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You truly believe the world goverment is the way to a better life? What is life without joy? What is joy without freedom?
— Francesco

Francesco Elio Is the Captain of the Incubo Pirates , He's also a childhood friend to Aria Alanis . Most notably Francesco is a member of the Shichibukai and has been for a year now. This is a front though as he is secretly ally of Esposito Dante , a Yonko of the New World.


He has spiky golden blond hair and his eyes are a sharp amber tone. He likes to dress classy to both mislead his opponents and royals.He wears a black or grey suit with white pinstripes and a white undershirt with a black tie. He also wears a long cloak while working undercover. He has a strong and firm build, and the lack of any appearance of crudeness.


Francesco is a rather optimistic and good hearted person rarely ever showing any signs of distress or trouble. Which translates well with back his natural, almost possessive charisma that attracts others to follow him. He's optimistic and prefers to see the silver lining to everything in his life. This is a massive change from his old view that his life was worthless, he now sees his life as his most cherished gift.

Despite this Francesco takes his position as Captain and Shichibukai very serious, often doing his absolute best.  For example he can deduce the habits and behaviors of others around him by watching their reactions or behavior. He also has an an uncanny ability to blend into his environment to remain inconspicuous while undercover.

Kai perfectly calm while covered with blood

Absaloute calm in battle

Francesco is also tremendously dedicated to the cause of Libertà Pirates and Dante. He dedicates his power and being to them.This stems from his life being born as a bastard slave, being thrown off the red line and again becoming a slave to pirates. Yet Dante accepted him and gave him and Aria a home. He also highly respects Dante personally for giving him a purpose, a reason to live and fight.

He's also known though for having a ruthless and intimidating form of combat, usually giving his complete focus to a fight. In the face of adversity, Francesco has the uncommon ability thinking three to four steps ahead to seize control of the situation. This is thanks to his vast intellect and undying will to win a fight.

Battle Prowess

Physical Abilities

Francesco has a large amount of physical strength, seen when his workout was doing vertical push-ups while holding a massive boulder on his feet. He's also tested his own strength by making massive slabs of thick ice and smashing his way through them with nothing but his own fists without the use of Haki. He also has break neck speed with being able to outrun and outpace the likes of CP9 and CP0 alike both who are masters at the use of their Rokushiki's Soru. He's also shown to have the strength to combprable the likes of Vice Admiral's.


He also has prominent talent at trading blows, with his mastery over the martial art Pankration. This martial art combines techniques from both boxing and wrestling, but he is also quite proficient with utilizing his legs offensively as well. His locks and throws are extremely well done,precise and possess terrifying effectiveness in battle. He's very skilled in utilizing powerful punches, elbows and kicks to overwhelm his opponent with his sheer power and speed.

Devil Fruit


Francesco using his Devil Fruit

Hie Hie no Mi: He consumed his fruit while running away from the pirate crew who had enslaved him on a random island in the New World. After eating it he was able to freeze the pirates who were trying to keep him as a slave and escape their clutches. Currently he's much more adept at using this Devil Fruit such as instantly freezing an entire island's source of fresh water by placing his finger in the spring, or creating intricate and complex shapes such as a highly detailed giant sheild. In fact even a massive forest fire was cancled out by a massive wave of cold air and ice. His most used skill is freezing a foe either just encasing them with ice or freezing them to the core, this is his most used skill as he does his best to keep himself undercover and this is his most silent and low profile technique.


Kenbunshoku Haki

Since the age of 15 he could see the bullets from ten different riffles coming at him and dodge them. His current level of use is so great that he could find a single target who was hiding in a massive city since he had already met them once before and memorized their aura. It should also be noted if a foe isn't near his level they could almost never land a blow on Francesco.

