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A rare and powerful race within the world, almost unheard of because of how rare they leave their island.


It is a humanoid dragon which can be the size of a regular human or larger (such as an anthropomorphic dragon form or a human with scales, horns, claws, fangs, wings, and a tail).


As stated earier the Dragonoids are a race of anthropomorphic dragons. typically their entire body, majority or just partially is covered with scales as some of them more closely resemble

A young Dragonoid

humans with dragon like features. Their internal biology will vary depending on the type of dragon they're born DNA from such as wyverns or Chinese dragons for examples.

Young dragonoids, who hatched from eggs like their dragon relatives, grow at an impressive rapid rate, much faster than most other races, reaching the equivalent maturity of a human child of 10 by age 3

Like dragons, dragonoids are often mistaken for reptiles, but are in fact warm-blooded draconic creatures. In fact, the internal body temperature of the dragonoids is warmer than that of most, being so hot as to seem feverish to the human touch. While this might seem disadvantageous, the lack of hair and large mouth allow the dragonoids to displace body heat at an effective rate, meaning dragonoids are comfortable in cold climates while remaining no more vulnerable to heat than humans.

Overall Strength

Dragonoids are incredibly strong as they mainly hunt large Sea Kings on a regular basis as their island is in the heart of the calm belt. This is so common in fact that when a Dragonoid is at least thirty, they should be capable of hunting down young and naive sea kings on their own or at least in a small group. by the time their fifty, they should be able to hunt down a much larger one on their own, as no help is allowed at this point.

Their strength is seen to match even full grown and Elder Dragons despite the massive difference in size. For an example a young Dragonoid of just eighty years of age could take on a dragon of two hundred years. Being more than capable of smashing their way through plateaus when in pursuit of another. They also do prove to be extremely dominant in the sky. This is done just through their brute strength but also because of their much quicker and agile flying than regular dragons.


Dragonoids are naturally born incredibly strong compared to most other races. A key example being that an average dragonoid is capable of taking on five to ten fishmen and match strength with them. Their brute physical strength is incredible with minimal amount of training or refinement.


Inter-Species Relationships

Culture & Beliefs

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One of the Guardia Reale

To any dragonoid, the clan is more important than life itself. Dragonoids owe their devotion and respect to their clan above all else. Each dragonoid’s conduct reflects on the honor of his or her clan, and bringing dishonor to the clan can result in expulsion and exile. Each dragonoid knows their station and duties within the clan, and honor demands maintaining the bounds of that position.

A continual drive for self-improvement reflects the self-sufficiency of the race as a whole. Dragonoids value skill and excellence in all endeavors. They hate to fail, and they push themselves to extreme efforts before they give up on something. A dragonoid holds mastery of a particular skill as a lifetime goal. This is partly why they thrive and can exist outside f the World Government.

Despite this self sufficiency and independence from others, the race as a whole recognize that help is sometimes needed in difficult situations. Which is why they highly respect and admire, Esposito Dante for everything he has done for them. Without even asking he offered to give them new crops and herbs that can help combat and cure illnesses the Dragonoids struggled with. Because of that and as they could not sense a single drop of ill will from the Yonko, which is why all Dragonoids around the world admire the young man.


Among the Dragonoids there are the clans that all dragonoids are born in. These can vary from a small clan, roughly the size of a single family or one that's able to fill a small neighborhood worth of people. Each clan has a 'head' who speaks on behalf of their respective clan.

Typically they all follow a village chief. The village chief is decided not by the head of a clan but on the classic who is the 'strongest'. This proof of strength isn't done just by pure power alone some determine their strength of village chief by their raw intelligence and leadership qualities. Though when they do determine it through power, the rule is they are not allowed to fight within the village and must do so outside. And another rule being that They are not allowed to kill one another in said battle.

The entire island has a 'king', currently though the island is ruled by two twin brother kings, "Generosità & Avarizia" who are considerably younger than a lot of village chiefs.


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