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Devil Fruits are mysterious, distinctive fruits scattered throughout the world, known for granting their eaters permanent super-human powers—and an equally permanent inability to swim.

As a whole, Devil Fruits encompass hundreds of different powers, from the (apparently) mundane to the inherently mass-destructive. These are broadly grouped along three categories: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan.

Devil Fruits have empowered many of the world's most significant individuals, especially among the Three Great Powers. This, along with their general rarity, causes them to be highly sought-after; single specimens may be valued at hundreds of millions in Belly, and extensive efforts have been made to mass-produce artificial versions for warfare. An individual can only acquire the powers of a single Devil Fruit and survive.

According to Oda, a "certain professor" will explain the complex mechanisms behind all of the Devil Fruits in the series at some point in the future.


I heard they are incarnations of the sea devil. Supposedly, if you eat one, you will gain devil powers... but the sea will hate you and take your ability to swim!
— The rumors behind Devil Fruits

A Devil Fruit, after being consumed, gives the consumer a superpower or special trait, which they will soon become aware of; a person who has eaten a Devil Fruit and gained its powers is known as a Devil Fruit User (能力者 Nōryoku-sha, lit. "Power User" or "Esper") There are more than 100 different Devil Fruits in the world, but only one of each Devil Fruit exists. Additionally, all Devil Fruits are known to taste very bad and cause the consumer to permanently lose their ability to swim.

It is currently unknown what exactly Devil Fruits are, where they came from, or exactly how they work. What is known about them is that the powers within affect the eater's Lineage Factor. The fruits come in all different shapes and colors, though all the Devil Fruits seen so far have possessed swirl marks or patterns. The only known exceptions are the Artificial Devil Fruits, which have ring patterns on them. Devil Fruits are known to have existed in the world for at least eight centuries and possibly longer.

Only one bite is needed for the user to gain the power of the Devil Fruit, after which the Devil Fruit becomes a simple, useless, disgusting fruit. Despite this, the majority of those who have consumed a Devil Fruit have eaten the entire Fruit, as they are apparently unaware of this fact. Furthermore, the consumer gains the powers and drawbacks of the Fruit immediately after the Fruit is swallowed, without needing to wait for the fruit to digest.

A person can only eat a single Devil Fruit in their entire life; any attempt to gain a second Devil Fruit power will cause the consumer's body to be torn apart to such a degree that little trace is left of it, resulting in their death. The reason for this is currently unknown; it is rumored that an actual devil lives inside each fruit and transfers to a fruit user's body upon consumption and would fight with the devil inhabiting another fruit if they were to meet within the same body, but this rumor has been debunked by science.

Devil Fruits are said to be the fruits of the Sea Devil and that the secret to their power is hidden in the Grand Line. Because encounters with them are rare (especially outside the Grand Line), a number of rumors about them have risen, making it difficult to tell whether some things are fact or fiction; some people even dismissed them as mere myth until actually getting to see one in action.

The average person knows nothing or very little about what they are or what they do; this especially applies to people in isolated countries, even within the Grand Line, such as the people of Wano Country, and even the people of Fish-Man Island, as none of them know about the Devil Fruits, instead believing the powers bestowed to users are curses or sorcery. Relatedly, Devil Fruits may also lead to the user being considered a "freak" and treated as an outcast. This is due to some of the abilities considered far too strange or frightening for normal people to accept. In many cases, Devil Fruit users are considered a different race altogether, and with good reason.

Many Devil Fruit users have their own title which is usually the type of ability followed by the species (or in the case of items which has eaten Zoan fruits, the object they originally were). The sole exception is the Kage Kage no Mi user, who gains the title of Ruler of Shadows (影の支配者 Kage no Shihaisha).

Notably, Devil Fruit powers generally extend through the clothes that the user is wearing. Paramecia Fruit users alter their clothes along with themselves automatically, Zoan Fruit users' clothes will fit in the same proportions after their transformation, and Logia Fruit users transform their clothes (and subsequent accessories) to their element along with themselves. Oda explained in an SBS once that if he had done it realistically, the manga would have too much unnecessary nudity. This rule also applies to prosthetic body parts. However, some users do not seem to adhere to this such as powers that effect the users or the targets age.

Interestingly, although eating a Devil Fruit affects the consumers genetic blueprint, it causes no abnormalities in the users children. Furthermore, even though the parents cannot consume a second Devil Fruit, a Devil Fruit users children who don’t already have powers can consume Devil Fruits of their own without dying, should the opportunity present itself.

Devil Fruits are the source of power for some of the strongest people of the current generation in the world, including several pirate crews, the Marine admirals, the Shichibukai, and the Yonko.

