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As one of the Yonko, Kong is one of the four strongest pirates alive,[12] regarded as the world's strongest combatant and reputed as the "Strongest Creature".[8] Even among the Pirate Emperors, Wukong has managed to distance himself from his peers. The Fleet Admiral of the Marines and Warrior of the Sea both recognized that Kong and his crew are the single most threatening organization of all the Yonko.[13] Upon hearing one of his fellow Yonko, Esposito Dante, conquered Kong's hometown Zou, he individually located and proclaimed the dukedom his territory, welcoming the challenge from any of the country's inhabitants or the rival Yonko and his crew mates.[14]

Throughout the years, primarily due to his strength and unorthodox charisma, Kong has amassed an incredibly powerful and blasphemously large crew.[citation needed] The crew's strength has been able to prevent the marines from establishing any bases or strongholds in the White Seas throughout the last twenty years all the while enhancing the Sky Empire's influence.[15]

As God of the Sky Empire, Wukong has full control over the dozens of territories that stretch throughout the White and White-White Sea.[16] These islands are home to dozen of races and tribes unique to Sky Islands including Birdmen,[17] Fairies,[18] Angels,[19] along with dozens of creatures. His control over these nations has provided him strategic advantage over his adversaries due to their atmospheric location. However, even among the many Sky Islands under his control, none offer him the influence as his alliance with Elbaf. Through his partnership with Odin, Kong and his crew enjoy cooperation with thousands of Elbaf force, globally regarded as the mightiest military throughout the globe.[13]

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Tactical and Meteorological Expertise

Physical Prowess

Kong strength

Kong splitting the sea with a single punch.

Worthy of his title the "Strongest Creature", Kong's physical abilities have garnered him an impeccable reputation throughout both the blue and white seas. Being a "Great Mink", Kong has inherited the physiological capabilities of the Mink Tribe along with incredible stature reminiscent to a Giant. This genetic advantage is only further enhanced by his primate heritage, making him inherently superior to most races and tribes. At the age of six, upon transforming into his deranged Sulong Form, Kong's physical abilities were fearsome enough to threaten the existence of the Mokomo Dukedom,[20] earning him the moniker "Onizaru".[7] Although his father believed that his son's potential was enough to become the Duke of Zou,[21] Zenko later prophesied the future Yonko had the latent potential to become one of the mightiest creatures on the planet.[22] Having fully realized his potential, Kong has been described to be the strongest creature on the planet.[8]

Arguably his most formidable physical characteristic, Wukong possesses overwhelming colossal strength. As a primate, Kong holds the greatest physical strength potential of all Minks which is further amplified by great status; increasing his strength exponentially comparable to that of a Giant. Throughout his youth, Kong displayed an array of impressive physical feats including lifting tons whilst submerged below the sea,[23] climbing the Red Line,[24] and eventually taking down his former teacher.[25] In adulthood, the Yonko's strength has been compared to a literal force of nature.[26] Powerful combatants like Moby Dick, Sora Daisuke, and Thor have acknowledged they'd be unable to contend with the primate mink's strength. During the Elbaf invasion, Kong overpowered and defeated Ymir, the proclaimed leader of the Oni Tribe, with a mere three punches, a feat that the King of Elbaf, the world's strongest giant, admitted he could not have achieved.[27] Most notably, Kong has consistently clashed with the "Strongest Man" and fellow Yonko Bloodbeard.[28]

Primarily due to his mink heritage, Kong has an incredibly fast recovery rate which is further enhanced by his inherently strong metabolism.[29] Naturally, Kong can easily recover from various afflictions in moments, allowing him to remain in battle for extended periods of time. He rarely displays any sign of fatigue and pain in combat as well, even after battling for days.[28] Kong's vitality seems to also be enhanced as he has shown to be highly resilient towards most diseases and toxins.[26] This invaluable asset was furthered enhanced during Kong's training with Zenko, in which he complimented his superior health with his body's innate intuitive nature. In doing so, the pairing produced an ability that has allowed to Kong further enhance his physical attributes. During times of struggle, Kong's body will imprint on the injuries and/or experiences and immediately learn from it. As a result, Kong's body will adapt in order to minimize the chance the problem will occur once more.[30]

Wukong Durability

Wukong taking on the venomous bites of the Hemi Hemi no Mi with ease.

