking too much of my time, so I will cut to the chase. You two have connections to the previous Warden and, as you both are informed of the New World itself, we ask that you two will man Jail Island." informed Fermi.

"Sir. May I ask, what happened with Rapson?" Brockton asked.

"Yeah. I thought he was the Warden in charged." said Langston.

"Hmph. That fool was caught torturing the pirates for fun at the prisons and even ate some them. That bloodthirsty fool. He was actictly stripped of his Warden status and was given back is Captain position, but he won't be let out until he behaves." stated Fermi.

"And I take it I will be the Warden then?" Langston asked with a smirk.

"No. Brockton is going to be promoted to Warden. You will have the Vice Warden position at least." said Fermi sternly.

"W-WHAT?! WHY IS HE--" said Langston but was quickly stared down by Fermi who started to glow green brightly from his powers.

"SILENCE! 5 years ago, you two were sent on a mission to retrieve a slave that escaped from a Noble's grasp. While you opted to stay away, Brockton stayed behind and eventually found the slave in good time without harming it! I've been watching you two ever since you first joined, and Brockton here has all of the capabilities to be a leader. He is calm, rational, and strong. You like to lazy around and wait for opportunities to present itself to you. Just like with a filthy pirate always do! Brockton is hereby Warden of Jail Island, and you are his subornate. Do NOT fail me." said Fermi as he started to walk off.

"Yes sir! Thank you for the opportunity!" said Brockton with a salute.

Langston, meanwhile, had eternal burning fury as he secretly stomps his foot in anger. "It's not fair! Brockton ALWAYS has to show me up! I was the one that recommended us to the Marines in the first place! It's not fair he gets all of the credit! I will show them all one day. Believe it...'" thought Langston to himself.

5 Years Later

"Indeed. I did try to prove myself that I am more worthy of leading Jail Island. The one destined to oversee the supply of the Dynastones. However, every time I did, Brockton always showed me up. On our first day, he was easily able to calm down rampaging pirates, while I was left to clean up the mess! Even when we dealt with some rogue Marines and I was the one to find them out, Brockton, of course, found a way to screw me out of my chance. He always gets the praise, even now, and the higher ups always praise his skills. However, it was during this year after Echo became Vice Admiral and Fermi started to become more involved in Punk Hazard where things really took a turn for the worst. For me at least."

On Jail Island 5 years prior to the storyline, Warden Brockton can be seen walking with many Marines saluting to him with Langston annoyingly trudging behind. Of course, he was upset that he wasn't given full control over Jail Island in comparison to Brockton despite his older brother's experience. Nonetheless, the two continued to work together and was a fairly good team. However, that was all until a recent event that would start to cause them to become estrained.

"Ugh...Another day of Rapson not cooperating with us! Someone with an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit really should be on our side, yet he decides to do his own damn thing. Pathetic." sneered Langston.

"That's his loss. He can stay locked up in the Sky Prison if he doesn't want to cooperate. Nonetheless, we have to focus on our own goals." stated Brockton.

"Then maybe you can let me use some of the Dynastones then? I'm Vice Warden of this island, yet you were given access to one of the most powerful weapons of the Marines and refuse to let one of your comrades, your own brother, use them!" shouted Langston who angrily stomped his foot on the ground.

"Because you just proven why you do not deserve the privilege. You're brash, impatient, irrational. You care only for power and yourself, and that is why you work under me. You're only kept around because you are strong, but only in motivations and nothing else. My power exceeds your own and this is something the Admiral himself takes notice of. You may be my brother, but you are my younger brother. You're better off doing what the older brother says. And that is that!" said Brockton sternly as he walks off, leaving behind a very frustrated Langston.

"That was then I reached my breaking point. I tired of being treated as a kid! As someone that is "unworthy" under my brother! I wanted to show them all that I am more capable than he is! But every damn Marine on Jail Island looks up to my brother. They see him as the perfect role model, the perfect figure to lead Jail Island. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. However...That was when, for once in my life, I was proven wrong by this."

