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Donk E. Kong, more commonly known as "Wukong",[6] was a primate mink, the captain or Shangdi of the Wukong Pirates and one of the four Yonko ruling over the New World.[1] Given his emperor status along with his unrivaled feats in battle, Wukong was recognized as the undisputed "Strongest Creature in the World".[8]

From his base on Tian,[4] Wukong conquered the majority of the White and White-White Sea above the Grand Line, where he ruled as "God" over the sky islands that inhabit the region.[3] Wukong formed an alliance with the Queen of Elbaf, Frederick Barbara, which has lead to his crew being dubbed as the most fearsome in the world.[12]

Decades ago before the formation of his own crew, Wukong was also part of the notorious Redbeard Pirates as one S-ranks reputed as the Four Horsemen.[13] During this time, Wukong operated under the moniker "Wukong the Conqueror" in correlation to his apocalyptic symbol of subjugation.[9]

Wukong was the main antagonist of the Sky Wars Saga as a whole, being the impetus for the entirety of the narrative's events. However, the infamous pirate met his end at the end of the conflict.[citation needed]


"As I gazed upon his massive mink physique, I had never felt smaller. His chiseled body, his spiky hair, his daunting eyes, I was staring at the literal personification of power. Even without him saying a word, I knew I was staring at the World's Strongest Creature, King of Beasts."
Moby Dick in Cloud Nine[14]

Befitting of someone with his epithet, the Strongest Creature, Kong is a massive primate mink who towers above most creatures at 914.4 centimes or peaking over 30 feet tall, which is the tallest of all the Yonko.[15] Complimenting his large stature, Kong possesses a Herculean physique that, unlike other abnormally large creatures, is well proportioned. Attached to his chiseled build, he has a rust-red fur coat that covers the majority of his body along with bronze skin beneath it that shows along his face, torso, fingers and toes. Kong isn't the most attractive being as his canines protrude outside him mouth, he possess small elf-like ears along with long thin eye-brows, which are all traits many have deemed to be undesirable. Furthermore, Wukong possesses blood-red eyes which have been noted to shine brighter in battle.

Wukong adorns himself with a silver captain's coat, which hangs loosely from his shoulders and bears his crew's Jolly Roger symbol along the back. Always sporting the no shirt look, he wears near pitch black trousers along with zebra-pattern fur pelt around his waist. Additionally, although the purpose is currently unknown, Kong wears a silver rope belt which wraps around his waist and shoulders. Along his shins and right forearm, Wukong wears gold guards while on his left, he appears to be wrapped around with bandages. Although somewhat uncommon, even among those of the Mink Tribe, Wukong walks around barefoot, allowing him to get a greater grip of his surrounding while also using his toes for supplementary purposes.

Beyond his clothing, Kong is always seen holding various objects, tools and weapons with him. Similar to a swordsmen, Wukong carries his signature weapon, Ruji Bang, at all points. Almost as equally as common as his staff, Wukong can be seen hitting his pipe which often contains medical herbs which keep him mellow. Along his hips, he often carries a large sake gourd on one side and a pouch of beans on the other, providing him snacks or fluids when he's high. Finally, Kong wears his former master's tooth around his neck as a memento and a testament to his eventual triumph over the legendary warrior.

During a full moon, Wukong gains access to a transformation unique to minks known the Sulong Form. However, his transformation greatly differs from that of his tribesmen's as Wukong is one the few Great Minks that come one in a generation. As part of his unique physiology, Wukong's size nearly doubles making him as large as the average giant (over 60 feet tall). Furthermore, his appearance becomes more grotesque, losing some of the homo-sapien qualities he possesses in his standard appearance, transforming into white primal beast. His eyes become completely red and he has often been compared to a demon as a result.

Although Wukong hails from a warrior-race, has traversed the sea for over four decades and has fought in countless battles, he does not hold one scar on his body. A testament to his own combat prowess along with his strong recovery rate, no injury has ever left a blemish along his chiseled frame. Even though some have deemed this as a form of cowardice, Wukong hold this feat in great regard and hopes to continue his streak.



Name Nickname Bounty
Donk E. Kong "Wukong"[6] Bsymbol.gif5,000,000,000[10]

First Bounty:

Second Bounty:

Third Bounty:

Fourth Bounty:


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