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Dravon Andreis

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Around 800,000,000
Half Fishman
Marines(Former),CP9(Former),Mafia Pirates
Pirate Captain,Bounty Hunter
Crew,10 siblings
Fishman strength,all forms of Haki,roku,high agility,animal like instinct
Love Interest
Yukiko Yoshio (girlfriend)

Dravon Andreis is a former Marine and Impel down prisoner and is said to be one of the strongest fishman karate users in the one piece world. He is currently the captain of the Mafia Pirates with an unknown bounty though rumors have spread that it is close to 800,000,000 beri.


Dravon is a dark skinned person with blue hair and red eyes. He is hinted to have a shark like fun which he can make cone out at will and is also shown to have piranha like teeth which are shown when mad along with a pair of horns leading many to believe that he is part of the fighting fish species. He wears a headband that Yukiko gave him as a symbol of love(which he never takes off). Despite his tall slender figure Dravon is actually really fit and also likes to dress properly and is often seen in a suit or fancy outfit (despite the picture shown above).


He is the opposite of his girlfriend and acts cool calm and collected most of the time. He is seen as ruthless and merciless to his enemies and is often depicted as a tyrant in the pirate world but in reality he can be a kind person to those who he deems worthy of respect. He has been shown to have a slight temper and can't really convey his emotions as well as his fellow crew mates but despite this he has been shown to be an all around decent person who will do whatever he can to protect his friends and all of their dreams.

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