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Devil's Dance
Date Started: May 23rd, 2021

Date Finished:

Setting: ; The ruins of the Escaso Kingdom; 17 years ago

Characters Involved:


MorellaVoltaireStairface Ogre

Ruins of Escaso

In the kingdom of Escaso, it was once of regal splendor, beauty and high status, was nothing but a kingdom in ruins. Building were abandoned, the once alluring fields and streets were now littered with the corpses and body parts of those who resided in what remained of the kingdom. The sounds of screams and cries from the citizens echoed as they met their untimely fate, blood splattered along the buildings and ground creating a bloodbath of the once lustrous kingdom. Of those who were on the grounds was a beautiful crimson haired girl Luc E. Feuer, otherwise known around the New World as the Satanic Temptress. She wore a blank expressionless scowl on her face, her eyes a souless blood red color, in her hybrid form as she noticed the last of the group of guards who were trying to arrest her. Without warning, Feuer swiftly ran past them using her claws looking forward as their bodies exploded into chunks now lying on the ground.

As she got back up, she looked at the scenery before her as she felt nothing from the carnage she had caused. This was all second nature to her at this point. Massacring those who stood in her way who dared to either challenge her or try to have her dead, it was nothing new. Feuer looked down at her hands with the blood of those she executed. Again, it felt like nothing, she wish she could but at that point, why did it matter?

"Well, that was worth my time," Feuer sighed to herself then looked around, "I don't sense anyone else near by. Lilith's probably on watch somewhere...should probably head out eventually once I find what I'm looking for."

Marineford, one week prior

Senkaku had been called into his superior's office "your orders are to apprehend the Pirate known as the satanic temptress and given your history your ordered to capture her by any means neccesary" his superior ordered "Yes Sir".Senkaku left the office with a mission on his mind his target was known to move erractically but there had to be a pattern to her movements.

Over the next few days he would go through the records of her carnage, she had destroyed many kingdoms in her wake and what's more dangerous was her devil fruit being that of a mythical zoan which reports stated granted her aditional fire powers.

Studying the maps Senkaku would determine her next location to be the Kingdom of Escaso, his stomach sank as he realised he would have to face her in the island that had once been his home. "She should be there in nine days, if i arrive two days prior that will give me enough time to evacuate the island and prepare an ambush" he thought to himself stratergising his plan.

Flashback end

Thirty Kilometres from the island Senkaku could see the smoke rising from the burned remains of the place that had once been his home,a sense of guilt and dread began to overcome him his miscalculation had led to the island he has once called his home being finally destroyed.

"Maintain position and make sure they don't escape" he ordered his men before meditating for a few seconds nullifying his emotions as to make sure he wasn't detected upon his approach before diving into the water and using Kamisori to make his approach towards the island.

Upon arriving at the island Senkaku would quickly scale the cliff face he had played on as a child the footholds he had made for him making his ascent extremely quickly. Overlooking the town he would spot her the red skinned demon he had come to arrest surrounded by a group of dead guards.

"Soru" he would say using his increased speed to directly behind his target before attempting to land a Shigan "Kizetsu" to end this assignment as quickly as possible his anger began to flare giving him away.

Using Kenbunshoku, Feuer was able to detect the Marine about to attack her when she grabbed his arm gripping it tightly glaring into his eyes with her blood red eyes.

"Attacking me from behind? Not a wise move," Feuer coldly said to him as she slammed him onto the ground!

Slamming against the ground Senkaku used Kami-E to escape the Demonness's hold before manuevering a kick into her stomach forcing her back and creating distance between the two of them. "Damm She's strong but i need to defeat her quickly before that first mate of her's shows up" he thought moving into an attack stance covering his fists in haki.

Demon vs Knight

Noticing Senkaku heading towards her, Feuer rushed in towards him as her hands turned into demon claw covered in haki. Then with an utter from under her breath she whispered, "Auslösen." Suddenly, a blood red aura began to surround her body as her claws were about to make contact with his fists tp cancel out the attack.

Using Kami-E to dodge his opponents strikes and using Shigan to return his own, Senkaku could sense his opponent's haki start to flare like a raging fire being lit.

Feuer sensed this guy was on a different level. He wasn't like any of the other Marines she had faced in the past. Most of them were either weak or weren't much of a challenge to her. However, he was different, she didn't know what it was but for some reason she was slowly beginning to enjoy this.

"Who are you? What business do you have here," Feuer ordered glaring at her opponent.