Often overlooked due to his devil fruit invulnerability, Kong possesses immense durability and endurance. Due to his massive stature that has been often compared to the Giant Race, most forms of traditional human combat and weapons are rendered useless against him. This innate advantage has seemingly grown throughout the years. Although it is seemingly rare when someone pierces his intangibility due to his mastery over Busoshoku Haki, there have been instances where he simply doesn't use his fruit due to wagers. In his battle against Kiwashi, Kong was shown enduring the full effect of Ursus Shock with no apparent injuries.[31] During his battle against Ymir, Kong blocked the oni's powerful stomp with a singular hand.[32] His recovery abilities have transformed his body into a nigh-indestructible combatant.

Despite his massive stature, Kong has proven to be undeniably quick and nimble. While not regarded as incredibly fast, especially compared to other members of the Wukong Pirates, Kong utilizes his enhanced dexterity and agility provided by his primate physiology to allow his body to move swiftly. Kong possesses supernatural coordination, balance and flexibility that allows him to maneuver effectively despite his bulk. This can be seen when he utilizes Ryuji Bang, often twirling around it and balancing himself along the staff. On numerous occasions, Kong's surprising agility coupled by the mink tribe's affinity for stealth, has allowed him to circumvent skilled practitioners of Kenbunshoku Haki.[33] The extent of Kong's natural mobility is adequately depicted when he battle Ymir as he shown quickly climbing along the titan and leaping up several miles in a matter of moments.[32]

As a primate mink, Wukong possesses various attributes that'd generally be unique to users of the Saru Saru no Mi variants. Kong has a prehensile tail and feet which provides him with an enhanced adroitness. His red fur coat along his body makes him incredibly resistant towards cold weather. His teeth have been noted to be incredible sharp, although he's never been seen to use them in battle. Most notably, Kong has displayed a supernatural intuitive ability that resembles that of a Humandrill. His ability to grasp concepts without any conscious effort has allowed him to become viewed as the most primer fighters across the globe.[30]

Sulong Form

Kong Sulong

Kong's Sulong transformation.

As a member of the Mink Tribe, Kong is able to awaken the Sulong (月の獅子スーロン Sūron?, literally meaning "Moon Lion") transformation when looking at the full moon. Wukong first activated this form at the six, where he transformed into a massive crazed ape killed both his parents and threatened the existence of Mokomo Dukedom.[20] His actions from that night are still told as folklore among those of the mink tribe and remembered by the alias, "Onizaru".[7]

In adulthood, Kong has complete mastery over this transformation. Through technique developed by Zenko, Kong is able to activate the form without the need of a full moon. Utilizing electro, Kong can stimulate the same regions of the brain that are triggered when staring at the celestial body, allowing him to bypass the hindering requirement.[30]

Fighting Style

Art of Weather

Main article: Art of Weather

Kong utilizing Zāihài.

Clone 2

Wukong using Yúnduǒ to produce clones of himself.


Main article: Electro
Kong Electro Barrier

Young Wukong using Diàn Zhàng.

Testament to his mink heritage, Wukong possesses the distinct ability to channel static electricity through his own fur known as Electro.[34] Prior to consuming his logia fruit, Kong was revered as a highly skilled practitioner, training under a master in Zenko.[22] Inheriting the majority of the latter's techniques, Kong can channel copious of electricity throughout his body in order to punish opponents in a multitude of ways.

However, upon consuming his devil fruit, Kong has stopped using Electro offensively in favor of using the high voltage lightning he has at his disposal. Be that as it may, Wukong hasn't stopped using the ability entirely but rather, pivoted to employing the technique for defensive and supplementary purposes. Most notably, Wukong has developed a technique known as Diàn Zhàng which augments the electric field that surrounds him which provide numerous enhancements.[35] Among the few, Wukong can turn his field into a barrier, augment the rate in which his neural impulses travel, increase his speed and even use the ability in conjunction with his Kenbunshoku Haki to avoid attacks.


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Wukong MSMD

Despite the difference in size, Wukong intuitively mimics his opponent's moves.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Kumo Kumo no Mi
Kong Logia First Time

Kong transforming his body into clouds for the first time.

With the power of the heavens at his disposal, Wukong possesses the Kumo Kumo no Mi, a powerful Logia-type Devil Fruit that grants the ability to generate, transform and manipulate clouds at will. Distinguished even among its logia brethren, the fruit grants Wukong greater destructive powers and versatility than most fruit of its class. Acquiring the fruit decades ago, the Yonko holds a mastery over its abilities that far surpasses those before him...



Kenbunshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki

Haoshoku Haki


Ruji Bang

Main article: Ruji Bang

Wukong wields a powerful called Ruji Bang which is one of the ancient relics — seven legendary tools that date back to the Void Century. As the wielder of the historic weapon, Kong possesses the ability to manipulate its dimensions when he sees fit...


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