Because of their power, Devil Fruits are highly sought after by both the government and the Underworld, among many other parties. If sold, they can expect to fetch well over Bsymbol.gif100,000,000, and Devil Fruit users themselves are sold at market prices the same way slaves are. Of course, individual Fruits each have their differences in price, depending on the powers bestowed.

They are relatively common in the Grand Line compared to the other four blues. A typical pirate crew in the Grand Line will often center around a captain with Devil Fruit powers, while stronger crews and organizations will often contain multiple Devil Fruit users. Many people even take this so far as to go out of their way to gather as many Devil Fruits as possible using their own unique methods.


Natural Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits exist in a cycle of reincarnation; when a Devil Fruit user dies, their ability is reborn into a new fruit at some random location in the world. Instead of growing from a plant, the ability simply regenerates inside another similar fruit which then transforms into the Devil Fruit in question

When this happens, the empowered fruit changes appearance. Some characteristics of a fruits transformation into a Devil Fruit include the stem becoming noticeably curlier than it was when the Fruit was not endowed with the ability. It also changes color and takes on the distinct spiral patters that Devil Fruits are known to have.

Artificial Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit Powers that Returned into Circulation


We can figure out the name of a Fruit by the power it gives, but the kind of power we get is completely up to chance.
— Devil Fruits hidden abilities.

There is a Devil Fruit Encyclopedia (悪魔の実図鑑 Akuma no Mi Zukan) that lists the names and powers of all the Devil Fruits that have been discovered and documented. However, only a few of them have illustrations, meaning that most Devil Fruits cannot be identified by their appearance as they have not been found to be documented. This would only imply that the information in the book is incomplete and that there are still fruits out there with attributes that have yet to be documented.

Types of Devil Fruit

All Devil Fruit are categorized into three types/classes.

  • Paramecia - The most common of the three Devil Fruit types, Paramecia-type Devil Fruits grant their users superhuman powers other than animals transformation or elemental transformation. Paramecia Fruits can alter features of the user's body. Some Paramecia Fruits allow the user to modify the people, objects, and environment around them. Finally, there are some users that can generate and manipulate substances
  • Logia - The rarest and most powerful of the three Devil Fruit types, Logia-type Devil Fruits allow their users to create, control, and transform their body into a natural element. The elemental transformation effectively makes the user intangible, as well as allowing the user to remain in control of their body, even when it is broken into pieces. They also gain every ability related to that element.
  • Zoan - The users of Zoan-type Devil Fruits gain the ability to transform into an animal, as well as transform into a hybrid form of their own species and the species the fruit allows them to transform into. A recently discovered science allows Zoan Fruits to be integrated into objects, bringing the object to life and granting it the standard Zoan transformations. Carnivorous animal Zoans are better suited for combat. Zoan Fruits have a number of sub-classifications, including:
    • Ancient Zoan - Zoan Fruits that allow the user to transform into an extinct species, such as dinosaurs. Ancient Zoans are rare and they appear to be stronger than regular Zoans.
    • Mythical Zoan - Zoan Fruits that allow the user to transform into mythological creatures. Mythical Zoan animals tend to have special powers. Mythical Zoans are the rarest type of Devil Fruit, even more so than Logias.
    • Artificial Zoan -


After consuming a fruit, the user doesn’t automatically have mastery over their powers and must train themselves to properly use their new powers. The more the user understands their own capabilities, the greater the varieties of techniques the users can utilize, which eventually leads to the awakening itself. Those who cannot harness their Devil Fruit's power well will not be able to utilize their abilities to the fullest.

Different people take different amounts of time to master their powers. As many people takes years to understand its power, whereas others only took a couple hours to get used to their new abilities after consuming their Devil Fruits.

Proficiency also relates to the user's stamina. When exhausted, one cannot use their powers properly and must rest to regain their strength.


Devil Fruit powers can, in rare instances, achieve "awakening" (覚醒 kakusei), greatly increasing the abilities of the user. The details of how a Devil Fruit can be awakened are currently unknown, but the increased abilities have been seen to allow significantly greater power, more refined control, and new abilities that would otherwise not be possible. The effects of the awakening depend on the type of the Devil Fruit.


For Zoan-type powers, awakening grants far greater strength, speed, and durability than unawakened Zoan powers. This also includes faster recovery time, which functions involuntarily, even when the user is unconscious.


For Paramecia-type powers, awakening allows the user to use their Devil Fruits at a new level of strength and in different manners than they originally could. noting that such a feat makes it no longer appear to be the power of a mere Paramecia.

An awakened Paramecia allows the user to spread their power beyond their own body and transform inorganic material around them to match the nature of their Devil Fruit power, as well as manipulate the transformed material in any way they desire. The transformation effect can be spread over a very wide area.

