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By Experiencing Both, Victory And Defeat, Running Away And Shedding Tears, A Man Will Become A Man

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Eisenheart Sakold, also known as "Winter Soldier Sakold" and more commonly known as "Winter Soldier", is the Lieutenant General, the second-in-command and younger triplet and Yōren and Hifgram, the princes of Jotunheim. His dream is to one day be the King of Jotunheim, joining the Dragon King Pirates to further put his dream in motion.

Sakold is the younger triplet, but third child of King Thrym, formally living on Jotunheim until he departed to become stronger so he could become King of Jotunheim, meeting and enlisting in the Wrath Pirates as an original member. He would serve as a vanguard until the demotion of Laraib for allowing Strauss D. Calam to escape, gaining a promotion to Lieutenant General and Kylosian's right hand man.

Sakold has a calm and cold demeanor, always calculating his next move in his head which has made him an excellent soldier and member of the Dragon King Pirates. He has led and added many victorious battles as Lieutenant General of the Dragon King Pirates, earning himself an epithet personally from Kylosian, "Winter Soldier".



"Full Body view of Melted Sakold"

Sakold is a man wearing glasses by choice, as he has 20-20 vision, he just believes it makes him look professional. He has long blue hair that is tied into a ponytail by a golden brace, hanging past his right shoulder, reaching up to his chest as the rest of his hair is quite messy in uneven bangs falling down the sides of his face and between his eyes. Sakold has vigilant red eyes, befitting his calculating personality.

His attire consist of a simple pair of dark dress pants and a white collared dress shirt, completely buttoned up with a blue tie hanging from the neck. Over this, he dons a trench coat with a white border. The color of its interior as well as its exterior matches that of his tie. Dark markings are diagonally branded from the left shoulder and sleeve and run down the front and the back of the coat. The coat has a high collar which is left unfolded. The cuffs are also quite large. As the coat cannot be closed down the front, which Sakold fastens it with a long belt, looping it twice around his waist and then holding it fast with a simple buckle. This leaves part of the front of his shirt exposed, allowing the tie to be tucked neatly into the coat. The belt itself has a pattern of diamonds running across it. His outfit is completed by a pair of dark shoes with contrasting light soles.


As a fully grown frost giant, Sakold dons a blue kilt and chestplate made of of stone of ice. He has blue skin and crimson red eyes and even longer blue hair tied into a golden brace in a ponytail which rest on his right shoulder. When fully grown he stands 35 meters (only 2 meters shorter than his brother Hifgram at 37, and 4 meters shorter than his brother Yōren at 39 meters) is the fourth tallest Frost Giant in the Kingdom's history.


Sakold is an extremely serious individual who values knowledge and respect above all. Due to his warlike nature, he is extremely careful not to overstep his own confines, yet makes it extremely clear to voice his displeasures when his junior officers and members are act of place. He is also an extremely prodigious being, excelling in everything he has every read, touched or attempted, a trait that some say he developed due to being the younger triplet and constantly outmatched by his older triplet Yōren.

Sakold has always had a keen eye for the smallest details, surveying his surroundings before making any moves as to assure that he will make the best decision. Being an extremely calculated person gained him immense praise on both Jotunheim and Alkebulan serving as both Kingdom's best tactician.

While he has his own ambitions to be King of Jotunheim, Sakold also believes Kylosian to be the one destined to rule the entire world, and exercising "divine punishment" or death onto those who think otherwise. To ensure that Kylosian will accomplish his goal, he would risk his life for his without even giving it a second thought.



Eisenheart Yōren


Sakold first met Senkaku in the Battle of Jotunheim, exchanging attacks and threats with the man, promising he would kill him, not yet fulfilling this promise.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Capabilities


Speed and Agility

Durability and Endurance

Sakold has displayed incredible durability and endurance, as he fell from the sky at least 25 meters when completely solid, and got up onto his feet like it was nothing.

Frost Giant Cyrokinesis


Kenbunshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki

Devil fruit

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Early Childhood

Battle of Jotunheim

Joining the Dragon King Pirates