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Edo Shishio or Kokuryū (黒竜 Black Dragon?) is a Marine Admiral, meaning he is one of the leading figures within the organization. He is known as more down to earth and 'relatable' admiral among the rank.


Shishio is a tall man with a very muscular build. He has grey eyes and black hair of medium length that is messily combed backward, making it stick outwards. Additionally, he sports a stubble mustache and beard

Shishio's attire is very simple and consists only of a white A-shirt and black trousers. The trousers have an extra layer of tan leather that covers his outer thighs and down to his knees. The trousers are only supported by a belt around his waist. Lastly, he wears black high boots that cover most of his calves.



Shishio comes off to most as someone more beast like than an admiral, often referred to as a Yoi-jū (酔獣 Drunken Beast?) by the other admirals, those who know him personally, or his usual bartenders. A title well deserved for his constant consumption of different type of alcoholic beverages. Despite his constant drinking, he's displayed being not being able to be drunk capable of drinking barrels of ale back to back yet still capable of being fully aware of his surroundings. Shishio is such a habitual drinker that he even dislikes being sober at any given time. Shishio's manner of speaking tends to be very blunt, even insulting regardless of whoever he is speaking to, even the Fleet Admiral Heiwa. His is not above provoking or belittling those who oppose or irritate him. Shishio's sense of humor tends toward the vulgar, insulting, and dark.

To the world as a whole Shishio is revered as one of the strongest among the Marines and fits his sense of justice, ‘’’Survival Of the Fittest’’’ or ‘’’Evolving Justice’’’. For him the concept of being ‘Fittest’ is not just someone who’s the strongest in power but more of someone who is both physically and spiritually strong. He dismisses those who approach him with just their physical strength, devil fruit, or intelligence if they aren't capable of fully maximizing all their abilities. Shishio's been known for being incredibly ruthless in his training of other Marines, with impressive results such as ex-commodore Miyamoto, Vice Admiral Louise Elizabeth, and even Yonko Esposito Dante, all incredibly impressive swordsmen. This was born after he lost to the Fleet Admiral, Heiwa early in their twenties. This crushing defeat by Heiwa shattered his original sense that only physical strength was what mattered, this would make him crave power beyond what pure physical strength and instinct alone can provide admitting he was not ‘strong’. This also connects to his secret self esteem issues when the likes of Heiwa is brought up.

Shishio is also known as one of the bloodiest Marines in the world, a title given to him by those within the underworld and the pirate world. This title was given to him for his usual known love for battle. This spawned from him being raised by the massive pack of Humandrills who took in him and riased him after his parent's passing. In their culture, they would constantly have sparing session on a daily basis, to determine the strongest among them and to test their skills. He had to develop this form of blood and battle lust to grow among them, eventually becoming their leader. After consuming his spinosaurus devil fruit it had an influence on him that only heightened this lust. His own sword feeds off of these feelings to project a black aura, enhancing the sharpness of the blade.

While he is one of the strongest and oldest Swordsmen among the Marines, Shishio retains a level of humility and is not overly arrogant about his strength, acknowledging that he cannot defeat Heiwa. He saw that the likes of Dante had displayed the potential to become stronger than himself and the even possibly the Fleet Admiral given enough time. This is connected to his want to in some way be behind of Heiwa’s fall from Greatest Swordsman In The World, takes in students or even roughly trains his own children in the hopes of them completing his dream. This humility is what allowed Shishio to train and make great Marines and why he was capable of making such a strong impression with Dante and Kai, becoming a fatherly figure to the two, being the first person to make them not feel so alone. Regardless of his dark behavior, he's been seen caring deeply for his students, wishing to draw out all their strength not just for his own selfish reasons but also to make sure they can tackle the world. Despite as abusive he can be in his methods he always pulls back enough to not harm them to drastically. He even has pride in the growth of his students as seen when he admired how Dante, a Yonko and enemy of the Marines, has become such a powerful swordsman when the two clashed recently.

This level of empathy and sense of morality is something he rarely ever shows. Shishio's most defining characteristics is the great value he places on protecting his men, the way of the sword, and his beliefs.