"I'm not in the habit of giving my credentials to genocidal pirates but my buisness is dealing with you" Senkaku responded in a detached tone his face like a predator studying his prey.

"I see, so you're one of them I presume," Feuer questioned tilting her head to the side yet the tone in her voice was so calm yet had a demonic tremor to it, her face remaining an unemotional scowl.

"Soru" Senkaku closed the distance between himself and Feuer before using the force of his movement to land a Rankakyu "Rasen" kick.

Feuer was blown back by the attack as she grunted looking towards Senkaku then got back up onto her feet, "I supposed it can't be helped," Feuer groaned as she focused her energy, "Zorn." Just then, Feuer's aura grew larger as she demonically growls. Her wings protruded from her back, her horns grew on top of her head and her tail appeared from her backside as her eyes turned a deeper shade of blood red.

Responding to his opponent's new aura Senkaku began to focus his Haki causing his pupils to glow a bright blue as he prepared himself for the fight to get harder.

Glaring towards her prey, Feuer let out a demonic roar as she charged towards him with a ball of reddish-black fire in her hand ready to lunge it at him, "Hell fire!" Feuer demonically shouted.

Sensing his opponent's intention Senkaku activated his Haki using it to redirect the fireball into the dirt where it burned the dirt into a molten substance before dissipating. Using the charging demon Senkaku used a blunt Rankakyu to stop Feuer in her tracks.

Being stopped by the attack and blown back, Feuer quickly managed to get herself back up before appearing in front of him with her demon claws ready, "Dämon MultiSchlag!" Feuer shouted as she aimed her attack towards one of Senkaku's legs. Once she landed her mark, she inflicted five rapid hits, causing an unnerving shock rendering his leg to become immobile.

"Shit" Senkaku responded involuntarily to the pain in his leg as the blood from his wounds began to stain his pants he activated his Semei Kikan to stop the bleeding and supercharge his body. "Shigan" Senkaku lunged a Haki enhances attack at one of Feuer's hands to disable it. 

"F-fuck," Feuer grunted in pain as she clutched onto her hand then using her tail she swung it towards Senkaku, "Satan's Whip!" Feuer shouted.

Learning from his last mistake Senkaku uses Kami-E to dodge his opponent's attack before attempting to trip Feuer to subdue her.

Using Haki, Feuer managed to dodge Senkaku trying to trip her as her aura began to flare more while letting out a louder demonic roar. She unleashed rapid fires of hell flames towards Senkaku attempting to hit him as she charged towards him. "Hell Fire Barrage!" Feuer shouted.

Senkaku utilized his Haki Deflection to catch the fireballs redirected all of them around him into the ground before redirecting the last one directly back at his enemy using it to distract his opponent as he came closer.

Feuer got hit by the hell fire but swiftly managed to grab Senkaku by his arm stopping him, "Dämon Seismisch Schmeißen!" Feuer shouted as she lifted him from the ground throwing him a great distance slamming him into a building!

"Damm" thought Senkaku as he landed on the wall "No holding" his blood began to run faster as he activated his Semei Kikan before launching back at his opponent "Busoshoky Tekkai" he said hardening his body and flying at his opponent like a missle.

Feuer managed to block his attack by defending herself with her wings she coated with Haki however she felt herself being pushed back as she tried to deflect his attack. "S-shit, n-need to switch tactics," Feuer thought to herself.

Upon being stopped Senkaku activated the second part of plan "Kizetsu Shigan" he said as he punctured a pressure point numbing Feur's wings. before using "Rankyaku" launching an attack towards Feur's side.

Feuer was blown back from Senkaku's attack as she hit her back against an abandoned building. She stumbled back onto her feet spitting up blood as she glared at him with glowing red eyes.

"I supposed, it can't be helped," Feuer said to herself as she transformed into her Satan form growing from her normal human size to now being 25ft tall. Her skin was now a deep crimson red as she let out a loud demonic roar then processed to grab Senkaku grabbing him in her hand.

"You really are a demon" Senkaku smirked using Soru to avoid being grabbed by the now giant opponent who stood before him.

"I'm not a demon," Feuer replied in a demonic tone as she summoned a large ball of hell fire from her hand, "I'm Satan, you bastard, Hell Fire!"

"Then lets send you back to your domain" "Kamisori" Senkaku said as he dodged the torrent of fire and launched right for Feuer's center "Aotsuki Rokuogan" He said using his Haki emission to increase the power of his attack as the Earth around the attack began to crack as his attack landed.

