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Diamonds in the Rain
Date Started: January 11th, 2021


Date Finished: nd, 2021


Setting: Grand Line An island in Paradise
Characters Involved:
MorellaVoltaireStairface Ogre

Rookies Make Their Landing

On the seas of the Grand Line, the captain of the Rain Pirates, Lovecraft D. Ame was polishing her katana while on deck with Yukine on lookout. Runo appeared from within the ship standing next to her with a map.

"What do you have for me," Ame asked still focusing her attention on her katana.

"From what I'm looking at," Runo replied, "there is an island up ahead that is rumored to be "The Island of the Chosen". According to the legend, it's been said that two warriors from centuries ago left behind two sacred weapons that only those who have a pure fighting spirit would be able to possess the weapons."

"Interesting," Ame said looking at her reflection in her katana, "anyone try to obtain them?"

"So far no," Runo said shaking her head, "it's said where the weapons are hidden is heavily guarded by traps, no one has been able to come out alive."

"Don't think it's anything we can't handle," Yukine replied swinging her katana.

"Looks like we've got a new destination on us," Ame said putting her katana away then looks over to Hana, "Hana, set a course for the island ahead."

"Yes m'lady," Hana nodded as she steered the wheel towards the island.

"Think the weapons would have something in store for us in getting strong," Yukine asked.

"Not sure, wouldn't hurt to see what's in store for us," Ame replied looking on.

Flying below above the clouds Yavanna had finally found the Island her captain had asked her to seek out. Pearching herself on a rocky outcrop not far from the island she dialed her Den Den Mushi "Captain i've found the island it's approximately an hour south of your current position"

"I knew it, Kureiji owes me 200 berris" Shouted Crookes D. Mal in his usual excited tone "go have a look around and see if you can see if there's anyone who there who could be a problem".

Leaving his cabin Mal stood triumphant upon the The Carreau Prize's Upper deck "Bowie Yavanna found the island it's an hour south of our current location adjust bearing" "Will Didly didly do captain" Replied the white rabbit mink in an excited ferver.

The Diamond Pirates had been searching for this island for a while there was said to be two great treasures that could be found there and most of the crew had been dreaming about what it could be for the last several nights.

"Erasmus prepare the engine for a speed increase we've found the island i'm coming down to the engine to give it a boost" came Mal's voice over the tanoy "Who does he think he is giving me instructions i'm the greatest shipwright in all the seas blue and white" Exclaimed Erasmus Arrogant as ever.

Passing Kureiji's unconcious body in the engine room Mal made his way to the engine "She's ready for an boost captain" Erasmus smirked amazed with his own work as always "Brilliant let's give her all he can take Fourth Stage Overdrive" Shouted Mal as his hands became plasma and he gave the engine a massive boost of energy.

Half an hour after departing The Carreau Prize descended from the clouds towards the island before touching down "There appears to be another pirate crew heading this way captain they seem big should i thin their numbers" reported Yavanna "No they shouldn't be too much of an issue we'll just need to be quick" replied Mal.

"Erasmus you stay with the ship and make sure she's above the clouds and ready to collect us when i give the order the rest of you let's get on that island" Announced The Shooting Star

The Rain Pirates docked on the island and managed to board off the ship. Much of the island looks quaint but it also had some ancient history behind it as well, something that caught most of the crew members' attention.

"We're finally here" Ame said looking around.

"So any idea where the hidden weapons are," Yukine asked.

"We should move on out then," Hana smiled.

"THERE IT IS!" Kiko shouted pointing north.

Everyone looked around to find where the temple was at but looked back at Kiko with annoyance on their faces.

"That's what'll sound like when one of you spots it," Kiko said then waves her hand over her face giving them a sarcastic smile reminding them she's blind.

"Think anyone else would be here besides us," Ayane wondered.

"I doubt it," Misa shrugged, "though if we aren't the only ones here, then this should be interesting."

