Draco\'s flag

Draco's Crew is a fanfic of mine that I been toying with for about two years, and can be found on

Draco's Crew is about group of pirates, who follow their dreams, fight in what they believe in, and sail the sea for their freedom. The main problem is that they seem to find trouble on ever other island.


Captain: Malchior "The Draco" D. Raco

Dream: To be the Dragon of Grand Line

Translator: Jack

Chef: Nicolios Vieana Jessie

Dream: To find the All Blue

Navigator: Harry Copper

Sniper: Ken Shiba

Dream: To bring back the Shiba name in firearms.

First-Mate: Karai "The Lunar Lotus"

Dream: To be know as one of the best Martial Artist

Doctor: Kardra

Pet: Jean

Musician: Ayame

Scout: Gwen "The Harpy"

Second-Mate Roy "The Blaze"



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