The main difference between awakening and Devil Fruits that allow the user to transform and manipulate the environment in the unawakened stage is that awakening allows one to transform the environment from afar, as well as control it with just their mind. Unawakened environment manipulating Devil Fruits require the user to touch what they wish to transform, and often requires bodily movement to be controlled.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Benefits of Consumption

The main attraction of eating a Devil Fruit is the power bestowed to the user upon ingestion. More often than not, the benefits and uses bestowed by a Devil Fruit far outweigh the loss of the ability to swim. Many of these powers are advantageous in combat; such as enhanced physical strength, a variety of unique attacks, and even controlling the forces of nature. There are also powers that are good for support; such as the ability to heal others, enhanced senses, and to create food out of nothing.

Devil Fruit powers are so varied and mysterious, that the powers gained from eating one can serve purposes that may transcend normal limits.

Regardless of what power one receives, even ones that would normally be considered "weird" or "useless", can be utilized as a highly valuable asset both in and out of combat. What matters is the strength, skill, and creativity of the user. If nothing else, eating a Devil Fruit will not make its user any weaker.

Additionally, since each Devil Fruit user possesses a unique ability, they each require different countermeasures to deal with them, outside of the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses of Seastone and the inability to swim. As such, Devil Fruit users with odd or unfamiliar powers are very tricky to deal with in fight. However if a person has strong haki, they have greater resistance to devil fruit power. The standard approach is to take a step back and experiment with different means of attack against the Devil Fruit user.

Another advantage of Devil Fruit powers is that many places and people lack information about them, resulting in the belief that the powers are some kind of magic or curse. These misconceptions on how the power was achieved can be utilized by the user to manipulate individuals for that user's own purposes.

Devil Fruit powers are highly coveted, with many people spending their entire lives seeking out just one specific Devil Fruit, with most of these seekers often ending up disappointed or dead.

The subject of which Devil Fruit is the most powerful is up for debate. There are a number of Devil Fruits which have noticeable strengths. However, as mentioned above, the strength of a Devil Fruit ultimately depends on the user.

Consequences of Consumption

Devil Fruits, despite all of their beneficial attributes, have a number of downsides. One such downside is that so little is really known about them. In some cases, an entire society can be completely unaware of the existence of Devil Fruits. Due to this lack of information, and with some Devil Fruits still being unknown, the average consumer is effectively gambling when consuming one, without knowing what powers the Devil Fruit will grant, potentially resulting in a power that is difficult for that particular person to work with.

Even if the power that Devil Fruit user gains is a useful one, a Devil fruit user doesn’t automatically have control over their powers. All Devil Fruit users have to train to learn how to activate, control, and use their power. This process could potentially put the Devil Fruit user in a position that is painful and/or humiliating.

Another downside is that, while many citizens can be fascinated by people with powers, others may consider a Devil Fruit user to be "a freak", "a monster", or even "a devil". With no way of removing the power, a Devil Fruits user will end up leading a miserable life full of discrimination from those around them.

Weakness to Water

The most prominent consequence of eating a Devil Fruit is the weakness to seawater: the sea hates and rejects Devil Fruit users, causing them to become weak and helpless while submerged in water, also referred to as "becoming a hammer (カナヅチ kanazuchi)". Though this weakness is usually referred to as the inability to swim, a more accurate definition is that the seawater itself is the weakness. The inability to move their body in the sea is simply a byproduct of the weakness.

In a world made up almost entirely of ocean, being weak against the sea can prove deadly to many Devil Fruit users, such as pirates and Marines sailing on the Grand Line.

Oda stated in an SBS that Devil Fruit users are susceptible to all types of water, not just seawater. This includes the White Sea surrounding Skypiea. He elaborated on this, saying that "moving" water, like rain or waves, does not weaken Devil Fruit users, while standing water, like lakes or rivers, does.

One of the greatest dangers created by a Devil Fruit user's weakness to water is the risk of drowning, which opponents can take advantage of in order to kill even the strongest of Devil Fruit users. However, it should be noted that the risk of drowning only applies to a devil fruit user if they cannot breath underwater; as fish-man and merfolk Devil Fruit users are capable of breathing underwater, they are not subject to this risk. However even if a Devil Fruit user can survive underwater without drowning, they will still be rendered unable to move. This immobility would make such users vulnerable to underwater dangers, such as ocean predators, as they would be incapable of defending themselves. Oda stated in an SBS that it is not until a Devil Fruit user has at least half their body in water that they become immobilized, demonstrating that being in contact with the sea does not instantly rob their strength unless it reaches a certain level.