"Their's people here i count six distinct voices" whispered Yavanna to her crewmates as they made their way quietly towards the temple Yavanna had spotted from the sky "Don't you hear them" None of us have Bird hearing or Specialised training so no we don't" Chipped back Kureiji annoyed from having been woken up and loosing his bet.

"If their's six of them they outnumber us Yavanna point us in the right direction and you and i will go spy on them we'll meet you at the temple" instructed Mal to his crew silencing both his first mate and Spy.

The Crew diverted with Mal and Yavanna moving towards the sound of the voices while the rest of the crew headed towards the temple

"Erasmus We're going to need a snappy pickup if things go south" came Mal's voice through the Den Den mushi as Erasmus got the ship ready to bring in the cavalry if things turned south for his crewmates.

Kiko's ears began to twitch as she looked up turning her head in the direction where she could hear voices coming from that direction. "Think I hear voices coming from over there," Kilo said.

"If we're not alone, might as well make them come out of hiding," Ame replied as her eyes turned serious then looked to Misa, "Misa, you know what to do."

"With pleasure," Misa giggled with a smirk, "Pherom Attract!" Just then, Misa released a dusty pink mist towards the direction where Kiko pointed out the voices were located.

"Think that would do the trick," Yukine asked.

"We'll see," Ame replied, " in the meantime, Hana, Runo and Ayane you three go on ahead, we'll catch up."

"Right," Hana nodded as she ran off with Runo and Ayane following behind.

Seeing the pink mist coming from a few streets over Yavana faced towards her captain pointing at her nose before covering her face with specialised cloth in response Plasma flames began to glow from Mal's nostrils and mouth.

Moving towards where the mist had originated the thief and the assasin began to tread incredibly lightly with mal transforming his feet into plasma as to make his footsteps not make noise and with Yavanna utilising her assasin training.

Heading towards the group they saw six members a Humink girl, two girls with swords, one with a spear and two girls who didn't who seemed to be human and were unarmed although the girl with a white showl seemed to be the one producing the mist clouding the area.

Mal gave the signal to keep watch and get the other if anything went wrong before jumping down to a nearby street and started to make his way towards the group.

"this close to the redline there's a low likelyhood of them having Haki and none of them look like marines" Thought Mal making his way down the street "Figured we were the only ones who found this place" Shouted Mal towards the group of women as he approached them.

Meanwhile The Diamond Pirates had made their way to the temple and had begun to enter.

"Knew it, we weren't alone," Yukine said.

"Well at least the others should be at the temple any minute now" Misa replied as she stopped using her powers, " however, that captain of theirs, he's rather kinda...special."

"I wish you think more with your brain these days," Kiko sneered.

"Show yourselves," Ame demanded, "Who are you?"

"Either come out or we'll force you to come out," Yukine barked.

Suddenly a bright start launched from a few streets down the road right into the middle of the group a Mal appeared his arms crossed in a triumphant pose "Just who in the hell do you think i am, I'm The Shooting Star Mal D. Crookes" He annonced like he was announcing it to whole world "The better question is who do you think you are?"

Noticing her captain's signal Yavanna transformed into her Peregrine falcon hybrid and made her way towards the temple arriving in seconds she could see the other party approaching the Temple as she flew towards it. "We've got company" warned Yavanna as she touched down.

"Lovecraft D. Ame," Ame said in a calm tone, "why are you here?"

"You better give us a good reason I don't kick your ass into next week," Kiko yelled pointing at Crookes despite her looking down at the ground.

"Want me to deal with them," Yukine asked preparing to draw her katana.

"No, won't be necessary," Ame replied, "for now at least."

"My my he's a bit of a show off type," Misa softly chuckled.

"Easy Blind Bandit" Quiped Mal back at the Humink Girl to his left. "Lovecraft D. Ame pleasure to meet another member of the D clan" "i remember i saw a poster of you 50 million beri bounty right? , The captain of the Rain Pirates said to be the oncoming storm, It's a pleasure".

"Pleasure to meet you as well," Ame replied.

"Blind Bandit? Not a bad nickname heh, I like this guy," Kiko chuckled.

"Anyways, what's your reason of being here," Yukine asked.