"Hmph...Stupid brother. Thinking he is the strongest and all of that..." muttered Langston to himself as he appeared to be patrolling down a dark alley and was suddenly stopped by a squad of Marines. "What do you guys want? His Royal Highness ordered his jesters to come find the biggest joke that is me?"

"No Langston sir! We are a squad of Marines that believe you should lead Jail Island! We feel like Brockton's "calmer" approach isn't throughout enough for our needs! Even when we bring this up to our superiors, they shun us for our opinions! However, we do see you as a more fit leader sir!" shouted the Marines as they formed a salute.

Langston was caught off guard that there are actual men that believe in his ideals. Those that seem to want to follow under him. Those that... respect him. Langston couldn't help but have a big smile on his face as he chuckles heavily. After clearing his through and pacing around, back and forth for but a few seconds, he then turns around to speak to his new followers.

"Good! I'm glad there appears to be some people that are sane around here! People that see me for what I am, and know that I am fit to lead this island! Thanks to you all, I can form my own group to rebel against my brother! Of course, I cannot risk pissing off the higher ups, more specifically Fermi, but I will just show them why I'M more worthy to lead this fine island! THIS IS MY JUSTICE!!!" shouted Langston as it is soon followed by cheers by his own men.

Moments later, Brockton and his own patrol of marines can be seen walking around with Brockton looking on his den den mushi. "Where is that damn brother of mine?! He hasn't picked up at all! Where is that fool?!" shouted Brockton as, suddenly, he then notices a crowd of Marines marching in front of him which is lead by Langston. However, these marines appeared to be wearing more black-clad clothing rather than the usual white and all appeared to have serious expressions on their faces. Langston, however, was smirking evily as he leads his own platoon and stops right in front of Brockton. "BROTHER! WHAT IS THIS?!"

"What is this you ask? This is a coup! These men all agree that I'M more fit to lead this island, not you! I am tired of you always thinking you're better on me! Always given things to you like you're the damn best. Not anymore dammit!" shouted Langston who was obviously letting out a lot of pent-up aggression toward his brother.

"A coup?! You dare oppose the Marines then?! You know you have to content with the blunt force of the Marines to right? Of course, you weren't known for your brains." snarked Brockton.

"SHUT UP! Of course I know that. My goal isn't to oppose the Marines, it is to oppose YOU! My goal is to show the Marines that I am a more fit Warden than you. I will show them with my squad of Marines and you'd wished you treated me with more respect!" shouted Langston.

"If that is your plan, then so be it. I already showed how incapable you are, but now you will be condemned shall you fall, which you will." said Brockton sternly.

"Hmph. Not if you fall first brother. MEN! Let's go!" shouted Langston as he walked off with his squad of Marines trailing behind him.

"Sir! Is this alright to let him go like that?" asked a Marine.

"For now, yes. At least it seems like Langston will be more willing to help us out. In his own way. Nonetheless, as long we are holding onto the supply of Dynastones, he cannot do a damn thing to us. Speaking of, let's go see how the mining process for them is going." said Brockton as he walked off.

Back to the present

"Ever since that day, me and my brother have been going at each other day by day trying to prove which one of us is superior. Around that time, we named our factions the Anti-Marine Faction and the Pro-Marine Faction and I've been trying to prove to myself that I am the better one. Brockton always had the upperhand due to having permission to use the Dynastones, and that always pissed me off. That is why I am grateful to this war, as it gives me a chance to prove myself to Brockton. To the Marines. To myself." said Langston who was still speaking to Rapson with solem in his voice.

Rapson stares at him for a few moments before he finally speaks. "When I was locked up 15 years ago, I didn't really care if Jail Island grew or fell. I just like causing carnage when I can. However, hearing your ambitions, I can safely say that you are indeed more fit to run this island. With that, I will follow by your side cousin." said Rapson with a slasher smile.

"Heh. Glad to hear it. Now, after I free you, I think it's time we go show them why I am the best!" said Langston with a grin.