Another danger is that if even only a part of the user's body is submerged in water, they cannot use their Devil Fruit powers, no matter how much or how little is submerged. However, if the user's body has been permanently altered by the Fruit, then the user's ability can be manipulated by outside sources. However, it should be noted that just being wet is not enough to induce weakness and nullify the users powers, the same is true for water inside the Devil Fruit users body, such as water that the user drinks

It should also be noted that although all Devil Fruit users are weak against water, the power itself may still work underwater

Despite the weakness to water, a Devil Fruit user will only be affected by the water if he or she is physically touching it. Not touching the water itself will allow the user to go unaffected, even if submerged

Aside from the common weakness of becoming paralyzed in still water that all Devil Fruit users share, there are many powers that also have a further weakness to water, having their abilities dampened or even outright washed away upon contact.

In addition to the weakness to actual water, there is a substance known as Seastone, a special, near-indestructible substance that emits the same energies of the sea, referred to as the sea in solid form. Coming into contact with Seastone has the same effect on Devil Fruit users as falling into the water, canceling out the Devil Fruit users powers and weakening the Devil Fruit user to the point where they can’t move. The Marines use this to their advantage when capturing pirates and imprisoning them in Impel Down.

Superiority and Unpredictability

While the strength and capabilities of a Devil Fruit are ultimately determined by the strength and skill of the user, some Devil Fruit powers react in certain ways against each other, regardless of the users own capabilities. In some cases, one Devil Fruit has natural superiority over another, resulting in a significant advantage in combat. Aside from this rule of superiority, other Devil Fruit powers can react to each other in all kinds of unpredictable manners.

List of Confirmed Superiorities

Some Devil Fruits of similar powers have been confirmed to be in a relationship of superiority and inferiority. In a fight between the two, the one with the superior power is almost certain to win. Though, this in no way means that the user of the superior power is stronger than the inferior's user.

List of Seen Unpredictability

In many cases, outside of the above mentioned rule of superiority, there is no way to tell how Devil Fruit powers will fare when pitted against one other. A Devil Fruit user who normally dominates all other powers can sometimes be brought down by a power normally considered "weak" in comparison.

Myths and Misconceptions

Due to the rarity and mysterious nature of the Devil Fruits, many rumors surround their existence. Particularly remote regions of the four cardinal Blues or isolated nations such as Wano Country often lack knowledge of the fruits, believing them to be a myth entirely or attributing their powers to pure magic. The following is a list of various myths and misconceptions about Devil Fruits in the world.

  • Devil Fruit are considered by some to be "incarnations" (化身 keshin) of the Sea Devil (海の悪魔 Umi no Akuma).
  • a rumor that Devil Fruit users housed actual devils inside them. According to the rumor, if a Devil Fruit user went near an uneaten Devil Fruit, a devil would come out of the fruit and rip the user apart. This rumor has been debunked by research.
  • In Amazon Lily, the citizens are unaware of the existence of Devil Fruits. Believing that Devil Fruit users is the result of the users natural capabilities mostly towards the male gender or believed to have gained their abilities from a curse cast by slaying legendary monsters.
  • Devil Fruit users that unfamiliar with Devil Fruits refers to their ability as "Curses". Similarly the victims who had their lives effected or altered by the powers of a Devil Fruit user also refer to it as a "Curse".
  • The Tontatta Tribe of Green Bit refer to Devil Fruit abilities as Magic (奇術 Kijutsu).
    • In Wano Country, Devil Fruit abilities are considered Sorcery (妖術 Yōjutsu) or Ninjutsu. Devil Fruit users are called Sorcery Users (妖術使い Yōjutsu Tsukai).


Dr. Megapunk, a Marine scientist and the world’s most prominent researcher of Devil Fruits, is heavily responsible for the research into the effects of Devil Fruits' and Seastone. It was Megapunk who discovered that Devil Fruits work by effecting the Lineage Factor.

Megapunk even managed to replicate the effects of most Devil Fruits to a certain degree.

Inanimate Object Devil Fruit Users

Some years before the current timeline, Dr. Megapunk discovered a technique that allows one to make an inanimate object (such as a gun or a sword) to "eat" a Devil Fruit and gain it’s power. The details of this process have not yet been revealed. So far, Zoan is the only type of Devil Fruit that inanimate objects have been shown as being able to absorb. Inanimate object Zoans seem to be very loyal to whomever owns them.

Objects that have "ingested" a Zoan Fruit gain the mobility, abilities, and intelligence of the animal they turn into. This can be a drawback, as the object also gains a living creature's ability to feel pain and fear, and becomes susceptible to disease.

The technique that allows an object to eat a Zoan fruit is not limited to solid materials

Artificial Devil Fruits

Augment Balls

Main article: Augment Ball

Kagakusha Curie, known as the Greatest Doctor in the World, is also a known researcher of Devil Fruits and eventually was able to create a drug known as Augment Balls that disrupts the wavelength of Devil Fruit users, allowing them to access different forms or states. After studying the composition of certain Zoan and Logia users, she was able to make some to affect the two types of Devil Fruits, and is working on how certain Paramecias work.