"Same as your's i suspect looking for the fabled treasure said to be on this island somewhere" Mal responded channeling his Ryuo to gauge Ame's response. "You weren't followed were you?" 

"Not that we know of" Ame replied, "though we know that a few of our crew members should be at the location."

"Should probably get moving," Yukine said.

"Good thing I'm able to sense them with my other senses," Kiko responded proudly.

"Your not the only one who can sense things beyond sight" Smiled Mal shooting using his Suta Suta No Mi to shoot a sky blue flare into the sky,"you might want to inform your crew to not to engage"

a few minutes after Yavanna landed the crew could see three women walking up to the temple, Scanning each of them the crew prepared to engage if they saw their captain give the signal Kureiji's skin began to appear as if it was made of crystal, Bowie charged up his electro and chantara prepared a stance, while Yavanna maintained her hybrid form as the three women almost reached the top of the stairs when a sky blue flare could be seen from the town.

"What is that," Hana wondered looking up at the sky.

"It looks like it might be in the direction where our captain is," Ayane said.

"This doesn't look good," Runo muttered to herself.

"Howdy there looks like the captain doesn't want you to become sashimi" Announced Kureiji cloaked in his Black diamond skin moving out of the darkness towards the group.

Of Plasma and Rain

"A Devil Fruit," Ame wondered, "What are you?"

"Trusting my Gut" replied Mal with a smile,"Yes i'm the wielder of the Star Star fruit if My entrance didn't give it away"

"It kinda did," Yukine said with a blank expression.

"Plus you might have brought the attention of a bigger threat too if you're not too careful," Kiko warned.

"Anyways, we should be on our way," Ame replied, "we don't want to waste any time."

Meanwhile out on the sea about a two kilometers from the island, Konomi and her partner Naoki were on a Marines ship when they say the blue flare in the sky. Konomi's eyes turned sharp looking ahead.

"Everything alright M'am," Naoki asked.

"That flare," Konomi muttered, "I don't know what it is but there's a strong feeling there's some pirates on that island..."

"Should we go ahead and arrest them," Naoki asked.

"We're setting a course there and investigate," Konomi ordered, "NOW!"

"YES M'AM," the Marines replied.

Back on the island, Runo, Ayane and Hana looked to Kureiji wondering how he managed to find them.

"Who are you," Hana demanded.

"What do you want from us," Ayane asked in a frightened tone.

"Easy we don't want anything from you but it appears our captains have met" Replied Yavana while still in her Hybrid form "Shit we've got company their's a marines ship out there" Yavanna pointed towards a small dot in the middle of the ocean barely visible to those around her "Dammit Captain you couldn't have just called" She whispered under her breath.

"What?! The Marines," Runo asked in a shocked tone.

"Great...first you and the other guy and now the Marines...what else can go wrong," Hana complained.

"What do we do now," Ayane asked.

"Hana, try and get Ame and the others," Runo instructed.

"Got it," Hana nodded then transformed into her Hybrid harpy eagle form flying off towards where Ame and the others are.

"Yavanna go get the captain, i'll see if i can get this door open" Orders Kureiji facing the eerie room and looking around as to where to go.

Seconds later Yavanna had caught up with Hana and passed her "the Captain seems to trust you guys don't prove him wrong".

Arriving at her captain's location Yavanna announced "Captain we have marines inbound the clock is ticking stop chatting and get a move on"

"We've got to move how are you guys at speed" Asked Mal transforming the lower half of his body into plasma and preparing to launch off like a rocket towards the Temple.

Ame's sprouted white wings on her back as she prepared herself ready to take off into the sky. "I'm pretty fast with speed," Ame replied.

"Speed is my middle name," Kiko smirked as she began to charge up her Electro.

"That goes for me as well, speed is my one strength," Yukine said positioning herself.

"I'm able to keep up," Misa remarked.

"Stay low" smiled Mal

The group quickly made their way to the temple trying hard to not be seen from distance Mal arriving at the Temple first.