Busoshoku Haki

While not originally that well versed, Francesco picked up this form of Haki and has shown incredible mastery of Busoshoku Haki, which he can imbue into his arms and special iron claded gloves. Being more than capable of using it to block strikes from future Yonko Commanders while sparring. Slowly it was seen that Busoshoku was his natural affinity as he could use it to coat his hands and catch multiple razor sharp swords with an open palm without any real worries. While it is still raw, Francesco has on accident had all his haki rush to a fist and then release it to another object destroying it from the inside ot. Showing he has the talent and capability to reach advanced levels of Busoshoku Haki. 


Aria Alanis: It was thanks to their friendship that Francesco could finally feel safe and at home. Aria looks after Francesco from the shadows, acting as his "Sniper cover fire". Francesco is also very protective of her usually being the first to defend her when she faces discrimination for being a Human-Mink Hybrid. While Aria is very possessive of Francesco usually seen at least a little irritated when other girls hug up on him or flirt with him.


Born to Slavery

Francesco was born to a woman who was enslaved by a Celestial Dragon. Sadly while it was bad being born into slavery, Francesco was born only because the Celestial Dragon had raped his mother. To make matters worse Francesco looks so much like the father that the Celestial Dragon's wife could see it which just made her angry and much more abusive to Francesco and his mother.

At the age of 10 Francesco was the spitting image of his father, so much so that even other World Nobles noticed and began to gossip about. So the wife took it upon herself and had the guards to beat him down and throw him off the cliff, forcing Francesco's mother to watch, sending her a deathly and serious message.

Once a slave always a slave

Francesco was thrown off the Red Line and landed into the ocean with so many of his bones breaking upon impact and nearly drowning. He would wake up in a room hooked up to an i.v. and chains with his injuries treated. Unable to speak as his jaw was wired shut, he was quickly made aware while he was "saved" these shackles proved he wasn't free. A pirate crew "Red Nose Pirates" had taken him as a slave saying that he owed them for saving his life.

After sometime his jaw had the wires removed and when asked for his name he said his name was Ambrosi. For the next three years Francesco lived as a slave for these pirates who were almost as bad as the World Nobles as far as drowning him a handful of times if he tried to escape. They even drugged him, almost killing him just to test to see if the medicine would work. eventually they placed the same collars World Nobles used on their slaves rigged with explosives and severely starving him.

Escape and Salvation

At the age of 13 Francesco again tried to run away, at full speed he left into a forest. While he knew the collar would kill him he said "I'd rather die by choice with a final meal, than to live as a starving slave". He found a tree with a single apple which was blue and cold o the touch. Even so he ignored the coldness and bit into it, ignoring the horrible taste he ate the whole thing as the ticking in from his collar got louder. Accepting death he closed his eyes and waited for the explosion which finally came as the collar erupted and destroyed the tree he took the apple from.

Thankfully the apple he ate was the Hie Hie no Mi, making him a Freezing Human and allowed him to live and escape the collar. When the Pirates who enslaved him finally reached him and attacked him, one by one they were frozen after making contact him him or ran away. That was until the captain of the crew made his way to him and placed a pistol to Francesco's head, claiming the bullet inside was made of Sea Prisim which could still kill him.

Again accepting death Francesco smiled and closed his eyes, though this time he felt a small gust of wind and weight on his shoulders. He opened his eyes to seeing everyone around him had arrows embedded into their heads and backs. The bushes in front of him began to shake as a girl with green-blonde hair emerged from it with her bow and arrow pointed at him. Before he could react Francesco passed out.

A New Life?

When Francesco woke up in a room and bed he didn't recognize he tried to get up but the same girl stopped him. She introduced herself as Aria Alanis and called herself a 'survivor'. While it took some time Francesco accepted Aria's help. The house they lived in was run down from the outside but rather clean in the inside, filled with books Aria stole from nearby towns. 

Aria would teach Francesco how to read and write as he was a slave and didn't know how to do any of that. She would hunt down animals and gather whatever supplies needed until Francesco was recovered completely and could help. Together the two studied and trained with one another which helped break down Francesco's walls and making him feel safe. 