Abilities & Powers

Physical Prowess

Shishio is known as the physically strongest among the three Marine Admirals, not just in pure strength but also in endurance. Since and early age he was capable of matching the strength of fully grown Humandrills in fights. As a young Marie Rear Admiral he clashed against the likes of future yonko Kong in casual clashes. Even without the use of his devil fruit Shishio already boasts immense strength capable of lifting an entire ship alone and carry it a few feet back into the sea. His fists capable of landing devastating punches, some pirates have had their arms broken or fractured in multiple places after taking a single one of Shishio's punches.

When in the calm belt and his ship's turbines died out, he single handedly rowed it out before any seakings managed to reach them. He's even been seen launching a sword from one side of an island to another, and have the sword still cut three multiple large oak trees. He's capable of matching strength with powerhouses such as Spartacus who alone was capable of bringing down an entire fortress alone. Also the duo of Yoi and Warui who were physically powerful martial artists lost an arm each when they face Shishio in a multi day and night battle. Shishio has also taken on the likes of Elio Kai who's extremely smart and has a huge skill set to use, and the likes of London Jack during his prime who at the time was on a fast track to reach the title of Yonko.

Shishio before consuming his devil fruit used training systems such as swimming up waterfalls, using a slab of mult-hundred pounds of iron as a make shift sword, performing over three thousands sword swipes a day. He's capable at moving extreme speeds thanks to the years or iaijutsu and Soru training, able to dodge beams if intense light fired off by the likes of Elio Giovanni and even able to block and counter those intensely fast attacks.


Unlike his student Dante, Shishio's swordsmanship is based around hack and slash methods of battle. There's no real 'refinement' at face value but in reality it is a mixture of the many sword techniques taught to him by the humandrills and what the Fleet admiral had taught him, including what he picked up in fights over the years. Where most people believe it is a raw swordsmanship, Shishio's is considered one of the hardest to understand as it's how he calls it "Beastly Refined", as it may come off as some wild animal but in reality the technique is swift, fluid, more than capable of changing when the need comes. Such as slamming kicks into a foe's ribs throwing their balance off and deliver a swift stab or swipe at a major artery.

Shoshio's sword, Enjaku (円寂 Death of the Buddha?) is a unique Saijo O Wazomono sword he gained from the fleet admiral herself as a gift and her greatest sign of respect she had for Shishio since an early age. The cursed sword's unique ability as one of the seven treasures is that it releases a deep black aura wrapped around the sword. This aura allows the sword to get sharper the more bloodlust it draws from the user, so Shishio's natural aggression mixed with the immense carnivorous bloodlust given to him thanks to his ancient zoan fruit makes the fruit all that much more effective.

His swordsmanship is more than capable of outright defeating other masterful swordsmen such as Miaymoto, Loise Arthur and Louise Elizabeth. In fact he had trained each of those three, with each of them reaching the rank of Commodore within the Marines extremely quickly. Elizabeth herself reaching the rank of Vice Admiral at the age of thirty-five. Shishio has even trained the likes of a Yonko in the form of Esposito Dante, to the point only Rear Admirals and above could keep up with his swordsmanship at the age of seventeen. Even currently the likes of Heiwa and Dante admit Shishio is an immensely strong swordsman, each admitting Shishio is right behind them in skill.

Devil Fruit

Shishio ate from the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Spinosaurus, an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit allowing him to transform into a spinosaurus or a human-spinosaurus hybrid at will. He boasts tremendous strength in his full-beast form, particularly in his jaws and tail, able to effortlessly wreck buildings using them. Shishio has even learned to use his full Spinosaurus's spines as an extension of his swordsmanship, sending out massive air blade like attacks. While using his hybrid form his already existing physical capabilities are magnified to an extreme degree, which only makes his swordsmanship that much more lethal and effective.

As an Ancient Zoan type, Shishio has a high amount of durability, able to recover quickly from strong attacks. This was seen after he took a combo of attacks from Kai and still managed to continuously get to his feet at incredible speeds.

Shishio had consumed his fruit as means to attain enough power to reach the levels of strength that had always escaped him. He demanded for the Marines to provide him with a fruit capable of assisting him in this chance for power and in return it was the ancient zoan the Ryu Ryu no My, Model: spinosaurus. He's had the fruit for roughly twenty years and has since then only enhanced his fighting style with the assist of his fruit.