The Grim Reaper's on the Attack

Meanwhile, back in Steel City, Seriyuu himself has already begun his attack upon Jail Island! A bunch of his troops can be seem rampaging through the town with the Marines trying to fight back. Seriyuu himself casually walking through the chaos, using his [[Kosshi Kosshi no Mi|bone powers to attack and kill multiple Marines as he makes his way through the town.

"Come on! You bastards have the Dynastones correct?! I thought you were going to use them against me! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" laughed Seiryuu as he continued to casually knock around Marines while strolling through the chaos.

"Sir! We have located the mine that the main source and supply of Dynastones are found? What is our next move? Take them?" asked one of Seiryuu's followers who was only meant with a piercing glare.

"Don't be to hasty you fool! It's simple! We find the leader, we kill him and all of these pathetic Marines, and Jail Island and the Dynastones will be mine!" shouted Seiryuu as he continued to cause destruction throughout Steel City. Eventually, a large mechanical machine soon flies over them while another squad of Marines prepared to take on Seiryuu's forces. "Oh? What is this? Some kind of toy the Marines has?"

"This is not a toy pirate scum! This is my Anti-Pirate Mech and it will bring about your end!" shouted Brockton who lands on the ground in front of Seiryuu with his giant mech. It makes a notable crash nose demonstrating it's weight and strength as he precedes to stare down Seiryuu with both of their tall heights matching each other.

"Heh. Titan called. He wants to sue you for stealing his idea." snarked Seiryuu who had his arms crossed.

"Shut up Seiryuu! You have been causing the Marines problems for centuries, but laid dormant for years. But now you decide to attack and on Jail Island no less?! What is your damn reasoning pirate?!" shouted Brockton at Seiryuu who only could chuckle at him.

"Because brat, I can. However, if you want a better reason, let's just say this is an opportunity! That primate is taking on the world as well, and there is a good chance he will die doing so! If that would happen, I want to take his spot as Yonko! It's about damn time I woke up start to make you guys truly fear me. Of course, I'm not doing what he is doing by just rushing into things. While he goes into war losing a lot of his men in the process and maybe his own life, I'm going to take advantage to strength my own forces tenfold! And I see no better way to accomplish this by taking over Jail Island and claiming their Dynastones!" Seiryuu explained.

"Take over Jail Island?! You're a fool! You cannot expect to take over a major Marine island and expect to win! And you're the one calling Wukong a fool!" shouted Brockton as he motioned his Pro-Marines to surround Seiryuu.

"Heh. Don't compare me to him. You idiots have been sleeping on me and my power." uttered Seiryuu as his face suddenly grew intense as his eyes shifted to red as he looks at the Marines around you. "All of you insects GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!" screamed Seiryuu as an intense wave is uttered from his voice that can be heard from across the island. Each Marine that was close by dropped their weapons suddenly and quickly ran backwards after Seiryuu's intense taunt.

"H-HEY! WHY ARE YOU ALL RUNNING AWAY?!? Dammit, is this the conquers haki I've heard about?" said Brockton who gritting his teeth.

"Heh. Maybe. I don't need conquerors to show how strong I am around a bunch of weak as shit Marines like you. I heard that Gamma Fox was supposed to lead this island, but ditched it in favor of Punk Hazard? What a fool! I'll have to meet him there and show him why he shouldn't run away form his rival like that! FUKA-HAHAHAHA! I digress. Listen. I'll give you one last chance to flee. Maybe I'll spare you and just leave you to rot in the jail or something." stated Seiryuu but is suddenly blasted in the face by Brockton from his Anti-Pirate Mech.

"As a proud Marine, I will NEVER back down from any pirate! Even one that gives Admiral Midorinari trouble!" stated Brockton as he got into a battle position.

Seiryuu is unfazed by the attack and simply licks his lips before smiling very menacingly. "Heh. I like when my prey have fight before they die. This should be at least entertaining!" he said.

