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Donguri is a Marine Commander and part of Vice Admiral Shiroiratto's Crew. He has a distinct lack of knowledge on swords, which makes Tashigi very angry at him. Despite this, he ate the Kakin Kakin no Mi, Model: Crow. This fruit is a Zoan Type that allows the user to fly and produce feathers.

Before Timeskip

Before the timeskip, Donguri flew in Crow Form to spy on the Straw Hats, and then he gave Rein information about them. As Monkey D. Luffy approached Marineford, Donguri attacked him, and Luffy had to go into Gear Second to fight him, as the fight went on, Luffy got better and better until he finished off Donguri who was knocked out by Luffy's Jet Bazooka. He was knocked out for the rest of Marineford, never to be heard again in the Manga. In the filler Caesar's Retrieval Arc, he was seen with many other Marines and was also in Film: Z.


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