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Take heed and read before I show you my might when the moon is bright!

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"Soul Slicer" Eldes is the mayor of Windes and the former leader of a distant king's royal guard. He was the one that found Zero D. Rukia after she landed on the island and, after some conversations, decided to adopt her as his foster daughter.



Eldes smiling through any situation.

Eldes is an overall laidback man who takes pride as mayor of a small island. Eldes often keeps a smile on his face saying smiling is the best way to show others that everything is okay, even if the smile doesn't always show that. He also has a caring side taking in Rukia as his own despite not knowing anything about her at all.

Eldes is also very perspective and appears to have an ability to see the lies in people. Eldes describes this as a "very sharp sixth sense" and that anyone can do it if they are willingly to put in the effort. As a mentor, Eldes is very strict in his studies. Being a former captain of a king's Royal Guard is most likely the reason as he was hard on his men all of the time. He even goes to state that not even women or children are spared from his strict teachings.

Eldes also has a unique laugh: Pah-hah-hah-ha!


Zero D. Rukia


Powers and Abilities

"I know you heard of the Seven Royal Knights considering you're one of them. Despite his age, my father is still stronger than you all put together."
Creza explaining how Eldes is stronger than all of the Seven Royal Knights put together.

As a former captain of the Royal Guard, Eldes is a very powerful individual. Back in his prime, many said he had the power to go even with a Yonko. It's even been stated that the king didn't need an entire Royal Guard to protect him as Eldes is good enough on his own. Despite his older years, Eldes is still regarded as one of the strongest characters around.

Physical Abilities

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