The Ultimate Choice Between Survival and Death

The battle between Seiryuu and Brockton commences with the Warden of Jail Island blasting as much as he can toward Seiryuu. Seiryuu seems to just shrug off the attacks while standing proudly.

"Ah yes! I always wanted to bathe in a sea of explosions! At least I can't drown in them! FUKA-HAHAHA!" laughed Seiryuu.

"What the hell?! These blasts are at least enough to take out a small pirate crew easily! Is his body made of diamonds or something? No. I can't lose my focus. I have to try to hold him off until Langston gets back here with Rapson and his squad of Marines. I will have you down! Blast Beam!" shouted Brockton as he fired a much more powerful blast as it hits Seiryuu causing a massive explosion! However, when the smoke clears, Seiryuu is still unscathed and appears to be covered in bones. "What in the world is that kind of power?!"

"Hah! You're one of Fermi's pets, yet he didn't let you know of my powers? How sad, I thought he would at least talk about me more! I'll put this so that a simple brat like you would understand. I ate the Kosshi Kosshi no Mi and became a Marrow Man! My body itself is a living bone! No matter what attacks you bring my way, it won't hurt me! Not to mention I get stronger from each time you fools can even damage my body. Of course, that is if you can even break them to begin with! FUKA-HAHAHA!!!" laughed Seiryuu.

"A living bone?! That would explain a lot...He doesn't have any elemental weaknesses that can be exploited. Not to mention it seems like it acts like a Logia in a way if he can just turn his body into bones itself. I think it's time to break out the Dynastones! thought Brockton to himself as places a Dynastone into the left compartment and points the massive cannon toward Seiryuu. The blast starts to glow a bright pink with Seiryuu taking notice.

"Oh? Firing a pink beam now? I guess you realized the blue ones weren't working huh? What is that some kind of beam coloring?" said Seiryuu with a smirk.

"No! This is the power you want so damn bad! The Dynastones! Dyna Cannon!" shouted Brockton as he fired a powerful blast from his cannon that went right toward Seiryuu.

"Oh?" remarked Seiryuu as he took the blast head on, and it was enough to actually send him flying through a building! It creates a massive explosion that can be seen from out on the ocean. The massive blast engulfs most of the square of Steel City nearly destroying all other buildings in the radius. Brockton stomps forward in his mighty mech to access the damage as he sighs as he kept looking around.

"I know that was probably not enough. But that should definitely hold him off for now. I apologize to those who have homes in this area. I had to do anything it took to take down this pirate and prevent Jail Island from falling into his hands." remarked Brockton. As he was looking around for survivors, suddenly a large building suddenly goes flying upwards following by a chilling laugh. "What...?"

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!" laughed Seiryuu as he quickly got up easily knocking away the massive buildings that was on top of him. As he got up, half of his body can be shown cracked and brittling showing he is indeed made of bone itself. Despite taking damage, he still laughs as he walks toward Brockton. "Good! GOOD!!! THAT'S the power that I have been searching for oh so much!"

"H-he is still alive after that!? And what is with his body?! It's breaking apart?" said Brockton as he looks unusually nervous which is rare for the very level-headed and seasoned Marine.

"Didn't I told you I was a living bone? Your attacks are feeble compared to me! Although, that Dyna cannon as you call it actually did a number on my body. No matter, these will heal in time and when they do, I get stronger! Bone get stronger upon healing you know and you only made me grow a step further!" explained Seiryuu as he stopped walking in front of Brockton. "But, I am a busy man and I think it's time for me to end this!"

"No! I will not fall before you pirate!" said Brockton as he prepared another Dyna Cannon.

"Like I'm giving you the choice! I won't use my martial arts this time, but instead I'll use this! Bone Slicer!" shouted Seiryuu as he sent a massive column of bones from his arm in the shape of a sword beam that sliced clean through Brockton's Anti Pirate Mech. The Mech gets destroyed in the process and Brockton, who was also heavily damaged from Seiryuu's attack, gets ejected as he lands on the ground covered in his own blood. "And you're supposed to be the warden of this island. You're weak..."