Kenbunshoku Haki

This haki was in fact the one which Shishio struggled to fully learn at first as it didn't come as naturally. He required to not be so 'focused' or 'in control', a mentality he usually kept as it what's allowed him to keep up against the humandrills. It took him losing to be opened enough to learn new techniques and to build on what he had. While it was difficult Shishio has developed and refined this haki to a very lethal weapon and tool to use both in and out of combat. It allows him to accurately defend against projectiles such as arrows or bullets from multiple snipers in different directions. Steadily he built this haki to the point that he can keep up with the attack from the likes of Elio Giovanni, blocking his beams of intense light or even his blinding fast melee attacks.

Steadily over the years, Shishio began to refer to his haki as 'The Swordsman Instinct'. The ability to fight and adapt, such as swiftly adjusting his stance to evade in coming attacks or even changing the direction of his attacks in a single movement. Eventually Shishio shattered his limits and tapped into the advanced form of this haki, being able to look directly into the future. So long as Shishio can maintain a certain level of control he can keep a constant visual of the future. This added with him paying equal attention to the present will let him deliver extremely fast and decisive attacks. More than capable of tipping the balance of a battle into his favor.

Busoshoku Haki

Shishio is able to use Busoshoku Haki, he's been capable of this form of haki of fairly early on in his life. As he would instinctively cost his sword with a deep black aura to enhance the blade's capabilities. This is thanks to his willpower and desire to overcome his 'weakness' when compared to the humandrills as a child. Though he was unable to call upon it by choice and barely even acknowledge it actually being there. It wasn't until after he clashed with the likes of the fleet admiral, being shown how small he was in comparison to the bigger picture. This is what caused him to begin to deeply train his control over haki. Shishoo displayed a natural talent and affinity for Busoshoku as it paired extremely well with his violent fighting style.

As a Marine admiral and his many years as a warrior, Shishio has pushed this haki further and reached new levels, the advanced levels of the haki. Shishio can release or 'emit' his haki to enemies which gives him a larger skill set for battle. While normally people require a medium to do such a thing, Shishio can do so without one. This is why he's capable to use his haki to damage and/or repel their target without making direct contact or using brute force. Shishio himself has mixed this with his sword style, as sometimes he'd release his haki to the tip of the blade and release it into an enemy who's just out of his reach, causing his target to be cut from the inside out! This gives Shoshio in an advantage in close combat or in sword duels. An unpredictable technique, very hard to defend against or predict when being used.

Haoshoku Haki

Shishio unlocked this branch of haki during one of his classic battles against the Redbeard pirates' S-rank members, Kong. The pirate had pushed Shishio to his limit and even played mind games through the fight, taunting him, scolding him for his mistakes. Just when Shishio appeared to lose, just as Kong believed to be the winner, Shishio, unable to accept his defeat let out a bloody final roar which released a sudden burst of his willpower! This surprised everyone on the battlefield, both friend and foe.

Over the thirty years after unlocking this form of haki, Shishio had greatly improved this technique. To the point he's capable of knocking out an entire town's population upon entering it. Shishio developed it uniquely, mixing his conqueror's haki with his naturally powerful bloodlust, the carnivorous aura his fruit gave him, all toed together with the black aura emitted from his sword.


Early Life

Edo Shishio was born to a family of travelers which sail across the seas of the world. His mother and father were the two strongest guards on the ship, both talented swordsmen in their own right. Shishio himself was born on a stormy night when the ship entered the grand line, only just barely able to survive their arrival. As a baby and toddler Shishio was always seen hugging and embracing his father and mother's tantos and katanas while they were in their scabbards. To his parents, this told them he had a natural affinity for swordsmanship.

Unfortunately one night, in a horrible storm, crushing waves after another were slammed against the ship. During this night both of his parents knew this could be the end so they both held Shishio and place a sword between each of them. Eventually the ship slammed into too large of a wave capsizing it, with a second grand wave slamming the ship onto the beach shore of Kuraigana Island. Both his parents died that night, embracing their only child.

