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An ancient fighting style developed by the Elio family while in their endeavor to protect and guard the Esposito royal family. It was made to make the entire practitioner's body into a walking weapon, making even an average leveled practitioner into a soldier capable of fighting devil fruit users. It maximizes on the users body, physical capabilities, and malleable enough to mix in other abilities such as devil fruits and other martial arts.

It is a frighteningly effective martial art and is often called one of the most difficult martial arts to learn and is considered life threateningly hard to master. It requires a strict diet and training regiment.


Devastante is an empty-hand martial art that has a focus on powerful punches, elbows knees and kicks to overwhelm opponents with sheer power and speed. Though this fighting style isn't just an aggressive style as it also involves grappling, choke holds, and throws which are much more reactive. But these aren't quite too limiting as many of the current practitioners add their respective devil fruits or separate martial art to Devastante to increase its destructive power and efficiency. To learn and advance this fighting style the user is required to physically and spiritually train themselves to an extreme.

Advanced users have an ability similar to Fish-Man Karate and Hasshoken as they can release shockwaves from their attacks much like Fish-Man Karate can send powerful waves impacting the water within the opponent's body but the waves devastating effect is much more like the kind seen in Hasshoken. Though these waves aren't seen able to effect a large area like the other two are and only take effect after the user actually makes contact with their target. These waves vibrate with incredible power as after only a few strikes the target will begin to break from the inside, an example would be a human's arm will shatter after taking three direct attacks.

Master level practitioners are able to unlock a few techniques which go beyond what an advanced user can do and are much above their capability. One technique is armor-piercing strike that can hit behind armor, shields, barriers, etc. Targets the skin, muscles, organs, bones, etc. being protected as it focuses one the waves traveling through the armor finding the weakest point in the armor before it transfers to the targets actual body. Another being when the user moves around silently, rapidly alternating between fast and slow movements and confusing the opponent due to the fluid motion & continuously changing speed. This exploits the limits of human vision to create illusions with footwork and control of movement to distract and confuse opponents as if there are more than one of the same user.

Despite how aggressive this martial art is, an Advanced or Master practitioner is equally skilled in responsive skills which makes them even more threatening.


Elio Giovanni

Elio Kai

Elio Francesco

Elio Alessandro



these will the techniques any practitioner can actually learn by studying the style alone and not adding separate devil fruits or martial art.


  • Drago Strisciante(Crawling Dragon): a rather basic technique which involves the user kicking straight up from the floor to over head but with the training done with the Devastante martial art can send the target flying over a building.
  • Sciopero Gemello (Twin Strikes): Double fist strike to the opponent's chest (hands slightly apart).
  • La Venere di Milo (the Venus de Milo):A powerful kick with the right leg to the opponent's left shoulder followed by a swift twist of the hip to shift momentum to deliver a left leg kick to the right shoulder. This is made to stun and disarm an opponent and creates an opening for a follow up attack.
  • Calcio di Serpente (Snake Kick):Leaps into the air with the back facing the enemy, then twists in mid-air and delivers an overhead kick with their right leg. The effects can be simple from a simple kick but through the advancements of the martial art can make this kick capable of shattering walls.
  • Calcio Rotante (Revolving Kick): The user stands on one leg and delivers five side kicks with the other leg extended out.

Grapples, Chokes, and Throws

  • Ira (Wrath): Using their advanced agility the user delivers four fast almost invisible kicks while mid-air, then follows it up with an axe-kick to usually to the chest or head to send the enemy to the floor.
  • Morte Lenta (Slow Death): The user grabs the tracheal area (windpipe and "Adam's apple") between their thumb and four fingers and squeezes. Regarding the hand grip to be used with this choke, the web area between the thumb and the index finger is to be quite high up the neck and the thumb is bent inward and downward, "reaching" behind the Adam's apple of the opponent.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced users of this martial art can use any of the techniques above and can even used advanced versions of said techniques. The advanced practitioner have access to the ability to distribute shock waves which help deliver internal damage along with external damage. This is done by manipulating the force being released by the user, increasing their power and even have a target as some user can send a shockwave that his the target's right shoulder and have it aimed and reaching their heart.

At this point of their training the practitioners have gone above the peak of human limits and have reached super human levels of physical capabilities, having techniques which display that. Displaying having the speed faster than a human eye can detect, run on walls and leap distances, giving the appearance of flight for how far and high they travel.

Master and Hidden Techniques

A master a this martial art has access to techniques above and uniquely uses extensions of their spirit and are part-illusions as a deity (will change depending on the master).This is done as extensions of their spirit and are part-illusion based. By this time of their martial art training their use of shockwaves have developed into a force that can repel the attacks of their opponents, nullify them, or redirect them with twice the power. Their body will also move and respond instinctively, as their reflexes are highly improved. It is also tha ks to years of training both physically and spiritually to reach this level and living a lifestyle to compliment said training, the aging process of the user is greatly hindered as Gio who is 49 can still move and fight with the appearance and ability of someone in their early twenties.

Only two Masters have been seen using these techniques and very little is known about it.

  • Mondo Perduto (Lost World): The user moves around silently, rapidly alternating between fast and slow movements and confusing the opponent due to the fluid motion & continuously changing speed. This exploits the limits of human vision to create illusions with footwork and control of movement to distract and confuse opponents as if there are more than one of the same user. The effects will differ from just a few to almost an entire room full of fakes.


  • The foundation and inspiration of this fighting style is based around the real life Martial Art Pankration
  • The Yonko, Esposito Dante has taken elements from this martial art and added it to his sword style. But as this martial art is strictly unarmed, his take without cannot be called a derived style.
  • One of the techniques the La Venere di Milo is based on the sculpture the Venus de Milo which is a famous armless statue
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