As the two spent their time together, they both had an affinity for books written by adventurers. The two were blown away by everything they read and saw in the books. So much so that after a year they ended up jumping from ship to ship. They would join multiple pirate crews. This was because no matter where they went Aria was harrased for being a 'freak of nature' or worse, many grown men would try to make sexual advances at her, which would end up with Franceso freezing them alive. The two would steal whatever they could and this became so common to them to do. 

A White Haired Angel

Eight years ago when Francesco was fifteen and Aria was thirteen they ended up running into a "tan man with snow white hair" who offered them food and a place to stay. He said his cook will make whatever they wanted and his doctor would treat any injuries they had. While the two agreed it was only to repeat their process and rob the ship. When nightfall finally came, the two tried to take anything they could but as they left their room they ran into the same man. He properly introduced himself as Dante or Esposito Dante, the captain of the Libertà Pirates. When Dante tried to freeze him while Aria aimed her bow and arrow at him, Dante just smiled and released the smallest amount of Haki effecively knocking them out.

When they woke up, they were in warm and very soft beds. As they looked around confused Dante entered with a tray of food. He explained they could leave if they want but they couldn't take anything with them. He did make them an offer, stay on his ship and become an apprentice in his crew. The sudden kindness from the stranger was uncommon and rather 'weird' for them but somehow they could tell he was being honest. 

Dante was kind and treated them like any other member of his crew. After Francesco told Dante his real name was Elio Francesco" it made Dante smile even more and patted him on his shoulder. Dante had Kai train Francesco personally, and had Cielo train Aria for their first few months on board. 

I Will Defend You From The Other Side

Six years went by with the both of them slowly became powerful pirates as they were trained by Dante and his top four commanding officers. They never were seen or even had bounties assighned to them as Dante would do his best to keep them away from the Marines. Francesco did notice the Marines were keeping a watchful eye on Dante and the territores he was gaining. So he came up with a plan, to become a captain of his own crew, gain power and infamey, eventually join the Shichibukai. All in the effort of protecting and and helping the man who saved his life.

While originally Dante refused the idea, Kai and Megumi convined him. Dante struggled to say goodbye but both Aria and Francesco scolded him and said "We will be doing this to help you! We love you Captain! Thank you for everthing!" with tears running down their eyes. Which Dante responded by giving Francesco a black cloak, and Aria a jet black collapsible bow. Dante had Megumi take the two back to Paradise, even giving them a ship too.

One Year Later

Francesco quickly recruited and built a crew over a years time. His devil fruit,Haki, and years of training by world class pirates quickly made Francesco a threat to the Marines. After forming sufficent enough of a crew, Francesco began to inact his plan... He attacked one of the World Goverment's Depository in paradise and while it did take a lot of effort with Francesco nearly dying, the Incubo Pirates succesfully stole every last Beli. This proved to be a 'lure' that Francesco set into motion. As he would go to G-4 (A Marine Base in Paradise) and place an enitre mountains worth of beli, each and everyone they had succesfully stolen. When the Vice Admiral stationed in G-4 asked for what was going on, Francesco replied with "This is my way of asking for an invitation to the Shichibukai. You tell anyone you have to, i stole all this just to prove that I could." Afterward Francesco froze the surrounding water and walked back to his ship with no MArines even trying to follow or stop him.  When word  got back to Marine HQ and the World Goverment, after a few days of consideration they would send Francesco an invitation to join the Shichibukai as his power was something to be truly feared.  At the age of twenty one, Francesco had officially become a Warlord of the Sea. 


Francesco's plan was a success as he has officially been a member of the Shichibukai for a solid year now. While it is difficult, he manages to make contact with Dante. Whenever needed he'd do his best to warn Dante of any major advances the Marines were making on Dante especially as Dante has officially become a Yonko now.


  • The name Francesco is a boy's name of Italian origin, meaning "free man" which connects to his dream of living free and freeing the world
  • The name Ambrosi means "Immortal One" which connects back to him living after being thrown off the Red Line
  • Francesco's hobbies include Sea King Hunting and "Eating Too Much"
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