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Scrub is a peculiar race of fishman, a sea sponge fishman, and first mate to Benito Snapsaw of the Landfall Pirates. He is the secondary antagonist during the Windfall Pirates recruitment mission, and was defeated by Kraden, Kaleigh Bolt, and the new recruits.


He’s taller than average humans and has the physique of a body builder. Yet his body is soft, porous and yellow. He has a fro that is made of sponge like the rest of his body. He wears thick dark goggles, red trowsers, black shoes, and a gray tank top with Landfall Pirates jolly roger on it; a crashing wave with cross bones.


Despite his soft spongy body, he is quite the hard head and eager to start fights. He is very arrogant and not nearly as level headed as his captain. He is very proud of his crew and encourages them during training and combat.

Powers and Abilities

Like all fishmen he has strength ten times that of humans. His main strength is that his soft porous body can absorb and deflect many attacks, giving him high endurance and resilience. The downside is that his attacks are also very soft and feeble. He has one technique to compensate, he is able to absorb sea water to grow in size. He becomes several stories tall, and his arms and torso become much larger and disproportionate to the rest of his body. He can deal more damage to a larger area, and can produce blasts of sea water that can nullify devil fruit users.

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