Luckily that night a single humandrill found a crying Shishio. The beast took the boy and the swords that were between him and the corpse of his parents. From then on Shishio would be raised by this massive pack of humandrills. As he grew up he always held onto the swords, almost never letting be too far away from him. Also as he grew he was subject to the beasts constant training in their fighting styles and swordsmanship. Because he wasn’t like them and unable to instantly copy techniques he was always treated as the weakest among them. Shishio was always dedicated to his training, always mad because of his weakness and how he was treated. He would train constantly from night to day, Slashing at rocks and trees, taking on other humandrills and absorbing the experience that came with every defeat. This training allowed him to surpass humandrill after humandrill until by the time he was thirteen he defeated the leader among them and took the mantle.

While acting as their leader Shishio would have to prove his superiority among them on a daily basis. Whenever new ships arrived on the island, Shishio was always one of the first from the pack to confront them. He'd see what he can learn from them with language being the minimum.

Eventually at the age of twenty two while acting as the leader of the pack he ran into a group of Marines and they quickly dispatched them. Unfortunately the commanding officer, the sword prodigy and future fleet admiral appeared and defeated the humadrills and utterly devastated Shishio. Despite how strong he had gotten, how many hours he trained, the humandrills he had to train with everyday, this woman appeared and was capable of defeating the entire pack and Shishio himself all alone. Because of this defeat and in the humandrill society all he wanted to do was follow her and aspire to defeat her.

Because of her mercy, Heiwa brought Shishio back with her to Marine HQ. While there he quickly displayed being much higher than average levels of strength, with the majority of those who tried to boss him around were being defeated.  Shishio's raw power and swordsmanship allowed him to not just make a quick splash among the Marines but the world as a whole

Marine Life

Early on he proved his worth to the Marines as he quickly appointed as a Commander upon entering their ranks with his demands of being appointed the same ship or missions alongside Heiwa for six months. While through those six months the two would be acquainted with one another rather well.

He quickly proved his worth within the Marines his strength and combat capabilities alone were capable of him quickly taking on foe after foe. He’s even one of the living Marines who had clashed with the RedBeared Pirates, even combating against their S-rank members Such as the current Yonko, Donk E. Kong during these clashes.

Thirty years prior to the current storyline he had taken down a power pirate mink who was on course of gaining major infamy in the pirate world, London Jack. The battle was so intense that they had leveled an entire city and Shishio was even the one behind permanently damaging his right eye forcing him to wear an eye patch from then on.

Twenty six years prior to the current storyline, he had met a refugee that was saved from a burning island by other Marines. This boy would display tremendous levels of talent in raw natural skill for combat. He then took an interest in the child so much he even worked as his own personal student. The boy's name being Esposito Dante. The two formed a powerful bond as the days came and went.

Twenty years prior to the current storyline he had captured a duo of mercenaries who were known for being capable of conquering entire kingdoms when hired by rival kingdoms. The duo being Yoi and Warui. The two were underworld legends for how often they were hired. When Shishio encountered the two the battle lasted four days and three nights with the end result being Shishio cutting off their left and right arms respectively. He would then lock them away in Impel Down level Six.

About three years to the current storyline, both Shishio and Vice Admiral Fermi were dispatched to deal with Spartacus, a pirate who crossed the line and killed a World Noble. Despite it usually only calling for one admiral to be sent, Spartacus was a powerful pirate and a Vicious conqueror. He was not to be underestimated. By the end of the bout the two managed to arrest him and lock him away in Level Six.

A year before the current storyline Shishio defeated and arrested a rising rookie pirate known as Toro, who actively started a war against the Marines and World Government as a whole. When the two met they had permanently ruined an island, destroying countless buildings and sinking the surface in sand and death. Despite the rookies best efforts Shishio proved too much for him and his crew as he killed every member and arrested Toro. Specifically so he could spend the rest of his life knowing that it was Toro's own ego that led to the death of his crew, of all his friends.


As of late Shishio has been out of commission from action on the blue seas as he was sent to the white and white-white seas to acting as the military leader of the Marine Science Division. He was specifically sent there as to act as the main deterrent of the Wukong pirates from overtaking all the Marine territories in the skies. While up there he has been seen as a great leader, putting himself constantly in major battles alongside those who are enlisted in the 'sky force' or the Marines military in the sky.

He only recently had come down from the skies to assist when a battle broke out at the island of Ohara during a specific incident. Since then he has been brought back to the blue seas to assist in defending kingdoms of the world government from the invading Wukong pirates during the massive war going on.

Concept & Creation