"D-Damn...T-This guy...I-I can't just die here...D-Dammit Langston...W-Where are you?" said Brockton as he was coughing out blood.

"Here." uttered Langston as he was accomplied by Rapson and his Anti-Marine Faction who was all armed against Seiryuu.


"Oh? Another couple of worms that have unearthed themselves huh?" said Seiryuu as he looks on over with his arms crossed.

"I-It took you long enough brother..." said Brockton as he was struggling to get the words out.

"Heh. Already bloodied huh? And you call me pathetic. But don't worry we got this." said Langston as he looks forward and notices Seiryuu simply smiling at them. "That's the one called The Grim Reaper. Tall bastard isn't he?"

"Heh...Not as tall as me!" said Rapson as he approaches Seiryuu with his massive frame and then, very suddenly, starts to transform into a massive, armored dinosaur that roars loudly. "I just found my next meal!"

"Oooh! A cyborg with an ancient zoan Devil Fruit! That's something you don't see every day!" said Seiryuu with a wide smirk on his face.

"You won't have that smirk for long. Men!" shouted Langston as his group of men start to point their guns at the smiling Seiryuu. "FIRE!!!" shouted Langston as the Marines started to open fire.

"Heh. Bullets? Seriously?" said Seiryuu as the bullets started to hit his body. "Hm? These are actually stinging a bit? Oh! I get it! Seastone bullets huh?" Seiryuu said as he uncrossed his arms as the bullets hit his body.

"Indeed. Seastone will cut off his annoying marrow powers, on top of weakening him in general. Rapson! GO!!!"

"Right!" replied Rapson as he opened his massive maw and a large white light starts to fill his mouth. Giga Blast!" shouted Rapson as he fired the massive blast that was heading toward Seiryuu.

"Heh. Looks like I can use one form of my martial arts after all. This will be fun!" said Seiryuu as he got into a fighting position as the beam approaches him. "Kazumorochi: Ganban: Great Serpent Strike!" shouted Seiryuu as he, after hardening his fist with Haki, punches the massive beam completely destroying it on the spot.

"W-What in the..." Said Langston in awe.

"He destroyed my Giga Beam with a punch? Even when weakened by seastone? Impressive..." said Rapson as the other Anti-Marines started to nervously step backwards.

"Heh. You lot are strong. Well..." said Seiryuu as he looked down at the bloodied Brockton. "SOME of you at least...But I am here to issue a condition!"

"A...condition?" Langston asked cautiously.

"LISTEN UP!!! Since all of the leaders of this island are here! I will make my points clear! The rest of my crew has already have Jail Island surrounded! All of your fleets and backup have already been subdued! There is no opposing us! JAIL ISLAND NOW BELONGS TO THE REAPER PIRATES!!! Oh I have always dreamed...Since the World Government has screwed me over out of my father. My land. My passion. Now, in this current day of age, this island is now mine! One of their best islands, the source of the mighty Dynastones that I have been honored to witness in action. If this doesn't get me noticed by the World Government, then I will aim even HIGHER! And now, I ask of you, Marines of this island. Do you want to continue to side with the World Government? Ones that will look down on you for being weak for failing their mission. To be treated like dirt all of your lives? To never earn the respect you deserve?" said Seiryuu as he had his arms in the air.

"..It's like this man is reading my thoughts...'" thought Langston as he looked at Seiryuu in awe, understanding the pirates words.

"If you do, then bow before me! Abandon your foolish Justice and follow my Anti-Justice! I see potential in all of you! Especially you!" shouted Seiryuu as he pointed toward Langston who responded with a smirk. "If you wish to still oppose me, then feel free to die trying! Now then, what do you say?!"

There is a thick air of quietness that filled the air. The air was very, very tense as each of the Marines of both factions looked at each other. Langston was seen staring at the ground, and Brockton who was barely able to get to his feet broke the silence.

