Dinno is one of the Three Kings of West Blue. He is also the user of the Heri Heri no Mi, a Logia type that allows him to create, manipulate, and become helium, making him a Puffed Up Human. With helium, he can push objects away or make a target consume a lot of helium. It also allows him to fly with the use of his Burst Ability. He also guards a cubic relic that is required to go to Frabara Island. He fought the Straw Hats and lost, but he did manage to hold them in long enough that he weakened them for Terro to defeat them. He is said to be the weakest of the Three Kings. He also can control the density of his helium, pushing and grabbing enemies.

Burst Ability

To use this ability, Dinno underwent an operation that gave him this power. It allows him to explode parts of his body mid-air. He uses this to fly by exploding his legs and then guiding himself with his helium. He also grows his exploding body parts back.

Haki & Swordmanship

With his Haki, Dinno can use Armament Haki and Observation Haki. He also is a great swordsman, using Santoryu, but two in one hand rather than one in his mouth.

After Timeskip

After the timeskip, he battles the Straw Hats and knocks out everyone in the crew except Sanji, Roronoa Zoro, Monkey D. Luffy, and Brook. He then loses and surrenders.


Pafugurabu (English: Puff Grab)

With his helium, Dinno changes the density of it and grabs an enemy.

Mite! Fusen! (English: Look! A Balloon! or Viz: Puff Up)

Dinno fires a shot of helium that goes into a targets mouth.

Genzai no Bakku (English: Current Back)

Dinno shoots a beam of helium that pushes enemies away.

Guntai! Heriumu Kogeki! (English: Army Force! Helium Attack! or Viz: Many Destructive Helium Clones!)

Dinno's strongest attack, where he creates an army of clones out of helium. This technique is very destructive.


Dinno is a mix between calm and serious, always saying something with intent.


In terms of design. Dinno is 5'08 (Making him the shortest of the Three Kings) and weighs 168 pounds (Making him weigh the less out of the Three Kings). His blood type is A and his hair color is yellow. His zodiac sign is Scorpio with his birthday as November 1.


  • Dinno vs. Straw Hat Pirates: Loss
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