Ame and the others managed to swiftly arrive at the temple after Mal. Ame looked to Mal with a curious look on her face.

"You really are a curious one aren't you," Ame questioned.

"Doesn't look to scary from the outside," Misa remarked, "think the others are already inside waiting?"

"My best bet is they probably are but Mal stated his other members already encountered Runo and the others," Yukine replied.

"Your somewhat of an Enigma yourself Angel" Mal retorted towards Ame "Your crew should be fine the flare i sent up was an all clear message".

"We need to find the entrance to this place" Mal light up his finger using it as a Torch to illuminate the room in blue light.

The Trials of the Temple

As Ame, her crew and Mal looked around, they noticed Runo and Ayane inside who noticed them.

"You guys are alright," Runo smiled.

"Glad you got here without any harm," Ayane sighed in relief.

"We are too," Ame replied, "did you manage to find the entrance? Also where's Hana?"

"What about me," Hana shouted with a shriek as she landed onto the ground in her hybrid Harpy Eagle form, "I'm back."

"So, anyone willing to know where the entrance is," Kiko asked in an impatient tone.

"I managed to," Runo replied, "however, there seems to be some type of message encrypted on the wall."

"What does it say," Yukine asked.

"It says...be weary...for those who wish...to possess the treasures of the ancient heroes...of the past," Runo read out, "must face the trials that lie ahead..."

"Trials," Hana wondered.

"So this is something to test out which one of us is capable of making it to the end I guess," Ame pondered.

Looking around Mal could see all the members of his crew were safe although the thought of trials exciting him

"Find anything about the first Trial" Mal asked his crew "the first trial seems to be sense based" quickly spoke Bowie as if talking to an opponent.

"Yavanna, Bowie you two have the best senses so I'll let you guys take point on this trial" Ordered Mal his crewmates nodding.

"So given we're doing this together how about whoever gets to the treasure first gets first pick of their half of the treasure" Mal spoke to Ame.

"Sounds good to me," Ame nodded.

As Ame and her crew entered the first room, they were stopped by Kiko who threw her hand up preventing them from going any further.

"Wait, don't you smell it," Kiko asked.

"What are you talking about? I don't smell anything," Hana remarked.

"You may not but I do," Kiko stated as she sniffed the air then her eyes widened, "we need to get to the other side where the door is now! There's a gas that would cause someone to pass out into a deep sleep! Would need to follow my lead to get to the other side!"

"I can smell something it's an ancient paralysis toxin, Bowie your Mink smell should give us the best chance of making it through" Yavanna her senses trained as the crew followed Bowie to make it to the other side.

Kiko and the others managed to get to the other side following her lead before more gas was to be leaked out flooding the entire room. Once they made it to the other side, Runo noticed something encrypted on the wall that caught her attention. She placed her hand on it as she squinted her eyes trying to read it.

"See something Runo," Ayane asked.

"Looks like another message left behind by the ancient heroes," Runo replied as she traced her hands on the ancient writing, "it says, to those who passed the first trial...is only the beginning...for the next trial...one must rely solely on the inner mind...choose between right and wrong...for one will lead to our treasure...while one...will lead to an inevitable fate..."

"So this next trial will be based on which path we should be heading towards," Ame stated, "seems simple enough."

"Not in a way that you think," Yukine remarked, "it's nothing simple."

"Yukine makes a point, plus we need to decide which is the best path to take based on our intuition," Ayane pointed out.

"That's the first time I've ever heard you speak that way before," Kiko commented.

"You think I'm just a typical air-headed blonde," Ayane sighed, "get real..."

"Ok Chantara and I will lead this challenge as it seems to be based on morality and Choices" Ordered Mal

"Are you sure i'm not that confident in myself" replied Chantara meekly "If you don't yet believe in the yourself then believe in the Chantara that i believe in i've got your back in this" Mal replied reassuringly.

"So if we were to follow you and Chantara, question is how would we know which path is correct or not," Hana asked.

"As the message stated it's based on judgement on the inner mind between right and wrong," Runo stated.

