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Drusus is the executive in Adrian Faust’s New World Trading Co and is a devil fruit user. After being trapped for a hundred years by the power of the Okuri Okuri no Mi, Faust released him for the purposes of destroying the Windfall Pirates.


He appears to be the youngest and shortest of Faust’s executives, still appearing to be in his teens. He has pale skin, blue hair, and slanted pupils. He wears a bandana around his forehead and a suit similar in style to Canterbury.

His zoan form gives him amphibious blue and multicolored skin, and extends his legs into frog legs.


Given his youth he is childish and cocky. He thinks fast and acts fast to the point that others have difficulty keeping up with him. Often his antics get in the way of the task at hand.

Powers & Abilities

Drusus ate the Guwa Guwa no Mi, Model: Poison Dart Frog which he received in a trade with Faust. This gives him the power to turn partially or fully into a toxic amphibian. He has enhanced speed and agility, and where he lacks in strength he makes up for skill. He has also mastered several of six powers such as the finger pistol, moon walk, and tempest. With his frog legs he can jump off the air itself and create wide range tempest kicks. He has also made a technique based on the finger he calls the ‘tongue pistol’ which utilizes his elastic frog tongue. Keep in mind that all his attacks are infused with poison.

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