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Ekuto Ekuto no Mi
Japanese Name: エクトエクトフルーツ
English Name: Ekutoekutofurūtsu
Meaning: Ectoplasm Ectoplasm Fruit
First Appearance:
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Gureuma

The Ekuto Ekuto no Mi is an Artificial Logia created by the mad scientist Sergey, it is also known as the Ecto Ecto Fruit, ecto being short for ectoplasm. It is a supernatural element that can be found in haunted houses, shipwrecks, and most abundantly in the afterlife. The element itself appears as a semi liquid and gas, and is luminescent in the dark. It was eaten by Admiral Gureuma.


It gives the user the ability to become, produce and control ectoplasm as well as regenerate. The user and their element are able to diffuse through solid objects which makes them difficult to capture or to escape from. The user can cause supernatural activity by absorbing energy within their surroundings they cause light sources to flicker and fail and make the atmosphere much colder. This fruit also gives the power to possess any number of nonliving objects such as household objects, weapons, and corpses. This fruit's power is most powerful in the dark.


Being an artificial logia this fruit the user is still able to experience pain despite being able to regenerate. They are also unable to deactivate their power, unintentionally causing supernatural activity where ever they go. While powerful in the dark, this fruit's power is weakest in the light and the user will often try to avoid the light. Ectoplasm will dissolve when exposed to electricity. Some believe the user is haunted by all those they kill after eating the Ekuto Ekuto no Mi. Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.

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