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A young woman in her 20's, thin, with smooth curves and bouncy curled green hair with dozens of needles protruding through her skull. She wore a long one-piece silk white dress with three black crosses, with long sleeves that went down to the floor presumably to hide weapons. Her emerald green eyes were filled with cunning and bloodlust, her tongue licking her lips with the thrill of battle. Her face looked crusty and badly burnt.



Former Crew was Triple Cross Pirates at the Clinic.

Now works as a scout for the:

Bloodless Vampires


Lady Kairi Lumina, plans to make her ruler of the world.




Abilities and Powers


Her long scythe-like fingernails on both hands that she can inflict damage with when her opponent takes damage in the dream world. Also her battle form which can deal heavy physical damage in the real world and to deal metal-melting acid blasts.



Over 80 years ago, Agatha Slann was once a awe-inspiring therapist aboard a pirate ship. The crew she was with were rather decent people instead of the savages she expected, but were the kind of people with skeletons in their closets. Since they didn't ask much of her other than to record their adventures, she took them one by one aside on the couch to talk to them. And with a lot of prying, she learned of a Devil Fruit that they stole from a old crone who planned on selling it on the black market.

Interested in it, she acquired a key from the captain to open the chest it was in. Running various tests, she couldn't figure out what made it tick. So she took a small chunk out of the fruit and chewed on it. KA-BOOM! Agatha was instantly vaporized into pink smoke, and appeared in the dream of one of her nakama. Unable to take phyical form with the Dream Dream Fruit in her system, she took it out on the jerks who forgot to warn her that even a single bit would make her unable to swim. To this day, no one had found their bodies or the ship, but it's said they became "Nightraiders" for a while. .



She is absolutely insane in the noggin and loves to terrorize people eitehr by forcing them to fight each other or face their greatest fears over and over again until they lose all aspect of reality.