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Edgar is a bull minkman who left the tribe many years and became the right hand man of the mad king Babylon. The two were defeated by the Windfall pirates, and he became trapped in the mines beneath the kingdom.


He is a bipedal bull with horns, dark brown fur, muscular and has a hunched back. He has dark beady eyes much like Pekoms. His wardrobe is inspired by ancient greek design.


Edgar is cruel when tasked with keeping his kings slaves in order, working in his mines beneath the kingdom. He always takes a direct approach, crashing through a wall if it proves easier than taking the door. He also takes a direct approach when he speaks to others making very blunt and harsh criticisms of his opponents. In combat he quite cunning and effective at disorienting his opponents.

Powers & Abilities

He is gifted with bull like strength and speed, as well as a gifted tactician in single combat.

Devil Fruit

Edgar ate a devil fruit, after leaving the minkman tribe, that allows him to create walls that grow from any materials around him, such as a stone floor, an effective means of defense. He is very adept in this power so much so that he can manipulate his entire environment and turn it into a maze. This forces opponents into traps, allowing him to corner them, and crash through a wall for a sneak attack.The only known weakness is that these walls can't be disassembled.


Edgar Minos name, appearance, and powers are blatantly based on the minotaur of Greek mythology.

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