"Y-You fool...There is no way these marines...will bend to your will...Even those of my brothers faction...won't bend..." said Langston. However, he was soon proven wrong as Langston and the Marines of both factions soon started to bend over to Seiryuu's words. "W-What!? Brother?! What the hell are you doing?!"

"...Siding with someone that understands me." said Langston with a smirk.

"D-Damn you...Rapson? You're aren't a fool right?" Brockton ask Rapson who just smiled evily at him.

"I am only loyal toward Langston now. What he wants, I will follow." said Rapson with a smirk.

"D-Damn you bastards! Y-You were failed ones of this family after all." said Brockton as he attempted to shoot Seiryuu one last time. "I AM A PROUD MARINE!! I WILL GO DOWN FIGHTING WITH ALL MY LIFE!!!" he shouted as he shot bullets toward Seiryuu who casually dodged them.

"Then you will die trying!" shouted Seiryuu as he quickly got close to Brockton and punches him hard in the ribs completely cracking open his chest. After Brockton started to cough up a lot of blood, Seiryuu then tosses his body into the ocean. "I don't have time for persistence in my sight. Now then, to those that aren't fools, you are now part of my own Marine Division: The Nerco Marines! FUKA-HAHAHA!!!"

"Nerco Marines...I like that." said Langston with a smirk.

"Same here cousin." said Rapson who already went back to normal.

Jail Island Conquered!

Hours later, Jail Island can be now seen with the raised flag of the Reaper Pirates. All of Seiryuu's forces can be seen talking amongst themselves alongside Seiryuu and Langston with Rapson speaking as well.

"All of the Dynastones have been secured sir!" shouted Langston who was quick to follow under Seiryuu with Rapson nodding in agreement as well.

"Good! One of the Marines' strongest weapons are now at my disposal! Even if the ape somehow doesn't make it out of this battle alive, I have enough firepower to easily take him down! Well. Probably not but it is a step in the right direction! FUKA-HAHAHA!" laughed Seiryuu.

"Do you intend to be recognized as one of the Yonko?" Langston asked.

"Of course! That is the side prize, as I just care to screw over the World Government as much as possible and taking over Jail Island is a big step toward that! Of course, I must now try to see if I can take other Marine-operated areas in the New World to expand my Necro Marines. That is what I will be doing in the meantime. I've singled handedly conquered Jail Island, but I must do more to expand my empire! All of the Marines in the New World will bend to my will!" Seiryuu declared as he balled his hand into a fist.

"Sounds good sir. And I do thank you for making me Warden of Jail Island! I will do my best!" said Langston with a bow.

"Hmph. Just get yourself a good Devil Fruit to help you. Of course, I will leave Titan here to aid as he doesn't have something to defend as of late. I will, in the meantime, rest and then we will take over some more Marine bases tomorrow! I will be back to let you know of my next plan. I am off!" shouted Seiryuu as he then walked off back toward his ship.

"This is finally it Rapson! I have finally earned my place in my life! And all it took to follow under a very powerful pirate to get where I am!" said Langston with glee as he is wearing his new Warden clothes.

"Heh heh heh...How about your brother and Fermi? The latter won't be too happy about this." said Rapson with a smirk on his face.

"Who cares? Brockton, that fool, is dead and not even an admiral can take back an entire island that is controlled by a potential Yonko! All I need to do is find me a Devil Fruit that will explain my power..." said Langston.

"The Dynastones is ours to use as well. Of course, we cannot use them like crazy." said Rapson.

"That is correct. Lord Seiryuu doesn't want you to misuse them and I am here to make sure that doesn't happen." said Titan as he stomps his way toward the two. His gigantic frame even towers over Rapson.

"Heh...He's bigger than me up close huh?" said Rapson with a smirk.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything to upset my position. Am I a Marine or a Pirate now? That matters not as I, Warden Langston, am the leader of the new Necro Marines! I will find a Devil Fruit soon and I will make my presence even known! Let the era of Zensuke Langston begin! RAH-HAHAHAHA!!!" laughed Langston as the Necro Marines salute for him.