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The Diamond Pirates are a pirate crew led by Crookes D. Mal. that was founded out by it's captain and his childhood friend Kureiji five years ago.

Jolly Roger

The Diamond Pirates' Jolly Roger is a half skull adorned with their Captain Crookes D. Mal's signature glasses.The background of the skull is a Diamond and the word "DIAMOND" is beneath it.

Crew Members

The Crew of the diamond pirates is extremely diverse as it contains a Fishman as a Captain, A Member of the Three Eyed tribe from Wano as the combatant, A Jellyfish Herfolk for a Doctor, A Criminal Skypean for a Shipwright as well as a former Street fighter Mink as the Helmsman and Musician.

Crew Organization

Diamond Pirates
Crookes Profile.jpg Kureiji Profile.jpg Chantara Profile.jpg Erasmus Profile.jpg
Crookes D. Mal Kureiji Chantara Erasmus
Bowie Profile.jpg Yavanna the elf.png Adalheida Profile.jpg Chazuke Profile.jpg
Bowie Yavanna Adalheida (Future) Chazuke (Future)
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Crew Strength

Professions and Capabilities





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