"Alright, then I guess we'll be following you guys for this trial," Ame replied looking to Mal and Chantara.

"Well I've got Observation skills and Chantara has the best judgement of any person I've ever met" Mal said "Captain you put me too highly" Chantara Sheepishly responded.

Meanwhile outside of the temple, the Marines arrived on the island. Konomi and Naoki boarded off of their ship and noticed two other pirate ships in the distance.

"No doubt, pirates are here," Konomi scowled.

"But why would they be on ancient grounds like this," Naoki wondered.

"From what I know there's an ancient treasure that's buried here by two ancient heroes from centuries ago according to legend," Konomi stated, "they must be going after that."

"We should stop them before they even get their hands on them," Naoki stated grabbing onto his sword.

"Don't be too rash Naoki," Konomi barked, "we don't even know where the temple is supposedly located. Best thing is to look around and find it before we make our attack. Men, follow behind and don't hold anyone up!"

"Yes ma'am!" the Marines replied.

Back inside of the temple, the Rain Pirates and the Diamond Pirates were met at two entrances, Chantara and Mal looked to the entrances to see which would be the best path to choose. Ame and the others looked around for any other clues of what the next trials would be.

"Found anything," Yukine asked Runo.

"Sadly no," Runo replied, "looks like we won't know the next trial until we finish the current one."

A "purururu" came from Mal's pocket producing a Den Den Mushi he opened it "Erasmus what's up" "Captain we have company a Marine ship has made port on the island do you want me to come get you" Erasmus Yelled through the Snail "No I'll finish the hunt I'll call you when we get it be ready to pick us up the second I call you".

"What's going on out there," Yukine asked Mal.

"From what was heard on Mal's den-den mushi, the Marines are here," Ame answered, "meaning we gotta get moving and fast."

"Ok what direction to go the wall seems to be a test of Worth do you take the Path with the Gold, Silver or Iron pathway. Mal pondered "My mind is saying take the Gold pathway but my Heart as a poor boy is saying the option that's the best is the Iron pathway as all the best swords are made from humble beginnings".

The group walked through the Iron Pathway and found another set of Paths with statues of people.

"Another path," Hana asked staring at the two paths before them.

"Chantara, think you could decide which path would lead us to the next part of the trial," Ame asked looking to Chantara.

Chantara took a second to think as she took a few steps forward and began to put her hand out to sense which path to go. She hovered her hand to the left path and felt a sense of ease. She then hovered her hand to the right path and felt a sense of unease.

"The left path, if we take that we should reach the final trial," Chantara answered pointing to the left path.

"Let's go," Ame ordered as the rest of her crew followed behind.

As the two crew went through the tunnel they felt slightly unnerved at the end of the passage stood two figures seemingly made of mist "One always Lies and the Other always tells the truth, One is Death One is Life". Came a voice as if carried by the wind.

"Ok I've got this" Mal said confidently "Which way did we come from" He Questioned. The figures began to move one pointing towards and entrance way while the other pointed in the direction of the temple entrance.

."Ok so its the one pointing behind us right" Kureiji said. "Yes, No" Came the Windy voices. "The one point away from our passage way is the one telling the truth" responded Mal. "Ok so which direction leads to the treasure" Mal Questioned the Statues both pointed towards their own passage The one who had pointed towards the entrance to the Temple entrance pointed to the Passage going right while the other pointed to the left. "We Go right" Said Mal before leading the group through the passage however when they got close to the split in the tunnel the Statues Disappeared.

"Hey, the statues, they're gone," Ayane pointed out.

"That should be a good sign that we're almost to the final point," Hana remarked.

As the finally reached the split, they noticed an engraving on the wall with an encrypted language. Runo went over to it, placing her fingers on the wall as she squinted her eyes studying it.

"To the brave ones who have journeyed thus far, choose...the final tunnel towards our treasure or death," Runo read, "if chosen correct, treasure awaits, if chosen incorrectly, death awaits..."

"So we're at the end point here and only one of the tunnels leads to the treasure from the ancient ones," Ame said.

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