Enter Satan's Aid

As the attack landed on Feuer, she began to cough up more blood as she let out a loud demonic roar in pain. Not far from the island, Lilith, who was in her Beelzebub hybrid form, heard the painful roars as she turned in the direction of where they were coming from. Her eyes turned bright red then flew off to where Feuer was located.

"Hell Lightning!" Lilith shouted. Then from the ground below lightning flashed from within the cracks surrounding Senkaku.

Senkaku glimpsed into the future seeing the attack coming utilising Busoshoku Tekkai "Utsugi" combined with his haki to redirect the Lightning away from himself towards Feuer he could feel his nerves being shocked as the attack passed through him. "Two Birds one stone" he said acknowledging his new foe.

Feuer, managing to quickly use her Haki, was able to dodge the attack as she moved herself away from the attack then proceeded to strike at Senkaku using her tail. "Satan's Whip!" Feuer shouted.

"Hell Lightning Strike!" Lilith yelled as she appeared behind him aimed for Senkaku's back!

Activating his "Haki Takeover" Senkaky used "Soru" dodge allowing the attacks to colide into each other.

As the attacks hit one another, the duo looked towards Senkaku as their eyes gleamed blood red.

"How strong is this guy," Lilith growled.

"I don't know...but this time," Feuer paused before eyes turned slowly began to turn sclera black and her aura turned a deeper shade of blood red, "I'm not turning back...Raserei."

Just then, her aura exploded around her as she appeared to look even more demonic than she did prior. Her eyes not sclera black, her skin a deeper shade of crimson red and she let out a deafening demonic roar! "I'm done with this!" Feuer demonic shouted as she charged at Senkaku coating her hand in Haki, "Dämon Faust!" Feuer delivered a powerful palm thrust onto Senkaku!

Busoshoku Tekkai "Utsugi" Senkaku said as the attack landed and he moved the force through his body back into Feuer but the attack caused him to cough up some blood "Damm looks like that broke something" He thought "Time to get serious Semei Kikan Total Conversion" He said with a scowl as his body turned from a glowing red to a cold blue shade his Red eyes and blue skin creating a visage almost as demonic as the Foes he faced.

"We don't have a choice now Feuer," Lilith told Feuer as she transformed into her full Beelzebub form, "we'll have to go all out on him."

"Could've said that better myself," Feuer demonically growled as she produced a large ball of hell fire then shot it up into the air before summoning another hell fire ball tossing at the giant orb, "Hell Fire Rain!" Suddenly, hell fire began to crash down on the island burning everything in sight landing randomly, a few aiming towards Senkaku!

Senkaku's eyes moved around rapidly as if they were possessed searching for survivors upon spotting a few Senkaku used Soru becoming so fast that he was difficult to see as he picked up all of the survivors on the island and brought them to safety in a cave Senkaku had known as a boy. The speed of his actions made him seem as if he disappeared and then reappeared dodging the hell fire Feuer sent his way.

"My turn" he scowled as he moved towards Feuer at such speed he was almost impossible to see "Rankakyu" he said as his attack caused the earth to crack beneath his feet as he jumped and launched his attack.

Feuer activated her Haki on her wings shielding herself from the attack as she demonically growled then as her aura grew larger surrounding her body, she charged at Senkaku ready to land her attack. "Dämon Wölfin Sperrfeuer!" Feuer shouted as she kicked Senkaku into the air attempting to knock him down onto the ground with another powerful kick!

"Kami-E" Senkaku's body warped like paper as he angled his kick to collide with Feuer's creating a massive shockwave as the hits connected with each other.

"Now!" Feuer cried out while trying to add more power onto her kick.

Lilith flew in behind Senkaku then unleashed her attack onto him. "Hell Lightning Storm!" Lilith shouted as a barrage of hell lightning shot out from the ground surrounding Senkaku one of them coming close to electrocuting him.

"Soru" Senkaku said as he moved so fast that he seemed to disappear as the lightning strike went into Feuer's leg and Senkaku appeared behind Lilith "Rankakyu" he said striking Lilith's back.

Feuer flinched in pain from the lightning strike as she managed to use her tail to wrap around Senkaku tightning her grip around him! "You're not going anywhere," Feuer demonically growled.

Lilith coughed up blood from the impact of the attack as she struggled to get back up. As she stumbled back up she glanced at Senkaku then with her claws she charged at him ready to land an attack. "Hell Lightning Claw!" Lilith shouted.